Frat House Cum bucket Pledge: Lucky Boy Gets Dream Job * Frank

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When I was looking for a fraternity to pledge to as an 18 year old university freshman, I looked for a house that was service-oriented and gay friendly. There were no gay fraternities back in the ’70s and early ’80s that I could find, but there were places that the word was out on and didn’t mind gays and bi’s, especially if they did “special favors” for the leadership, what those favors were, was a mystery to me.

A “suck buddy” from high school, Will, who I jacked off a lot with and who let me suck off and I let him suck and rim me, researched and explored together. Since we were freshmen, the pledge process was long and complicated. If we waited for spring, we could participate in “Rush” and perhaps cut off some time and work. Will wanted to wait.

I was eating lunch in the dining hall when a guy made a subtle pass at me in the food line. I smiled at him and he sat down across from me at a table and made small talk and he quickly made me as a Freshman, remembering my sister’s advice (my story, “My Older Sister, My Sex Educator…) about trading blow jobs for ‘things’ and ‘future considerations,’ I was friendly and realized he was cruising me.

When I agreed to join him in his car to smoke some pot, Jay, a senior, surprised me by asking me if I wanted a blow job. I played ‘hard to get’ and let him chase me and give me a bag of reefer before I unzipped my pants and pulled out my semi-hard dick. He complemented my hairy package and blew me diligently, but not very effectively and I didn’t blow a load. He offered to pick me up for dinner and we could go back to his frat house and have some beer. I said I didn’t have any money for eating off campus or buying beer. Jay quickly said, “I have money, I’ll buy everything!” I agreed he could get me at 7 at my dorm.

Jay picked me up at 7 sharp in a late model car. I was waiting out in front and I hopped in and we went to an off-campus restaurant/bar. Jay asked me questions about my family and my experience with girls and men. He was friendly and masculine and very straight-acting. I spoke very little and was nervous and coy. He was an adult, probably 22 or 23 and he had some resources and more experience than I.

We ordered burgers and Jay ordered a pitcher of beer. The waiter, a man who seemed to know Jay, was a sissy who brought two mugs and never asked for an ID to see if I was old enough to drink beer. He looked at me weirdly and he said to Jay, “It looks like a fun night out there with all the new crop coming to school.” Jay ignored him and continued to focus on me.

He leaned across the table and asked me in a whisper, “Have you ever been sucked before?” I nodded “Yes” and he continued, “By a man?” and I nodded again in the affirmative. I explained, “I’d rather give than receive.” “Ohhh,” Jay groaned, “I completely misread everything, I’m so sorry!” Not wanting to miss something good, lying a bit, I quickly added, “I’m really new at all of this, I have given a couple of blow jobs and swallowed some cum and really like it, but I’ve never actually had someone want to suck me.”

Jay looked relieved. “So you’ve never really had sex with a man?” I replied, “Just some kissing and sucking in parks, alleys and the school shower.” Jay said, “Your dick is nice and I’m disappointed I couldn’t get you off today. Can I try again?” “We’ll see,” I said dryly, like my dad, my heart pounding and my cock starting to rise in my jeans.

We finished our meal and beer and went back to Jay’s place, which I was happy to see was in one of my high choice Fraternity houses. We went through the front door and Jay introduced me to the brothers. Jay was a well-respected leader in the house. We got several beers “for the road” and Jay showed me to his single room without delay.

I was already pretty tipsy, so I went willingly. Jay closed the door and put his beer down and without a word, quickly locked lips with me in a deep kiss, plunging his tongue down my throat and grabbing my hand and putting it to his large, hard cock over his pants. Not being a big kisser, I dropped to my knees and undid his pants and freed his rock solid cock, which sprang upright and I swallowed up and started to quickly suck and pump on, gagging in my eagerness to impress the older man. “You’re really good at that! Do you want to meet some of the brothers and their ‘hardware’ tonight?” “I guess,” I said slowly. Jay stuffed his dick back in my willing mouth.

