Hoe Hoe Hoe – Merry Christmas

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Tanya and I had been dating for about six months now. We were both in our college sophomore year at Cal Berkley. It was the next day that everyone was going home for the winter break. They don’t like you to call it Christmas break even though that is what it is. Tanya said to me that she had decided to give me, and both of her roommates the same gift and she thought that we would all like it.

Let me give you a little background about Tanya and me. Tanya is a very petite black girl. She is 5’1″ and weighs about 100 pounds. She has very firm and well-formed B-cup tits, almost C’s, and she is wild in bed. I’m white, 5’11” and weigh 166 pounds. I’ve got a seven-inch erection that is pretty thick. Our first date was a blind date set up by a friend of mine. I had never dated a black girl. She hadn’t been in my car for more than two minutes when she had her hand between my legs. “How big you cock?” I told her that I guessed it was average. “I wanna see it” she said as she unzipped my pants and fished it out. By the time she got it out I was almost hard. “Pretty good for a white boy.” Tanya said before she pulled down her tank top and her thick lips slid down over my manhood. I had gotten laid a few times but I had never had my cock sucked till then. I didn’t last two minutes before Tanya was slurping down my spurts of cum and I was squeezing her tits and moaning. She swallowed every drop and kept sucking. I almost crashed the car when I came.

We got to the movie and all through the show she had her head on my shoulder and her hand in my pants. I was lucky not to fill my own pants with cum but I held it back. When we left after the show she told me that her roommates were out so I could come in and fuck her. That’s just how she put it. Her dorm room door had hardly closed before she had her tits out and her shorts were coming down. “What ya waitin for?” she asked. I raced to catch up with her. Tanya jumped on the bed and pulled her knees up and spread her legs. “Get yo cock in there white boy and fuck me good.” Her skin may have been dark brown but I got a good look at her izmir escort bayan pussy and it was pink on the inside. She didn’t shave her cunt and it was surrounded with short curly black hair. I reached down and pulled a condom out of my pants pocket. “Ya don’t need that. I’m on the pill.” I dropped the condom on the floor and climbed between her legs. Tanya was wet and ready. I slid in easily but she was still nice and tight when I got in. “Oh God yes. Fuck my coochie. Do it hard.” I pumped her hard and deep and after about eight or ten minutes I filled her with my seed. While I was slamming her, she must have had five or six orgasms of various intensities. When I pulled out she spun around and sucked my cock clean. We laid together till we had both come down from our excited state. I kissed her. It was the first time I had ever kissed a black girl. I liked it.

Out in the living room, we talked for some time. I asked her to stop calling me white boy and to call me Rick. She said she would try. I found out that Tanya was a good student, carrying a B+ average. That was better than mine. She told me that she realized that she was a nymphomaniac and that she loved fucking and sucking as often as she could get it but she sternly told me that her ass hole was “out only” and I was not to even think of putting my cock or even my finger in it. Tanya told me that she lost her virginity when she was fourteen and her two older brothers made her fuck and suck them. She said that it happened many times before she started enjoying it. She also said that after about three months, her father caught them and rather than getting after her brothers, he started taking his turn with her too. Satisfying the three of them meant that she was fucked or that she gave blowjobs to one or more of them almost every night. She realized that she had become a slut when one night no one came to fuck her and she was upset and horny. That night she seduced the 40-year-old white guy that lived next door. I told her the little bit there was to tell about my sex life up to that point. We agreed to keep dating but buca escort she told me right up front that I may not be enough to keep her satisfied.

Tanya explained why she hated anal. The third time her father had taken her, he put her on her hands and knees, got behind her, spit on his hand and wipped it on his cockhead. Then he lined it up to her ass, held her tight by the hips and shoved hard, burying himseld deep in her ass in one thrust. She was forched flat on the bed on her stomach. Tanya screamed in pain and tried to pull away but her father held her tight and thrust repetedly into her till he finally came deep in her bowels. She cried all the time. Even after the pain had mostly stopped. He finally pulled his softening cock out of hes ass, covered with cum, shit and blood, went to the bathroon, cleaned up and went to his room, leaving her there sobbing. Tanya has never let anyone touch her asshole after that, even her father.

From then to now I have had as much sex as I can handle and then some. We have gone together to a couple of frat parties that turned into orgies. After a couple beers, Tanya was usually the first or one of the first out of her clothes. I found that I liked seeing her get fucked by other guys. Sometimes it was several at the same time. At those parties I always found enough pussy to keep me happy too.

Tanya said that at 9 o’clock she would be over to my apartment with my Christmas present. I wrapped the one that I had gotten for her. At nine the doorbell sounded her arrival. When I opened the door, there she was and her two roommates were with her. I had met Beth and Onyo before but we had never spent any time together. Beth was also black but she was six feet tall, muscular and had tits that were at least D-cups. Onyo was Thai, very cute and about the same size as Tanya but her tits were just barely B-cups. They came in and I noticed that each of them had a bow on her shoulder. Tanya dropped to her knees in front of me, looked up at me and said, “I told you I had thought of a present that everybody would like. I give you them and I give them you. izmir escort As she was unzipping my slacks I saw Beth and Onyo starting to undress. The night showed great promise as I watched my presents unwrap themselves. The girls had practiced what was next. All together they said, “Hoe, Hoe, Hoe. Merry Christmas.” Indeed I had three lovely hoes to please me and for me to please.

Tanya knew that I was good for several times a night with little time between erections. I didn’t last long each time but was always good for several cum loads any night. “Guess what Rick. Beth loves to get fucked in the ass.” With seven holes available to me to fuck and three pussies to lick, the next three hours were a guys dream. When it was over, everyone was pretty well satisfied and I was pretty well worn out. Beth’s ass was the hit of the night for me. I had always wanted to try anal sex and I got to fuck hers hard and deep and fill it with cum. It was as tight as any pussy I had ever been in. Even the couple virgins I had had the pleasure to breaking in. I was made to go wash my cock before anyone would have anything further to do with it after it had been in Beth’s backside. Whenever I was too busy to fuck any one of them, there was always a female mouth ready to keep things going. I had not known that Tanya also liked doing other girls but I found out, to my delight, that all three of them were bi-sexual and having as much fun with each other as they were with me. I thought about what must go on with the three of them sharing that one dorm room.

When our three to one, female to male, gangbang was finally over, everyone but me got some clothes back on to go back to their dorm as tomorrow, or actually now it was today, we were all headed back home for the holiday. Onyo was going to Tanya’s house as it was too far for her to go to get home to Thailand. Tanya looked at me and told me how much she was looking forward to seeing her father and brothers again and introducing Onyo to them and Oh ya, seeing her mom too. I was left wondering if I was going to find any action during the week that I would be home but at least I could remember Hoe, Hoe, Hoe. Merry Christmas. Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad if I got a chance to rest up a little bit.


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