Helpfull Neighbour

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This is a very long story with a long lead in. Hopefully the wait will be worth it.

Helpful Neighbour.

My names is Jerry and I am 27. My wife is Mona and she is 25. We have been friends since we were in nappies. Through her teen years she went a bit wild and got a bit of a reputation. Especially with regard to her clothing or in some stories lack of clothing. But then she suddenly seemed to become happy being with me. I considered myself to be very very lucky to have such a gorgeous woman and soon asked her to be my wife. Mona was truly stunning. 5’4” tall with a face that just radiated beauty. With a slim waste and shapely legs. Natural strawberry blonde hair, and her crowning glory. Her fabulous 36DD bust that looked like it had just been glued to her chest. It looked way out of proportion to the rest of her body. She knew what she had and dressed to show as much as possible to perfection without looking slutty. Me? Well I am just a normal guy really. Not particularly good looking but not bad either. And I think secretly, deep down, the way she showed off her body excited me. We have had a varied sex life trying to keep it exciting and different.

After several years of saving and with help from our parents we had finally managed to put a deposit down on a nice detached house in a really nice cul-de-sac. The moment we moved in there was a knock on the door. I opened it to have a hand thrust into mine.

“Hi!” the man said, “I am Arthur your next door neighbour and I welcome you to our lovely neighbourhood.”

“Oh hi. I am Jerry and this is Mona my wife.”

Arthur released my hand and pushing past me took Mona’s hand shaking it vigorously. In fact he was shaking it so vigorously that her tits were moving all over the place and were clearly visible above her low cut t shirt. His eyes were glued to them.

“Hello” Mona said trying to extricate her hand. “Nice to meet you.” She finally managed to get her hand free and took a pace back.

“Well it’s nice to meet you Arthur.” I said, “But we have a lot of unpacking to do. Maybe we can have a coffee over the weekend and you can tell us all about our other neighbours.”

“Yes yes of course.” He said and without taking his eyes off Mona he stepped backwards out of the house.

“Oh god what a creepy man.” Mona said shaking her shoulders in disgust.

I knew what she meant. Arthur was about 60 and looked like he hadn’t washed for a week. He reeked of tobacco and drool dripped from the corner of his mouth. He wasn’t exactly looking at Mona, it was more like leering at her and not even trying to hide it.

“Well he seems ok.” I said, “Maybe he is just happy to have some new neighbours.”

“Happy is one way to put it.” Mona said as she continued unpacking.

The house had a full width single story extension in the back and the whole wall was glass with sliding doors which led out onto a paved patio. I loved having my breakfast on the patio as it was quiet and completely secluded. The patio led to a thirty meter garden. The day after we moved in I was sitting on the patio having a cup of coffee when Arthur appeared through a gate in the hedge that separated our houses. I was sure he wore the same dirty clothes he had on the day before.

“Morning Jerry.” He said, “Where is that lovely wife of yours?”

“Oh she is still unpacking.” I said, “would you like a cup of coffee?”

“Yes please that would be nice.”

“Mona, Arthur is here can you make him a coffee.” I shouted.

Mona appeared at the door. She was wearing shorts and a t shirt and although the shorts were tight, neither showed much flesh. Arthur’s gaze however was glued to her and I am sure I saw a twitch in his crotch as he sat down.

“Milk and sugar Arthur?” She asked. Glaring at me.

“Yes two sugars please sweety.” He replied with a drooling grin on his face. “Very nice arse.” He added as she walked away.

I smiled to myself. He wasn’t the first man who had leered over Mona and would not be the last. I just ignored it. I was proud of my wife and men looking at her just made me even prouder. Like she was a work of art and it was all mine.

“It’s nice to see a young couple in this place.” Arthur continued,” The Edisons lived here for forty years and apart from the extension, never done much to the place. Must be a lot of work to do.”

“Yes. We had the whole place painted before we moved in but the kitchen is an absolute mess and needs a complete refit.” I said, “We have a flat pack one arriving next week.”

“Oh do you like that sort of thing then?” He asked.

“Flat pack is probably my worst nightmare.” I laughed, “But Mona liked the kitchen and it only came flat. So what Mona wants Mona gets.”

“Yes I bet she does.” He said. It sounded sort of crude but I just passed it off as Mona walked out with a tray.

It never seemed to matter what Mona wore her breasts always stood out. As she bent slightly to lay the tray on the table they moved forward and rippled across her t shirt announcing themselves to anyone who was looking. And Arthur was certainly looking.

She picked up a mug and handed it to Arthur. He reached out but made sure that Mona had to move forward even more to put the mug in his hand. Her breasts rippled even more and as she stood up they flooded upright with her. Arthur let out a slight moan. “Thank you sweety. Very kind of you. Your looking very nice today.”

“Thank you Arthur.” She said, not looking at him.

“I was just telling Arthur about your new kitchen.”

“Hmmm.” Mona said sipping at her coffee.

“So are you good on flat back then sweety?” Arthur asked.

Mona choked slightly. “Sorry.” She said, “Flat back?”

“No. Flat pack.” Arthur corrected, “As in flat pack furniture.”

“Oh sorry.” She smiled, “No not me. But I am sure Jerry will manage.”

“Well I’m not so sure about plumbing and electrics but I should be able to do the units ok. I hope.” I said.

“Well I used to have my own building business so if I can be of any help just shout.” Arthur said. His eyes were still totally focused on Mona.

“Thanks for that Arthur.” I said, “I may just need to shout. We have a whole load of work to do in the garden as well. Some brick walls and a shed to build. As well as the kitchen.”

“Well I need to get the rest of this stuff unpacked.” Mona said. As she stood up Arthur gasped at the sudden movement of those awesome tits.

“Yes me to.” I said. “Hope you understand Arthur but duty and the wife calls.” I said rising.

“Yes yes of course.” he said, “And I hope you are doing your duty for your lovely wife.”

“I do my best.” I said. Not really catching the leer in his voice.

“He really gives me the creeps.” Mona said after Arthur had gone.

“Well I give you he may be a bit strange.” I said, “And certainly not the cleanest of people. He had the same dirty joggers and shirt on as yesterday.”

“Strange!” Mona gasped, “Jerry didn’t you see what he was doing?”

“No. Why? What was he doing?”

“He was playing with himself.” She gasped, “His, thing. His crotch for gods sake.”

“Well no, I didn’t see that.” I said, “Are you sure?”

“I am pretty sure yes. But it’s not just that.” She said, “He just leers at me all the time and he stinks. With that drooling mouth he just makes me shiver.”

“Well he isn’t the first man to leer at you is he? And apart from that he seems harmless enough.”

“Well he just makes me feel uncomfortable.”

The following Wednesday I took a day off for the kitchen delivery and spent Thursday and Friday evening after work ripping out the old one. Saturday morning I took the old one to the skip and set about figuring out how to fit the new one.

By Sunday afternoon I had put the base units together and they fit really nicely. Except we had two problems. Water and electric. The water inlet and waste were slightly out of line. Two electrical sockets needed to be moved and the double oven and hob needed connecting. I think I am going to need some help.

“No.” Mona gasped, “You can’t be serious.”

“Well it’s Sunday afternoon.” I said, “Nobody is going to come out today and we need the cooker working at least.”

“But, but. Jerry he disgusts me.”

“So what alternative do we have. If we get someone in it will probably cost a fortune. And right now we don’t have the money.” I said, “And all he wants to do is look at you. The same as every other man we have ever met. If he tries anything untoward then we will have to rethink. And if he helps with the kitchen without any problems then who knows? Maybe we will have some free labour for everything else we want to do.”

