Flying High-Part 1

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I couldn’t believe it, I had a week-end off from work. Believe me, when you work as a bartender it is very unusual to get both Friday and Saturday off. Well, I sure was going to find something fun to do and I knew where to start looking. The bar was quiet so I stuck my head in the door of the restaurant next door to see if Bruce was working. Pleased to see him cooking, I walked over to the phone and called him.

“Tony’s Cafe,” he answered the phone.
“Bruce, it’s me Polly, when you have a minute walk over to the bar. I want to talk to you about this week-end.”
“Okay, Polly, I’ll be over in a few.”

While waiting on a few customers, my mind kept wandering back to Bruce and myself. Wow, how lucky could I have been to stumble unto this wonderful friend/lover. We never made any demands on each other and remained best friends even after we became lovers. What a great fuck he had turned out to be for such a young guy. Hopefully, he’ll be available and we can sneak out of town together. That would be a dream week-end. We always had so much fun together. We would laugh, drink, smoke a little weed, dance and fuck. We had to be careful, however, because his parents sure wouldn’t like it. He always told me not to worry about it, but I always did.
. He was a great dancer, so it was always a blast to dance with him….Great Rhythm and once we had a few or smoked a couple of joints, we’d just let it all hang out. We’d get wild and it was fun.

“What’s up, Polly?” Bruce asked as he walked through the door. I couldn’t help but stare at this gorgeous, brown-eyed young man that was walking towards me.
“I’ll be there in a minute.” I smiled as I finished the drinks I was pouring.
“There’s no rush, I have one of the waitresses covering the grill.”
“Great, I want to ask you something.” I brought over the drinks and collected for them, and turned to walk towards my young lover. He was nineteen now and we had been fucking for over a year. I had just turned twenty-five and sometimes I felt like I was robbing the cradle. Oh well, this was just to good and I wasn’t ready to stop. We would have great sex whenever we were both available, and we had remained best friends.

Whenever one or the other was tied up with someone else we would just respect that and not make any demands. Could anything be better? Personally, I loved the situation the way it was and wouldn’t change it. Also, I know that antalya escort bayan Bruce liked things the way they were between us. My love child sure was handsome, had a great body, curly dark brown hair, and could fuck and suck better than most. Lucky Me!!!!!!!

“Hey, honey-pie, are you available this week-end?” I asked with a wink.
“I could be, what do you have in mind, honey-pie?”
“Well, I have the week-end off and I thought maybe we could go somewhere, sneak out of town together. Not really plan anything, we’ll just play it by ear.”
“I think I can arrange for someone to work for me and I’d love to go.” he replied as he headed back to work. “Stop in when you’re done and we’ll figure something out, maybe even something for later.”
“Great, and I’m available for later, also. I need to get rid of some of this tension from work. I could use a good fucking.” I whispered so everyone at the bar didn’t hear me. He just smiled.

It turned out to be a fairly decent evening at work. The band was good and no one had managed to really tick me off. All that was left to do was the clean-up. We all laughed and joked around with the band. There were a couple of guys that were hot. But I had plans, so I wasn’t looking to get laid. Musicians were usually pretty good in bed. I liked them because they were here today and gone tomorrow. No strings!!!!!!!!

“Good Night!” I yelled as I took off out the door to go and see what my sweet, young fuck had in mind. Things were pretty busy in the cafe and I greeted a few people as I made my way to the kitchen. He was busy so I just stood and watched that gorgeous body of his move in perfect rhythm. No wonder he was so good in bed, I never got tired looking at him. Rubbing up against him I left the kitchen and headed for a seat at the counter. Looking at me he winked and smiled.
“Where are you going? Bruce inquired as he was flipping hamburgers.
“I need a cup of coffee, a little energy for later. Okay???”
“Yeah, sure, why wouldn’t it be???”
“No reason, I just was telling you.” I answered as I sat down at the counter and ordered a cup of coffee. Bantering back and forth with some of the people eating helped make the time go by faster. However, after about 30 minutes I started to get restless and wanted to go home home. Things were still fairly busy and I knew that he would be a while before he would be done working.

“Hey, good lookin’, I’m going to head home if you feel like playing later you have a key. Just come on over and wake me up. You know me I’m always in the mood.” escort bayan I whispered as I bent over and kissed his package. Out the door I flew before he could say a word. I slowly walked home enjoying the sultry summer evening. I only lived about a block from the club.

