Hot for Teacher Ch. 09-10

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Chapter 9

Michelle, Susan, and Kim dined on a wonderful meal of lasagna, salad, and bread as the three sipped their wine enjoying their conversation about the day’s activities. It had only been three days since Michelle had agreed to the terms Lisa and Kim had laid out to avoid the pictures of her, engaged in lesbian sex acts, from being revealed. She had been drugged, blackmailed, and forced to engage in non-consensual sex acts but now she was beginning to long for the sting of her mistress’s whip. The soft caress of a woman’s touch and the sweet smell of pussy.

The last three days had perhaps been the most exciting and fulfilling of her life and she wanted more. If she had been the unwilling victim before, she was now possessed and couldn’t get enough of lesbian sex.

“Michelle was surprised this morning when I told her you were a photographer. After dinner, you should show her some of your work,” Susan said to Kim as she brought the delightful red wine to her lips, her eyes sparkling in the soft dim of the candlelight.

“Really? I’d love to show you,” Kim replied looking at the young school teacher. As Susan cleared the table, the two girls went into the den. Michelle sat in a loveseat, the same couch that just hours earlier she had seduced the waitress from the wine bar. Michelle was transitioning from a naive and submissive heterosexual woman to a skilled lesbian seductress.

In a short period of time she had been introduced to pleasure spots on a woman that she had never known existed. She had learned first hand how pain could be pleasurable in the hands of a talented mistress. Most importantly she was learning things about herself – that she was not the same woman she had been on Friday. There was a new Michelle and she was fast closing the door on the previous version.

Kim brought over three leather photo albums, setting two on the table and opening the first. Michelle was transfixed as she gazed at the photos of women, some scantly dressed in negligees and lingerie. Most however, had nude women, lounging in bed sheets, on furniture, or outdoors.

The women were various ages, some seemed to be in their thirties or forties while others could not be much older than eighteen or nineteen years old. The second album had more photos of women together, in various sex acts, kissing, fondling each other. Michelle felt her nipples harden at the photos of women holding each other in their arms, captured in a lover’s embrace. They were erotic but loving, innocent yet captivating.

As Susan walked into the room, she sat down in a chair directly across, still sipping on her merlot. “Show her that album hon’. That’s the one she needs to see,” Susan smirked as her finger pointed in the direction of the last album. Just the mention sent Michelle’s eyes to the soft leather book sitting on the table.

Kim hoisted it up and laid the heavy album across her lap. As she opened the first page, Michelle saw already what Susan was alluding to as a petty brunette woman was held tightly by chains. She recognized Susan’s rec room downstairs immediately. It was a playroom that she had become very familiar with over the last couple of days. She didn’t know the bound woman but Susan herself was unmistakable, captured with a whip in her hand as she disciplined the woman.

The woman was naked and had a ball gag in her mouth. She had seen this device among the toys downstairs on the table. She had clips on her nipples with a chain that went across her chest. Even in a picture she could make out the dark crimson welts that betrayed her mistress’s whip on her thighs and across her ass.

Her own pussy tingled at the thought. Initially the sting of the flogger hurt as each strand of leather teased her flesh sending signals from the nerves to her brain. But in the hands of Mistress Lisa, the pain was replaced by a wicked intense pleasure that bombarded her little clit.

Susan had never wielded the whip with her, but here was photo after photo of her disciplining young girls and even older women.

The women were whipped or experiencing some other type of punishment to their nipples or vagina. There was everything from candle wax to strapons and the camera captured it all as submissive women were photographed in every imaginable position.

Perhaps the most stunning was a picture of a young blonde, kneeling in what appeared to be a bathtub with Susan and Lisa standing over her, her face tilted up. Michelle stared and couldn’t believe her eyes but the photo was very clear. The two women standing over the young blonde were peeing on her. A stream of Susan’s urine was bouncing off her chest and erect nipples as Lisa soaked the young girl’s hair which was just beginning to mat around her face.

“They’re not….” Michelle started before she was interrupted.

“Yes,” came Kim’s one word response. “That’s Katherine, she goes to school here in town.”

“Holy shit,” Michelle breathed as she was totally entranced. She had never bursa escort seen anything like it, never even thought about it. But here was a woman giving herself totally over to Susan and Lisa. She wondered silently if they would ever do something like that to her. How would she react?

“There’s another album. Show her the new one you were putting together,” Susan interrupted as Kim moved the album over to Michelle’s lap. Kim walked over to a bookcase filled with a few more bound books as Chel turned the page of the album she had on her lap.