“Alright.” Mona said after a moments thought, “But if he lays a finger on me then he is out. I don’t care how much it costs to get someone else in.”

“That’s my girl. I will clean myself up while you go and ask him for help.”

“Oh you really are pushing it aren’t you.” She said, storming out the front door.

Mona regretted storming out like that as soon as she realised it was raining. It was only light rain but it was enough to dampen her t shirt and make it stick to her skin.

“Well fuck you Jerry.” She said to herself, “If your not bothered about him leering at me then why should I hide anything.”

Arthur opened the door and his gaze was instantly fixed to her now obvious cleavage. “Good afternoon sweety.” He said, drooling. “what can I do for you?”

“Jerry is fitting the kitchen but he has no idea how to wire the cooker and we haven’t hardly eaten for two days and can you help.” She gushed out, “Please.”

“Of course my dear.” He said, stepping aside, “Come in while I get my tool box.”

Mona stepped in and was quite surprised to see that his house was actually quite tidy. She had pictured him being one of those hoarder people and the house being full of filth. But in fact it was uncluttered and tidy, though it was obvious it needed a woman’s touch as there was dust everywhere.

He disappeared into the back and appeared a moment later with a tool box in his hand. “Shall we go the back way as it’s quicker.” He said.

“Yes ok” Mona said. and followed him out the back door and through the garden gate.

As he entered the kitchen he said, “I do like your choice my dear.”

“Thank you Arthur.” Mona replied warily. Pulling the wet shirt from her skin.

Jerry walked into the kitchen and explained to Arthur the problems he was having and his lack of knowledge about such things.

“Well I can fix your cooker now. No problem.” Arthur said, “But the sink will need some fittings and with the sockets I will need to go under the floorboards upstairs to re-route the wires, and then gouge a slot out of the wall to hide the cable. But not today as I need to find my cutter.”

“Well that sounds fine.” Jerry said. “Not being rude but how much would that cost?”

“Oh no I wouldn’t think of it.” Arthur said, “I have nothing better to do and I am sure Mona can keep me interested, with coffee and such can’t you sweety.”

Arthur actually looked and sounded sincere not leering but smiling, so Mona didn’t hesitate, “Oh yes as much as you want. It’s so good of you.”

Jerry looked at Mona a little surprised. She obviously didn’t get the hint of something more than coffee. But he just brushed it off as her being somewhat naïve.

Arthur did a temporary fix with the cooker and then went home. Mona brought me a cup of coffee and sat next to me. “Maybe it wont be so bad after all. Arthur was a perfect gentleman” Mona said.

“Well he was still looking but not as bad as usual. He will come back in the morning and continue so lets see how it goes. Just be your usual sexy self.” Jerry said.

“I was going to wear Jeans and jumper.” Mona said.

“Don’t you think that may look a bit like you don’t trust him.”

“I don’t.” Mona said.

“Well we don’t want him to feel insulted. After all he is doing us a really big favour. And probably just for the pleasure of looking at you.”

“So what should I wear then. Low top, short skirt no underwear.” Mona said getting angry.

“Well” Jerry said with a smile.

“Oh you really would wouldn’t you Jerry?” Mona said storming into the lounge.

“No of course I wouldn’t.” Jerry said, “I was joking. Just wear what you would normally wear that’s all I am saying. We don‘t want to upset him.”

Mona took a deep breath. “Ok Jerry, I won’t fucking upset him. God forbid we should upset poor lecherous Arthur.”

The rest of the night was spent in sullen silence. In the morning Mona dressed in tight shorts and a loose fitting low cut cropped t shirt, and of course, underwear.

Jerry left for work at 8.30 and five minutes later Arthur was knocking at the patio doors. With a big smile she opened the sliding door. “Morning Arthur. Nice to see you.” To herself she said, “Fuck you Jerry.”

“Morning sweety.” He said, instantly looking her up and down with that leering look. He was dressed in a boiler suit. One of those that unbuttoned all the way down to the crotch. And all the buttons were undone except two which just about covered his genitals. Mona pretended not to see and strolled into the kitchen. “I bet that’s a wonderful site with high heels,” He added.

She just turned her head and smiled. “So, can I help in anyway.?” She asked.

“Oh yes sweety. You can handle my tools.” He smiled. “We do the water first then the electrics. I have been to the plumbers and got what I need.”

“Oh that’s kind of you. Do I owe you anything.?”

“Oh don’t worry about that.” He smiled, or was it leered, “we will sort it out later.”

Arthur went into the kitchen and took some pipes from his bag and lay on the floor with his head inside the cupboard. “Straddle me.” He said.

“I beg your pardon?” Mona asked, fully aware of what he said.

“I need you to push the unit back to the wall to make sure the pipes are lined up before I fix the unit to the wall. So straddle me and push it back.” He said. He was having fun with this young naïve girl.

“Oh.! Ok.” She said, and did as he asked. She knew he was looking at her crotch but it was covered so she just flushed and gazed out of the kitchen window. “Is that ok?” She asked. What she didn’t realise was her loose top had drifted forward and he had a clear view of the underside of her tits. Her bra was so full it overflowed slightly to give him a view of warm flesh.

“Yes that’s perfect.” He replied. He fiddled around under there for a while and then said. “Right stay there. Whatever you do, do not let go of that unit till I have fixed it to the wall.”

”Ok.” She said. Then she felt him moving forward between her legs. Where she had straddled his legs her legs were not spread that wide but as he edged himself forward and his body got wider so did her legs. She felt herself getting embarrassed. His hands were on the tops of her legs, using them for leverage. Then, with her legs almost completely spread open he twisted sideways and lifted his head up straight into her crotch. She could feel his foul breath on her naked legs.

“Keep that unit in place or the pipes will shift.” He said into her pussy.

“Yes ok but can you please hurry and move your head.” She knew that he was smelling her sex. It had been a long time since Jerry had buried his face in her pussy and whether she wanted to or not she was reacting and was afraid her scent would become obvious.

His face brushed hard against her pussy as he completed his way between her legs. He stood up and from behind he took her hands and pushed them forward. She could feel his erection on her buttocks and wanted to be sick. “Just like that sweety. That’s perfect.” He murmured into her ear. Then he stepped back and as he passed to her side his hand ran freely over her pert little bum. Lingering for just a moment.

He drilled a hole in the wall and fixed the unit on one side then, sliding his hand again across her buttocks moved to the other side and fixed that to the wall. Then he moved behind her and placed a hand on each of buttocks and said, “If you would like to move over I will connect the pipes. As he said it he gently pushed her aside gripping a little tighter on her bum cheeks.

Her face was bright red and she fought to contain her anger as she stepped aside. Arthur dropped to his knees and fiddled underneath the unit for a few minutes then stood back up. He turned the mains water back on. “Ok I am going to turn the taps on if you can keep a close eye on the taps and let me know if you see any water escaping.”

He watched as she went to her knees. She looked back up at him as he leered down at her. She was pretty sure of the picture he was creating and knew that he had a clear view down her top at her heaving breasts, but she was angry now and angry made her stubborn. She smiled up at him before gazing into the cupboard.

He turned the water on and she let it run for a moment. “No leaks that I can see.” she said.

“Ok you can get up now then. “ He said leaving the taps running on full power.

Then as she stood up a strong jet of water hit her full in the chest and splashed all over Mona making her top cling to her skin.

“Oh I am sorry sweety.” He said, washing his hands, “I always seem to be making you wet don’t I?”

She wasn’t that naïve and knew exactly what he meant but ignored it. “Don’t worry I will change it.”

