Hall Pass 2

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Based on part fact but somewhat embellished 🙂


She didn’t see Mr. 106 when they finally got up & went down to relax around the pool and, to her disappointment, she didn’t see him at all for the next couple of days in or around the hotel. She felt deflated she hadn’t seen him.She wanted to be able to look at his face and know he had enjoyed her body and it puzzled her if his facial expressions would give anything away. She knew he was due to go home soon – perhaps he had already left. Busily her mind engineered thoughts about where her earlier liaison would have gone had she been in room one zero six longer when she suddenly heard his voice.

“Hi-ya thought I wouldn’t cross paths with you before I left” he said standing next to her at the table where she and her husband were sitting.

Before she spoke her husband’s voice picked Mr. 106 out as he shouted from the bar:


“Cool ,can you get me a beer?” he replied and pulled a chair out and sat down at the table.

By time her husband came back with the drinks they were joined by a Danish couple who they had frequently spent the evenings drinking with during their stay at the hotel. Of a similar age they were easy going and enjoyed talking about all aspects of life and it wasn’t too long before the husband, Michael, would steer the conversation so sex came into it, but in a light hearted way. This night was no different as the five of them drank, laughed and chatted well into the night when Michael suddenly said :

“Who’s up for a fivesome?” and at the same point put his hand on his wife’s leg and let it slide upwards as he started to laugh.

Everyone started laughing as she brushed his hand away and shook her head to say no. He just looked around at everyone and said:

“Ah well you can only ask, if you don’t ask you don’t get and my wife said I never will!”

He put his hands in the air, shrugged his shoulders as they all continued to laugh and carried on drinking. As the night wore on she caught Mr. 106’s gaze but he gave nothing away and it made her feel slightly angry inside that there was nothing there acknowledging the time they had spent together a couple of days beforehand. She got up to go visit the toilet and on her return Mr. 106 was walking along the path towards her.

“I’m sorry we haven’t spoken since the other day” he said with an apologetic tone, “thank you for sharing that experience with me I hope you found it as pleasurable as I did”.

Before she could speak he held her arms and kissed her but she gently recoiled away with her heart pounding.

“You OK?” he asked with an air of concern.

“yes it’s not that I don’t want…..I won’t cheat on my husband….” spluttered from her lips as her mind span like a child’s spinning top knowing what one part of her craved and that another part wouldn’t allow her to betray he husband.

Abruptly she grabbed and kissed him passionately for a couple of seconds before letting go and walked off towards the toilets. Her mind raged a war with itself – Desire fought loyalty then it came to her. Neither had to lose.

When she returned to the table she glanced at Mr. 106 and smiled, she needed him to feel reassured and at ease for her plan to work. For the next hour or so the night continued with the banter and laughter and she looked at her watch. It was ten forty five. As soon as the next round of drinks was fetched she said she was tired and told them she was going to her room. This was met by protest and request to stay longer but she declined, she also told her husband to stay for a while as he had a fresh drink. He looked at her and the drink then nodded and told her he would see her soon. This now gave her the time she needed.

She walked as quickly as she could to her room and slipped from the dress she was wearing. She picked through the drawers and pulled out a black basque with silk sides decorated by a satin patterned panel that ran up through the middle. With it on her ample breast could be seen through the patterned mesh of the fabric. She put on the matching briefs which again had a panel at the front through which the black bush that concealed her inner delights could be seen. Next she slid some black seamed stockings up her legs and carefully lined the seam to follow symmetrically up the back of each leg before clipping them to the basque with it’s elasticized fasteners echoing the style of the 40’s and 50’s.

The time was ticking now and she sat and looked at her face in the mirror. She had a quick remodel of her hair and within minutes she had enhanced the makeup she already had on, then finished it off with some blood red lipstick & gloss. She looked at herself and was pleased with the outcome. She was aiming for the “Amsterdam window” look she knew her husband loved and that was exactly what he was getting except it wasn’t all for him. She picked up her phone and sent him a text.

“Y don’t u & 106 cum finish drinks here?” As soon as it was sent she found her stilettos and stepped into them then stood by the door waiting as her heart started to beat louder.

Within five minutes she heard her husband’s voice talking to someone then the someone spoke. Mr. 106! Her heart raced as she stood there in the low light of the room. She glanced at herself in the full length mirror and captured the vision of her breast swelling up and down and the flesh of her legs offset by the darkness of the stockings. They we still talking to each other as they knocked and she answered the door and just stood there. They were stunned into complete silence and all three of them stood there for several seconds before she spoke.

