From Fantasy to Reality

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I never thought of myself as a slut. I was brought up in a good neighborhood, my father took very good care of me after mom was killed in a drunk driving accident when I was twelve. But when I got into high school my girlfriends started talking about sex they were having, and it really turned me on. I knew that I shouldn’t have sex though I was too young. It wasn’t like I didn’t have guys lining up, even at fourteen I had bigger tits than my friends 32Cs and I was a runner so I was in good shape. I have blonde hair and green eyes. I had a few boyfriends freshman year, but it wasn’t until sophomore year that I let one fuck me. It wasn’t special, he did it in the backseat of his car and it felt ok but what really shocked me was when I got home I was so worried about daddy knowing what I’d done. I sat there eating dinner with my boyfriends cum dripping out of me, and it was making me hotter.

I didn’t know what to do, so I told one of my girlfriends and she told me if I wanted to find some really kinky stuff to go online. I did, and I became addicted to chat rooms. My favorite rooms were the ones where people would pretend to be my daddy and tell me all the nasty things they were doing to my body. I knew it was wrong to think about daddy that way but I couldn’t help it. Dad had started getting a little suspicious about all the time I was spending on the computer, he told me it wasn’t healthy. I told him I was just chatting with friends from school. I didn’t know he could get access to my computer and see what I’d been doing. But that’s what happened.

I was in my favorite incest chat room one night talking to a new guy. He even got me to tell him I wasn’t 18 like my profile said but 16 and he said that really turned him on. Then he asked me what I liked best, and I told him daddy/daughter roleplay. He asked what I wanted daddy to do to me, and I told him I loved being spanked by daddy antalya escort bayan then fucked hard. He asked me if I would let daddy fuck my ass but I told him I’d never done that but had once put a dildo up it when I was playing. He told me he had cum just talking to me, then logged off.

I was looking for someone else to chat with about ten minutes later when my father called me out of my bedroom. He told me to come to the den and I knew from the sound of his voice I was in trouble. I got there and he just said “What do you have to say for yourself young lady?” I didn’t know what he meant, but then he pointed at the computer screen and I saw the chat I’d just had. He was the new guy in the room. I’d thought about this sure but I was mortified as my father sat in his chair leering at me knowing that he now knew what I wanted. “It’s just a game daddy.” I whispered. “You don’t mean it then? You don’t want me to fuck you hard baby?” He smiled at me and I started to cry. I also got very wet. I didn’t know what to say.

Daddy got out of his chair and came over to me. Without a word he reached out and pulled down the PJ bottoms I was wearing. I didn’t have any underwear on I don’t sleep in them. He cupped his hand over my cunt, which I shave and moaned. “You’re all wet baby. Thinking about me?” I shivered and couldn’t help but push my pussy against his hand. As soon as I did, he took it away. He reached up and pushed my night shirt up over my tits, then started fondling them. “Your nipples are so hard too. Is this what you wanted baby?” He twisted my nipples really hard and I screamed but I spurted cum too. He laughed. “Take your pants all the way off, but leave your shirt like that and lay down on the floor.” I just blinked at him, and he smiled then slapped my tits. “Do what I said, I’m going to make your fantasies come true.”
I was too stunned and too turned on escort bayan to do anything else but what he asked. I took of my pj bottoms and lay down on the floor. “Spread your legs open for daddy slut.” He growled down at me, and I did. I felt myself getting wetter as daddy stood there staring at my shaved cunt. Then he knelt down and cupped it in his hand again. “So fucking wet.” Then he took his hand back and brought it back hard, slapping my pussy. I winced but he put his other hand on my stomach and held me down. “You said you wanted to be spanked.” He smacked my cunt again hard, and it hurt but even as I started to cry I felt my wetness leaking out. “Your lips are getting pink and puffy.” He said lowly, then he started spanking my cunt for real. Slap – slap – slap and I cried till I actually came. He stood up then, and pulled his boxers off. I gasped as his man sized cock sprang out he was hard. “Where do you keep your toys?” I told him what drawer and he came back with one of the pink dildos I used.

“Get up on the couch slut. Pull your legs up to your shoulders.” He was stroking himself and I was so hot I couldn’t believe this was happening. My pussy was on fire, but I wanted him to spank it again. I crawled onto the couch and pulled my legs apart. He came over and pulled me down to the edge of the couch. “Were you telling the truth, only two boys have fucked this little cunt?” He asked as he slapped it again. “Yes daddy.” He slipped a finger in me then and we both moaned. “They must have had little cocks, you’re still a tight hole.” I whimpered and fucked against his finger. I was in heaven, daddy was treating me just like the slut I had pretended to be. He pulled his finger out and laughed stroking his cock. “No.” He said, “You don’t get rewarded by my fingers.” He took the dildo then and slammed it all the way up my cunt. I began to fuck against it wildly and he let me antalya escort fuck it till I came telling me what a nasty slut I was acting like.

Finally he knelt down a little holding his cock out and I felt it push up against my ass. I whimpered but when I let my legs go he reached up and slapped my face. “You said you wanted me to spank you and fuck you hard baby slut. Spread those legs.” I was scared, and wet and ashamed that I was acting like that but I did what daddy said. I grabbed my legs again and as soon as they were pulled wide he shoved his whole huge cock up my ass. It was dry except where my cum had run down it a little. It hurt and I couldn’t help but scream. Daddy leaned over me laughing. “You like it slut, like daddy’s cock in your slutty asshole?” I shook my head crying. “It hurts daddy…stop.” He just smiled, and started to pull out, but he didn’t get all the way out before he slammed it in again. I screamed, and he repeated the movement. Then it washed over me as he started pumping my ass hard. My fantasy was coming true, my daddy was raping my ass. It hurt but I heard myself moaning and screaming. “rape my little ass daddy…” and then he pushed in and started spewing cum in me. I came then too.

When he was done cumming he pulled out, then held up the other thing he’d brought from my bedroom, a little makeup mirror. “Look at yourself slut. Look at daddy’s cum dripping out of your ass.” I looked and it made me hump the dildo harder in my cunt. Daddy reached over and pushed it back and forth smiling at me. “Now you really are daddy’s little slut.” He pushed it all the way in. “Go take a shower, and leave that in. Then come to my bedroom.”

Reeling but totally turned on, I went to the shower. I cleaned myself real good but left the dildo stuffed up my cunt the whole time. It was hard because between the water and thinking about what daddy had planned for the bedroom I was dripping wet. But I showed up to the bedroom clean, and stuffed with the toy to find daddy laying naked his cock hard again. He smiled at me, and slut that I am I smiled back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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