Father and Son

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“Absolutely not, there is no way he can come and stay with us!” I shouted to my wife. “He is a convict, he is a criminal!”

“Try to understand, please,” she answered with a soft voice, “he only was a teen when he made the wrong choices and this is it. He needs help, his parents were not there when he needed them, we are his only hope.”

This was back in June when my nephew Greg was soon going to be released from jail. It’s true, he only had some misdemeanor offenses, but I did not want him in my house. I agreed to give him some temporary shelter for no more than a month until he finds his way to a halfway house and that should be it. Alas, can you refuse anything to a 22 year old blonde, green eyed, 6’3’’ muscular and lean young man with a habit of lounging naked in the house?

Working from home allowed me to a daily dose of eye-candy. After my wife left early for work one day, Greg got up around 7, showered, wrapped himself in a short face towel, grabbed a bagel for breakfast and started looking for a job using my wife’s laptop in the kitchen. My home office is what used to be the dining room and connects to the kitchen with a door. I could see Greg sitting and typing, his back facing me. The ends of his tiny towel had fallen on the sides and were only covering the seat he was on. I could also see his right elbow move rhythmically.

A good two hours later, “How is it going there, did you find something?” I asked from the other room.

“Uhhh, still looking…” he answered.

I could see his right elbow still moving, his biceps flexing, the small of his back stretching, then stretching some more. It was obvious he was wanking his dick, undoubtedly a habit that jail time could only strengthen.

I got up and walked quietly into the kitchen behind his back. He was wanking alright while watching gay porn. I could hear his breath was getting deeper and irregular, I could see his back straighten and, without any sound at all, he leaned back and stretched his legs. Then he stayed there without moving for a few seconds.

“I see you are not very busy,” I surprised him walking right next to the kitchen table.

I could see surprise and apprehension in his green eyes.

“Uncle Jim, uhhh…ahhh…” he mumbled still holding his sperm-covered cock. He had a long cock, should be around 9 inches. It was also very thick, so thick that he could not wrap his fingers around the shaft. The head was thick too and red, with a well-sculpted ridge around. The shaft was straight and had the same thickness on top as well as the bottom. Bulging veins ran all along its length, some splitting into smaller ones. His ball sack was purple and his balls large enough, like small lemons. They were one on top of the other as they could not fit next to each other between his legs. For a blond guy, he was rather hairy.

I made a disapproving face and thought, “Gotcha!”

“Uncle Tony, uhhh … I am sorry … I just need some … you know … in jail, I had to rub one out every day…” Greg said in a rather sweet and low tone. “Please don’t tell Auntie Kate, women don’t understand how much men need this. You two are my only family and if she kicks me out…”

I still had a disapproving face and pretended I was thinking.

“No, I will not tell her on you,” I said, “I do understand, but you have to do what I say. You know how strict your aunt is, if she finds out you like watching men fucking each other, she will not like it, for sure. Do as I tell you and you will be fine, I will let you stay here until you get a job. Now, let me clean you up. Give me your hand!” I commanded.

I started licking his fingers, then the back of his palm where his sperm ran in a small river. Then I went on my knees, put my head between his thighs and started smelling his skin. It was a powerful scent of musky sweat and cum. I started licking his balls, one at a time till they were squeaky clean. His cock was still holding up, I know young guys can shoot and still have it up unlike guys in their 40s like me. I ran my tongue along his shaft on both sides, then the bottom and top of the shaft and then the head. I had to open my mouth really wide to take it, it was really big. I licked his ridge and the folds of skin below it making sure to eat all the sperm I could. I sucked the head a few more times and played with my tongue and his little peehole. From time to time I would look at his face and could see how pleased he was.

“Uncle Tony, have you been in jail? How do you know all the right things to do?” Greg asked.

“No, son, never been in jail,” I answered and stood up, my cock ready to burst through my shorts. “Come with me, son, I want to show you something,” and I put my arm around his waist when he stood up. While I was leading him to the bedroom, I lowered my hand down to his ass cheeks. I felt the little dimple on his right ass cheek with my fingers, antalya escort bayan what a kick this was! While he was walking, his dick was going right-left with each step, a beautiful sight. When we reached the bed, I took off my clothes and asked him to lie down. I did too, on top of him. I sucked his nipples, licked his armpits, gently bit his abs, all of them. Then I straddled him and sat on his abs, my cock a couple of inches from his mouth.

