Gloryhole Mark

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You know me. I’m a guy you know from work, I’m your neighbor, your brother, your father. I got maybe a little too big for my britches when I turned 40, and I cheated on my wife. I got chummy with my wife’s best friend Linda, and she was I guess feeling lonely in her marriage too, so she let me fuck her. Many times. My wife Debbie found out maybe the worst way, by seeing Linda and I making out on our sofa while she was supposed to be out of town with our daughter at the grandparents’. Anyway, I’m Mark Howard, I’m 46, and I’m divorced.

Short story, right? Well, that’s not the story.

The year I got caught, two years ago, was the year our daughter Kelly graduated high school. She was a mediocre student, but did precisely the minimum to successfully earn the diploma. She was very popular, our Kelly. She was a little curvy, I think the kids call this thick, now. Kelly had very pretty blue eyes from her mother, and also her mother’s black hair, and my super white skin. Being mid height and curvy, but extremely outgoing, she was everyone’s friend, but no one’s girlfriend. As far as I could tell she was a virgin at the end of high school, although, we were not very close unfortunately due to my cheating on her mother with her friend’s mother (ruining that marriage too, by the way!). But I was pretty confident given her nature, her having a boyfriend or getting fucked would have been front page news in our household. After the incident with Linda, Debbie threw me out of my house, and a month later Kelly graduated.

I stopped by the house two weeks after graduation to see if she wanted to get an ice cream to chat and maybe smooth out our troubles, and discovered she had left home! No, not to college, but to go to Davenport, the nearest “big city”, to live with a friend from her school. Well, I suppose this was common among her age group, and given that Kelly was not going to be going to college or becoming any kind of rocket surgeon, she ought to begin hunting for gainful employment and/or a husband. I didn’t have her new cell number, and her mother was evasive with me about really anything I asked, so I couldn’t even get my daughter’s address. I figured maybe this was my new life.

For work, I am a manager with a national company that runs cold storage warehouses. I travel from facility to facility, teaching these buildings how to improve their operations. My home life completely destroyed, and now basically being a completely free single man with no family or home, I took to this lifestyle. Maybe I was meant for this anyway. As I said, I was 46, so I was not a young man anymore, but I am still fit, healthy, handsome, and have all my teeth and hair, and I’m employed. Getting laid was super easy, even more so given my travelling life. I had about 40 plants I visited, all throughout the Midwest from Chicago to Denver, Minneapolis to Dallas.

My itinerary in each stop was the same. I would plan these trips so I could hit three plants by driving over the course of a week, spending one day in each plant, then either flying or driving home for the weekend. When I had a home and a home life, this worked well. Now that I had neither, I usually just stayed in the town I was in on Friday, for the whole weekend, or I would go to the first town of the following week and spend the weekend, whichever town was the liveliest. For me, lively meant the single scumbag scene. Strip clubs, swinger bars, gloryholes, massage joints, even gay bars on occasion. So I would hit these places regularly, and it was great. I was reliving the 20’s I never had, and still had the stamina to do it, plus much much more money. On a given weekend and during the week, I would spend at least 500 bucks on these various things, and the best part was I got a per diem from my company, which amounted to 350 a week, so my new “hobbies” were super cheap.

Well, six months had passed, and I still hadn’t heard from Kelly, or Debbie for that matter, so I decided to call Debbie to find out where our daughter was. Debbie’s number had been changed! I found out from another of her friends that her phone was dropped and she got a new one but with a different number, and that Debbie told her not to give it out. I also found out that Debbie was on a cruise with her cousin Tammy for three weeks. So, I had no way to find my daughter. I still had the same number, of course, and Kelly Betturkey hadn’t called, so I guess I was dead to her. As the weeks went by, I considered her the same to me.

Back to our story, I found myself in Davenport to visit one of our plants, I was set to be there Wednesday through the weekend into the following Tuesday. There was a secret not so secret strip club just outside town, where the girls were precisely average, topless only by law, but they did have a row of glory hole booths.

I had been to these booths before, here and at many other places. The booth had a door on one wall, a TV on the opposite, and a glory hole on each side wall. The girls of the club would spend say half of their night there, a quarter waiting tables, and then the last quarter dancing and “stripping”, if you can call taking one’s top off stripping. My first night in town, I went right to the club. The place was pretty deserted, even for a Wednesday, so I opted to go check out the booth. At the end of the hall there was a two way mirror, so the staff or the girls could see that someone had gone in, I guess they drew straws for who would go to the neighboring booth. Sometimes in these, if it was your thing, you would pick a room next to one that was occupied, and you and your neighbor could have a good time, instead of the club’s crew. But there was no one else here, so I was going to be getting one of the club’s girls.