Jay stroked my hair while I licked and sucked his large, cut cock. Then he laid me out on the bed and seeing my hard cock, asked if he could blow me and I agreed and we went into a passionately locked sixty-nine with Jay licking and rimming my virgin asshole and then laying me out and licking and sucking antalya escort bayan my whole lean body. I was so hot, I was shaking. In fact, I had never gotten so hot with a man before, but I felt I wanted more, I wanted his big hard rod up my tight asshole.

“I want you in my ass,” I looked at him hopefully. He nodded “No” and said, “It’s not my thing, but there are some brothers who would love to break you in and I’ll be right here with you, hopefully with a dick in my ass too.”

I was a little woozy as he left the room and came back a couple of minutes later with two guys, both handsome, who introduced themselves as Chris and Pete. Chris was tall and blonde, with longish hair and a soft voice.

Pete was shorter and muscular with a crew cut. They brought fresh beers and sat down and made small talk. Pete dryly said, “Nice dick” to me and said, “Want to see mine?” Without me answering, Pete got up and pulled off his gym shorts, revealing a semi-hard, six inch cock that was as thick as my wrist. Uncut, it reminded me of a cigar. When I saw it, my cock stood upright. Pete silently walked over to me and put his now hard dick in my mouth. I quickly wrapped my lips around it, opening my mouth wide, as if for a sub sandwich. It was different than any of the few love sticks I had sucked to that point. It filled my mouth as I eagerly sucked it and licked the thick, throbbing shaft. I was having a wonderful time sucking Pete’s beautiful dick as Pete moaned his approval, grabbing me by the ears and jamming his thick cock deep down my throat gagging me and bringing tears to my eyes.

Pete then pulled me to my feet by the hair and shoved me on the bed on my belly and said, “Are you ready?” I replied, “For what?” “A good fucking,” Pete growled as he lubed up his joint and smeared lube on my ass and shoved one, then two stubby fingers hard in my tight, puckered anus and commanded, “Relax, bitch! As he inched his large cock head into my ass, I took a breath and tried to relax as he grabbed my slender hips and groaned as he jammed his thick rod into my virgin boy pussy. After a moment, I let out a loud moan and said, “Oh, oh, take it slow please…that’s good…ohhh…I love your cock in my ass!…Fuck ME!” I loved the way I hurt and was filled up inside by this short, thick dick. Pete slapped my skinny cheeks hard and said, “Shut up” and began squeezing my hips harder and painfully in his hands.

Pete then began to fuck me harder and faster, holding me tightly and calling me baby and saying I had a nice tight one. As I began grinding back, our bodies were making a loud slapping noise, Pete held me tighter and began panting and groaning and soon he was crying out he was cumming and I felt warm streams of his semen in my rectum and anus. Pete then stopped with his pumping and buried his dick deep in me for a moment while it leaked out. He then pulled out and squeezed the balance of his jism on my back, grabbed his shorts and hustled out of the room, without even a thank you.

I felt a little miffed that he did that and as I looked over at Chris having his enormous nine inch cock sucked by my ‘date’ Jay, Chris explained that this was still new to Pete and that he was wrestling with being gay. “Pete says he’s bi, but he hasn’t fucked a woman in three years and loves boys like you that are young and smooth, but he is ashamed, I think, after he blows his load. He’ll get nicer, especially if he wants another chance with a sweet one like you” I asked for directions to the bathroom and left the room to clean up.

As I came back from the bathroom, a drunken frat brother came in and said he heard there were blow jobs happening here from a pledge. I sat in a chair and raised my hand, wondering how the story had gotten out like that. The frat boy walked over and I pulled down his shorts and began stroking his penis. It got rock hard in an instant and I began to rapidly suck it to try and make him cum quickly, a technique I learned when I was cornered once by some toughs who threatened me with broken legs or blow jobs the summer after high school. The rapid sucking worked and in less than a minute I was swallowing a hot load of cum.

A couple of minutes later another guy came in for a head wash and I dutifully complied, licking and sucking this man’s beautiful ball sack and balls and then another and another. A few guys pulled their dicks out and shot their loads on my face and two men slapped me hard. One man beat off and shot his load on my back as I was blowing another guy. I think I serviced 20 guys by 11 pm, including one who beat off to me sucking dicks and held it in the folds of his uncut cock and walked over and deposited it into my sore mouth, I greedily licked his cock clean of his escort bayan cooling love juice.

