Futa Naked In School 12 – Futa Changes the Program 2: Birdie’s Hot Reward

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Futa Naked In School – Futa Changes the Program

Chapter Two: Birdie’s Hot Reward

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

President Birdie McTaggart, Monday

I stood poised to enter my student’s twat. Twenty-year-old Lola Lovell, President of the Purity Society, whimpered as I rubbed my futa-cock up and down the hot folds of her pussy. The pleasure shot down my dick to my own cunt.

I wasn’t allowed to do this. It went against the Naked in School Program’s rules. I was the president of Rogers College. Though the new sexual freed laws allowed public sex, the board of trustee didn’t want staff to take advantage of the students. If I wasn’t her president, I could fuck her barely legal twat to my heart’s content.

But I was.

It was why I was here. I glanced behind me at the board of trustee. The other members of the Perverts Society, naked as Lola, were working their whiles on the five members. Florinda Matos led them, a Hispanic futa who was staring down at her lap. Beneath the table, Sandra Murphy was poised to suck Florinda’s cock.

“Just let us fuck the professors and staff at our college!” moaned Lola. “I want to feel President McTaggart’s futa-cock fucking my pussy!”

“Please,” I groaned. “No one’s objecting. Make the decision.”

“Perhaps we could do a test run,” said Janet Carter, one of the four futas on the board. She stared at young Jamie Kelly with lust. The coed was sliding on to Janet’s lap. “You know, try it out tonight, Florinda, and then we can make our decision after getting a taste of these fine, young pussies.”

“Please, please, do that,” cooed Sandra. “Then I can suck your cock, Ms. Matos. Don’t you want to feel my mouth sucking hard on your dick? Doesn’t that sound wonderful?”

“I could fuck this big cock,” moaned Angela Smythe, the one woman on the board. She was eyeing Janelle Simpson’s clit-dick.

“Mmm, I bet you’ll suck me as good as my girlfriend will,” Janelle moaned.

“I will,” Angela moaned, licking her lips.

“You’re going to love Sandra’s blowjobs, Ms. Matos,” continued Janelle. “Just say yes.”

“Goddess, just say yes,” panted Marjorie Kemp. The futa stared with hunger at nubile Kylie Slivers leaning over the table. “I want to feel her mouth around my cock.”

“It’s decided,” Florinda moaned, “that the rule forbidding staff is lifted for this session as a test. We shall make our final ruling by Friday.”

The girls pounced on the futas. I groaned as I watched Kylie’s head leaned down the table while Sandra wiggled her ass as she worked up Florinda’s skirt. Jamie shuddered, clear the naughty schoolgirl had her pussy sliding up and down Janet Carter’s dick. Angela was on her knees sucking Janelle’s big dick while Violet Gardner, the last board member, slammed her cock into Asuka Kamigawa’s pussy, the Japanese girl moaning in delight.

I thrust my dick into Lola’s pussy.

I savored my first plunge into one of my student’s cunts. I reveled in the amazing, tight delight of barely legal pussy sliding around my futa-dick. My breasts jiggled in my blouse as I bottomed out in her. I threw back my head and moaned out in rapture.

Sweet, succulent, tight schoolgirl cunt.

“President McTaggart!” Lola moaned, her pussy clenching around my futa-dick. “Oh, my goddess, yes! Fuck me! Pound me! This is incredible.”

“Enjoy her, mein Liebchen!” moaned my wife Ava. She’d come for moral support. My busty, blonde wife taught German and she’d been aching to enjoy the students, too. She grabbed Elizabeth Carter, the other futa in the group, and shoved her down onto a seat. My wife, her skirt hiked up to show off her new crotchless panties, straddled the barely legal futa.

“Fuck her, meine ungezogen Frau!” I groaned.

My wife impaled her pussy down that young futa-dick, Elizabeth’s cock sliding through the slit in my wife’s panties. I was so glad I bought those for Ava. They cupped her plump ass. She moaned, pressing her big tits into the futa’s face. Elizabeth scrambled to pull down my wife’s blouse and bury her face in those lush tits.

I drew back my cock, the sounds of sex echoing through the meeting room. The members of the Perverts Society were all getting wild. Britney Hollows and Georgia Rower were kissing and fingering each other’s twats while Macie Lum, Lola’s lesbian girlfriend, threw her legs wide and slammed three fingers into her cunt. She watched me fucking Lola hard. Beside her, Teal Constable, Lola’s futa-girlfriend, stroked her dick.

“Fuck her hard, President McTaggart!” Teal moaned, running her hand up and down her cock. The sexy freshman shuddered, her small breasts jiggling.

“Yes, yes, ram that cock into her naughty cunt!” moaned Macie. “Oh, Lola, look at your face.”

“She’s loving it!” Teal groaned.

“Loving it so much!” Lola moaned, her hips swiveling from side to side as I pumped away at her tight, young cunt.

I slid my hands up her body, finally touching one of my students. Fucking her. I grabbed Lola’s round breasts. I squeezed and kneaded the blonde’s perky tits as her pussy squeezed about my futa-dick. She massaged me.