“Well that’s ok as we are going up to the bedroom now.” He was leering at her chest which through the soaking wet top was on full display.

“Or as it’s warm I can just let it dry on me.” She said hastily, “Bedrooms this way.”

She led him up to what was obviously the main bedroom. He put his tool box down and picked up a sheer very short nightdress. “You will have to model this for me one izmir escort bayan day sweety.”

“Well that’s never going to happen is it?” She replied angrily.

“I bet it gets Jerry really horny.”

“Not really.” She said snatching it from him and stuffing it into a draw.

“Well your electric is going off for a couple of hours so it’s time for you to make me happy.“

“Par, wha.” She stammered.

“Lets have a coffee now shall we. While we can.”

She flared angrily. Not at Arthur but at herself for being so easily trapped. “Oh! Yes.” She said, “Of course.”

She made coffee and they sat on the patio to drink it. They sat in silence. Arthur blatantly studying her body and Mona studying the bushes in front of her. Lifting her top from her skin to dry it out. For the next couple of hours Arthur worked alone in the house running cables and fixing the new sockets in place

“Well that’s me done for the day.” He said. “Don’t want to over do it so I will be back tomorrow.

Mona was leaning against the glass door, “I can‘t, tell you how much we appreciate it Arthur.”

He leaned his hand against the glass right next to her head, “No but you could show me.” His gaze dropped to her heaving chest.

“What do you mean.”

“Well have I not been a gentleman all afternoon.”

“Well yes I suppose so.”

“Then when you get dressed in the morning maybe you could think about how much you appreciate me helping you and your husband.”

“What do you mean?”

He smiled that filthy smile of his. “Well as nice as a wet top can be you have better tops to wear I am sure.

“Oh.” She sighed, “Yes well I will see you tomorrow. And thank you once again.” She slid away from the door and stepped inside. Feeling decidedly unsafe at this point.

Arthur was pleased with his day’s work. He had a good look up at her tits and sniffed her pussy. And he was pretty sure she was getting wet with his face rubbing at her cunt. Even through the top and bra he could see her nipples had swollen and showed through the top. He had deliberately left her alone all afternoon to make her feel safe. This was going to be a long but very pleasurable chase.

When Jerry got home she told him what had happened when he fit the sink. The picture of Mona standing at the sink with her legs spread and Arthur’s face buried in her crotch was just too much. Jerry couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“He sniffs my crotch, looks up my top and gropes my bum and all you can do is laugh.”

“Well the face in the crotch may have been a bit much. But how else was he going to get up from that position. And the rest is no more than we expected.”

“You may have expected it but I didn’t. And now he wants me to wear a different top. So he can see more of my tits.”

“Did he actually say that?”

“He suggested that I had a better top to wear.”

“So he isn’t asking you to dress in anything you wouldn’t normally wear then?”

“Well no not unless you count my nightdress.”


“Yes he saw it on the bed when he was doing the electrics and asked me to model it for him.”

“Oh. That was just a joke then.”

“It’s all a joke to you. It’s me he’s leering at.”

“Ok well keep him happy tomorrow while he finishes the kitchen and then we will get someone else to do the brickwork in the garden.”

“So you want me to dress like a slut then.”

“Come on babes. A pair of shorts and a top is what you normally wear and it’s never worried you before. Like you said he was a perfect gentleman all afternoon.”

“Oh whatever.” Mona said in frustration. “Thankfully tomorrow will be the last day.” She was angry. While he was right and she enjoyed wearing such clothes she felt like he was prostituting her looks for work done in the house. “Well if that’s what he wants me to do then that is what I will do.” she thought to herself.

The following morning she put on her tightest and shortest of shorts and one of her most revealing tops with no panties and the smallest possible bra, her nipples clearly showed through the thin top. “So will this do then.” She asked, expecting Jerry to object.

He just smiled broadly, “That’s my girl.” He said with a wink.

She was stunned. She honestly thought he would object. But no. He was more than happy to let a lecherous smelly old man ogle her body. “Well fuck you.” She said and stormed downstairs.

Jerry was confused and running late. He rushed downstairs, kissed her on the forehead and went off to work.

When Arthur knocked on the glass doors five minutes later she had added a pair of 3” wedge heeled shoes to her outfit. If Jerry really wanted her to use her body for free labour then that’s what Jerry would get. “Morning Arthur.” She said smiling broadly. “Would you like a coffee before you start?” She turned and headed for the kitchen diner, deliberately swaying her hips.

“Oh yes sweety.” Arthur said watching the smooth sway of those pert buttocks. “Very nice indeed. Two sugars.”

“Take a seat Arthur.“ Mona said as she made the coffee, knowing full well that Arthur was leering at her. In some strange way she was actually enjoying teasing him. Probably because she knew it was only looking and not touching which made her feel safe. If a little dirty.

When she placed his coffee on the table she deliberately leaned over more than she needed to, looking him in the face as he stared at her huge tits which were almost completely visible down the front of her top. She stood up slowly and turned on the spot. Giving him a close view of her bum before she moved away across the kitchen. “So what are we doing today Arthur?”

“Well if you keep my batteries charged.” He said, raising his mug, “We will put your wall cupboards up and then I will teach you how to lay, tiles.” He deliberately paused between the ‘lay’ and ‘tiles’.

“Oh well that could be interesting.” She smiled.

“Oh I do hope so sweety.” He smiled and drool ran down his chin. “I better get started so we can get to the fun bit.”

Jerry had already put the wall units together and they were stacked against the lounge wall, so an hour later Arthur had the battens fitted to the wall and the cupboards waiting to be put in position.

He heard sounds upstairs so quietly went up and peered around the bedroom door. Mona was making the bed, leaning over giving him the best view of her tits so far. “I am ready for you now.” He said leering openly at her.

Mona had heard movement on the stairs and as she looked up at him she followed his gaze but made no move to stand upright. “Ok, just let me finish this.” she said, with a smile. And then to herself she said, “Fuck you Jerry.”

She moved round to the other side of the bed and with her legs slightly spread she bent over and finished straightening the cover. She looked over her shoulder and could see that Arthur had a slight bulge in his crotch. “Ok all done.” She said moving towards the door. Arthur didn’t move, and if she was honest she knew he wouldn’t. Facing him she squeezed past him, her tits thrusting upwards as they were squashed together and she felt his rising erection. She had to hold her breath because of the smelly stench of tobacco coming from his mouth. Once passed him she went downstairs with him following close behind.

In the kitchen she could see that he had two large wall units left to put up. He stood on top of a small set of steps. “Right what I need you to do is hold onto me as I lift these into place. If I lose balance while lifting them it could cause some serious damage. Now move in close.”

He made her move right up to him and put her arms around his legs then grip hold of his clothing tightly from behind. This of course put her face right into his smelly crotch. She turned her head sideways to try and avoid the stench. He lifted the first unit and his legs shuddered slightly. She gripped him even tighter. As he worked she suddenly noticed movement in his crotch. She looked up but he was working on the unit. The movement was like a snake uncoiling. It was at this point that she realised that the final two buttons on his boiler suit were undone. The snake was still moving.

By now the unit was safely fixed to the wall but Arthur was making it sound like he was still working. In fact he was looking down at Mona who was squeezing him so tightly that her breasts were on full view, and much to his pleasure her nipples were hard. The snake was growing more rapidly now and as it’s head appeared above his clothing only an inch from her face she gasped and again looked up. Arthur was still working and looking at the unit.

