First Black

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I’m 19, 5ft 10 and 112 pounds, white South African, Dutch decent, my parents moved us to the U.S. when I was three. I work part time in a shop and I am an aspiring model. I have an agent for booking modeling jobs and so far I have worked with 5 photographers and done shoots for local stores and shows but nothing really special, this is the story of my first ‘unofficial’ assignment.

The last ‘official’ shoot I did was for a motorcycle magazine, a couple of weeks later that photographer phoned me and said he had a private commission so no need to tell my agent. A client was interested in me doing some work, “he wants nude shots, I know you say no nudes but he’ll pay double for a test shoot, if that’s okay and he’ll pay double again for a full set.”

I told him I’d have to talk to my boyfriend about it and that I’d get back to him.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing nude, my body is ok but I’m too slim, not skinny but tall and slender that doesn’t have the shape for nude photography. My boyfriend tells me I have a great body but I know he’s biased. I didn’t want to do it and I thought that my boyfriend would feel the same way.

Just like I thought, my boyfriend didn’t want me to but an hour later when the landlord came round threatening eviction if we didn’t pay up by the end of the week we realized how badly we needed money. We owed some back rent, if we didn’t pay by Friday we’d be on the street. It was the only way we could get the cash in time.

At the studio I was paid up front, in cash thank God, then Dave, the photographer poured me a Bakers, there was a lot of it and it was strong but I needed something to quiet my nerves. He asked me to dress in a sarong and a pair high heel platforms. With those shoes I must have stood about 6ft 4 or 5 and the sarong was very flimsy and almost see-through and more revealing than if I’d been naked.

Dave then asked me to put a towel over my shoulders while Jalen touched up my makeup. I’ve never been so close to a black man since leaving Bloemfontein sixteen years ago. My parents left their homeland because of the apartheid laws, Papa was a judge there and they’d always had two or three black servants and the new laws were stifling their way of life. Personally I don’t think I’m racist or bigoted, I’ve been out with an Indian guy and have Asian friends, I just never met any black people. Some of my parent’s attitude must have rubbed off on me though because I felt really wound up and uncomfortable at his proximity to me.

On the set Dave’s assistant was black too, he looked quite a bit older than Jalen with some gray in his tight curly hair, he fussed about with the lights and the backdrop while Dave fiddled with his cameras.

I felt very self-conscious with two black men lurking in the background while Dave clicked away and directed me. I was so embarrassed when then Dave asked me to slip the sarong off. He photographed as it floated to the floor, I stood naked with two black men in the room. I was upset that I’d began to imagine them ravaging me, horror of horrors I felt my nipples begin to stiffen. Dave noticed because he asked if I was too cold but he kept on clicking.

Thank the Lord, another 10 minutes and it was over. The relief flooded through me as I covered myself with the sarong for all the protection it gave. Dave said he’d send antalya escort bayan the proofs directly to the client and did I want to wait until he replied? I waited.

“He likes them. He’d like to see more though, double pay again, that’s four times what you usually get. He’d like to see you with Pete and Jalen if that’s ok with you. Don’t look so shocked, he’s a private client so the work won’t be published.”

OMG. What was I supposed to do, the money would clear our debts and keep us going for a couple of weeks too. But black men, so close to black men, two black men together, I was petrified, I wasn’t sure if I could work with black men.

I was handed a second wad of cash, I wore the sarong and platforms. They appeared in full football gear including helmet and spiked shoes. It started with Jalen kneeling at my side, I was sitting on a high back wooded chair and Peter the assistant stood behind, a hand on each of my shoulders.

My heart was pounding, my stomach felt like I’d vomited myself dry. Over the next half an hour Jalen undressed so that to my terror he was naked. I know Peter had also removed some clothing behind me and now they were so close I could smell them. For the life of me I don’t know why but my eyes kept turning to Jalen’s prong. Ok, I do know why, he was naked, I’ve never seen a naked black before and I realized that I was comparing him to my boyfriend. Jalen was bigger by an inch or more and he was fully hard with a much nicer shape to him. I noticed he’d been circumcised and that’s what appealed to me. Dave was photographing me looking at that dick.

Dave asked me to stand and then asked Pete to slip the sarong off of me. Oh sweet Jesus what was I going to do now. My legs shook as the silky, skimpy material floated to the floor.

Pete sat on the chair and pulled me to sit on his knee, he was still wearing his tee shirt and shoulder pads but otherwise he was naked. I sat on Peter’s naked thighs, his warmth touching of our naked flesh frightened me, he pulled me back and he was so embarrassingly erect that I could feel his hardness. Jalen knelt in front of me his head on my thigh. The camera clicked. Jalen kissed my thigh and placed a hand on my knee, my legs were eased apart, still the camera clicked.

I should be screaming blue murder but I guess the drink was even stronger than I thought. It was going way beyond nude but I was too astounded to object, too anxious to speak. Peter’s hand covered one of my breasts and he began to nibble my ear. The smell of him was warm and sensual. His fingers tightened on the nipple and he rolled and tugged. I felt his stiffness flex at my back, the camera clicked and clicked.

Jalen’s head was in between my legs and his probing tongue was opening me, darting into me. Oh fuck, what am doing, what am I going to tell my boyfriend? He’ll leave me for sure if he finds out. What am I going to tell my parents? They’d disown me if they knew I’d been intimate with a black man, never mind two at once. What was I doing? I was petrified but feeling so much more alive than I’ve ever felt before.

Jalen lifted his head and shuffled forward between my legs, his fingers exploring my new wetness. He moved closer and his hard black penis began to enter me. Oh Jesus he’s going to fuck me. He slipped into me escort bayan and I gasped, he was bigger, thicker than I’ve ever felt and before I knew it his penis was deep inside me and I could feet the coarseness of his tight curled pubic hair brushing my tender shaved mound. Dave kept saying look at the camera, smile, happy thoughts, look at the camera.