I was getting tired and feeling used and abused, but very aroused. My whole body was electric when Jay led me by the arm and said, “Let’s clean up.” And we headed down to the bathroom and the small group shower. We lathered up and I washed the spunk out of my hair. Jay washed my back and ass, then reached around and soaped up my cock and balls.

As I closed my eyes and rinsed off, I felt my growing cock being enveloped by Jay’s warm mouth as he bowed in front of me and sucked me. Startled, I pulled back and Jay asked, “Do you mind?” and I replied, “No” and turned around and leaned against the wall and pushed Jay to his knees and he began to gulp and slurp my stiff rod in an animal-like fashion. Jay was hungry for my dick and he was devouring it like I would take it away at any second. Jay had already given me the hottest night of my life and I was drunk and horny and my mouth was filled with the taste of a dozen men’s cum and his mouth was so hot and sucking me in the special way only a man can suck another man’s dick so he can’t mistake the blowjob as coming from a woman. I let Jay give me an amazing blow job until stopping Jay’s head with my hands with my cock deep in his throat; I let out a cry and began pumping short spurts of cum down his suck hole. Jay licked and sucked my cock dry as water streamed over us.

Jay stood up and dumped my cum back in my mouth with a deep French kiss and we swapped the wad of cum back and forth, drunkenly giggling until we toweled each other off and re-joined Chris, smoking a joint.

I asked them about me being called a “pledge” and Jay explained that’s the only way I could be in the house during that time and that’s how he brought me in. Chris added that he was a leader in the fraternity and that my performance as a “cum bucket” could be viewed as a shortcut in the process and that as guys return from dates in the evening, some other brothers may come in to “meet” me and my mouth.

I asked, “Can I get into the frat like this?” Jay replied, “Its how I got made.” “But as much as I love sucking guys off, I don’t want to do it all the time,” I whined. “It doesn’t happen all the time, a few times a year and only in your pledge year,” Chris promised as he walked over and held his huge meat in front of my face.

I began licking his large purple head and running my tongue up and down his hardening shaft. I soon began to suck him warily, not sure what to do with such a monster. I eventually had nearly all of it in my mouth before it triggered my gag reflex. Unlike Pete, Chris was gentle and didn’t try to skull-fuck me, letting me admire and worship his cock with my mouth. When I started to lick his balls, Chris said, “May I fuck you Frank?

Shocked, I looked up with both of Chris’ balls in my mouth, surprised that anyone knew me by any other name other than ‘cocksucker,’ ‘bitch,’ ’cum bucket,’ etc. I nodded “Yes,” as I let his nuts drop out of my mouth.

Chris held my hand and helped me up and thanked me for the “good head, really nice, thank you.” He kissed me on the lips. As I turned around and went to kneel on the bed, Chris turned me around and laid me on my back. I watched him squirt lube on his enormous cock, now standing at attention as he stroked it. He shoved a greasy finger in my already stretched asshole and put my legs over his shoulders and slowly put his throbbing head in my anus.

“How does that feel?” Chris whispered. “Nice,” I cooed, “give me more.” And Chris slid his monster in slowly and I said “ooh, stop.” Chris started to fuck me slowly, in and out and I said, “You fill me up!” “You only have half,” Chris giggled, “But that’s ok.”

Chris continued to fuck me slowly, twisting my nipples and adding more cock to my fairly-fresh ass until it felt like his cock head was poking my guts, shoving his thumb in my mouth as I sucked it like a dick. I never thought a man could ever fuck a man on top like this, it was nice. When Chris said, “You are such a pretty boy and a fine piece of ass,” as he touched my face, I felt tender towards him and gay for the first time. My first man crush.

Chris said, “Your ass is so nice, you have my entire big dick in it and you haven’t screamed yet.” I was so numb and high from the beer and pot and with my eyes closed, I felt like I was on a cloud, lifted up by Chris’ cock.