“I’m feeling hungry boys I don’t suppose you could rustle me up something to eat?” she said slowly as she lifted her hand and lightly bit her finger.

She knew they would have something for her to eat and like bread in an oven something was definitely rising. They both walked into the room and pushed her straight back against the wall. She was trebling with excitement and left it for them to take control as they both started to kiss her on the side of her face, her eyes , her neck, ears and cheek the main focus as they began to breathe heavily over her. Shivers of pleasure flowed through her body as their lips roamed over her, she couldn’t’t concentrate on either one. A hand settled on either side of her body running across the material of the basque going up and down mapping out the shape teeth gently hold it whilst a tongue slides back and forth trying to coax the nipple to harden even more.

As this begins a hand follow the line down tracing over the lace panel of the basque, passes over the small piece of flesh at the bottom before fingers slip into her knickers and weave their izmir escort bayan way down to her wet opening, settling there and a fingers starts to rub her pierced bud and ring. As soon as the finger wiggles back and forth over her bud she draws a large volume of air in through her nose as a mouth is now locked onto hers and a tongue explores her mouth sliding over her teeth & intertwining with her tongue. Her mind tries hard to process it all, who’s doing what and where when another hand falls onto her hip and slides across entering via the side of her knickers. The fingers probe around , a couple of them slide into her opening and start sliding back and forth. Her hands wonder over the two men’s head & torso’s until her knees begin to buckle from the waves of pleasure.

“Let’s move to the bed” she pleads as they temporarily unravel their bodies and move deeper into the apartment.

She stands at the edge of the bed with the guys either side of her and helps them as best as she can with each hand undoing shirt buttons and releasing jeans and belts as they start to undress. Once undressed her husband walks around to the other side of the bed whilst Mr. 106 runs his hands up and down her arms whilst standing behind her. Her body has a momentary shiver as she feels Mr. 106 brush against her thigh and her husband reaches out to her to pull her onto the bed. She kneels on the bed and shuffles slightly until she is directly facing her husband’s naked body.

“Is that for me?” she says with a coy voice and turns her eyes upwards to look into his face where small beads of sweat are forming on his brow.

“Not just that but this as well”

A voice injects from behind her as Mr. 106 kneels on the bed and moves up behind her letting his cock push between her thighs. She shudders again, takes a deep breath, opens her mouth and waits as her husband starts to thrust his hips towards her face. As his cock enters her mouth she immediately detects the rich saltiness from the precum that had oozed from his cock as she envelopes the head in her mouth moving her tongue around the hot bulb of his manhood. She gently pressed her teeth into it and found it harder than she had ever known the skin was so tight it didn’t yield one millimetre.

Her thoughts ran elsewhere suddenly as she felt fingers pull her knickers aside and the hot flesh of Mr. 106 rub between her wet puffy lips just brushing her bud and ring with each stroke. He teased her for several strokes then tilted slightly to enter her body. As soon as he began to slide into her parting lips she drew in air sharply through her nostrils as her pussy muscles stretched slightly to let him in. Both of the men murmured to express their enjoyment and started to slide in and out of opposite ends of her body. At first there was no rhythm but after a while they settled down to pull out and enter her together, gently to start with but the rhythm changed as they both picked up speed.

Her husband grabbed hold of her hair with both hands and pulled on it quite tightly to a point where she could feel it tugging on her roots as he let the length of his cock slide in and out of her mouth. She held her mouth so her teeth could feel each ridge and her tongue tried hard to work on his cock as it slid in and out. He felt her teeth with each stroke and left him feeling a fine balance between the slight pain of her teeth and the pleasure of her tongue moving trying to lap at his cock in the warmth of her wet, greedy mouth . He pushed deeper as his cock moved into the back of her mouth and the restriction of her throat.

All the time her husband thrust his cock in and out of mouth Mr. 106 held her hips and thrust deeper & deeper into her body. She felt each stroke parting the muscles of her love canal until she felt the tip touch the far end when he maxed out each stroke. She hadn’t been stretched like this before by flesh only by some of her toys and was dizzy with excitement. her nostrils flared as she tried to pull and expel as much air as she could into her bursting lungs and felt the need to stop and breath but found she had no control over her body, the men did as they pleased, jack hammering into her body as they ramped up the speed she could hear the grunts of pleasure mixed with the deep breathing as they lustily fucked her.