I pumped away at her cunt. I thrust hard and fast into her. I drilled into her again and again. The pleasure spilled through my body. My pussy clenched, the heat dribbling down my thighs. It was wild. My round tits heaved before me with every thrust into that delicious, juicy pussy.

She was so warm and hot.

“Oh, Birdie,” my wife moaned, throwing a look over her shoulder. Her German accent was at its thickest when she was in the throes of passion. “How is her pussy? Is the kleine Hure making you feel amazing?”

“Yes, she is!” I moaned. “And the futa’s cock? Is it stirring your cunt to a hot froth.”

“Ja!” she moaned. “Ihr futa-Schwanz ist fantastisch! Sehr gut!”

“Good!” I panted, glad my wife was having fun.

I watched her rump work up and down Elizabeth’s cock. The sight was outstanding. I pumped away at Lola’s cunt, drilling deep into her pussy. Her twat squeezed around me. Massaged me I groaned, the pleasure spilling down my cock to my cunt. This wicked pleasure rippled through my body.

I loved it.

Every moment of being in Lola’s young snatch was incredible. It sent pleasure shooting through my body. I groaned, my hips plunging away hard and fast. I pounded the schoolgirl slut’s hard. My crotch smacked into her rump. My shaved pussy lips drank in the impact of her bald twat. Every time I bottomed out in her, I ground our labia together.

“President McTaggart!” she moaned, her cunt squeezing around me. “Oh, goddess, I’m going to cum on this cock!”

“Yes, yes, cum on her!” moaned Teal, her hand flying up and down my dick.

“Mmm, then I’m going to lick you clean!” panted Macie. “You know I love that!”

“That is kinky!” my wife moaned. “Ooh, do it, Birdie. Cum in the slut, mien Futa-Frau!”

Every stroke into Lola’s cunt brought me closer and closer to that moment. To that wonderful eruption. The gasps and moans echoed around the room. Futas and schoolgirls were panting and moaning. The board enjoyed barely legal cunt and one futa-cock.

“Mrs. Smythe!” gasped Janelle. “Damn, I’m going to cum in that mouth. You’re amazing!”

“So is your girlfriend,” Florinda moaned. “Mother of Goddess, that’s incredible. She’s going to suck all the cum out of me!”

“Oh, Ms. Kemp!” groaned Kylie. “Ram that dick into my asshole. I got it all nice and wet.”

“Holy shit, how old are you?” moaned the futa fucking her.

“Nineteen!” Kylie gasped. “That’s a nineteen-year-old asshole you’re sliding into.”

“Fuck, yes!”

The sounds of passion were sending me over the edge. Ava moaned. She had her blouse off now, her bra shoved down to her belly. Elizabeth was clearly sucking on her titties as Ava rode that thick futa-cock. I shuddered, my passion reaching a boiling point.

I slammed into Lola hard. I plunged into her cunt’s depths. I erupted. My futa-cum fired into Lola’s youthful twat. She gasped. Her blonde hair tossed about her face. Her pussy rippled around me. Hot pussy cream gushed out around my cock as her tight flesh milked me.

“President McTaggart!” she howled. “Oh, yes, yes! You’re flooding my cunt!”

“Yum!” Macie moaned, her body trembling.

“Goddess, this is incredible!” I panted, my futa-dick spurting jizz again and again. Hot blasts of my girl-cum fired into the hot depths of Lola’s cunt.

Her barely legal twat milked me. Her flesh writhed and spasmed around me. Stars danced before my eyes. I groaned, my breasts heaving. The pleasure surged through me. My hair tossed from side to side. My pussy convulsed. My hot cream dripped down my thighs.

I hit the peak of my pleasure. Lola’s pussy drained me dry. I panted, swaying. The pleasure spilled through my body. It was better than I could imagine. I shuddered and then I heard my wife gasping. Her ass clenched as she bucked on Elizabeth’s cock.

“Mein Göttin!” she howled. “Give me that futa-cum!”

“Mrs. McTaggart!” gasped the futa.

“Flood her!” I moaned, getting hungry.

“Lola! Lola!” moaned Macie as her pussy juices gushed out around her fingers. “Get over here and let me lick you clean.”

“Yes!” Lola moaned, straightening up from being bent over. She ripped her pussy off my cock. I gasped as she scrambled through the chairs, knocking them aside to reach her girlfriend. Macie slipped to the floor and Lola planted her pussy right on her face.

Standing up, gravity must be draining my cum into Macie’s hungry mouth. She licked and lapped. The blonde schoolgirl shuddered in delight, grinding her twat on her girlfriend’s mouth. Then Teal gained her feet and moved in from behind.

“Yes, yes, fuck my asshole!” howled Lola. Teal thrust forward, groaning as she entered her girlfriend’s asshole.

I shuddered, my futa-dick throbbing and aching. My wife’s pants drew my attention. She climbed off of Elizabeth and sank down into a chair. Futa-cum matted her blonde bush peeking out of her crotchless panties. More stained the red fabric.

“Hungry?” she asked me. “Mmm, does meine heiss Futa-Frau want to eat my pussy full of cum.”