The snake had a single eye and it was looking straight at her as it came ever more into the open. 2, 3, 4 inches. She gasped and her mouth opened slightly. Arthur saw this and imagined her wrapping her lips around his erection. The snake was throbbing, in need of attention. “Patience.” Arthur said to himself

“Ok that’s that one done.” He said. “One more to go.” She stepped back like she was on fire and turned away, her breathing erratic, her face flushed as he stepped off the ladder.

He shuffled the ladder forward and stepped back onto it. “He can’t not know that he is on display.” Mona thought to herself.

“Ok come on we don’t have all day.” Arthur said firmly.

Reluctantly she moved forward and took up her position again making sure that she was looking away from his crotch. Arthur smiled as he lifted the unit up. He shook his legs as though to fall. “Your on one side, move to the middle, your making me off balance.”

Mona looked up but Arthur was busy with the unit so, reluctantly she moved to the middle where the snake was once again moving. This time she couldn’t turn her gaze away from what seemed like an ever growing creature. There was now a good six inches peeking at her and still growing. It’s girth was more than her hand width. Her breathing was now ragged and all she wanted to do was move away from that slithering reptile. Her gaze was transfixed on the eye of the snake

“Ok that’s done.” Arthur said, “How about a coffee before we move to the next stage.”

Mona immediately went to the sink, not wanting him to see her face. “Yes of course.” She said, shaking. Her back to him now she struggled to get her breathing under control. Arthur stood behind her. She put the kettle on and turned around to see him smiling, the head of his snake still visible. Still peeking at her. She felt she should say something but couldn’t. Instead she again turned away. Gazing out of the window. “Why don’t you sit down and I will make a sandwich as well.” she said.

To her relief he turned and sat at the table. “Is there something wrong sweety?” Arthur asked, “You seem very quiet.”

She took a deep breath and steadied her nerves, “No. I am fine Arthur.” She said handing him a sandwich and coffee. She was relieved to see the snake was now asleep. The next two hours were absolute torture for Mona.

Arthur had his hands all over her. As she placed tile and fixer she managed to push his hands away but she couldn’t stop him rubbing his hard erection against her at every opportunity. By the time they were finished she was ashamed to see a wet patch on her white shorts.

When he called it a day she shakily followed him into the garden. He stopped and blatantly looked at her wet crotch. “Short skirt tomorrow Mona. And maybe a blouse, with lots of buttons. He didn’t wait for a reply he just smiled and walked away.

Mona was absolutely livid. She picked up the phone and rang Jerry at work. Blurted out how Arthur had been groping her all day and shoved his cock into her face and dry fucking her and how it was all Jerry’s fault. Then she slammed the phone down, had a shower and got changed.

Arthur didn’t see his neighbours for three days and when he did it was Mona rushing out of a taxi into the house. The taxi waited outside. He rushed round and knocked on the door. He waited a moment before Mona opened it.

“Sorry Arthur I can’t stop. Jerry had an accident so we will be staying with his parents for a while, I will explain when we get back. Could you just keep an eye on the house please. Have to go bye.” She shut the door and was gone

When they finally came home he was shocked. Jerry was being wheeled up his drive in a wheelchair. Arthur waited five minutes and then went through the garden next door. “Jerry what on earth happened?”

“I want a word with you.” Jerry said as Mona appeared with two cups of coffee.

“Oh thank you Mona.” Arthur said taking one out of her hand.

Mona was going to protest but Jerry interrupted her, “Tell Arthur what you told me on the phone.”

Mona, embarrassed, told everything that she had said to Jerry.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” Jerry asked angrily.

“Jerry I am shocked.” Arthur said, feigning horror. “That’s not how it was. As soon as I arrived Mona was, well, displaying herself. High heels tight shorts and wiggling her bum like she was inviting me to, well, inviting.”

“Is this true?” Jerry asked looking at Mona.

Mona was shocked, “Well yes.” She said, “You told me to.”

“So what about everything else?” Jerry asked. “You shoving your cock in her face.”

“That’s a lie.” Arthur said, “I asked Mona to steady my legs while I was lifting the cupboards onto the wall. At my age my legs can shake sometimes. Instead of just holding me by my clothing like I asked she pushed her face right into my crotch. I was shocked. I looked down to say something to her and her breasts had come out of her top showing her nipples and everything. She even had her mouth open. I thought she was going to, well, you know. And you’re my friend. I couldn’t allow that but I had another cupboard to do so I suffered it, but believe me I did the job as quickly as I could out of loyalty to you Jerry.”

Mona was wide eyed, “Tha, tha, that’s not true.” She stammered, “You told me to hold on tight.”

“Yes sweety I did. Hold onto my clothes tight like I showed you.” Arthur said.

When it came to the tiling Arthur had a plausible explanation for all that as well. How Mona’s top was hanging in the fixer and how every time she put a spacer in the wrong place he would reach over to correct it and how she seemed to rub her buttocks backwards and forwards. “It was very difficult for me Jerry. What would a normal builder have done if Mona did that to them? He certainly would not have walked away would he Jerry?”

“No probably not.” Jerry said quietly.

“Oh I don’t believe you.” Mona said, “I’m going to get changed.” She said and stomped off.

“So what on earth happened to you.“ Arthur asked.

“Well when Mona told me her version of what happened I just lost it.” Jerry said, “I’m sure you know how it must have felt. Your wife telling you that she had been, well, assaulted. I just lost it. I got on my motorcycle in a rage and ran into the back of a car. The police say I was doing over a 100mph and that I am lucky to be alive.”

“Well women are prone to exaggerate. Especially in her state.” Arthur said, “So what’s the damage.”

“Two breaks’ in my right leg. Two in my right arm and a shattered left ankle. At least I have one good limb.”

“And all for no good reason. “Arthur said, “She even asked me what she should wear the next day Jerry. I couldn’t believe it.”

“So what did you say?”

“I told her a long skirt and a blouse that buttons right up.” Arthur said, “Self control Jerry, self control.”

When Mona reappeared Jerry’s mouth dropped open. Mona was dressed in a short skirt and a blouse with the buttons undone just below her breasts. “More coffee I suppose.” Mona said, scooping up the mugs. As she walked away Jerry looked back at Arthur.

“I’m telling you Jerry. She is on the hunt.” Arthur said.

“What do you mean?“ Jerry said, “On the hunt.”

“Well it’s a well known fact that when a woman is looking for a mate she wears revealing clothing. A bit like a peacock showing off it’s plumage. When she has found a man she dresses down slightly and when she has him hooked, or in your case married, she covers up.

“Well Mona and I have been friends since school days, though we didn’t actually get together till she was twenty. A year later we got married. She did mellow somewhat when we got together and even more so once we married. But she still likes to, well, dress sexily I suppose and I have to admit I do enjoy the reaction she gets a lot of the time..”

“Turns you on then.” Arthur said pointedly.

“Well to a degree I suppose. But since we moved we have just been so busy that, well, sex has not been a priority. And now it‘s not even a possibility. And wont be for some time.

“Well there you have it then Jerry.” Arthur said, “She is on heat. Displaying her wares looking out for a mate.”

“Well maybe sub consciously. But I don’t think she really means anything by it.”

“But that’s not the point is it Jerry. Just think what could have happened if she had rung the police and not you with that story. I would have been arrested and my reputation destroyed. I am a hot blooded male and, well, there are limits to even my control with such a gorgeous woman as Mona. It’s too risky. I have really enjoyed helping you two but I think you will need to get someone else to do your work for you. I wish you both well.” And with that he left.

Jerry was a bit dumbstruck. He understood what Arthur was saying and knew how impossible it was to ignore Mona’s body. And even harder when she got one of her flashing moods on. But what the hell were they going to do now. The new bathroom would be arriving soon and he really needed to get the study turned into a bedroom as sleeping on the settee was going to do him more harm than good. “Fuck fuck fuck.” He thought to himself.