Her husband rasped out as he slid from her mouth and she gulped in large lungful of air. Mr. 106 didn’t stop straight away and slammed as hard as he could into her making her grab the edge of the bed burying her head into the sheet as his thrust fell just short of pain but sent pleasurable waves throughout her. He stopped moments later as the guys swapped ends, her husband sliding straight into her and accelerating up to jackhammer speed straight away. Mr. 106 stood in front of her, his cock glistening with her own juices as she looked up into his eyes and he started to slide into her mouth. Like before she opened her mouth wider than she had done in her life as the solid flesh reached the back of her mouth and started to turn following the curve that led to her throat. It felt like it was widening & stretching the muscles and she feared she may not be able to breath. He stopped for a few moments letting the momentum of her husband propelling into her make her head move back and forth slightly before he almost withdrew his cock back then drove it back in with one steady stroke which he continued to repeat until he felt his balls gently slap on her chin with every stroke.

Glugging sounds emanated from her mouth as she struggled to keep her mouth open this wide. She had never felt anything this far down her throat and inevitably started to gag as he drew towards the end of some strokes. Both men moaned in pleasure as her pussy muscles clamped around the cock in her gripping it and almost stopping being withdrawn. The muscles in her throat tried to repel the invader but failed miserably due to the fact it literally filled her to the point of being wedged in her throat.

She fought to breath and started to struggle slightly against them but they kept on and on until her struggling indicated they really needed to stop. As they both slid out she dropped onto the bed and gasped air in like a diver coming up for air on a free dive. Tears had streamed down her face into her makeup like rain washing a chalk drawing from the pavement. Her husband looked and, worried they had gone too far spoke.

“Are you OK, do you want to stop?” he was panting and the sweat was rolling of his body.

“Oh god, no!” she replied without lifting her head from the bed “but I need water please, right now”.

For the next couple of minutes the only sound that could be heard was deep breathing and the gulping of cold water taken from the refrigerator, buca escort the two men stood resting like two athletes at the end of a 100 metre sprint. Then, without a word they moved back to their initial positions, lifted her back on all fours and continued with the sexual battering her body had happily endured, continuing to swap ends every couple of minutes.

Again they got to a point where they needed to break for water and she was grateful for the chance to breath in air. She felt her throat starting to swell from the attention it was receiving and hoped that a change was due. When they swapped and Mr. 106 stood behind her he didn’t enter her but kneel down and let his tongue roam across the wet opening. His warm tongue made her shudder and her husband responded by holding his cock at the entrance to her mouth. She opened it and licked away at the sticky head tasting her own stickiness and probed at his small opening with the end of her tongue.

Mr. 106 slurped away greedily at her , sliding his tongue inside or pulling the ring through her bud with his teeth as she moaned and sighed with pleasure. And it was pleasure like she had never felt, not daring to believe that her body could soak it up nerve endings buzzing with electricity with every touch. Once again they continued to rotate and each time they swapped added an erotic change that made her moan and groan until she felt that unmistakable welling deep in her stomach that told her she was about to orgasm. With the tip of Mr. 106’s cock in her mouth and her husband slurping on her open pussy she began to buck and shudder on the bed until she could take no more and collapsed and lay on the bed face down.

“Ow!” said Mr. 106 “you’ve got sharp little teeth” as he looked at the end of his cock but laughing whilst he said it.

Between the pants of breath she managed to speak; “sorry..I didn’t mean to hurt you, I couldn’t stop it was just to…..”

She was stopped at that point as Mr. 106 grabbed her shoulders and tipped her to try and flip her onto her back which she complied with. She now lay looking up dripping sweat with her breast out of her basque and her stockings askew. Mr. 106 grabbed her arms and gently pulled her until her head was off the edge of the bed and dangled so she now looked at him but upside down, she noticed he now looked harder and longer than the last time she stared at his naked flesh.

“Time for punishment, you bit me ” as he now stooped down and directed his cock towards her mouth.

