Evil Dudes-Chapter 2

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Copyright 2018 by the author. All rights reserved.


By Randy MacAnus

The four of us shared an old farm house, with a barn, a large yard, and a huge basement. It was roughly in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by woods. The surrounding farmland, beyond the woods, had been sold to an agribusiness. We never saw anyone we didn’t want to see.

We pulled the van around to the back of the house, and walked our new sex slave in, still bound, naked and blindfolded. We had a protocol in place.

He would never see our faces. Or our house and grounds. He wouldn’t even see the inside or outside of the van. He would always be blindfolded, when he wasn’t in his basement dungeon, school, or getting fucked by a client.

One of us in a ski mask, would walk him away from, or to the van. Or the van would be driven away, while they stood where they were. We would remove his blindfold and restraints (usually) before sending him forth.

Roughly a quarter of the basement had been set up as his dungeon. We had built a cinder block wall to separate his area from the rest of the basement, which we had set up as a porn studio. The walls and ceiling were black. There were no windows.

We had installed an iron door in the wall that separated his dungeon from the studio. There were locking metal doors at both the bottom and top of the stairs.

This was done as much to intimidate our slave, as it was for dramatic purposes in the videos. And it had the desired effect. We didn’t remove the tape that blindfolded him, until he was in his little dungeon room, and the iron door had been slammed shut and locked. Just that sound made him cringe.

We removed the tape from his eyes, and he looked around, in increasing horror.


“Hey! We went to a lot of trouble to prepare this nifty dungeon, just for you!” I said, sounding hurt.

I’m sure he didn’t think he’d hurt my feelings. For one thing, he was surrounded by four bare-chested muscle studs in ski masks, who’d already gang raped him twice. At no point, had any of us displayed our gentle side. Probably, because none of us had one! And while he couldn’t see our faces, he could certainly see the amused looks in our eyes.

The room was all black. The cinder block walls, the twelve foot high beam ceiling, the concrete floor–everything. The light came from medieval style sconces on the walls, and indirect light from the ceiling, when needed. The ceiling light was mainly for shooting video.

We had decided to splurge, and actually got a futon mattress for the platform that would be his bed. It was sealed in heavy plastic, so that clean-up would be easy. There were sheets, of course. Black. We didn’t want him or any of his tormentors sticking to the mattress when things got sweaty and cum soaked.

The bed had iron posts in each corner, that were six feet high and bolted to the concrete floor, as was the bed. There were D rings at regular intervals to facilitate bondage in a wide variety of positions.

As promised, there was a student desk with a laptop and a bookshelf in one corner. We had built a cinder block wall, about four feet high to hide it during playtime. We didn’t want to spoil the mood, after all.

There was a small bathroom with shower, behind an iron door, at the opposite end of the room from the entrance.

There were pulleys and D rings attached to the ceiling beams in convenient locations. Most of the fun devices were in the other part of the basement, but we did install some basic accouterments in our sex slave’s living quarters.

These had our bound teen’s undivided attention. Watching him look from one to the next with wide, terrified blue eyes, was truly a joy! Mounted to one wall was a St. Andrew’s Cross. Next to it was a really sweet pillory, that could be adjusted to hold our prey in a variety of positions. Finally, there was a custom designed fuck bench, made of black oak.

All featured wide, black leather restraints. And on the wall behind his bed, hung a variety of medieval looking toys. Ropes, chains, whips, flails, leg irons, iron and leather collars, wrist, and ankle restraints, thumb screws, dildos, mouth restraints–it was a truly impressive display.

And it had our blonde beauty trembling and moaning uncontrollably! Sweet!! I didn’t want him voiding himself on our lovely concrete floor however, so I decided I’d better calm him down, a little bit.

“Remember, I told you we wouldn’t mark you permanently, or cause you significant damage. But we will be shooting videos, and you will be doing scenes with us, and with clients. And if you’re a good little sex slave, you’ll find we can use this stuff to really turn you on. At least, once we’ve trained you.”

He looked at us with tears in his eyes, and said, “You can use all this stuff without doing serious damage?”

“We probably won’t use all of it. Some things, like the thumb screws, are more for show, or for a possible client request. Remember, we own you. You are valuable property. We are not going to reduce your value.”

With a shudder and a small moan, our teen slave nodded, and looked around the room.

Finally, he said, “So I have to trust you.”