“Yes,” I moaned and moved forward. Eating my student’s barely legal jizz out of my wife’s pussy was another dream of mine.

I fell to my knees before her. My red hair spilled over her thighs. “Oh, lass, what a fine treat you’ve made for me,” I said, letting my Irish lilt come out. “Just a bonny treat you’ve made for me.”

She winked at me, her large tits heaving.

I buried my face into her crotchless panties. The izmir escort bayan lace of the fabric rubbed on my lips as I licked through the gap. I gathered up my wife’s sweet pussy juices and the salty taste of the futa’s delicious cum.

I loved it. I licked again while the sounds of fucking and moaning came from the board. This was all so exciting. As I took a third lick, hands grabbed my rump. A hard futa-cock pressed into the folds of my pussy. My girl-dick throbbed.

“President McTaggart, I got to try your pussy now,” moaned Elizabeth, still hard.

“Do it!” my wife moaned. “Fuck her, Elizabeth. My naughty futa-wife needs it.”

“I do!” I panted, rubbing my face into my wife’s crotchless panties and her hot muff.

Elizabeth thrust her futa-dick into my cunt. Her thick shaft penetrated me. I groaned, my girl-dick squeezing about her. The wicked futa sank deeper and deeper into me. My pussy drank in the stimulation, pleasure flooding through my body.

I groaned into my wife’s cunt. I thrust my tongue deep into her sweet twat and soaked it in the salty jizz brimming in her. Elizabeth’s shaved pussy lips rubbed into my own. She stirred her hips, rubbing her cunt across mine while swishing her girl-dick in my tight pussy.

“Goddess, that’s good,” I whimpered.

“Got to make a good impression for the president,” she moaned and then drew back her hips. “Oh, goddess, Georgia, I’m fucking the president!”

“Oh, that’s wonderful, honey,” Georgia moaned. “Ooh, yes, yes, Britney, lick my cunt. Get that tongue in me.”

“I’m so glad you corrupted Lola,” Elizabeth moaned, her dick pumping away hard and fast in my pussy. The young futa plowed me with passion. “We’re having so much more fun as the Perverts Society.”

“Just doing my job as your educator,” I panted, my hips wiggling which swayed my futa-dick between my thighs.

“You’re so dedicated to it,” panted Ava as my tongue fluttered up and down her folds, licking up more of that pussy-flavored cum leaking out of her depths. “Mmm, yes, yes. Mein Liebchen is such a great professor.”

“The best!” moaned Elizabeth.

“So great!” Georgia gasped. “Oh, my goddess, Britney, I like that. Finger my butt and eat my cunt!”

My wife’s big breasts jiggled over my head as I devoured her. I thrust my tongue into her pussy’s hot depths and scooped up the jizz. Her lacy panties rubbed on my face. She grabbed her large tits, squeezing them, her blue eyes bursting with pleasure.

My orgasm built with every thrust of Elizabeth’s cock into my cunt. She buried into me again and again. She reamed me. This amazing bliss surged through my body. My cunt squeezed around her, drinking in the friction of her powerful strokes. She filled me again and again.

She brought me closer and closer to that hard, powerful orgasm. It would have me gasping and moaning and crying out in rapture. I shuddered, my hips dancing from side to side. I gripped her futa-dick. I held her in my pussy’s embrace. She buried deep into me. Hard.

“Oh, my goddess, I’m going to cum in you, President McTaggart!” the futa plowing my cunt moaned.

“Do it!” gasped my wife. Her thighs squeezed around my face. “Just flood her with all that yummy cum!”

“Yes, Mrs. McTaggart!”

Elizabeth buried that young futa-dick into my cunt. I groaned. I squeezed my pussy around her cock, drinking in the friction. The stimulation sent ripples of delight to the tip of my aching girl-cock. I whimpered into my wife’s pussy.

The futa erupted in me. “Yes, yes, yes!” she howled. “I’m cumming in the president’s cunt!”

“You are!” my wife moaned.

I shuddered at the feel of the hot cum pumping into my pussy. I latched onto my wife’s clit and sucked hard. The thrill of one of my barely legal schoolgirl-futas flooding my twat sent me over the edge into my own pleasure.

My dick exploded. My pussy convulsed.

Rapture and ecstasy surged and rushed through my body. The dual delights flooded me and jolted through my flesh. I sucked hard on my wife’s clit, my convulsing twat wringing out all of Elizabeth’s hot cum.

“I’m flooding the president’s pussy, Georgia!” moaned Elizabeth.

“Hot!” she answered. “Oooh, Britney, yes, yes! Drink my pussy cream but don’t stop fingering my asshole! I love cumming with a finger in my butthole!”

Ava groaned, “Birdie! Ich liebe dich!”

Her pussy juices gushed out as she said my three favorite words. I love you.

I licked up her cunt cream as my pussy wrung Elizabeth dry. My own futa-cock spurted a final time, the pleasure burning through my body.

Orgasmic moans echoed through the meeting room. Everyone was having a good time. The board had to make a decision in our favor. By Friday, the last day of the school year, we would know how next year would go.

