Hawaiian Heat Ch. 02

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Aria Lee

Having good luck a few nights earlier, I decided to return to The Wave. It was my last night in Hawaii, so I thought I’d see if I could get my trip to end well. Maybe I might even run into the girl I’d hooked up with a few nights before.

The crowd was a little better this night. I circulated the club looking for any available girls I might be interested in. It wasn’t long before I spotted a really hot blonde girl–the kind that makes your heart beat faster. I mean, she was at least a 9 out of 10 in anyone’s book. She appeared to be with a couple of other girl friends with no men. After sizing up the situation to be sure she was free, I approached her and asked if she wanted to dance. She turned me down.

Crestfallen, I retreated to the bar to grab a drink while I considered my options. At the bar, I scoped the club for other available girls. I finished up my drink and approached another girl only to be turned down again. Looking back, I think they might have wanted some small talk first. Back then, I figured (maybe I’d heard it somewhere) that girls like to dance and usually don’t get asked by guys because the guys are too shy. So, I figured that was my inroad. However, tonight, several strike-outs proved that plan to be flawed.

After a third swing and a miss, the night wearing on and a couple of drinks, I was hanging around, considering whether I should just leave alone when the hot blonde approached me. Maybe she was ready now. When she came up to me, she said that her friend thought I was really cute and asked if I would like to meet her. Of course, I agreed, though I was a bit disappointed I wasn’t hitting it off with this girl.

She led me across the club to her friend and introduced her to me. Her friend was a Filipino girl, reasonably cute and with a nice body. I wasn’t especially attracted to her, though escort kartal part of that could have been that I really had my heart and mind set on the blonde. After the introduction, the blonde left me alone with her Filipino friend and we made small talk. Before long, the club was announcing last call and soon we found ourselves out on the street. I tried saying good-bye to the girl I’d been setup with, but she wasn’t interested in letting her catch off the hook so easily.

When she learned that I’d be walking back to my hotel, she offered to give me a ride. I accepted because I figured it was a lot better than walking the long way. On the way, she detoured to take the scenic route. I think she mentioned something of showing me a great view or something like that. It’s a little vague now, but I think we rode the Old Pali Highway.

Eventually, we made it to my hotel and I tried to say my good-byes again when she asked if she could come up to my room. I’d agreed, but told her that I was getting tired and that I had to getup to check out of the hotel the next morning, since it was my last night.

Up in my room, we made more pointless small talk as I tried to figure out a way to politely have her go. I’m not sure why I didn’t just jump at the chance as she was clearly into me and even making all the moves. Finally, she made an overt move. I can’t remember, but she either started kissing me or asked me outright. The next thing I new, we were both undressing and she hopped on the bed. Wow, she had a nice body! Dark skinned, very fit, nice firm breasts. Probably a full C cup. In the dim light of my room, I didn’t get a great look at her pussy, but I’d hoped to get a better view shortly.

As I slipped on a condom and moved to climb on the bed, she turned over on her stomach and pushed her perfectly round, firm, but uğur mumcu escort not big, ass up, offering her love hole to me, doggy style. I was a little bummed I wasn’t going to get a close-up look at her action but the view from the end I saw, things were nice. She easily had the best body of any girl I’d been with up to that point.

I climbed on the bed and pushed my now hard cock into her pussy. Her love hole was so tight that the first push nearly made me come right there. Damn, I had to wait a minute inside her without moving to get control of matters. However, she didn’t seem ready to wait and started pushing her ass upward to get me deeper into her. Holy crap, this was the best fuck I’d ever had!

I knew things weren’t going to last long no matter what I tried, so I just started pumping into her with a frenzy. I wish I could say better, but this wouldn’t be a true story if I didn’t admit that I lasted only about a minute before I shot my load with a force that felt like it was going to tear right through the condom. Fortunately the condom fit tightly so I was able to continue thrusting through my orgasm and afterward. Soon, she was moaning softly and panting in short bursts. As she hit orgasm herself, I could feel her pussy clamping down on my cock in successive pulses. As I sensed her completion, I collapsed to the bed in total satisfaction, awash in a post-climatic endorphin rush.

Before long, we each fell asleep. After a while, I awoke to her hand stroking my cock as she got it to spring back to life. Soon, I was at full mast again and reached over to stroke her magic box. As my fingers grazed through her pubic hair I found her parted lips and slipped a finger inside. She was already wet with excitement (or maybe still wet from before). She was so tight I could feel her grip on çavuşoğlu escort my finger! This girl had the kind of control that could make any sex with her great.

I continued to finger while she stroked my stiff shaft, but she was ready to go. She rolled over, straddled me as I was laying on my back and guided me into her. Once she plunged herself on my shaft, she started rocking herself back and forth with a steady pace. Each thrust was like near orgasmic ecstasy. Fortunately, having shot my load earlier, I had more staying power than before. As she humped me from on top, I reached up and fondled her breasts, lightly pinching her nipples between my thumb and finger.

Soon, she was humping me at a frenzied pace. If her pussy had been sandpaper, she would have filed my wood down to sawdust! I moved my hands down to her ass and grabbed a cheek in each hand. Each cheek was just a perfect handful. I locked on to her ass and helped push her up and down as she started to to moan in ecstasy. I could feel her clamping down on my cock and she came. Her quick thrusts turned to slow, forceful impalements until she sighed and fell on top of me in satisfaction.

However, I wasn’t done yet, so I rolled her over on her back and started fucking her missionary style at a jackhammer pace. Soon, she was again pouting her pleasure as I was trying to get my rocks off again. Finally, I could feel the surge swell up inside me as I shoved my cock in as far as it would go. Every muscle in my body tensed up as I shot my load (what there was of it) into her until I finally collapsed again, the two of us sweaty from our workout.

I awoke the next morning to the hotel maid knocking at the door. As I got up to get the door, the maid opened the door to the two of us scrambling to cover up with the sheets. The maid seemed to disapprove, but I didn’t! Considering I’d started that night uninterested in getting together with her, looking back, my regret was that I wasn’t staying in Hawaii longer. I would have loved to screw her every possible way. Still, it was a nice way to end my trip to the Hawaiian heat.

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