“Please, let me suck you,” he whispered. I moved just a little but enough for him to tease me with his tongue. I slapped him on the face with my cock then moved my balls on his lips and pushed them in his mouth. He loved it so much, he was moaning like a little girl. Then I moved a little further up and my asshole was right on his lips. He was so good at licking, a fine sloppy job he did. I pushed to make my asslips thicker and started moving my pelvis like riding a horse. My hole was rubbing all over his mouth and nose. Then I pulled back and shoved my dick in his mouth. He took it all in and stuck his tongue out to make room for the balls. I could only fit one in. I fucked his mouth a few times and soon I was ready to cum. I pulled out and jerked couple of times before I shoot my white juice all over his face. Lips, nose, eyes, cheeks all were drenched with my week-long cum. I kept slapping his face with my cock sending little drops of sperm all around. Greg was licking himself and I pushed some of the stringy cum to his mouth. He lap it up and wanted more. I milked my cock a few more times to drain all the juice, it was only a few drops I could feed him, but he liked it.

“Thank you Uncle Tony,” he said and smiled, drops of cum still on his left eyelid that he was keeping closed. I swept the cum with my finger and put it in his mouth.

“My boy,” I said, “I know what you want and I know what you like. We have our secret now, and I promise not to tell anyone … or else … you know Auntie Kate how angry she gets.”

We stayed in bed next to each other and snoozed, maybe for an hour. Then I said, “Greg, come to the bathroom, I want you to look nice and be ready for more fun.”

“I don’t understand, what do you want me to do?” he asked.

“Guys have lots of hair down there,” I explained, “I will trim it all for you and I am sure you will love it … just like the guys you were watching in porn.”

I put an old newspaper under his legs and started the shaver. Most of his pubic hair was gone a few seconds later. Now, it was time for the shaft and balls.

“Go in the shower, and turn the water on, let it run till warm enough,” I said and grabbed my shaving foam and razors.

“What are you doing?” Greg asked with some disbelief. “Are you going to use this on my nuts?”

“Yes, just be quiet and don’t move, trust me,” I answered.

I lathered his cock and balls well and started shaving. He managed to keep his trepidation under control and, in less than five minutes, he was the proud owner of a hairless cock and balls.

“It feels … so different!” he said while massaging his balls.

“It’s better! Let’s go for a test drive!” I slapped his cock gently and I hit the bed again.

This time we cuddled and kissed and licked each other everywhere. We squeezed and fondled each other’s bodies as long as we liked.

“Greg, I am going to do something really brave, but you must do exactly as I tell you, ok?” I asked.

“Sure, what do you want me to do?” he responded.

“You just go and stand by the side of the bed, and I will lie on my back and let my head fall down at the end of the mattress right under your cock. Then you fuck my throat, ok? But just be kind, you have a thick cock and I am not sure I can take it, so we’ll go slow in the beginning. Remember to pull back often so I can breathe” I instructed him while positioning my head under his heavy meaty tool.

I took him slow and made sure I let a lot of spit on his shaft. Less than half of him would fill my mouth, I had to do my best here. I also sucked his hanging balls. They had a slightly soapy taste but they were beautiful to have in my mouth. After a few strokes in and out, I straightened my neck and pulled my tongue all the way out, then I guided him holding his ass cheeks and slowly pulling him toward my mouth. I took a deep breath and pulled him closer, then tried to relax and swallow as much as I could and … his helmeted head made it to my esophagus! I stopped to allow time to my throat muscles to adjust and pushed him out. His cock was covered with thick spit that ran down my face.

“Good boy!” I said, “How does it feel?”

“Oh! It’s … it’s great, your mouth is so warm! And your throat … like fucking an ass! Awesome!” he marveled.

He started fucking my mouth, then I let him go deeper until again his cock went down my throat. He started fucking my throat escort bayan in short but slow thrusts, I even managed to take him a bit deeper.