“Arthur gone then?” buca escort Mona asked

“What was the last thing he said to you before he went home the other day.”

“Oh that.” Mona said raising her yes, “He told me to wear a short skirt and a button up blouse.”

Jerry looked her up and down. “He say’s he told you to wear a long skirt and a blouse that buttoned right up.”

“That’s another lie.”

“Is it? Every accusation you made against him, he has a perfectly plausible explanation for.”

“Oh come on Jerry why would I lie to you?”

“Well I have no doubt if that had been a normal builder he would have yanked your shorts down and fucked you stupid. Arthur walked away, out of friendship for me.”

“What are you saying?”

“I am saying that your over exaggeration of what Arthur has been saying and doing is what landed me in this wheelchair. This is your fault. All he has tried to do is help us out of a tight situation and all you have done is tease him, and then complain when he looks at you. Even though he hasn’t laid a finger on you. It’s not exactly like you don’t love showing your tits off to everyone anyway is it? You‘ve always done it.”

“Jerry!!” She cried and ran back to the house in tears.

At breakfast the following morning Jerry could see that Mona was still angry so saw no point in holding back what he had to say. “We need Arthur back.”

“So what do you want me to do?” She asked feeling herself getting even more angry.

““We must get my bedroom sorted out and the new bathroom. We need Arthur. And Arthur is now in your hands. I can’t convince him that you wont call the police and I can’t convince him that your happy to let him, well. What are your limits to teasing a man to work for you? How far would you go? I don’t know.”

“Well how fucking far do you want me to go Jerry.” She gasped, “Suck his cock, let him fuck me anyway he wants. You tell me Jerry how much of a whore do you want to be?”

“Whatever it takes.” Jerry shouted angrily. “I cannot keep sleeping on that settee.”

“Oh right so now your happy for him to do whatever he wants.”

“Your not the sweet innocent you would have me believe.” Jerry said, “And I am happy with that. You know how far your willing to go to get the work done. Why not just apologise to Arthur, ask him to come back and take it from there.”

“Why do I get the feeling that all this turns you on Jerry?”

“Well maybe it does. Maybe it’s payback for the three years you went off and got yourself a whores reputation.”

Mona was visibly crushed. She burst into tears and ran to the house throwing herself on the bed completely destroyed. Jerry had never brought up what had happened during her time away, not ever.

When Mona came back two hours later Jerry almost come in his pants. She was fully made up, hair done, red hot lipstick, nail varnish the works. But it was her clothes that really done the damage, See through top that had no buttons but tied up under the bust. Tied loosely to give full view to those wonderful tits when she moved the right way. A micro mini skirt with stay up stockings clearly on view and when she leant forward slightly a clear view of a thong disappearing between her butt cheeks.

“You, you look stunning.” Jerry said.

“Well if I am to be a whore and convince him to come back he is going to want to see what’s on offer”

“Well you know I didn‘t mean it. And you have never dressed like that for me.

“Well that’s because you never prostituted me out before Jerry.” She said sarcastically. “You wanted to know if the stories were true. Well now you can make your own mind up. Lets see what Arthur thinks shall we?”

As she walked over to Arthur’s back gate she had no idea what she was going to do or what to expect. She had dressed partly in anger and partly to get Jerry jealous, which had obviously worked. Now all she had to do was convince Arthur to come back to work for one last week. She didn’t think she could take any more than that.

She knocked on the door and a moment later it swung open. Arthur stood in the door way making no effort to hide his leering gaze as he looked her up and down. She felt her nipples harden at his gaze.

“Yes.” He said finally.

“I have come to apologies for all the trouble I have caused.”

“If you say so. I suppose you better come in.” He stepped aside and waved her in. He closed the door and sat at the kitchen table looking back at her but pointedly not offering her a seat.

She took a deep breath and pictured the lines she had been rehearsing all the way hear. “I am really sorry Arthur that I totally over reacted in the way I did and I do hope we can still be friends.”

He just sat there looking at her with a smug smile on his face. He knew why she was here and he knew he was the one in control. She shuffled her feet sub consciously.

“Well now that crap is out of the way lets just be honest shall we. “

“What do you mean?”

“You want me to come back and finish all the work for you.”

“Well we were hoping you might.”

“So next time you over react you call the police and have me arrested instead.”

“No Arthur. I promise I wont do that. I really am sincerely sorry for all the trouble I caused and insulting you the way I did.”

“So I can look at you as much as I want to then and know that I will be safe?”


“Prove it.”


“Take your top off.”

He said it in such a matter of fact way it shocked her. “But….”

“If your truly sincere, then I think you owe me more than just an apology. If you have no problem me looking at your body. Prove it. Get your tits out.”

The way he put it and the way he stared into her eyes made her feel dirty. But what choice did she have. As her hands moved up to undo her top she just kept saying to herself “Only a week, only a week, only a week.” Finally she hung the top on a chair and stood topless in front of this lecherous old man. Her stomach churned. Her arms coming round to try and hide her breasts, and the fact that her nipples were hard and swollen.

“Put your arms at your side and stand up straight.” He demanded. She did as instructed. “Good, now sit down. Would you like a coffee?” He asked.

“Ye….yes please.” She answered a little surprised.

How he managed to make the coffee without once taking his eyes off her tits must have been a work of magic but manage it he did. He placed her coffee on the table and then a sheet of paper. “If I am going to continue working with you I am going to need payment. While looking at you thus far has been very nice after what has happened I want more. In fact I want everything.”

“Everything? What do you mean? Everything.” She was beginning to feel more than little uncomfortable.

“So far what I have got from you is running my hands over your bum and getting a quick look at you tits down your top. But I want to touch your tits suck them and play with them. I also want access to the rest of your body as well. Added to that I want the same in return.”

“So your saying I should fuck you if we want the work done. I wont do it. I think I should leave.” She went to stand up.

“Sit down.” He said sternly, “I haven’t finished.”

“I have made a list of payments on a job by job basis. I do a job and you name the payment from the list. This payment will be added to what I have already been given. For example I finish the kitchen and you give, ‘play with tits’ from the list as payment. From that moment I am free to play with your tits whenever I feel like it. The next day I say do Jerry’s bedroom and you pay topless from the list. This means that you will always be topless when I am working at yours. So now you are topless and I have free access to your tits. And so it goes. This is the list I have made out. If at anytime you decide you cannot pay me whatever is left on the list then we just call it quits. No payment equals no work and no hard feelings. But I retain what I have already been paid. That way we all know where we stand.” He handed her the list.

To say she was shocked would be an understatement. She read the list slowly.



Pantyless (Completely naked)

Access to tits (with hands and mouth)

Access to cunt and arse (with hands and mouth)

Insertion to cunt and arse (with fingers)

Wank Cock

Suck Cock

Swallow spunk

Sexual intercourse will only take place at Mona’s specific request and will include vaginal and anal.

“Your kidding right?” She said, “There is no way I am going to touch your dick let alone stick it in my mouth. And no way ever that I will ever ask you to fuck me.”

“That’s fine.” Arthur said smiling. This is just a list for you to choose from. I do a job and you pay something from this list. It’s simple. If you don’t want to pay from the list we just stop. No pressure or anything but this is what I am willing to accept as payment in lieu of financial remuneration. You both get what you want and I get to enjoy however much of you that your willing to give.”

“You can’t really expect me or Jerry to go along with this.”

“Well we both know that Jerry is going to agree, or at least make you decide.” He said. “Also I require a photo session once a week as a retainer and, shall we say, as compensation for the insults I have endured over the last couple of days.”