“If you are obedient and work hard to please us and our clients, you will be very valuable to us. It’s in our best interest to keep you healthy, fit and looking antalya escort bayan good. Just make sure you obey, and always remember, none of this is about your pleasure. Keep your attention on those you are to serve, and you’ll be fine. You’ll suffer a good deal of pain and humiliation, of course. We told you that, before you agreed to be our sex slave. But you won’t be damaged.”

“Thank you. I believe you. But this place gives me the creeps.”

“Good. Hopefully, it will even give you nightmares. When we shoot the videos we are going to want to see a haunted, desperate expression on that pretty face.”

“I don’t think that’s going to be a problem,” he said with a shudder.

“Fine. Just know that you have until the end of Spring Break, to convince us that we should let you continue school. Now the first step is to remove your body hair. We’ll leave that shaggy mop on your head, and your eyebrows and lashes. Everything else goes.”

He clearly wasn’t happy about losing his body hair, but he nodded, with a cute, determined look on his face. That was the moment I was sure that he was completely motivated to do his best to please us. At the same time, it was clear that he wasn’t really broken. Cool.

We untied his arms, and led him to the center of the room. We added ankle restraints, then attached those, and the wrist restraints, to individual ropes on pulleys, floor and ceiling. We hauled him up until he was suspended spreadeagled, about a foot off the floor. We then removed the cock cage, to gain full access to his pubic hair.

He cooperated fully, even though he was clearly scared. The restraints were wide and padded, so they weren’t cutting into his skin. He was in some distress, but nothing serious. As a result, he began to relax, as Mark went back into the studio and returned with a large jar of depilatory cream.

The big man put on rubber gloves, and proceeded to rub the cream into each area of body hair. None was needed on his nicely defined torso, or his face, (he didn’t shave yet) which saved a lot of cream for us, and a lot of pain for him.

As the cream did its work, our suspended twink began to feel a significant burning sensation. At the end of 15 minutes, he was moaning in great pain. Finally, we hosed him off, (there were drains in the floor,) leaving us with a shivering, hairless, suspended twink.

I used a high powered flashlight to carefully examine every inch of that wondrous toned little body, as the soaked boy shivered from the cold water. Every hair below his neck was gone. And the high powered cream had not burned his skin. We’d done it just right. It pays to read the directions.

The cream we used came from overseas, as it isn’t legal in this country. Left on too long, it can cause serious burns. The good thing is, you only have to use it once. Our totally smooth sex slave didn’t know it yet, but he would never grow body hair again.

Frank grabbed a towel, and dried our shivering captive, slowly and erotically. We were in no rush at all to let him down. Suspended, spreadeagled, naked, and without a single body hair, his defined body flexing, trying to get comfortable in that position, he was a truly awesome sight!

Needless to say, the cameras hidden in his room had been running the entire time. We were going to be getting great footage out of all of this!

While his cute little dick was still very soft from the cold, Mark replaced his cock cage. Our teen twink moaned in frustration, but made no effort to fight it. Good boy!

The four of us surrounded him, and began to run our hands over his tight slender frame. I began to play with that phenomenal ass, and elicited a very satisfying moan from him, when I stuck a finger into his sore butt hole.

I whispered in his ear, “Always obey, but always tell us the truth when we ask you what you feel and what you like. It’s okay if you hate something and express that, as long as you obey.”

The boy quietly replied, “Thank You. That will help.”

I smiled a little as I said in a loud voice, “Tell me how much you want me to fuck you, boy!”

“I don’t, you sadist!”

That made me grin, as I said, “Too bad, bitch!”

With that I made a long slow impaling of that beautiful butt! Frank had his Go-Pro up and running, behind the boy, where he couldn’t see, but at an angle that gave him a nice closeup of my penetration.

The built-in cameras were, of course catching every angle, as I fucked that helpless ass. With his now hairless body suspended and spreadeagled, every nuance of muscular movement could be seen, including his wonderful facial expressions. They went from pain and anger, to confusion and wonderment, to obvious pleasure.

This was the first time any of us were fucking instead of raping. I was making a point of stimulating his prostate, and giving him as much pleasure as I possibly could. I wanted to fuck his mind as much as I wanted to fuck his body.

I knew I could get most guys off by fucking them, gay or straight. And while I certainly didn’t expect him to cum while wearing the cock cage, I did expect to get him dripping and very horny!

Our little stud started to moan uncontrollably, while panting and flexing his wonderful defined muscles, in response to his long slow fucking.

“Aw crap! What the fuck? How are you doing that?”

“Why do you think so many gay men allow escort bayan themselves to be fucked? You straight boys really don’t know what you’re missing!”

Our little stud started an uncontrolled moan, while panting and flexing his tight little body, in response to his long slow fucking.