As I closed the door, I turned down the volume on the porno. It was always at max, and was always on a piece of shit movie that I can’t believe anyone was interested in. This one was a big bolt on boob chick getting fucked by a goon I think it was Tommy Gunn, total scumbag. So I pull down my pants and briefs, and wait for a knock on one of the walls. I heard the door of the booth on my right open and slam shut. A minute later, a cock comes through the hole. Now, I’m not really a gay, of course, but I understand the deal here. I wasn’t in the mood to suck a dick, I wanted to be sucked on, so I just played with this limp little dick for a bit, kind of hoping it would go away. A few minutes later, the door of the booth on my left opened and slammed shut. I was hopeful this was not another dude, but one of the establishment’s ladies. Sure enough, a woman’s finger came through the hole, and hooked into a “come here big boy” gesture.

I basically dropped the limp little cock in my hand, and stuck my fat stubby through the left side. The girl in the next stall touched her fingertip to my pee hole and slid the precum over my cockhead. She really fumbled with my cock, she must have been a rookie, I guessed. Either way, hand job or blowjob, some chick was getting blasted with my load and I was going to the hotel drained. Win win, for me. The deal here was, if it was you and your neighbor, you do whatever you like, pay, reciprocate, whatever, but for employees, she would slip a card through the hole with her “menu”, and you would slip cash through the hole and get whatever you paid for. Not the normal way these things worked in the gloryholes I frequented, but anyway, this place the menu prices were cheap so it was worth every penny. Some even had intercourse and even anal! This girl dropped my cock, and passed her card through the hole. I read her name, “Linda”, and had a chuckle. Ironic, right? Her menu had only two items, hand job and blowjob. Ok, that’s all I was shopping for anyway, the hand job was 15 and the blowjob was 25. The blowjob specifically noted, in hand printed letters, “swallow too!”, so I was definitely into this. I slipped the card and 25 bucks through the hole, followed again by my cock.

She got right to work. I was impressed by her effort, if not her skill. Her mouth was small, her tongue really filled her mouth, so slipping my cock in was a great feeling. She licked, she sucked, she even deep throated. No teeth either, this was a good one. This “Linda” reached through and grabbed my balls, and fondled them a bit, squeezing one and sucking the other. I was liking this a lot. She returned to my pole, focusing on just the head now. Her little tongue went round and round the edge of my fat mushroom, up the slit, and tried to poke inside my pee hole. She was good. The pressure of her tongue on my tip almost make me cum in her mouth, but she opened up and sucked the whole thing in all at once. As she Betturkey Giriş pulled it out of her throat, she sucked like a vacuum. My ball sack was tiny now, as tight as the skin could get, and my cock was super hard. Linda kept repeating this circle, balls, rim of head, deep throat, edging me and pausing between each step, just enough to take me back from my cumshot. I guess maybe she was a pro!

As Linda sucked and licked, I kept hearing this jingling noise, like a chain or necklace or something. It was becoming distracting, but her sucking and licking brought me back quickly, as I was nearing the max of this edging. I guess she had a timer on her side, because instantly after pulling me out of her throat this time, she squeezed my cock at the base with her little hand, and then started jerking the top half off. My cock was slick with her throat spit, and as she jerked me, I knocked on the wall like I was trying to break through it. I was ready to cum, and I hoped she would replace her hand with her mouth. And she did. Wow did she. She took me all the way in, in one motion, and proceeded to suck me like I was stuck in a Hoover. I shot my load into her, ten pumps, and she backed away a little near the end. I was always proud to overfill a whore’s little mouth.

She let go of my cock, and I could hear her stirring, like she was getting up from the floor. I wanted to give her a tip, this was definitely worth 50$ instead of only 25$. I knocked on the wall again and stuck my finger through, hooking it like she had done before. I guess she could see through the hole at her eye level, and saw me fucking with my wallet. She stuck her hand through, and that’s when I saw something that made me die inside. All that jingling was a chain, a bracelet, one I had seen before. It was the one I bought my daughter Kelly on her 10th birthday, one of those beaded things where each bead is a letter, it said “I ‘heart’ DADDY”, and I knew it had to be the same one, because I had messed up when I was having it done, they were out of white ‘A’s, so the A was red while the other letters were white. My heart sunk. Could it be? My daughter who had disappeared to Davenport months ago was sucking dudes off in the strip club glory hole? Not just any dudes, but me? Well, I dropped my wallet, of course, and my money and cards spilled everywhere.

My heart was ready to explode out of my chest. I couldn’t very well just bend down for the wallet and its contents now, if she was eye level, as I bent down she would see me, and I can’t imagine how this would go. I turned my back to her, and bent over, basically ramming my butt into the hole, and I picked the wallet and cards and money up. As I stood up, I pondered sneaking a peek through the hole, but I didn’t. It wouldn’t really be the end of the world for me if I saw her. I already was thinking it was Kelly, and I guess in my scumbag mind I wasn’t concerned at this point, it was done now. But I didn’t want to take the chance that she would see me. However depraved her days and nights were working here, I can’t imagine what she would think inside if she saw daddy on the other side of this wall, with his hot cum still sliding down her throat into her belly.