He came, squirted inside me, I know he did, he pulled himself into me and I felt the pulsing. I was astounded when I realized he was not wearing a rubber. Was he clean? I prayed to God that he wasn’t diseased. Too late I hammered on his shoulders and tried to push him away, Peter grabbed my wrists so I couldn’t resist. Jalen continued to fuck me, his hips swinging back and forth. The sensation of his prong inside of me changed as his semen flowed down and coated him. My boyfriends, my previous boyfriends always stopped after they had cum, not Jalen, maybe 20 minutes later, and that seemed like forever, he came again and when he pulled out I felt a hot gush of his liquid leaking out of me.

I was ruined, I’d been fucked by a black man, I’d got a black mans cream inside of me and my thighs and sex was slick with his semen. Back in SA there are names for girls like that. I was horrified, I needed to get to a clinic, needed testing for disease and I was ashamed of myself for letting it go so far but it was not finished yet.

Dave was still clicking the camera. Jalen stood, lifted me off Peter and lowered me to lie on the floor. Peter knelt between my legs and I saw his dick for the first time, he was huge, bigger than Jalen by inches and so very thick, he’s never going to get that inside me. He lifted my knees, he dropped and his dick was ploughing me. I though Jalen was big, I screamed as his thick, thick shaft tore into me and spit me in two, and he didn’t stop. Again I screamed when he hit rock bottom and he didn’t stop. My God I was being torn apart, I tried in anguished terror to push him away but he was too heavy. Within moments he bottomed out and I’ve never felt such intense pain, my vagina ripping, stretched tightly around him and tearing with his thickness, a deep, enraged pains in my stomach exploded into my chest and across my back and blossomed along my thighs. I’d been kicked in the kidneys and my spine felt like a lump of led had been thrown at it, from inside.

I was full of him, full to bursting and the deep angry pain grew even more as he began to ride me. Each pull became a relief, a small heaven, an island of refuge and hope as the pressure inside diminished and each push was an agony, a living hell, a wish for death and he seemed to get deeper with each thrust.

Then Jalen was by my side pushing his hard dick at my screaming mouth. Will this torment ever end. His hardness pushed between my lips and he forced that stiffness into my mouth. I could smell man, exactly how I expected a black man to smell, strong, pungent but it was strange, I liked it, the overpowering musk excited me but the pain of the thrusting below overrode all else.

I felt warmth rising in my belly, maybe the thrusting was not so painful. I gagged because Jalen had pushed his penis deeper into my mouth, into my throat and he really began to fuck my mouth, fuck my throat. Tears streamed from my eyes and I gasped for breath every time he pushed I believed I’d choke, antalya escort I coughed and spluttered and still I was fucked in the mouth and cunt.

I was coming to like the feel of that big thick dick pounding me, not the throat but below, it was still painful but with a pain that I could get used to a pain that hurt nicely.

Pete rolled, pulling me on top of him, his dick still stretch me too much and he was still much to deep inside me but I found I could control his depth a little. If he pushed into me too hard I rose with him so he couldn’t get so deep and hurt me so much and the pain became a good pain.

During the roll Jalen had slipped from my mouth and now I felt his hands on my waste. His fingers moved and I could feel him prodding my ass, then pain again, he was violating my ass. He was pushing his dick into my ass, Jesus Christ it hurt, an agonizing pain, too painful to yell or scream, my breathing stopped. I’ve not done this before and it hurt badly, unbearably. I knew it was done, my boyfriend had asked me a couple of times, he’d even tried to push his dick into my ass once, he’s never done it since. My God this black dick was inside my ass and fucking it.

I came so hard, with two men inside me I came like I’d never cum before, over and over I came. I reached a plateau close to heaven and hovered there until I couldn’t take any more. As I began to ease of Pete to lift myself to crawl away he grabbed my waist and held me there with his dick still inside me. He redoubled his jerking, pulling me tight onto him, his thick, hard dick so deep inside me pounding, pounding then he stopped and jerked up into me. My stretched vagina pulsed and throbbed as I came again while he ejaculated and gasped and sighed. Only moments later while Pete was still holding me to him Jalen came, he pulled his dick from my ass and squirted his seed at the hole he’d left.

Jalen moved away and Dave moved closer with his camera and clicked and clicked at my ass dripping with black mans semen, then Pete lifted me off him and I felt his long hardness emptying from me, I felt hollow. The camera clicked as Peter’s dick fell from me, a second later his semen began to ooze from me, click, click, click.

I couldn’t move, my legs were weak and trembling and it was a while before I managed to get to the WC, I cleaned up as best I could with tissue and got dressed.

I felt disgusted for letting such a thing to happen, dirty, abused and I wanted to wash the filth away but deep down I also felt a satisfaction I’d never felt before. Dave asked me if I’d do another session sometime if the client wanted me to and although I felt so dirty I said that I probably would.

When I arrived home I felt wet, sloppy and soaking again, with too much black mans semen leaking between my legs again and urgently needed the shower.

My boyfriend had other ideas, he’d finished work a few hours before and he’d downed a few cans while waiting for me. He was drunk and wanted sex. “I’ve been thinking of you posing nude and it makes me hard, we gotta fuck, I just gotta.” He took my hand and led me into the bedroom. Both still dressed he pulled his zipper and flipped his dick from his jeans, eased my sodden panties aside without comment and slipped his dick into me. Slipped? Wrong word, he fell into me and he stopped. He knew, I was so wet and open that he must guess I’d been with other men and had other men cum inside me but all he said was “posing nude must agree with you” and he started to fuck me just like he always does.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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