Harry Potter And The Love Feather

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After my encounter with Draco, I’ve been thinking about him a lot. Thinking about his scent, his taste, and his touch all over my body…I’m just too much into him. I dream about him all night…I’ve almost forgot Cho Chang (the girl I have a crush on). I do not consider myself homolingius (homosexual in wizards), but feel so around my former and brief lover. We had taken the passion potion and had ended up sleeping with each other. We regretted it that morning, being over the effects of the drug but I’ve secretly started cherishing those memories of passion…

“Common, Harry it’s getting late, lets all go to bed,” Ron said. I got up and packed my homework. We were in the Gryffindor (our house in our school, Hoghwarts) common room studying.

“Yeah, lets go,” Neville agreed. We all talked and then walked to our dormitory of five. It was lit by candles and immediately caused us to feel drowsy. That was the beauty of magic. We all jumped into our beds and went to sleep immediately as we were dog-tired from the Quiditch match (I love that game) that day. I dreamed of Malfoy, as usual. He was on top of me; we were kissing and caressing each other. He was licking my neck, my chest, my whole body seemed to be wet from his soothing saliva…I was moaning…He was grunting as he sucked my dick. Suddenly Hermione walked into god knows where and saw us there. She screamed…I screamed.

“Harry what’s wrong??”

“Harry, you okay?”

“Bloody hell! Harry, Harry, are you alright!” Dean, Seamus and Ron were crowded around me, I was sweating. Only Neville was fast asleep, being the deepest sleeper. “You were moaning like you know-you were making love and bloody hell-you kept on saying Malfoys first name!”

“Yeah, and then you screamed,” added Dean.

“It was nothing, just-just had a bad dream,” I said, still halfway in the dream, emotionally. “You know what? I think I’ll go and take a walk.”

“Should we-” Started Seamus.

“No thanks, I’ll izmir escort bayan be right back,” I cut him before he could finish. My scar didn’t hurt the slightest bit. I got up and walked out through the dormitory, down the steps, out the common room and into the dark hallways. The common room was entered and exited with a password, opening an opening in the wall closed by a talking portrait of some fat bitch. Peeves, the poltergeist of the castle was whom I met in the deserted place.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t Potter, suck my transparent penis like he sucked Malfoys,” Peeves sneered.

“Shut up, Peeves!” I cried.

“You better lower your voice,” he warned, “If you don’t want to get Dumbledore up your ars like you got Malfoy!” He floated away laughing. I felt hurt but strolled on peacefully however. I walked for more than half an hour when I came to a dark part, close to Slytherin houses common room. Suddenly I bumped into someone.

“Watch it, Potter!” Said Draco Malfoy. “What do you want so late?”

“I was just walking,” I said surprising myself with my politeness.

“Even I was walking, what an unpleasant coincidence.” He sneered.

“Why don’t we walk together?” I ignored his last comment.

“Well, why not?” We walked on. My heart was beating; I didn’t expect him to say yes considering the fact that he hadn’t drunk a passion potion. He put his hand gradually towards mine, I accepted it. Without a word we held them tightly. Maybe, he too was having the same feelings I had towards him, towards me. “Lets go in there, Potter.” He urged. He pointed to a room ahead.

“Okay.” My penis was growing hard now. The room was empty except for a mattress on the floor and a few candles. We entered in and he locked the door magically. “Now what?” I asked eagerly.

“Do you still have feelings for me, Harry?” We were standing opposite each other, looking each other in the eye seductively.

“Yes, I love you.” There was a long silence. buca escort I was very brave to say that and felt even braver as I said, “Do you love me?” An even longer silence followed.

“I had been hoping to see you in private all week,” he said. “I wanted to tell you I love you. I want to show you something.” He removed a feather from his pocket as I looked. It was around 5 inches. “It’s called the love feather. I bought it from a love shop in town.”

“Wow. It’s pretty.” It changed colors continuously.

“Do you want me to show you?” He asked.

“I would love to see what it does.” I replied.

“Remove your clothes and lie on the mattress.” Without hesitating we both removed our pajama suits and then I lied on the bed with my arms on my head, relaxed. My glasses were in the dormitory.

“Do you want to tickle me? I’ll do anything you tell me,” I said.

“Just close your eyes.” I closed them as I felt him come towards me. “Vibrato,” he whispered. Then I felt the most pleasing feeling I’ve ever felt in my armpit. It came in slow motions; a mixture of tickling, stroking, and brief icy chills of pleasure and always vibration. I moaned softly. He moved the feather to my other armpit and then to my belly button. He took it all across my tummy, my chest, my neck, my face all so slowly and tenderly.

“Oh, Draco, Oh my love,” I moaned as he stroked my penis with it. It was no ordinary feather and the feeling derived from it was more than heavenly. It felt so good. He stroked my balls as I shivered and then slowly put his hand under me and put the other end of the feather in my asshole. It vibrated vigorously and felt as good as his lips touching mine as he climbed on top of me. We kissed passionately, hugging tightly. We sucked each other’s lips and tongues. I then rolled over, now on top of him. I licked his neck and then sucked and nibbled on each one of his little nipples. He moaned words like ‘Oh, Harry’, ‘Love me hard, love’ and ‘Oh, you’re making izmir escort me feel so gooood’. I buried my head in his left armpit. I licked and bit tenderly in the hairless place. It smelt of his sweat and made me very horny. While I was doing this he removed the love feather from my ass and stroked my back with it. I stopped and hid there in my shelter, moaning slowly to my lovers love feathers loving.

“G-give m-me the feather,” I whispered looking up and taking it.

“I’m yours, love,” He whispered back. I moved down and kissed his belly button, sucking on the shallow hole (mine was no hole). Then I tickled him with the feather all over his tummy and then stuck the vibrating end in his belly button. He moaned in utmost pleasure and enjoyed the vibrations while I got up and watched, my penis as erect as his. Following me, Draco also got up with difficulty in the haze of ecstasy. “What’s wrong H-Harry?” He managed.

“I want you to come inside me, my love. Come inside me.”

“Sure.” I looked at him as he sat back down on the mattress. “Just bend over here.” He removed the feather and put it down. “Vibrato ceaso.” He said and the feather lay there obviously off. We knew that this was our true passion, not some passion derived from a potion. First, I sucked his penis lying down flat on my stomach until he was about to ejaculate. I stopped right before he could and then bent, hands on my knees, butt facing him. He hungrily licked my ass, lubricating it like I had done to his penis. Wet and ready, I lowered my self and then sat on his penis, letting it slide slowly into my ass hole. I nearly screamed in pain but managed the first few thrusts from his 6-inch penis. He was stroking my hair and thrusting. Soon it became very pleasurable as he masturbated me and I went up and down in the mildly painful rhythm. Immediately after a few minutes, we both removed our sperms, his inside me and mine all over his hand. Exhausted, I laid down with him. His penis came out as it shrank. He switched on the feather sex toy with the spell and lovingly stroked my tummy with it as I went into a deep sleep. The grandfather clock struck 5.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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