Her husband now moved up the bed and lifted her legs in the air. He pulled her wet knickers and moved them down her legs and cast them aside then rest her legs over his shoulders. He had a notion as what Mr. 106 was going to do and positioned himself ready to enter his wife’s sticky pussy. Mr 106 began to feed his cock into her mouth and where her head was bent back it made for a straight run into her throat. He edged it forward and at the same time her husband entered her, sliding his cock as far as he could into her pussy and stopped there. As Mr. 106’s cock wormed its way down her throat she felt for the first time in her life that there was the potential she could choke to death. She panicked slightly and convulsed the ripples plainly visible in her midriff. The ripples extended to her pussy muscles that contracted on her husband’s cock as she spasmed with the gag reflexes and Mr. 106’s eyes rolled as her taut esophagus tried to expel him. He held it there for a couple of seconds and slid his cock from her which was now coated in slime. She managed to grab a quick gulp of air before he slid it back in to a point where she started to gag and withdrew again.

“How does that feel?” he asked

She went to speak but her husband answered, the question was aimed at him!

“Unbelievable! I can’t believe what she’s doing it feels like she’s trying to use her muscles to break my cock off! came the reply.

“What about me? She chipped in.

They both laughed together at her and Mr 106 replied;

“From where we are and watching you respond you don’t need to be asked you body does all the talking for you!”

And he was right her body writhed and moved to give away the sheer ecstatic existence she was in unheralded in any lovemaking she had been a participant in. She lay there and looked up at Mr. 106 then opened her mouth wide baiting him to enter her yet again knowing that both of them would murmur with delight as soon as she started to gag. During the next nineteen minutes the game played on and he held his cock for longer and deeper whilst they both whooped with delight. He husband now thrust in and out of her when she reached the point of gagging which made his cock have to force past walls of muscle within her body. He looked down and could see the outline of Mr. 106’s cock deep down her throat when she gagged and this sight, aided by the clenching and unclenching around his cock drew him towards the point where he couldn’t contain himself.

The next time the cock filled her throat her mouth was open as wide as she possibly could get it, her teeth visibly dragging across the skin at the base of his cock and his ball bag sitting across her nostrils cutting of the air she was sucking in deeply to keep herself oxygenated. He held it there whilst she gagged and he body reflexed and tried to turn her head left and right to be able to start to clear her blocked airways. It was too much for her husband as he drove into her and pumped his fluid deep into her. She raised her hands to push Mr. 106 away but he knew that the time had come as he wriggled his cock from her and she gasped for air like never before.

“Oh wow you are unbelievable that’s like fuck all I’ve felt before!” slipped from the lips of Mr. 106 as he knelt down and cradled her head before lightly kissing her on the lips.

Her husband had retracted from her now and she wiggled herself back onto the bed still fighting for breath. Her husband stood on the floor now but looking down with his hands on his knees sucking in air as quickly as he could. His face was reddened and he looked at his wife.

“You enjoy that did you? I can’t believe you swallowed that whole cock like that I couldn’t hold back you were far too horny!” he said as he looked at her and lowered his head to recover.

“I aim to please”

She said now sitting up on the bed and gulping down water. She got up from the bed and stood where the air conditioner was blowing cold air on her. The room had the taint of fresh sex about it as all three of them were sweating even though the air con was set to it’s lowest setting. Her heart was still racing away and had been since the moment they had entered the room and it finally started to recede as she now sat back on the edge of the izmir escort bed. She looked at her husband:

“You cheat! You’ve dropped a tab haven’t you!” she asked looking at him shaking her head.

“Yes I did, I didn’t know this was going to happen I was planning to surprise you by staying hard for as long as possible I didn’t know this was going to happen.” came his almost sheepish reply in admission at popping a Viagra.

She looked at Mr. 106, at his rigid cock hanging rock like hard. “Since you’ve cheated I think our friend should choose what happens next to even it up” she replied with an air of mock indignity.

Mr 106 then said “A treat for me then? I want to see you ride like a cowgirl” and beckoned her husband to lie on the bed.

With her husband on the bed she straddled him and held her open pussy above his cock pointing straight up like a skyscraper. The juice he had left was mixed with her own and was starting to dribble down her thigh. Slowly she lowered herself down and began to ride up and down feeling his cock grind against her pelvic bone the chorus of their breathing is now added to by the squelching of her gliding up and down his slickend cock .She leans forward and starts to kiss her husband aware that Mr. 106 is behind her watching. Admiring another work of art perhaps? But this time in motion. She feels him climb onto the bed behind them then suddenly feels something probe her forbidden place which makes her stop dead.