I couldn’t wait to find out.



The college buzzed with rumors.

As I waited for the four students in the Program this week to make sure they were naked and to hold onto their clothes, students grinned at me. They all had heard the rumors about how amazing the board meeting went.

“Tell me we did it,” said Stacie Ward as she sauntered up with her girlfriend, and swim coach, at her side. “That other students won’t have to go through what we did.”

“Oh, but it was so romantic,” purred Valeria Castellano. “You were so sexy, Stacie.”

“I think we did it,” I said. “The board of trustee had a blast with the Pervert Society.”

A moment later, Tatyana, the head cheerleader, sauntered by. She had a smoky look in her eyes. “I hope you did it, President,” she cooed, “because the entire squad wants to thank you personally.”

“We did it,” I told her with confidence.

She patted my skirt with a bold delight, feeling my hardon. I groaned at her naughty touch. Then the vivacious cheerleader sauntered inside. I shuddered, my futa-dick twitching with my heartbeat. The entire cheer squad…

I loved being the president.

“This is so great!” said naked Juniper Dannel. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. I gasped in shock and then enjoyed the feel of her hot mouth on me. She broke it and moaned, “I want to fuck Ms. Stanton so much.”

“I’m sure you’ll get your chance,” I said, a big grin on my face. I couldn’t help it. All my students were eager to attend classes.

Juniper wasn’t the only schoolgirl to kiss me. Five more girls gave me hot smooches followed throaty purrs about the professors they wanted to fuck. The entire girls’ volleyball team flashed their titties at me as they sauntered by.

To my delight, Denice had her sex slave Umeko give me a hot and sloppy kiss while promising, “You’ll get your chance to fuck her. I know you arranged for us to both go naked right before homecoming.”

“I thought it would make the contest more interesting,” I said, finally admitting to rigging who got chosen for the Program. At least that one. “You surely had fun.”

Denice laughed as she led her busty slave into the college building. The Japanese girl walked naked and proud, devoted to her mistress. They were both graduating next weekend. I sighed, shaking my head. I would miss those two at the school.

“President McTaggart, you are one naughty futa,” Shelena Lowell said when she sauntered up with her futa-girlfriend, Guanting Chan, on her arms. “How much schoolgirl pussy are you going to get next year?”

“As much as I can,” I said. “As many who will let me.”

Shelena grinned. She had changed so much in the last few weeks. The tall, athletic African-American futa looked cute with the slender, nerdy Chinese futa on her arm. They swept by, and I beamed at my students.

“Next year,” said Lizaveta Kuznetsov, her camera in hand, “we’re going to have you star in a porno. Maybe spanking a cute girl or two.”

“Are you going to be the next A/V Club president?” I asked. Guanting was graduating this year.

“Yep,” she said and sauntered in. “We’re going to make some wild pornos for the college next year.”

“I can’t wait,” I told her. Then I smiled as Molly Jordan and her futa-daughter, and lover, sauntered up. The biology professor, also doubling as the cheer coach, had a naughty grin on her face.

“My cheerleaders are planning a surprise for you,” she said as she swept by. “Watch out.”

“Yes, Tatyana mentioned that,” I said.

The energy in the school was amazing. I found myself moving through the halls as the first class started, glancing in at classrooms. My students were bouncing with excitement. It was the last week of school, things were getting relaxed. Finals were done and they were looking to have fun.

My futa-dick twitched and throbbed as I passed Natisha Mason getting relief in her English class by a futa fucking her from behind. Half the class was masturbating as they watched. I nodded my head in approval and swept down the halls.

I had so much energy I just kept walking for the next hour. When the period ended and the students flooded the halls, I nodded to them. There were so many naughty things going on. I caught Salome getting fucked by Mbali on the football team. Paloma, Salome’s futa-girlfriend, watched with a hungry look on her face.

“Don’t be late to class,” I said.

“I’m going to stew in cum all through PE,” Salome moaned, “and then Paloma gets to eat me out.”

I winked at her.

My dick was throbbing as I finally headed to my office to get some work done. I was eager to get to the professor’s lounge and get some satisfaction. I had a feeling most of the staff would, too. There was a wild energy on the campus today.

I heard moans and peeked out my office door to find my secretary, Madoline Sterud, masturbating at her desk. She was watching something on her screen, a porno. Probably one produced by the college. She gasped when she saw me and struggled to hide the evidence.

“It’s okay,” I told her. “Have fun.”

“Thank you, Birdie,” she moaned. “I’m just so fucking horny today.”

“I get what you mean,” I panted and headed back into my office.

I sat down at my desk and struggled to focus on the preliminary planning for next year’s schedule. I had two professors retiring who needed replacing, and our incoming freshman class looked to be a little larger than last year. I might have to hire another professor to help handle it.

I worked through the notes and was looking through some applications to start vetting a new professor when noon arrived. It was time for lunch. I shuddered, my dick so hard and my panties soaked. I stood up from my desk and stretched, buca escort my light-green, silk blouse clinging to my breast. I didn’t wear a bra today, and the slick fabric teased my nipples.