“WAKE UP, WAKE UP!!” Some one was shaking me and trying to get me up. I was very groggy and it took me a few minutes to focus on what was happening. I had fallen into a dead sleep and just couldn’t seem to figure everything out. Finally, I realized that it was Bruce shaking me.
“This place better be on fire the way you’re shaking me. Couldn’t you find a better way to get me up?? How about something a little less subtle, like kissing my pussy.”
“You wanted to go, well, pack up and lets blow. I got someone to work for me tomorrow and I’m ready to party.” sitting on the edge of my bed Bruce was smiling at me.
“Come on, Baby, come to momma, and lay down. I’m tired. We’ll go in the morning.” I had fallen into a deep sleep and I sure didn’t feel like leaving now.
“You know I hate when you say that, you’re not old enough to be my momma. I’m not looking for a momma, I want a hot blonde to fuck and you’re it.”
“Well, now you have my attention, so let’s fuck. Come here!!” I said as I pulled him to me. Bruce crawled into bed next to me and we started kissing. Our lips met and we kissed hungrily….
Would I never get tired of him?? I was sleeping naked, my favorite way to sleep, so I was ready for him. Bruce was fully dressed and I just wanted to feel him in me, so I started to pull his clothes off. I WANTED HIM RIGHT NOW!!!! I was so hot and I wanted to be fucked fast and hard. No love making tonight-just fucking.
As I pulled off his pants I could feel that his cock was hard, but he was nineteen and he was always hard. Could I have fallen into a better situation????? I don’t think so, lucky me.. I loved to fuck and suck and I never had to go and look for it. I always had my little play-thing to keep me satisfied.

“FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD!!!! I want to feel you in me.” I didn’t want any fore-play, I just wanted to fuck. Bruce climbed between my legs and I could feel the tip of his cock starting to enter my wet pussy. My hips reached up off of the bed to meet him as he was entering me. I just couldn’t wait, it had to be right now. His big cock, lucky me, felt so good. He rammed it into my pussy and we started to fuck. I could almost feel the tip of his cock up in my throat everytime he rammed his enormous dick into my waiting cunt. I knew it wasn’t going to take to long for me to antalya escort cum.

“Oh my, Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!’ I was screaming and I wanted us to come together. What a high!!!!!
“I’m going to cum, Baby, I need to cum…..Please, please cum with me.” I couldn’t believe the rush I was feeling as Bruce kept fucking me as hard as he could. Banging me over and over, it was wonderful and I felt like the cum pouring from pussy was never going to stop….AWGHHHHH!!!!!!!! The bed felt wet and that was just from me. I felt a great sense of relief. It was wonderful…..

“If you think I’m done with you, you’re crazy. Turn Over, NOW!!!” he said it with such authority I immediately turned and layed on my stomach for him…Pulling me up so my ass was now up off the bed, I could feel him starting to enter my ass.. I loved to have my ass fucked, but it had to be done right.

“Easy, easy, you have to enter me nice and easy, please. Yes, OHHHHHH, that hurts a little, but don’t stop!! I want you to fuck me in the ass-I love it!! There you’re in, now, start fucking me slow and than gradually pick up the pace. Oh, yes, that’s feeling so good, Baby.” I loved the way I was starting to feel again. Bruce was riding me and I was starting to push my ass right to him. As we started to pick up the rhythm I could here him moaning.

“OOOOHHHHHHHHH, AwgHHHHHHHHH, I love this, I love shoving my cock into your ass and riding you.” We were both riding high from the feeling of the fucking he was giving me. I knew it was something I wasn’t supposed to like, but I loved it, loved it… I could hear his balls slapping against my body with each thrust of his beautiful cock. He started to spank my ass with each fuck he gave me…Just hard enough to make me orgasmic and I knew I was going to CUM again. I loved the feeling of his cock fucking me in the ass. I was addicted to him and the feelings he made me feel iin bed.

“I’m going to CUM, Baby, Cum with me, Honey!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” Bruce was squirting his love juice into my ass and I thought he was never going to stop. All of a sudden my pussy let loose and I experienced another great Cum……Both of our bodies were trembling as he collapsed on top of me. What a wonderful high, this kid always had me flying. Lucky me!!!! We layed next to each other for awhile and he just kept giving me soft little kisses on my neck.

“I know I have another one in me if you want to suck my dick and get it hard again.” this sweet, young fuck of mine smiled as he said it. He just could go and go all night long, but that was just great because I could keep up and loved every minute of it. Crazy!!

“Come on,” he said, “let’s either fuck again or pack and leave town!! I’ve got a good idea.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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