“Oh you really do expect a lot don’t you.” She said angrily.

“I do quality work. And I expect quality payment in return. Now if you have the cash I am more than happy to take it as payment. But we both know you don’t have it and until Jerry gets back to work are not likely to. So I am happy to take the only payment that you have that I want.”

“So you want to treat me like a slut.”

“Yes I do. But unlike Jerry I am happy to admit it. He wants to whore you out but is hiding it behind a wall of apparent indifference and you know it.”

Mona curled up inside. Jerry had admitted that showing herself to Arthur excited him. He wanted revenge for the three years she had left him and gone wild and she was almost certain he would agree to the list. Probably cutting himself off from any decision making. “I will have to discuss it with Jerry first.”

“Yes I know. I have put all the details in this written contract just to make sure that if you do go to the police I am protected.” He stood up and opened the door. “Show Jerry the contract and if it is signed in the morning I will continue working. Leave the top.” She glared at him angrily. She knew he was making his point to Jerry. That Arthur was now in charge.

As she walked away Arthur smiled. The contract clearly stated that any and all sexual activity that took place was done with their full and unequivocal permission and agreement. It also incorporated what Arthur had already told them including the photo sessions, to be taken at a time and place of his choosing and also a copyright clause giving Arthur full copyright of any and all images taken by all and any form of digital media. It also stated that a down payment had been made consisting of hands on bum and braless. If they agreed to it then Arthur knew that in the very near future she would be his slut to do with as he pleased.

Jerry just smiled as she walked into the house topless. “I take it he will be coming back then.”

Mona told Jerry everything that had occurred and all he said was, “Well then it’s all up to you isn’t it? Seems fair to me.” No discussion. No conversation or anything

“Coffee please sweety.” Arthur said as he approached the following morning. He was extremely confident.

When Mona returned Arthur turned to Jerry, “There are three copies.” he said “We each sign all three and then we can get on with the work. As long as we are all in agreement.”

Jerry looked at Mona. “What are you looking at me for Jerry?” Feeling like she was being bartered away without any say in the matter. “You know your going to sign it so just get it over with.” She snatched the copies from him and quickly scrawled her signature on each copy. Arthur was last to sign and keeping one copy for himself he handed the others to Jerry.

“Bra off please Mona.” Arthur said “No need for it anymore as you gave it to me yesterday.” Without waiting for a response he walked into the house and started working on the kitchen tiles.

It only took a couple of hours to finish the tiling and Arthur kept his hands to himself. Though he did enjoy watching as Mona’s tits swayed about as she moved. Once it was done Arthur told her to make coffee while he checked on what needed to be done to Jerry’s temporary bedroom and bathroom. Arthur had decided not to discuss anything that happened between himself and Mona unless Jerry specifically asked, so when Mona arrived with the coffee he and Jerry were discussing the work for the following day.

“My father is buying the new bed and has ordered the bathroom suite with a special toilet for me to use. Jerry said.

“Well your going to need a hoist to get you into the bathroom which I can sauce for you. However, while I can loan you the money for it I will need to get it back once your on your feet. The same of course for the glass tiles in the bathroom and probably other stuff like cement and screws for the shed and, well I can keep all the receipts and I will draw up an agreement to sign tomorrow if that’s ok?”

“Yes that’s ok as long as you don’t mind?”

“No Jerry not at all. Only wish I could do more.” He said. “Right well that’s me done for the day I shall see you both tomorrow.”

“Yes ok.” Jerry said. Mona sat in quiet contemplation. “Mona, Arthur is going.”

“Oh, sorry. Yes bye. See you tomorrow.”

“Where were you?“ Jerry asked as Arthur walked away.

“Payday Jerry. Payday.” Mona said tersely, “maybe I should just go straight for sucking his cock. You would enjoy that wouldn’t you Jerry.” She stomped off to the house getting angrier with each step.

The following morning Mona was dressed in top, skirt and panties as expected. “So what payment should I give the help today then Jerry?” Mona asked sarcastically, trying and failing miserably to remain calm. Desperately hoping for support from her husband.

“What happens between you and Arthur is completely up to you.” Jerry said quietly. He had become confused over the last couple of days about what he was doing and even more about what he was feeling. The thought of this disgusting man doing, well, anything to his gorgeous wife should make him sick. Instead he found himself absorbed, excited and much to his disgust, hugely turned on.

Mona had never felt so alone in her entire life. She should just say no and tell Arthur to get lost but she knew that if they couldn’t get Jerry’s bedroom done he would probably end up back in hospital. It certainly didn’t help that her body had totally different reactions to her heart.

“Morning Jerry.” Arthur said. Waking Mona from her nightmare. “First I need payment for yesterdays work. I think this should be done with all present in case there are any objections.”

“Ok” Jerry said, looking at Mona who had hoped that whatever happened would be away from Jerry.

Standing up she looked pleading at Jerry who just stared ahead like it was a normal day.

Day One.

One job. One payment. Mona dropped her skirt. She had planned this in the back of her mind as a way of at least holding on to some dignity. After all a pair of micro shorts was not much different to the pair of French knickers that she wore. However she had forgotten that Arthur had hands free access to her buttocks and he made the most of it.

He walked over to her and squeezed her buttocks tightly, “Very nice Jerry.” He said drooling spittle down his chin. “You must have had hours of pleasure from such a tight little arse.”

Mona almost threw up there and then. With tears in her eyes she turned and went into the house. Jerry was breathing heavily as he looked into Arthur’s eyes. He knew that the mere thought of this filthy man touching his wife in such a way should make him want to puke. But instead he had to cover his rising erection. Arthur smiled and followed Mona into the house. He had a very good day frequently sliding his erection between her buttocks which seemed to grip him like an old friend.

Day Two

Doorway knocked in stud wall between bedroom and new bathroom. New door hung.

Two jobs. Two payments. Mona looked surprised at this but didn’t object knowing it was pointless to argue. She looked at Jerry hoping he would put a stop to it.

“We both know Jerry is not going to object Mona. He is just an observer. This is now between you and me.”

Defeated she turned her back on Arthur and slowly removed her top, dropping it to the floor. She closed her eyes and prayed Jerry would stop her as she slowly dropped her panties. Nothing. Jerry had given her to this putrid man. She stepped out of the panties and with tears streaming down her face walked into the house. Arthur had another great day. He loved the little bit of bush she had left at the top her cunt and imagined the day he would use it to pull her lips open ready for his tongue. And, he was fairly confident also his cock.

After Arthur had left she did throw up. Not because of how her day had gone. But how tomorrow would go. She was now at the point where Arthur would want access to her body.

Visions of her soiled past came rushing to her mind. A past of drink drugs and sexual debauchery. She woke up one morning with a total stranger fucking her. That was the point she packed her bags and went home. Jerry never asked her what had happened and she had not offered any explanation. They slipped into their relationship and the rest is history.

“Now is the time to put a stop to this Jerry.” Mona said izmir escort at breakfast. “You know what he wants next. You have your bedroom. We can get by without his help now. The bathroom is paid for including the fitting. We don’t need Arthur anymore.”

“So will you be able to build the glass wall for the shower Mona.” Jerry said quietly, “Or connect the electric to the hoist or fit the ramp so that I can at least get in and out of the house unaided. Will you?”

“Jerry. Please I am begging you. Stop this now, before it goes too far. He wont stop. You know he wont.”

“Then you stop it Mona.” Jerry said sharply, “ You say no more. You can‘t. Look at you. Arthur isn‘t even here and yet here you are, naked, waiting for him to arrive.”

