Good Morning

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This is my first erotic story, so all advice, construction criticism is welcome. Flames will be ignored. So enjoy…


The soft click in the door unlocking doesn’t even stir you, nor does the locking of it back. My clothes hitting the floor remain unheard, as do my footsteps. I smile as I see you laying on your stomach face down, flannel boxers seem to hang low even when you are horizontal. I never stopping wanting to just look at you, your body, your face, everything. Right now, I stare at your smooth back and tight butt and can only smile. You have no idea that I am in your house, and ready to blow your mind.

You shift in your sleep turning onto your back, further pushing the covers down your body. I smile. Perfect, I think. I pad to the bed, reach over, and gently open your boxers front placket. Your penis is brought into the air, where is sits for a moment, just out. fixbet You always complain that you are just average especially even this is case. I have always believed you are perfect, and today I want to prove it too you.

I lean over and take you in my mouth and start touching your entire penis slowly. I feel more than see your eyes open as your penis hardens and fills out. Taking advantage over you awareness, I reach with to your waist and pull your boxers down, taking my mouth off you for as little time as possible. While doing that, I look up at your eyes, and smile, that sexy surprised sleepy look that is nothing short of amazing.

Now I begin my job in earnest. I release you entirely from my mouth, slowly slipping a quarter of an inch in my mouth, and gently suck on it, running my tongue around in. My head goes back out and then back in a little more. This time I gently press my tongue fixbet giriş into the tip on your penis. I feel your hands on the back of my head, and finally the soft groans register in my mind. My small hands are filled up with your heavy balls. I roll them around in hands, abruptly moving to lick your balls, looking up at your face.

You seem completely absorbed in the pleasure. I mentally pat myself on the back. I love seeing you out of control even if you decided to let me to be in control. You look so incredibly sexy laying there and softly moaning. I close my mouth so your penis can’t fit in easily and teasingly put my mouth at the tip of you and wait…you finally understand and slowly push your hips upwards into my mouth. I wait a moment for you to understand there is a bit of resistance and as I go to look up, I feel your hands in my hair .

Evidently, you decided what you wanted. Your penis pops into my mouth and I start to suck you in, swirling my touch around you trying to put my mark on every part of you, so no other woman will be able to do this as well as me. So I’m a bit possessive, deal with it, but you don’t seem to care. Your entire penis is in my mouth and i start to move up and down on you, making sure to keep sucking on you.

My hand continues to rub and play with your balls. I remember a weird fact i heard, and i decide to try it. One of my hands reaches for the small area between your penis and your balls. Wow, that was an interesting reaction. Mental note to self: that works.

Your balls start to mildly spasm. Understanding you are about to come, I pull back on your penis and keep sucking and touching you, I feel the first squirt of cum in my mouth and another and another. I wait under you stop and then swallow what remained in my mouth and lick you clean. Finishing up, I kiss up your now deflated penis and up your stomach, chest, neck, and up to your mouth and bypassing that and kiss to your ears and whisper, “Good Morning, Love.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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