“Panting she speaks “not there I don’t like it”

Her brain remembers the couple of time she tried anal sex and she didn’t enjoy it but didn’t not enjoy it – it just didn’t seem to be her thing.

“Ah but you said I choose what’s next so you have to keep your promise!” he swiftly replied.

She looked at her husband he was nodding in agreement. She then reached across to the bedside drawer opened it and pulled out a bottle of her favorite lube, Gun Oil, and passed it back to Mr. 106.

“Please be careful” she asked with almost a whimper in her voice.

He squirted some on his finger and slowly slid the digit inside her as she continues slowly riding her husband. Within a few minutes he has two digits inside her and they were brushing against her husbands cock so she could feel the outline of the fingers and cock between the membrane of skin that separated the two passages. They kept it up for a few more minutes and several time she felt the squirt of more lube around his fingers until he pulled them out. She then heard the sticky sound of him stroking his well lubed cock.

Please, please be careful I’m not sure you’ll fit “she stammered with her heart pounding as he gently pushed her down so the top part of her torso was pressed against her husband.

He movedcloser and she felt the head of his beast press against her entrance which made her tense up.

“Just relax a little” he said as he massaged her back through her basque.

She took a deep breath and tried to relax a little as he pushed against her opening. Her husband was still below her and she felt his heart beating as hard as hers as she felt Mr. 106’s cock tease gently into her opening . She gasped out lowly to signify a mix of pain and pleasure. He held it there then back out again and pushed in a few seconds later but deeper. She felt her muscle stretching trying to accommodate him as the head was almost inside her but he let it slide out again. He applied some lube to himself then pushed again. She felt her muscle resist him but the lube aided the entry as the head of his cock slid past the ring of muscle and was inside her. She let out a long breath as he held it there and he paused as the slight stinging sensation she felt subsided.

“Please don’t push too hard “she begged as he let his cock slide back out again.

He moved and entered again but this time the head slid fairly easily inside, went deeper until she felt it brush against her husbands cock inside her pussy. As soon as they felt each other her husband began moving up and down inside her taking the fact he knew Mr. 106 was now inside as the signal to up the pace. As he did Mr 106 didn’t completely withdraw but allowed the widest part of his head to stretch her ring as wide as possible for a few moments before sliding his cock back in but deeper so it met the head of her husband’s cock making them search out different routes as they rubbed against each other deep inside her. With each stroke he traveled deeper inside her as her tract stretched around his flesh. She found it a strange mix of sensations: her insides felt completely full the minor discomfort she first felt had been washed away by waves of ecstasy flooding through her now and she found her body bouncing back to meet their strokes. They both responded by upping the pace as her husband reached his hands around to spread her cheeks apart as if to invite Mr. 106 to go deeper. He kept inside her and went deeper and deeper until he bottomed himself out and started to withdraw all the way before sliding straight back in like a piston on a steam train. They found their rhythm that let them collide inside her giving them the most pleasure – it was almost as if their cocks were fighting over the space inside her.

“Stop, stop” she pleaded but her husband shook his head to say no and Mr. 106 remembered the earlier encounter he had with her.

They now banged away relentlessly into her body as the air was filled with the heavy breathing of out and out raw sex. Mr. 106 was reaching the point where he wouldn’t be able to stop and slowed slightly, this caused her to speak:

“Don’t stop, don’t stop fuck me harder, harder”

It was too much for both men as they upped their pace to a point where they would have to stop soon or have a heart attack! Mr. 106 slapped one of her backside cheeks hard then held her hips as he thrust and held himself deep in her. His seed began spilling inside her and he felt her husbands cock lying parallel to his own, pulsing cock. She pushed back against the pair of them and gripped the sheets in her hand hard as she came again.

“Oh fuck, fuck fuck” emptied from her mouth as she let the orgasm rip through her made intense by the fact she could feel the hot seed being emptied into her body.

They slowed their rhythm and stopped, lay still until the hardness was gone and they slipped from her body. She felt goo dribbling out of her as she stood up rather wobbly in the bedroom. She walked breathless into the bedroom to try to clean up some of the mess and splash her face with water. She could here them breathing in the other room but neither of them spoke. Once she regained her composure she walked back into the bedroom. They were both fast asleep, completely spent! She had a quite chuckle to herself and gently wriggled herself between them on the bed.

“I wonder what tomorrow will bring?” She quietly asked herself as she too, drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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