His balls were right on my nose, covering my nostrils every time he pushed in. The thick spit was running down all over my face, my eyes, my forehead. I pushed him away for a while to breathe again.

“I love this,” he said, “will you show me how you do it?”

“I will, but first you have to fuck my face and do it well!” I answered.

I took him again, this time, it was swift. He fucked my throat fast, then he pulled himself halfway out for me to breathe and then pushed in again. He rubbed the ridge of his cock against my tonsils hard, I gagged a few times almost losing control. Then he gave a final push and he shot his cum down my stomach. His cock was throbbing inside my throat. There was nothing to swallow, all his cum was released past the throat. Throat muscles give a wonderful massage to a deep-throating cock, so I pretended to swallow as much as I could to massage his stiff pole. It’s the ultimate pleasure for a throat fucker. I heard him moaning with pleasure and felt him sliding his cock even deeper. I was almost gasping for some air when he pulled out. As I laid with my head lower than my throat, when he unplugged my throat, the rich sperm and saliva flowed back and flooded my mouth. I struggled swallowing such a big quantity of liquids. Some of it made it to my nostrils through the back of my mouth. If you ever experienced this, you know the burning feeling that sperm causes in your nose.

I passed out.

I woke up in bed. Greg was lying next to me, his cock still soaked with my spit.

“Are you ok?” he asked me. “You turned pale.”

“I ‘m fine,” I said, “I just got carried away. Next time, just let me breathe a little more.”

“Next time, I want you to teach me how to deep throat, I ‘ll do my best and learn fast! I love cock!” he said.

Later that night, Greg’s cum was still tickling my nose and made me sneeze a few times.

“Your allergy, hon?” Kate asked, “Greg said they had a great syrup in the big house, it would just stop your allergy right away. Let me ask him to swing by the pharmacy and buy you some.”

“No worries, he gave me some of his syrup this morning, it really works,” I said and grinned.

Next morning, Kate left early as usual. I was on a call when Greg showed up, in the buff. So hard for me to concentrate but so good for my eyes! He walked around the house in a nonchalant way, grabbed a banana from the kitchen and came in the office. He sat on the recliner right across my desk, right leg on the armrest and the other straight ahead, his balls resting on the seat, his cock lying flat across his left hip. He peeled the banana and started licking it while looking at me. My blood pressure must have reached a new high that moment. I was getting hard and losing my mind.

When my phone call was over, I just hang up and looked at his tool.

“What are you doing today?” I asked.

“Nothing special,” he answered, “anything in mind?” He started playing with his cock that had started to grow thicker and longer.

“Uhhh…yeah, come with me,” I managed to mumble and nodded towards the bedroom.

His cock released a drop of pre-cum, the sweet, clear and sticky fluid. He smeared it on the banana and took a bite.

I approached him, grabbed his rock-hard cock and pulled him gently saying, “C’mon boy, let’s go!”

When we reached the bedroom, I asked him to face the door and fall on his knees with his ass about a foot away from the bedpost and his feet right under the bed; he did as I asked. I walked to the closet and took a pair of spare shoelaces. I tied one of the laces around his balls and made sure it was tight enough so they would not slip off. I tied the other end around the bedpost allowing for about two feet between my blonde slave and the bed.

“Come to me!” I shouted as I stood a little farther.

He obeyed again and crawled as far as the shoelace allowed him. His balls were now in one straight line with the stretched lace.

“Come closer!” I shouted and he did his best, but his balls were already stretched as far as they would go. He sighed and curbed his back.

I went on my knees bringing my cock right on his face.

“Suck it!” I ordered and he obeyed again. He started with my pink head, rolling it between his lips and his tongue, then he went all over the shaft until I was all wet and ready. He took as much as he could in his mouth and played with my balls with his right hand. From time to time I leaned back and pushed his head down on my cock making him moan from the extra stretch on his balls. I love when a guy moans with my dick in his mouth; the throat vibrations are a great turn on.

I sat down on the carpet and placed my legs right on his shoulders. I let antalya escort him work on my “best friend” for a while pulling his head closer to me to make his balls feel a good stretch.

By now, he was ready to explode.