A loud chatter of girlish voices filled the office. I frowned, wondering why a group of students had entered the office. They grew louder and then my door flung open. Blonde Tatyana Naumov sauntered into my office. The head cheerleader had her golden hair pulled back into a braid, her breasts utterly exposed. She wore the very short pleated skirts the cheer team had adopted that barely covered their asses and hid their pussies when they weren’t moving.

I gasped as behind her, the other nine members of the cheer squad flowed in. They were all equally topless and in their uniforms. They filled my office before my desk, crowding it with their naughty passion. I shuddered.

Beside Tatyana stood Jalila Zaman. The Arab sophomore’s skin had a lovely hue of dusky-brown. Her breasts were round and perky the way a twenty-year-old girl’s should be. Her nipples dark and hard, almost seeming to point at me.

My eyes flicked to the other girls. They were so delicious and lovely in their own ways. Busty Kalena Apikalia winked at me while her golden-brown tits swayed. The Hawaiian beauty had such bountiful tits, bigger than my wife’s. Wendy Maris had her red hair in pigtails, her small breasts topped by mauve nipples. Martina Rois lifted her skirt, flashing a shaved twat at me with a silver chain dangling from her clit ending at a heart charm. The other girls were behind them, peering around, looking so sexy.

“What is going on?” I gasped. “Tatyana?”

“We’re just here to reward you for all you’ve done, President McTaggart!” the head cheerleader said. “You brought the Program to the college, and we’ve been having so much fun prancing around in our little skirts and having futas cum on us and getting fucked by the football team and the basketball team and the baseball team.”

“Mmm, those bats,” moaned Genevieve Watkins from the back, her blue eyes peeking around Tatyana’s shoulder.

The other cheerleaders were nodding in delight, their breasts quivering. My futa-dick was at full staff as I stared at them. My cock threatened to rip through my panties and my skirt. My nipples throbbed and ached. A powerful heat churned inside my cunt, a brewing storm demanding to be unleashed.

“You’re the best president ever,” Tatyana continued, “and so we’re going to give you a big thanks.” She lifted her hand. “Nurse Luann gave me this.” She opened it to reveal a little, blue pill on it. “We want you to stay hard to please us.”

My jaw dropped at the sight of the Viagra. “Girls, now, I’m flattered, but this goes against the rules. I’ll get in trouble for taking advantage of you. The board of trustee hasn’t made its decision.”

“You’re not taking advantage of us,” said Susanne Forester from the back, her brown hair falling about her round face. “We’re taking advantage of you.”

“We’re not leaving here until we fuck you, President McTaggart,” Tatyana said. She sauntered from the others and mounted my desk. I stared up at her swaying breasts. The hem of her skirt was so short I could see the shaved folds of her pussy. Cream dribbled down her thighs. She thrust her hand at me. “So take your pill and enjoy.”

“Unless you’re going to expel us,” moaned Jalila. She arched her eyebrows at me. “Huh?”

“You girls are naughty,” I said, unable to help myself. I took the pill and popped it into my mouth. I swallowed it. “There. Ravish me.”

Tatyana grinned as she stood on my desk, staring down at me. She snapped her fingers. Her cheerleaders flowed around it, rushing at me. Suddenly, I had Jalila on my right and Kalena on my left. Hands were reaching for my clothing. The warmth of the pill spread out of my belly as the naughty cheerleaders unbuttoned my blouse. Yanked down my skirt.

Tatyana smirked the entire time.

My blouse ripped open. My round breasts came into view. Naughty cheerleaders grabbed my tits. Jalila had my right boob, her dusky-brown fingers contrasting with my pale, Irish flesh. Kalena’s golden digits kneaded the left. Then she ducked down and sucked on my nipple. Her tongue swirled around it, shooting bliss straight down to my cunt and then up to my clit-dick.

After my skirt was down, the cheerleaders attacked my panties. My futa-dick popped out, thrusting from the shaved folds of my pussy. I gasped as two hands grabbed my cock, stroking up and down me. Another groped my ass, digging into my flesh.

“Shaved, huh,” purred Tatyana. “Mmm, get her on the desk, girls. Let’s enjoy her!”

A great cheer erupted from the nine other cheerleaders. Jalila pinched my right nipple and Kalena sucked on my left. A finger pressed into my butt-cheek while other hands stroked my dick. The other girls were clearing off my desk. My computer monitor, keyboard, files, coffee mug, picture of my wife and our two children.

All of it was stripped off and laid bare, Tatyana overseeing her army of naughty and wanton cheerleaders with a huge smile on her lips. My pussy dripped juices. My cock throbbed in their stroking hands.

Then I was turned by the cheerleaders. They pressed me down on my desk, Kalena’s mouth popping off my nipple. My cock was suddenly free. It bobbed and swayed as I stretched out on my back on the polished wood.

Tatyana straddled me. She had a huge grin on her plump lips, Her breasts quivered as she lowered to her knees, her hand seizing my futa-cock. She stroked it, clearly taking me first as the head of the squad.