Beyond this consideration, I realized my cock had never laid down. It got a bit softer, but it was still more than half staff. My body certainly didn’t care about this situation, the blowjob was hot and a championship level one at that, whether it was my daughter or a stranger or a fleshlight. But I had this thought cross my mind, a filthy thought that my scumbag mind processed and put an approved stamp right on. As I prepared the 25$ tip, I instead made it a 50 dollar bill, and handed it through the hole. I kept a grip on it, tightly, and as she grabbed it, I made her a fateful proposal. In my best disguised voice, I asked if a tip would let me fuck her. I was so bad. Going to hell kind of bad. But look, I’m a man, a scumbag as I already admitted, I had already paid my daughter to suck my cock and swallow my cum, getting her to let me inside her pussy was really just the next logical step.

She said, and I’ll remember this maybe forever, “Wow you really are hard again already? Ok I’ll let you put that fat dick inside me, daddy,” Now, in case you aren’t into this kind of scene, all these girls call everyone daddy, so this wasn’t the thing, the thing was, it was unmistakably my daughter’s voice. I knew her for 18 years, I absolutely know my own daughter’s voice. Between the voice and the bracelet, this was 100% my daughter. One hundred percent, I was about to pay my daughter fifty dollars to let me fuck her. Totally, awesome.

Well, I let go of the fifty, and I could hear her unzipping on the other side. I kind of felt bad that my daughter would be so quick with this decision, but hey, I already knew she was sucking dudes off in a glory hole, so what was the difference right? She pushed her hand through the hole, reaching for my cock. She grabbed at it, and pulled me through the hole. She stroked me, and then her other hand, wet with spit, grabbed and stroked my dick, getting it lubed up. Then, I felt her hairy puffy cunt back up against my cockhead. Wow. Wow wow wow wow. I liked them hairy, and I liked them plump, and she was both. Kelly pushed her pussy at my hardening spit lubed penis, and the head slipped in. It was tight, but lubed. Her pussy was sloppy wet. I hoped, maybe as the daddy inside me, that she was fucking me, not because she fucked everyone, but because maybe I made her this wet and she just wanted to get fucked. Probably not true, but these are the stupid lies scumbags tell themselves in these places and situations, so I accepted it. Plus, I was now halfway inside my daughter’s pussy, so I would have believed any bullshit my brain and cock cooked up together.

Kelly kept fucking me, I really didn’t have to do much of anything. And I was afraid to. My cock was in this heightened state, tingling, warm, ready to cum, but maybe there wasn’t any jizz behind it yet. I didn’t pump my daughter, she pumped me. Her pussy was so tight. She started grunting, not the fake moaning and oh god yea fuck me big stud horseshit you get out of these tramps, like in the movies, but a low grunt, like maybe Kelly was enjoying this. Inside my head, my daughter was letting me fuck her, and her daddy was filling her little cunt and she was loving it. My beer can was definitely filling her slot, even with her intense lubrication I could feel every movement, every fold every texture, and as I could look down, I saw her lips getting turned inside out.

She started really ramming now. Short hard strokes, she rammed her ass against the wall, sucking my dick into her tight hole. It was awesome. Kelly started shaking now, and her cunt was creaming me. My pubic hair was getting covered in white slime, and it was all over my balls. Her pussy was lubed up in a way I haven’t seen before or since, except in movies. She rammed against the wall one more time, and then stopped, tightening up on my shaft and gripping my whole penis from base to the big purple head, she moaned this deep noise like an animal might. I came instantly at this sound. She fucked me fast now, I’m sure she could feel my cum shooting into her body, but she was determined to suck it all out of me. On one of the pumps my dick slipped out, and the mess was now sliding out everywhere. Her butt quickly bounced away from the wall, and I could hear her standing and her zipper going up. “Dude don’t ever tell anyone I did that, they would throw me out of here for fucking a customer!” I had fucked several women in this very booth before, so I know that wasn’t true, but it was hot anyway. I fumbled with my pants around my ankles, trying to get my wallet to tip her, but the door opened and slammed shut, and she was gone.

I was again in a dilemma, how do I get out of this club without seeing her or her seeing me? I figured at this point, it was a chance I’d have to take. I was drunk in my double orgasm, my dick was even still half hard in my pants, and I had just given my daughter Kelly two loads inside of her body. What could go wrong? I opened the door, closed it softly behind me, and casually walked out to the main room, to the outside door, and to my rental car. If Kelly had seen me, I didn’t see her, and I was going to leave it at that. When I got back to my room, I passed out right away, despite it being only 5pm.

A month later, my phone buzzed, and I got a text from Kelly! She said she was letting me know she was ok, and she was sorry she hadn’t called earlier, but that she had started college today. I was overcome with daddy emotions, my little girl was going to college! But of course, my dick twitched, thinking of that great dicksucker’s mouth and tight pussy, and wondering what the chances would ever be that I could take my Kelly ever again. Who knows, life is always a surprise, isn’t it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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