“Eat my hole, little prick! You ‘ve been in jail for two years, you should know how to do this very well!” I cried.

He spread my cheeks and plunged his tongue in my hole. Heavenly feeling! He played with my balls licking them and sucking them and pushing them high until they fell down on my hole again, then teasing my hole with the tongue and his fingers. Oh, yes, he was a great rimmer! I wondered how many asses he ate in the slam, how many mouths ate him eagerly.

“Uncle Tony,” he muttered, “can you come a little closer, please? I want to rub our cocks together.”

I pushed my body a little lower, legs spread and in the air, our faces and cocks facing each other. He slammed my balls with his thick heavy monster of a cock several times making me jerk each time, it really hurt.

Then I felt his cock pushing against my hole. Only slightly, but with the spit he managed to smear all over me, it was easy to slide in.

“Ahh,” was all I managed to say. I felt him push a little harder and I pushed as well to make it easier for him. I took a deep breath and he was inside me. His big head made me gasp but only momentarily. I opened my eyes and he was looking at me with a very tender smile. He kept pushing while looking at me in the eye and I was happy to accept his manhood. I was feeling stuffed but it didn’t last long. He pulled out and after spitting a generous amount of thick spit on his cock, he shoved himself back in, fast. I gasped for air again, but this time he didn’t let me breathe. He kept fucking me furiously. He started with deep thrusts slamming his balls against my body with every thrust. I moaned like a pig getting ready to be slaughtered.

“You like it now, Uncle Tony? How does it feel? Is your little nephew big enough for you?” he asked without expecting an answer. I could not give one anyway.

“I fucked a dozen guys before and I know exactly what you want, you little fag!” and kept fucking me without mercy.

When he started the shallow thrusts, just pushing his head deep enough to tickle my anal ring, I squirmed with pleasure. My hole was happy to get all this attention, so happy, that it developed a mind of its own pushing and opening wide for the wild cock to ride me. My flowing juices kept the cock slippery and dripped down his balls.

“Is this all you want?” he went on, “Remember it’s me who is fucking you now, not you, get it? I will fuck you till you bleed, that’s how we do it in the slammer…and I bet you like it, sissy ass-man.”

It was beyond my power to react in any way, I was just a piece of meat, happy to please my nephew the way he wanted. I surrendered and, in a reversal of roles, I became his slave.

When he was ready to cum, he pushed in as deep as the shoelace around his balls would allow. For me, it was double the pleasure. Not only I would soon have a convulsing cock releasing the fertile sperm of my stud (did I mention Greg has a child out of wedlock?), I would also be able to pay back.

Just before I felt his contractions in my rectum, I lowered my legs and dug my heels on the carpet, grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him deeper inside me. The shoelace pulled really hard on his man-eggs at the same time he was cumming, so hard to make him groan with every spasm of his cock. It was his time to gasp for air.

He just collapsed on me, his cock still in my ass. I hugged the young man and squeezed my ass to juice out every drop that was left in his cock. As we were in a tight hug, I pushed to my left side and turned over to the right, me on top of him and him under me, his cock still in my ass.

“Ooohhh!” he screamed and clenched his teeth. “Uuuuncle…Tonnn…y”

I knew that the shoelace worked its magic again pulling and twisting his ball sack way beyond what he was used to.

“You are a great lover, boy,” I whispered softly, “but don’t mess with me! I am still your master! I am holding you by the balls…and I mean it!”

My boy was completely immobilized and I took the opportunity and cleaned with my tongue his cock and balls from all the ass juices that were covering them. I tugged the shoelace a couple of times and all he was able to do was whimper in pain. Then I untied it and let his bluish balls free.

“Uncle Tony,” he mumbled with a tone of relief, “I love the tricks you play on me. I sure have much to learn,” and soon fell asleep on the carpet.

“Greg never had a father figure,” Kate was telling me a couple days later, “please be patient with him.”

“I think of taking him to a camping trip, just a weekend to get away. This will allow us to connect,” I said.

“Beautiful idea, hon,” she answered, “I am not sure he will go for this though.”

“Let me handle it, it may be the thing we need for a stronger bond!” I said again and started planning a nature trip in my head.

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