“President McTaggart, we’ve wanted to do this all year,” she moaned as she lowered herself. The tip of my cock vanished beneath her skirt.

“So have I!” I gasped as I felt her pussy lips against my dick.

Then she sank down on me. Barely legal, cheerleader cunt engulfed my cock. Her breasts jiggled as she took more and more of my clit-dick. The pleasure flowed down to my cunt. This wicked heat swelled up to my ovaries.

“Sweet Goddess,” I moaned as she bottomed out on me. I felt her pussy lips rubbing into my labia wrapped around the base of my futa-cock. Her juices mixed with mine.

“Ooh, you got a nice cock, Ms. President!”

“But what’s your mouth like?” moaned Genevieve. The black-haired, blue-eyed freshman crawled onto the desk by my head. I groaned as her pleated skirt swept over my eyes. I stared up at her nineteen-year-old pussy. “Let’s find out!”

She planted her twat right on my mouth. I gasped at the spicy taste of her young cunt juices. They poured past my lips before I even licked. I thrust my tongue out into her young snatch, swirling my tongue through her.

“Ride our president!” cheered the other girls.

“Go, Tatyana, go!”

“Grind that twat on Ms. President’s mouth!”

“I want that pussy!” purred Jalila.

I gasped as hands stroked my thighs. As Tatyana slid her pussy up and down my cock, Jalila—so I guessed from her words—nuzzled her mouth into my shaved cunt. She licked at my lower lips, fluttering up and down while the cheer captain rode me.

I groaned into Genevieve’s sweet cunt. I licked and lapped at her, loving the flavor of her wonderful snatch. She whimpered and squirmed around me, grinding her shaved lips against my hungry mouth. Her spicy juices flowed past my lips.

Hands grabbed my breasts. Hot mouths latched on and sucked. I gasped at the hungry cheerleaders nursing at my nipples. Pleasure shot down to my cunt, mixing with the delight of Tatyana’s young cunt riding my dick and Jalila lapping at my petals.

“You bonny lasses!” I moaned in delight.

Hot lips sucked on my toes. One of the cheerleaders nuzzled her tongue into my bellybutton. She swirled it around, sending tingles racing across my skin. My body twitched and spasmed. I lapped at Genevieve’s cunt with hunger. I feasted on her as the pleasure raced through my flesh.

Tatyana squeezed her cunt around my cock as she rode me hard. She worked that delicious pussy up and down my dick. She sent such pleasure flooding through me. It was incredible. I whimpered and groaned. The heat built and built in my cunt. A wild and delicious ride. I groaned, my eyes rolling back in my head as the bliss surged out of me. I squirmed on the ground, my hips rubbing from side to side as the naughty girls teased me.

Loved me.

Devoured me.

They did such wicked things to me. They drove me wild. I groaned, my body twitching and shuddering on the ground. I moaned into the barely legal snatch grinding on my face. Tatyana’s pussy massaged my cock, building and building the pressure at the tip.

“Ms. President, yes!” howled the cheer captain riding my dick, her silky pussy squeezing about my cock. “Your dick is incredible.”

“And her pussy tastes amazing!” Jalila moaned.

She thrust her tongue into my cunt. She swirled it around inside of me. That wonderful, amazing tongue teased me. She sent fluttering rapture surging through my body. She stimulated me, mixing with the delight of the hungry mouths on my nipples, the sucking lips on my toes, the tongue swirling through my navel.

“I’m going to cum!” I moaned.

“Cum, Ms. President, cum!” cheered the girls not sucking or licking or pleasing me.

“Yes!” I moaned.

I thrust my tongue deep into Genevieve’s pussy. My cunt clenched around Jalila’s probing tongue. Tatyana slid her pussy down my cock, taking me to the hilt. My futa-dick throbbed in her depths. The pleasure exploded through me.

I came in the cheerleader’s cunt.

“Goddess, yes!” I moaned as my futa-cum fired over and over into Tatyana’s twat.

“Ms. President!” she gasped. Her pussy convulsed and spasmed. “Yes, yes, your cock is amazing!”

“She’s cumming!” Jalila moaned, her tongue lapping at my folds.

I sucked on Genevieve’s clit as the pleasure surged through me. The heat rippled through my body over and over. Waves of heat washed out of my cunt and jolts of ecstasy fired from my erupting cock. Tatyana’s pussy milked me.

I bucked and shuddered. I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut. I sucked hard on Genevieve’s clit. I nursed on her while she moaned and gasped. She shuddered and ground her hot pussy on my hungry mouth.

“Ms. President!” she moaned while this amazing bliss howled through my body.

Her pussy juices gushed out of her cunt. They flooded my mouth. I shuddered as I drank them up. I gasped, my nipples throbbing in the hungry cheerleader’s mouth. The wonderful bliss slammed through my body as I fired the last of my jizz into Tatyana’s pussy.

“Oh, Ms. President,” izmir escort the cheer captain moaned, her pussy rippling around my dick. “Oh, that’s incredible. Your cum is filling me up. I love it!”