I could see his pretty little dick flexing, trying to get hard inside it’s cage. Not gonna happen. I smiled to myself at our victim’s desperation. Then, sure enough, his cock started to drip.

I was really enjoying looking over the boy’s shoulder, watching his tight smooth body writhe and flex, in an effort to get friction on his cock. His frustration was a joy to behold! And the hidden cameras throughout the room, were getting it all.

We purposely hid the cameras, so we could avoid the boy being aware of them, during his ordeals. I have always found that annoying in porn. The guys can’t help it. They’re not actors. But he didn’t even know the cameras were there, so his ‘performance’ was much more natural. These were going to be great videos!

Our helpless sex slave was now moaning and squirming in total frustration. I decided to have some fun with him. (Not that I wasn’t already!)

“Something bothering you, bitch? Something you need?”

“Yes, you bastard, I need to cum! I need my dick freed, and something to stick it in!”

This was so great! I had given the kid leave to tell the truth about what he was feeling. That had revived his spirit, and kept the appearance that he was being forced. Well, he was being forced, but if he were broken and totally submissive, it wouldn’t read that way for the cameras.

And his efforts at verbal rebellion, (he still had to obey) really spiced things up. And not just for the cameras! My three masked comrades were busy getting their dicks ready for their own turn at our little straight stud! And it was all I could do to keep from blowing my load up his ass, right then and there!

“Maybe, if you do a really good job pleasing us, we’ll allow you to jack off for our entertainment. Sound like fun?”

“You kidnapped me, can’t you grab a girl for me to fuck?”

“Rapists like you don’t deserve anyone to fuck!” I yelled.

That shut him up. He also began to really work that tight little sphincter of his, trying to get himself off. Clearly, he was desperate to cum. I wasn’t planning on letting him, for another few days, at least. But no need to tell him that!

As the others began to work over all his sensitive areas (except his caged dick, of course) I began to really pound his ass hard. I was still giving special attention to his prostate, as the others worked over his nips and balls. We were driving him nuts!

Our hot little teen was moaning and writhing, like the bitch in heat we were turning him into!

“Aw, crap! I need to cum so bad!” he shouted, at the top of his lungs.

I grinned at that, then exploded into his ass, with my best orgasm of the day! His pretty, caged dick was drooling, as he moaned in frustration. As I slowly pulled out of his tight little hole, he squeezed down hard and he helplessly humped my crotch with that sweet ass.

“Please don’t stop! I need to cum so bad!!”

“Too bad, bitch! I’m done for now. You want more cock up your ass? Beg for it!”

And after a humiliated, and frustrated groan, he did just that!

“Please! Someone fuck me!”

“Are you willing to take all of us into your boy pussy, one after the other?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Just this once. We can stop now, or you can beg to have all of us fuck you. And if you want that, you better also be offering the best blow jobs you can possibly give, to thank us,” said Frank.

The spreadeagled, naked teen groaned in humiliation, and hesitated. Finally, he surrendered.

“Please fuck me! All of you! And I promise you all the best blow jobs I can give!”

With that, he began to weep in frustration and utter humiliation.

“If we are not satisfied with your efforts you will be punished. You will blow us without the spider gag. If we feel teeth, you will be punished severely. Do you understand?”

The sobbing teen, his butt still humping the air, nodded. Frank walked up to him and gave him a big, wet French kiss. The defeated teen submitted to the kiss, and allowed the penetration of his mouth.

As Frank moved behind him, the rest of us moved in, and went back to stimulating his entire body. He groaned in pain. The sensory overload was making him delirious. As Frank penetrated his hairless ass, he gasped.

When Frank hit his prostate, our sweating, writhing, sex slave let out a long moan of ecstasy. His hips went into auto-hump, helplessly ramming his ass back into Frank’s massive man meat. He was completely out of control!

As the kid moaned and humped in response to Frank’s long slow fuck, I installed tit clamps and hung a small weight on the chain that connected them. Mark got tired of just watching and waiting his turn, so he got a flail, and began to gently land strokes on our teen captive’s balls. He got a nice rhythm going, landing the stroke every time the boy’s hips moved forward.

Mike was a little frustrated and looking for something to do. With our helpless twink suspended spreadeagled from the rafters, he couldn’t get to his mouth to fuck it. Not wanting to interfere with Mark and Frank, he picked up a riding crop, antalya escort and began to land strokes on the blonde teen’s feet. Just enough to sting. He’d be walking on sore feet, but not to the point where he couldn’t walk.