The reality of that statement shook her. Jerry was right. She didn’t need to be naked yet. Yet here she was waiting, no, not waiting. She was ready. Ready for Arthur. She could feel her heart pounding in anticipation of his arrival.

“Good morning.” Arthur said jovially. He knew that today was the day. If he got paid today then she was his. By tomorrow he would have total access to her body. Enough to drive her to the desperate need to be fucked. It had been a long wait but the end was insight, and his cock was sorely in need of some serious Mona attention.

Day Three

Fit lighting to bedroom and fit bed together. Two jobs. Two Payments

A silence enveloped them. Mona looked at Jerry. Stuck in his wheelchair dressed in his pj’s for god knows how long. This was her fault. But even then she silently screamed out for her husband to save her. She knew if she took this next step then Arthur would have it all. When Jerry just stared into the distance she consoled herself with the fact that Arthur would never get to fuck her. He may get everything else but she would never give him that.

“I bought you a present Jerry. So you could keep a record of things. Something to look at till you get better.” He handed Jerry a compact digital camera. Charged and ready to use. This wasn’t rubbing salt in the wound. This was telling Jerry that he wasn’t even in second place anymore.

Mona took a deep breathe, forced herself to relax and then stepped in front of Arthur. Turning her back to him she said, “Take the picture Jerry.” Jerry looked up as Mona took Arthur’s hand and ground it into her tit.

“Access to tits with hand and mouth.” She said, “Take the picture Jerry.” She demanded now. Arthur was enjoying himself. Grinding his erection into her naked buttocks and squeezing her tits. Jerry started clicking.

Mona took Arthur’s other hand and placed it between her slightly spread legs. “Access to cunt with hands and mouth.” She was shaking now. She shook even more as Arthur slid his finger into her moist love hole. Jerry still clicking away.

Arthur moved to the side and started licking and sucking on her nipples while his fingers continued working her swollen clit. Her breathing was becoming erratic now.

Then for no reason Arthur stopped. He put his fingers to his mouth and licked. “Your cunt juice taste just as I had imagined. I think Jerry has a hard on Mona. Why don’t you take a photo of it as a keepsake.”

Mona looked through glazed eyes at Arthur and then down at Jerry’s crotch. There she could plainly see an unmistakable erection. The pj’s that Jerry wore were two sizes too big to accommodate the leg plasters and had a split for his cock to come out so he could piss in a bottle easier. Mona darted forward and pulled the gap wide and out shot what was probably the largest erection Jerry had ever had.

“Mona, I….I’m, sorry” Jerry stammered.

Mona snatched the camera from his hand and took several shots. Thrusting the camera back at him when she had finished. “Oh don’t worry I will make sure you have plenty more fucking erections by the time I am finished. Lucky for you that you have one good hand isn’t it Jerry.”

“Don’t let me stop you Jerry.” Arthur laughed as he followed Mona into the house.

Arthur knew that today would see the last of the work finished but now that he had the chance he was going to make the most of this young slut. He took her arm and sat her on the settee. She made no objection and, without realising it, decided that she would allow Arthur full access to what, as he saw it, was his rightful reward. Hopefully this part of it she would at least get some enjoyment out of. She wasn’t mistaken.

Arthur was a consummate and experienced lover, Starting at her inner thighs, he lightly kissed his way up to her swollen pussy lips, blowing on them softly then breathing in the pungent odour of arousal as he continued to her navel. On up to her heaving breasts. Those globes of heaving arousal. Licking and sucking on each in turn till Mona let out a gasp of pleasure.

He lifted her legs onto his shoulder and then slowly kissed his way down to those puffy pussy lips again. His hands constantly playing with her nipples he, at first slowly, licked her outer lips. Then with a little more pressure his tongue slid into that heavenly hole. He didn’t need to search for her clit as it stood proud and when he pulled on that small tuft of pussy hair her clit jumped out at him and he took it deep into his mouth. Mona cried out loudly, long and full of pleasure and release. He slid first one finger than another deep into her pussy and with a little manoeuvring managed to slide his thumb deep into her anus.

From the first touch on her clit Mona was lost. The overpowering feeling of arousal took over and she gave herself up totally to this filthy old man. The man who was now fucking her pussy and arse with his fingers, her clit with his tongue. The filthy man who was going to make her orgasm. “No Arthur, no I can’t. You can’t no youu, oh fuck oh fuck Arthur ho-hum arrrhggghhhh ye yes oh yes do it do it.” She screamed as she thrust harder and harder into his face and onto his hand. Finally her resistance disappeared and she gave herself totally to the orgasm. “Oh fuck, yes harder harder do it to me aaaaaarrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh,” she screamed.

Thrusting her hips into his face she went totally rigid. Totally silent. Finally collapsing in a spent pile on the settee. Murmuring, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.”

The temptation to ram his hard cock up that throbbing cunt was almost to much to resist. But Arthur was a man of his word and he would wait for her to beg him to fuck that hole, to fuck all her holes. He knew without a shadow of a doubt it would happen very soon. Till then he would enjoy what was on offer. He fully intended eating that hot cunt again. This time in front of her useless husband. That thought brought a smile to Arthur’s face. He took one of the bed covers that Jerry used and covered her up, letting her rest for a while.

Jerry, tears running down his face watched as the last of his semen spat from his erection. He hadn’t needed his hand to make this happen. He didn’t know why but the moment he heard Mona screaming in sexual orgasm his cock erupted into the most painful and fulfilling orgasms he had ever experienced. And the camera had been running right through it.

“Mona, Mona. You need to wake up.” Arthur said giving her a gentle shake. “The hoist guys are on there way. I have put some clothes out for you so have a quick shower and get dressed.

She shook herself awake. There was no fog about what had happened. No fog about the pleasure she had received. And no fog about the strength of her orgasm. “Ok Arthur. Did you say you want me to get dressed?”

“Yes sweety. Your nakedness is for me but I don’t see why we can’t have a little fun teasing the other guys do you?”

She showered and when she saw what Arthur had laid out for her to wear she smiled. A micro mini skirt of course and top that was supposed to be worn with a bikini top. A small tank top that didn’t even cover her tits and was done up by a single button just below the breast. The only thing it actually covered was her nipples and they were on show to some degree because it was a size to big for her.

When she went back down stairs Arthur was in the garden with Jerry. She made him a coffee and took it out. “Is this what you wanted Arthur?” She smiled broadly and did a twirl. Completely ignoring Jerry.

“Yes that’s perfect sweety. Play with them my dear make them horny. Have some fun.”

One thing Mona had always been good at was teasing men. This was the old Mona now. The tease had been truly woken up by Arthur’s oral work on her throbbing pussy. Jerry’s Mona was slowly disappearing. The last vestige, the ‘I will never fuck him’ Mona was holding on for dear life. The next half an hour Mona made sure the two workmen saw everything she had to offer. She organised the new bedroom, made the bed and bent over as much as possible. They saw it all.

“Coffee break.” She said.

She placed a cup of coffee at each end of a chest of drawers then turned around and leaned against it, her legs slightly apart, inviting. They stood either side of her ignoring the coffee but looking at her heaving breasts. She said nothing. Not when a hand crept up her skirt to her wet pussy and not when another hand reached under her top to massage her nipples. As the guys got more and more excited she pushed them aside and walked out. If they had not been so rough she may have stayed longer but they had a grope and should be happy with that.

“Was that ok Arthur?” She asked as she passed him in the lounge.

“Yes sweety. Good girl.”

She smiled. Happy that she had pleased him. She went and sat outside with Jerry. “Those workmen were groping me all over Jerry.” She said spitefully. “Fingering my cunt and everything.” Jerry said nothing.