“Such yummy cunt cream,” purred Jalila. Her tongue ran up and down my pussy slit. “Mmm, now it’s my turn, Ms. President. You’re going to fuck me in the asshole.”

“Fuck her in the asshole!” the others cheered, lips popping off my nipples and toes.

“Yes!” I moaned into Genevieve’s cumming twat. Her pussy ground on me. Then she slid off of me.

I could see the flushed cheerleaders around me. Martina and Ophelia Pearl were kissing with passion, their breasts pressed tight. Tatyana rose off my cock. She popped off with a wet delight. She hiked her skirt, showing off my futa-cum dribbling out.

She looked around and said, “Kalena, want to eat me out?”

“Yes,” the Hawaiian cheerleader moaned, her large tits heaving. “Mmm, just stand before me.” She knelt.

Tatyana gracefully dismounted and fed her fellow cheerleader the creampie I’d made. I shuddered and sat up. Jalila had herself braced against the wall. Wendy had flipped her skirt up, exposing the Arab cheerleader’s bubbly ass. Wendy parted those cheeks.

“Fuck her asshole hard, Ms. President,” Wendy purred. Then she kissed Jalila’s butt-cheeks.

“Yes, yes, fuck her hard!” Genevieve purred. She was behind me. “I’m going to lick that ass out!”

“Yes!” I moaned as Wendy grabbed my pussy soaked cock and brought me to that enticing asshole. I was old enough to be their futa-mother. This was so hot.

My cock pressed into her butt-cheeks. This wicked surge of delight rippled through my body. I groaned and shuddered at the wild heat that shot through me. I groaned as I found the entrance to that tight asshole.

I rammed forward at the first contact of her puckered sphincter. Her asshole surrendered to my dick. Jalila’s back arched as my cock slid through her anal ring. Her bowels engulfed the tip of my pale cock. More and more of my ivory shaft vanished between her dusky-brown butt-cheeks. I shuddered, the velvety flesh massaging me.

“Mmm, enjoy her,” moaned Wendy. She had a naughty gleam in her eyes. Then she leaned forward and latched onto my nipple. She sucked hard.

I gasped, the pleasure shooting down to my girl-cock. My dick throbbed and ached. This wild heat surged through my body. Bliss pulsed through me. My dick went deeper and deeper into her tight, hot bowels. It was incredible to feel. To experience. I whimpered, sliding into that velvety embrace with eager passion.

Then Genevieve came up behind me. She parted my butt-cheeks and nuzzled her face into my crack. Her tongue flicked against my asshole. I gasped as she rimmed me. My dick throbbed in Jalila’s asshole.

“This is an issue,” I panted. “I can’t really fuck you with her rimming my asshole.”

“Let me do the fucking,” moaned Jalila. “I’m a cheerleader. We know how to move our hips.”

I gasped as she undulated her hips, her asshole sliding and stirring around my girl-dick. My pussy clenched, drinking in the heat. At the same moment, Genevieve’s tongue felt incredible licking and rimming my asshole. She was teasing me. Driving me wild.

It was incredible. That hot tongue danced over my asshole while Jalila rotated and twerked her hips. She didn’t slide her bowels up and own my cock more than just a few inches, but it still felt amazing. The velvety grip of her anal sheath massaged my cock as she worked her hips.

“Goddess, yes!” I moaned, my body drinking in the heat. Behind me, I heard the other cheerleaders getting wild.

“Yes, yes, lick out all the cum from my cunt!” moaned Tatyana. “Ooh, that’s good.”

“Grind that twat against my pussy!”

“I love tribbing!”

“Ooh, who thrust a finger up my asshole! Is that you, Charlotte?”


I loved it.

Genevieve’s naughty tongue pressed into my asshole. She penetrated into my bowels. She sent such a wave of passion rippling through me. I groaned in delight. The bliss surged through my nerves. I whimpered and moaned, my bowels clenched down around her.

The heat she stirred melted up to my cunt, mixing with the passion flowing down my girl-dick. Jalila danced her hips faster. She twisted and twirled them. She did things with her hips I didn’t know where possible.

But it felt incredible.

“Oh, goddess, yes!” I moaned. “Oh, that’s incredible. Work that asshole. I’m going to cum in you!”

“Good,” Jalila panted. She threw a saucy look over her shoulder. “Ooh, I love a big dick in my asshole. Yes, yes, just love it.”

She squeezed around me. This wild heat surged through my body. I gasped and groaned, my heart pounding. The pleasure rippled through my flesh. I gasped, my asshole clenching down around Genevieve’s hot, wet tongue.

She swirled it through my depths. She made me feel incredible. The pleasure built and built in me. It was outstanding. I couldn’t get enough of it. I bit my lower lip. I groaned as her asshole danced from side to side around me. She was bringing me closer and closer to that breaking point.

To that moment when I would erupt into her tight bowels.

Jalila worked her ass, her dark hair dancing about her shoulders. I gasped and panted, the pleasure building and building in my ovaries. Pussy cream ran down my thighs. Genevieve’s naughty tongue now thrust in and out of my cunt. She did such wicked things to me.