That left me to run the close-up camera, and I got great shots of it all! You see both his feet, and his balls, turning a nice shade of pink, then red. The strokes to his balls and feet added to his writhing, and that in turn caused even more muscle flexing. It was just beautiful to watch!

After Frank finished, it was Mark’s turn. Frank took his place using the flail. And when Mark finished, and Mike began fucking our moaning twink’s ass, Mark went to work on the kid’s feet. I was more than happy to operate the close-up camera.

Mike was still in mid-fuck when it happened.

Suddenly, our slave let out a scream, following by a long loud moan, as he ejaculated all over the floor. He’d cum! He had managed a purely prostate orgasm, despite having his cock caged. I was elated! He’d cum without permission, and cum purely from being fucked in the ass. I was going to seriously mess with his head over this!

As he came, he had squeezed down hard on Mike’s cock and that had set his rock hard rammer to pulsing and spewing into the kid’s ass. It caught Frank completely by surprise! His eyes went wide as he let loose. Too bad about the ski masks. I would have loved to have seen the expression on his face!

The four of us all had shit-eating grins on our faces, as I kept shooting video of the aftermath. In particular, I was getting close-ups of our sex-slave’s face as he came down from his orgasmic high, and began to regain his senses. Frank and Mark had stopped hitting his feet and balls when he came, and were just standing back, watching and grinning.

As our spreadeagled naked teen came to his senses, you could see the changing expressions on his face as the implications of his orgasm struck him. His face went from ecstasy, to relief to concern to horror. Oh, yeah!

I had to stop shooting at that point, before he noticed the camera. I didn’t want him to be aware that we were already shooting video of him. I was concerned he’d become self-conscious, and I didn’t want to lose the ‘realness’ of his performance.

I stuffed the Go-Pro into one of the cargo pockets of my shorts, and said, “I guess you won’t be needing girls after all.”

“I’m NOT GAY!!”

“Maybe, maybe not. But one thing’s for sure. You don’t need a woman to cum, even when your cock is caged. All you need is real men, fucking you in the ass. One thing is for sure. You ain’t no Alpha male, pussy boy.”

I was glad the hidden cameras were continuing to run. They would catch the look of humiliation and total devastation that crossed his blushing face.

“You came without permission. That’s a punishable offense. But we’ll save that for later, and this first time it won’t be too bad. For now, we are going to let you down, so you can lick all the cum up off the floor before it dries. Then you have some serious cock sucking to do.”

His pretty face showed revulsion, followed by resignation. We let him down, and attached his wrists to the back of the heavy bicycle chain that was still locked around his neck. Then we set him to work licking the floor. He was not enthusiastic. With a resigned and disgusted look on his face, he did as he was told, and swallowed every drop.

“Now it’s blow job time, cocksucker. And they better be good!”

I grabbed the hanging portion of the chain, and forced him to move on his knees to the center of the room. I slapped his face a few times with my hardening monster, and told him to beg for it.

“You know I don’t want this!”

I grinned and said, “And you know I don’t care. Open!”

He sighed, opened his mouth, and curled his lips over his teeth. Smart kid. The blow job was pretty good, given his lack of experience. He’d had enough blow jobs from girls to know what felt good, so I didn’t have to give him a lot of instruction.

For a while, I just let him do his thing. But I didn’t want him to think he was in control of my pleasure, so after a few minutes, I began to slowly fuck his throat. He had learned to control his gag reflex during his earlier throat fuckings, and was able to go with it.

When I shot into his mouth, he swallowed like a good boy. But that didn’t prevent the ‘yucky’ look he had on his face. Our slave clearly did not like the taste of cum. Good. We didn’t want him getting off on this. Getting off was our job!

He managed to blow us all without any of us feeling teeth, but he clearly was exhausted, and his jaw hung slack. After all he’d been through, he couldn’t even stand on his own. We helped him into his shower, lay him on the floor, and scrubbed him clean, inside and out. He actually fell asleep as we cleaned him up.

After we had dried him off, and applied salve to his balls, feet and butt hole, Mike picked him up and carried him to his bed. Frank locked his bike chain to a D ring in the wall at the head of his bed, as I locked the spreader bar between his ankles.

Lying on his back, chained to the wall, with his wrists locked to the part of the chain around his neck, his cock caged, and his legs spread, our sleeping beauty would spend the night on full display.

Cameras would be on him, with the sound on. Perhaps he’d say or do something interesting when he woke up and thought he was alone. In any event, we were going to let him sleep as long as he needed.

Starting the next evening, he would become a very busy whore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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