Grandma’s Funeral

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Uncles and aunts, and brothers and sisters all gathered at the homeplace later for a dinner and a reunion of sorts. I got into a conversation with a nephew I had never met before, Jeff, who lived in a city a few hours away from my home. I mentioned that I had would be visiting there in a few weeks and he spoke up and said “why don’t you stay with Dottie and me?’ I politely refused, but he insisted so finally I said I would stay with them, but only if he would accept the per diem my institution was paying me for the trip. He agreed to that.

Jeff is about 25 years old, about half my age, and is about my height and we are similar in physical appearance. He has been married to Dottie for almost a year. She is a little chubby, about 5 feet 2 inches tall, light brown hair and brown eyes, weighs about 140 pounds, sort of cute, but not especially good looking, and is shy. Jeff told me she had led a sheltered life, and that she does not make friends easily, which I could see as she did not mingle easily at the dinner after the funeral. He also mentioned that her grandfather had told him he would give them $25,000 for every child they had in the first ten years of marriage. Jeff was a little frustrated that Dottie had not become pregnant and he was beginning to think maybe she could not have children. He hinted that he had fathered a child with another woman in their neighborhood, so he knew he was the reason Dottie was not getting pregnant.

Because I was older and more experienced, he shared with me that he and Dottie had sex during her fertile periods. He implied that he let her “rest” the remainder of the month because she did not especially enjoy sex. He had a couple of women who helped him with his needs the other days of the month, in addition to the gal with whom he had fathered a child. It seems though, that she was married, and their couplings were limited.

A few weeks later I called Jeff and confirmed that his offer for me to stay at his house for a few days still stood. I arrived at about noon, and Dottie welcomed me to their home. She showed me to my room and then we had a light lunch. Dottie and I spent the remainder of the afternoon getting to know one another.

For the most part, she stayed home and had few friends. antalya escort bayan Jeff did not want her to work, so she spent her days at the house reading and working in the small garden. They did not have a second auto, so Dottie could not get around town easily.

When Jeff came home, I insisted that we go out to eat. Dottie seemed to really enjoy not having to cook. The next day I have a meeting at 1 p.m., so I told Dottie I would take her out for brunch before my meeting, and she was so excited about this. She told me Jeff did not like to eat out much. We had a great time, so I told her to not cook dinner, and to call Jeff and tell him that it would be my treat to go out for dinner again tonight. Dottie told me I was the best uncle in the world for taking them out to eat so often.

The next day I had a full day of meetings. Jeff called me late in the afternoon and said he had an emergency meeting out of town and apologized. He said he would be gone overnight and hoped I would not be upset. I said I would get a room at a hotel, but he said not to do that, he was not calling for that reason, but that he just wanted to let me know why he was not going to be home.

I called Dottie and told her we would go out to dinner again. She was very upset about Jeff going out of town overnight. She told me she did not think it was business at all.

When I arrived at Jeff and Dottie’s house I could see that Dottie had been crying. I sat and talked with her for an hour before we left for dinner. She told me she was sure Jeff was having an affair. She gave me all the reasons she believe this to be true. Finally, I showered and got ready to go to dinner. I made reservations, hoping to make Dottie feel better. When we arrived, she said “Jim, I have never eaten at such a fancy place before—you should not have.”

I ordered a bottle of fine wine, and we had a really good meal. After a couple of glasses of wine, I could tell Dottie was not a wine drinker. But she continued to drink. By the time we finished dinner, she was tipsy, but was in a very good mood.

When we got to her house, she turned on the radio and said we should dance. We were slow dancing and it would have been impossible to get a sheet of paper between us. I could escort bayan not help myself but my cock was hard and was pressing against Debbie—and she was pushing back. “Two can play the game” she muttered as she ground her cunt against my cock.

I began to nibble on her ear, and she giggled and then she tripped we tumbled onto the floor. I began to kiss her neck, then she turned and we frenched as our bodies writhed against each other. One hand moved to her breast and she began to moan, and I put my other hand under her ass. “Not here” she said and moved my hand from her breast and got up and took my hand and led me to her bedroom., removing her clothes as she entered.

By the time we got to the bed, we both were naked. “Uncle Jim, do you want to fuck me? I want to fuck you. In fact, at this point, I want to fuck anybody. Jeff is fucking one or more of his coworkers, so I want to get even. I know he is your nephew, so if it is o.k.w ith you, this pussy is yours, It is clean, the only cock that has ever been in it has been Jeff’s..” “Dottie, you deserve better, I want to fuck you, I want to eat your pussy.”

With that we fell on the bed and I began to suckle first one tit then another. Dottie was moaning as I moved down her stomach and began to kiss her belly button. When I finally took my fingers and spread her pussy lips, and touched her clit with my tongue, Dottie had an orgasm and grunted “that was fantastic” and pulled my head back to hers. I told her I did not have a condom and asked if she was on the pill. She told me this was her safe time, that she had finished her period about two weeks ago, and that Jeff had fucked her then, trying to make her pregnant. “ I thought to myself, damn, these are two damn dumb asses that don’t even know when ovulation occurs. Well, if they are trying to have a baby, I will help them, out. Jeff deserves no less than to raise some other man’schild as his own.”

I rolled on my back and pulled Dottie on me. With one hand I guided one hand to mouth of her love canal, and she did the rest, pushing down until I felt her pussy wrapping around my hard cock. Dottie began to move up and down, “fuck me uncle, fuck me hard, shoot that cum in me uncle” . The bed was rocking as I put one hand antalya escort in her pussy, and got a finger wet with pussy juice, then placed it on Dottie’s anal hole. I could not get the finger in. Dottie mumble, open the drawer, there is some hand lotion. I got the lotion and lubed her butt hole, then pressed my finger once again into her ass. This time, my finger went in. Now Dottie absolutely went nuts as my whole finger was in her ass. I could feel my cock in her cunt as it pressed against my finger. Dottie was now almost screaming was I began to shoot wads of cum into her belly. Then she too began to cum. We did not cum at the same time, but it was close.

As my cock softened and went limp, it came out of Dottie’s cunt. Now guilt began to bother Dottie. I told her, “look, Jeff is fucking someone else, why can’t you.? Just keep your mouth shut and don’t tell him. You and I can fuck any time you want and he will never suspect anything. Now quit crying and suck my cock clean and I will eat your pussy until you cum again..

That night we fucked in Jeff’ bed twice more. The following morning I fucked Dottie again before I went to a meeting. All told I fucked her ten times while I stayed with them those few days. And yes, I did knock her up and I fathered a handsome baby boy that to this day Jeff is so proud of. Fourteen months later, I visited again, and Dottie and I fucked four more times, and once again I impregnated her
with another male child.

Sixteen months after that ttie and boys came to visit relatives and stopped by house. My wife thought the world of Dottie and welcomed her into our home. One day my wife was watching the boys while Dottie was in the kitchen baking some bread. I went in the kitchen and asked her when did her period end. she said 12 days ago. I unzipped my pants, took out my cock, and as Dottie bent over to put bread in the oven I raised her skirt, lowered her panties, and rammed my cock deep into her cunt. “Stop, we will get caught and I do not want another child” Dottie muttered but then began to respond as I placed a hand on her cunt and began to massage her clit.

She closed the oven door, but remained bent over as I shoved my cock in her, releasing my seed in her. I came, then she too experienced a heated orgasm. I heard my wife call out “Is everything o.k. in there?’ and Dottie said “I have just put another loaf in the oven.” Nine months later she had a sweet little girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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