“Oh, Goddess,” I groaned. “Jalila!”

“Ms. President!” she moaned.

I hugged her. I rugged my naked tits into her back. My hands reached around her and grabbed her round breasts. I gripped them as my nipples throbbed against her skin. She felt so amazing. Her asshole danced around me, the tip of my dick drinking it in.

I found her nipples and twisted them. She gasped, her bowels squeezing around my dick. The pressure grew at the tip. My ovaries quivered. My pussy juices ran hot down my thighs. Genevieve now sucked on my asshole.

“Fuck!” I gasped.

Jalila’s ass pressed back into me. She smacked her rump into my pussy lips, engulfing all of my futa-dick. She gasped and her hot flesh writhed and spasmed around me. Her orgasm rippled through her, massaging my cock.

“Cum in me, Ms. President!” she howled.

“Cum in her, Ms. President!” echoed through the room while Genevieve sucked hard on my asshole.

I gasped and exploded.

My cunt convulsed. My futa-cum fired into Jalila’s barely legal asshole. I moaned, stars bursting across my vision. My orgasm swirled through me. I panted and moaned, dizzying bliss rushing through me as Jalila’s tight bowels milked my cock.

Genevieve thrust her tongue into my asshole. My flesh spasmed around her naughty appendage. She added another naughty delight to the rapture roaring out of my cock. I bucked, firing over and over into her depths. My pussy convulsed. The pleasure melted my mind.

“Ms. President, yes!” Jalila gasped as she milked me dry. “Oh, you’re incredible.”

“So are you!” I moaned. “Oh, Goddess, you cheerleaders are incredible.”

“Mmm, glad you think so,” Kalena said. She appeared beside me, her face sticky with pussy cream and a bit of my cum. “Because you’re getting a titty fuck from me.” She cupped those large, golden-brown tits.

I groaned in delight as the island girl pulled me out of Jalila’s asshole and led me to a chair. It was a seat for visitors. She sat me down in it. On my desk, Wendy and Charlotte Rivers were in a wild sixty-nine. Genevieve was licking my cum out of Jalila’s asshole. Tatyana was on her knees feasting on Siona Ritter’s cunt. Martina, Susanne, and Ophelia were in a three-way kiss, all fingering each other’s twats.

It was a sight of beauty.

Kalena wrapped her large, lush tits around my girl-dick. She engulfed me in that silky heaven. She pumped up and down them. I groaned, my head lolling back as I savored the wonderful delight of her bountiful breasts sliding up and down my dirty dick.

“Mmm, I love a cock fresh from a girl’s ass,” she purred and then licked the tip of my cock when it emerged from between my breasts.

“Yes!” I gasped, my head lolling. This was incredible. My pussy was on fire. I gazed out at the cheerleaders, their moans echoing through my office. They were all having such fun.

“Lick out my ass, Genevieve!”

“Your cunt tastes so good, Wendy!”

“Thanks, Susanne!”

“Oh, Tatyana, devour me!”

Kalena worked her tits up and down my cock with passion. She had this smoky look in her eyes. Her nipples rubbed into my belly. Her soft tits teased me. The pleasure rippled through my body. I gasped, my toes curling. My body squirmed.

I loved it when she licked the dirty tip of my cock. It was such a nasty thing. Her glossy, black hair spilled about her face as she loved me. Her breast pressed tight about my futa-cock. My pussy drank in the silky friction.

“Oh, Ms. President, I love this cock,” she moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, this is incredible.”

“So are your tits!” I moaned, coming closer and closer to erupting. That Viagra pill was amazing, but the cheerleaders were also setting my lusts on fire.

I stared at the pair sixty-nining, Wendy grabbing Susanne’s perky ass. Then I glanced to Siona as her round breast heaved. Pleasure crossed her face as she ground her cunt on Tatyana’s hungry mouth. Jalila shuddered, her butt-cheeks squeezed about Genevieve’s pale face.

I loved it. This was the best. I hoped the rule would be changed. I wanted my staff to experience this naughty delight. Horny, barely legal cheerleaders loving them with their nubile bodies. It was amazing. A wild dream come true.

My pussy clenched tight. My juices flowed. I whimpered. The heat built and built. The ache swelled at the tip of my cock. I heard something outside my office. Someone talking. I shuddered, Kalena’s silky tits bringing that ache to the tip of my cock.

“Kalena!” I moaned.

“Cum on my face, Ms. President,” she purred and slid her tits up my cock.

As I came, the door to my office burst open. Hot cum splashed on Kalena’s face as Florinda Matos, head of the board of trustee, strode into my office and swept her gaze around the room. She locked on me as I spurted blast after blast of jizz on Kalena’s face.

“So this is why you want us to change the rules?” snarled Florinda, the futa’s face twisted in fury. “So you can have orgies in your office? With the entire cheer squad.”

I gasped at her.

“How long have you been abusing the rules, Ms. McTaggart?”

“Fuck!” I gasped as my orgasm peaked in me. I trembled on the desk, struggling to gather my thoughts. “This… I…”

Florinda shook her head in disgust.

To be continued…

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