Two hours later the hoist was fitted and Arthur had connected the electrics and put the ramp in place so Jerry could get in and out of the house by himself. Once the workers had left Mona took the clothes off.

“Ok Jerry see if you can manage to get inside.” Arthur said.

It took a couple of tries but he eventually managed to get in. Placing himself in front of the settee where Arthur was sitting. “Stay there Jerry. Come and sit here sweety.” Arthur said patting his lap. He manoeuvred Mona so that she was facing Jerry and then he started playing with her tits and fingering her cunt. This wasn’t particularly done for Mona’s pleasure. More to humiliate Jerry to the maximum possible.

Mona started to grind onto Arthur’s fingers. Jerry stirred in his chair. “When was the last time she gave you blow job Jerry?” Arthur asked

Jerry mumbled and looked away. “Give him a bj sweety poor thing is suffering.” Mona looked back at Arthur and saw that he was serious. She stood up and pulled his pj’s open, sure enough he had an erection. Jerry moaned as she took him into her mouth. Mona moaned as Arthur pushed two fingers into her throbbing cunt and two into her anus. “Remember Jerry that mouth belongs to me so if you want to shoot your load into it you have to ask me first.”

Jerry mumbled. Mona moaned and Arthur, well Arthur was like the cat with the cream. It didn’t take long. Jerry put his good hand on Mona’s head. “Stop please. I’m going to come.”

“She stops when I tell her to Jerry.” Arthur said smiling wickedly, “Keep him on the edge sweety till I say.”

“Please Arthur.” Jerry pleaded, “Make her stop please.”

“Did you think that she was the only one going to pay Jerry. She may have made the phone call but it was you that crashed. Not her.” Arthur said viciously, “Now ask my permission to come in your whore wife’s mouth. BEG Jerry”

“Hmmmm. Please Arthur can I come in her mouth. Please.”

“The words Jerry. Use the words that have been in your head all this time.”

“Yes.” Jerry said, “Yes. Please Arthur…arghhh can I come in my slut whore wife’s mouth please Arthur please I beg you.”

“There’s a good boy.” Arthur smiled triumphant. “Finish him off sweety.”

Through all the exchange Mona had been experiencing her anal and vaginal orgasm. She heard Arthur through the fog and released the pressure at the base of Jerry’s cock allowing his seed to shoot into her mouth. She smiled to herself as Jerry screamed in painful release. She had given Jerry bj’s before but never shown that she had this amount of expertise.”

“Well done sweety.” Arthur said, “If you want any more Jerry all you have to do is ask me. Not her.”

“Yes Sir.” Jerry said, without fully realising what he had said.

“From now on my dear you may be dressed when I arrive. Pretty much like today. I want you fully available and on show at all times.”

“Yes Arthur.” Mona said. She felt not one jot of guilt about how she had treated Jerry. In fact after what he had called her she doubted she would ever feel guilty about anything that she would do with or for Arthur. Tomorrow would be the deciding day.

Day Four

Hoist connected to electric. Ramp fitted in place. Two jobs. Two payments.

When Arthur arrived Mona was in the kitchen making the morning coffee. “Especially for you Jerry I have added one further choice to the payment agenda.” Arthur said, “Fucking of cunt and arse. I leave it up to you to decide what you choose from the list.”

Mona, dressed in short skirt and transparent top, brought a tray of coffee’s out. “Morning Arthur.”

“Morning sweety.” He smiled, “I thought we should let Jerry choose payment for today.”

As there were only two options and two payments Mona was a little confused but said nothing. Arthur sat cross legged sipping his coffee, Mona stared at Jerry who was just fidgeting in his wheelchair.

“Well Jerry what is it to be?” Arthur asked finally.

Jerry looked at Mona and then back to Arthur. “I’m sorry Mona. But I doubt it is anything new for you.”

“What do you mean Jerry. There are only two things on the list.”

“Fucking of cunt and arse Arthur,“ He said quietly, “Fucking of cunt and arse.” Now it was just a whisper.

“Wha…” Mona gasped, “Jerry?”

“Calm down sweety.” Arthur said, “I added it to the list to see if Jerry really was ready to whore you out. It seems he is happy for you to fuck anyone and probably anything to satisfy his own needs. However I am a man of my word and that final decision is yours and yours alone.”

“Jerry how could you.?” She cried, “You just gave me to another man like I was a possession. Willingly. Happily. Knowing how hard I have tried not to go that far. Well fuck you Jerry. If I mean so little to you then you mean nothing to me. Your just a…a….distant memory.”

She pulled Arthur out of his seat and sat down sideways so Jerry could clearly see what was going to happen. She pulled Arthur’s joggers down and, for the first time saw his snake in it’s full glory. It was very long, 8 or 9 inches and growing but it’s width is what shocked her. When she had seen it peeking at her before it seemed wide but so getting to full erection she didn’t think she would be able to get it into her mouth. “Well fuck you Jerry.” She said to herself, and before it was too late, before the smell made her throw up, she opened her mouth and took the snake as far as she could. She sucked on it for a moment and then withdrew.

“Two jobs. Two payments Jerry.” She said, rubbing that monster in her hand, “Wank cock.” She wanked that cock.

“Suck cock.” She said taking it back into her mouth. Then pulled it out again.

“And as a thank you for showing me how much of a worm you are Jerry a bonus payment. Swallow come, with your permission Arthur.”

“Of course my dear.” Arthur smiled, “And thank you.”

Before she continued she turned to Jerry. “Are you hard Jerry? Get it out, show me. In future it will always be on show. Do you hear me.”

Jerry, red face frightened even, pulled his pj’s open to reveal a throbbing erection.

“So predictable Jerry.“ Mona sneered, and continued to suck on the snake. She used every trick she had ever learnt during her wild years and though she couldn’t yet deep throat such a monster she gave it a try and was determined that she would do it very soon.

Arthur moaned loudly, “There’s a good little whore. Well trained and expert in taking cock. Your loss Jerry is my gain. Thank you so much for this prize. Oh yes sweety here it comes. Are ready Jerry. Are you ready to see your wife, your angel baptised with the devils seed.” As his cock erupted he withdrew and splashed his seed all over her face. Mona smiled broadly and moved her face to get as much covered as she could then took him deep into her mouth to taste the sweet devils seed as it slid down her throat. She was totally elated. She was totally released from the woman she had become for Jerry. Her Mr safe was now a distant past. Mona was back..

“That was truly wonderful my dear. You have a real talent.” Arthur said as he sat back in his seat and sipped his cold coffee.

Mona stood up to see that Jerry was leaking heavily from his cock. She took his face in her hand and kissed him, full on the lips. Leaving traces of Arthur’s seed on his face. “Fresh coffee Arthur?” She asked.

“Yes please sweety. Then I really need to get that glass wall built in the bathroom.”

It took nearly four hours to build the glass wall separating the laundry from what was to become a wet room for Jerry and in that time Mona spent a great deal of time teasing Jerry. Playing with her tits and fingering herself while he watched in total silence. She smiled as she did it, called him demeaning names and constantly berated him for being a useless man and a worse husband. By the time Arthur had finished Jerry was just a broken shell of what was once a man.

As usual Arthur sat down for his end of day coffee and while he drank it Mona sucked on his cock. Teasing him but making him come. “Will you come round for dinner tonight Arthur?” She asked, “I have a present for you.”

“I would be delighted my dear.” He replied. “Shall we say around 8?”

“That will be perfect.” Mona said as she tucked his throbbing snake back into his pants.

To be Continued

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