Just then I felt a cock head on my lips and before opening my mouth, I opened my eyes to see an even bigger, black cock drooping into my mouth and a guy holding it, saying, “Sorry, I already came twice tonight, but one of the brothers said you like cock so much, I should come up and stretch out your mouth.” antalya escort He then pushed his huge, but semi-hard meat into my mouth. I sucked it a little, as he pushed it against my cheek, but then a camera flashed twice and the huge cock soon disappeared. I never saw those pictures, but I’m sure someone had a plan or made a few bucks in an underground gay magazine. I half expect them to show up online someday. They are vintage now…

Someone else with a small cut dick soon came over and I gave him a blow job on my back, not a good idea and I gagged on his big load of cum. Soon Chris pulled his dick out and shot his load on my belly and cock.

Chris cleaned me up and I rolled onto my stomach and dozed off. I was thoroughly fucked and it felt good. It seemed like hours and the room was dim when somebody gently shook my shoulder, I turned around and saw a slight red-headed boy, not much older than me, lying next to me. He said, “I’m Ronny, what’s your name, you still up for playing around? I said “Frank” and nodded “Yes” and we began making out.

Ronny licked the inside of my mouth and squeezed my nipples gently, running his hands all over my body, stroking my stiffening cock. He was covered in freckles and had a thick bush of red hair around his average five inch dick, but it was rock hard and had a bright pink head. I was almost relieved by its normalcy and began stroking him. I was impressed by how hot he was and un-rushed and he felt loving like Chris, but that he wanted me to himself and treated me like a lover and not an anonymous cum bucket.

I was on my back and my own thick seven inch cock was erect. Ron briefly blew me and was straddling me and kissing my face and neck when he spit in his hand and ran it over his own ass and leaned back over my cock and deftly slipped it in to his seemingly well-fucked man pussy and sat down hard on me. Like that I was fucking a man’s ass! Ron tightened his well-worked sphincter over my dick and I nearly came instantly when he tightened his anus over my cock head.

He slowly rode me up and down, loosening his grip on my cock as my semen rolled back with my coming orgasm. I watched Ron ride my dick as he stroked his rod. I took over, beating him off as he moaned and he tightened up his ass again, squeezing my nipples hard and I groaned and I surprisingly blew a load of cum in Ronny’s asshole. He moaned and leaned back as my cock shriveled and fell out of his hole.

As I lay back with my eyes closed, my face was soon covered up with what I quickly learned was Ronny’s dripping ass, planted on my mouth. I quickly recognized the taste of my own spunk leaking into my mouth as I jammed my tongue up Ron’s anus and he pumped his sphincter several times pushing my cum back into my mouth with his rectal juice, sobering me up a bit, unused to the taste. I swallowed it all and Ronny lifted up a bit and allowed me to give him a thorough rim job as he beat off his cock rapidly as I licked and sucked his smooth, shaved ass.

I felt his body shudder and he backed his man-cunt off my mouth and moved down my chest and he began shooting sperm out of his rod and quickly jammed it into my open mouth filling it with the hottest, sweetest cum I’d ever had in my young suck hole. For the second time that night I had a man crush.

I cleaned Ronny’s cock, balls and asshole with my mouth and we fell asleep. When I woke up hours later, I was alone, my body aching.

That year I became a Fraternity member, Chris was the number two man in the house and made sure of that. He only fucked me one other time and that was to collect the debt, I think. Jay would take me to dinner occasionally and we would 69 or I would just let him blow me in the shower when he saw me.

Ronny was my only regular lover and sometimes he’d bring me to orgies with some rich older gays where we went in completely shaved and seemed to be the prize in some sort of game where we “modeled” and then we sucked off some alpha winners and then were “sodomized” for the group’s viewing pleasure. It was weird and fun, but I really liked the generous tips!

I only had to be a cum bucket two more times that year and I enjoyed the experience, as I only sucked dicks on my terms as they came in one at a time. I was nearly sober and didn’t take excess abuse and no anal rape.

Pete tried to fuck me again for the rest of the year and I always turned him down, telling him he had “hurt my feelings.”

That first year in the Frat house I sucked more hot young cocks than I could count and had my ass opened up by several hot boys and a dozen men. I even fucked a man’s ass!

It was a memorable year that I still recall fondly, every time I put a cock in my mouth. That was the year I learned to do it well and why friends always come back, especially the married ones!

Frank Mills writes stories about real people for real people and welcomes all comments.

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