There were more pictures of Katherine as she knelt on her knees licking Lisa and another with Lisa fucking her pussy with a strapon as she was pictured having oral sex with another woman. Katherine appeared to be nineteen or twenty at best and was very pretty with short blonde hair and an hourglass figure. Michelle noticed a tattoo on the girl’s lower back and was drawn to it. It appeared to be a black panther or some such animal with a silver studded collar.

She reflexively reached up to her own neck feeling the collar that Susan had placed there a couple of nights ago. When she cut and styled her hair, after the waxing of her pussy and ass, she had placed a silver studded collar around Michelle’s neck instructing her not to take it off. She had worn it ever since to the dinner, massages, removing it only by permission to shower and then putting it back on. She had even slept in it. Now here was a picture of a similar collar in the picture.

She wasn’t sure of the significance until Susan, seeing her fixated on the pictures of Katherine chimed in. “We call her Kat. She’s a delightful angel. Reminds me of you in a way. Maybe you two can meet,” she purred.

Kim returned with a smaller book and handed it over to Michelle taking the other from her trembling hands. The pictures had aroused her and she felt herself getting worked up. But she was unprepared for the sight inside as she opened the album to find pictures of herself. They had obviously been taken the night at the conference. There she was in various states of undress as she stood in Lisa’s arms.

The pictures were similar to the one’s she had seen on her computer, but these were different. There were photos of her kneeling at Lisa’s feet, removing her panties, licking her mound, and sucking on the older woman’s breasts. The very thought that these images captured her first moments as a lesbian, the first pictures of her kissing another woman, going down on her first pussy, made her cunt wet.

“You know you photograph well,” Kim smiled as Chel turned the pages of one graphic picture after another. “Like Lisa said, you can have all these back after Friday. But I loved taking them. You’re so sexy,” Kim said as her hand closed over Chel’s on the book.

Michelle looked up and leaned over and kissed her lover on the lips. It was a short but passionate kiss. “I’d like copies but you can keep these. It’s exciting to know I’m in your collection.”

When Michelle had turned the page on the last picture, Susan announced she was ready for bed and stated that Michelle would join her in the bath and then demonstrate what she had learned from Mickie the masseuse earlier that day.

Susan had a large Jacuzzi tub and the women relaxed as the jets sent warm water rushing over their skin. Then it was on to bed where Michelle gave her first solo massage. She capped it off with her tongue as she gave Susan a nice tongue bath. When Susan flipped over on her back, she playfully reached up with her foot and traced Michelle’s breasts and her nipples with her toes.

Skillfully she pinched Chel’s nipples between her toes and when she had secured it, she pulled gently drawing a moan from Chel. When she raised her foot to Michelle’s lips, the young teacher instinctively kissed her big toe. She drew it into her mouth and closed her lips on it as Susan purred her approval.

She had never thought about the foot as an erogenous spot before but now she found herself kissing, licking, sucking on Susan’s pedicured toes. Sucking on them as if they were little cocks. Susan moved the other foot to her lips until they too had been pampered by Chel’s hungry little mouth.

But Michelle had bigger things in mind as she moved up Susan’s legs and settled on the prize between her thighs. Susan’s pussy was delicious as she buried her face in her mistress’s wet box. Encouraged by Susan she licked and probed with her fingers and tongue.

“Eat me, lick my pussy. Suck on my clit you dirty little dyke,” Susan barked.

Michelle picked up the pace. The dirty language, being referred to as a lesbian, a dyke turned her on. Just a few days before she had never given any thought to sex with another woman. Now she couldn’t imagine sex without a woman. She loved the taste of pussy, the touch of a woman’s tongue on her clit.

A woman was so much softer, gentle. She reached out and interlocked her fingers with Susan’s as she pressed her face hard between the woman’s bursa escort bayan thighs, sucking madly on her clit.

It pleased her that Susan was enjoying so much pleasure as she reached between her own legs and rubbed her clit.

“That’s right. Play with yourself as you eat me. I want us to cum together,” Susan groaned seeing the young teacher rubbing her fingers in her bare box. “You like that pussy don’t you baby. You like the taste of another woman?”

“Oh yes, I love it. I love your pussy. I love eating your pussy,” Chel said back in between mad licks of her hot cunt.

“Yea, you’ve become a talented little lesbian. Lisa wasn’t sure at first you would accept what you are, but you are, aren’t you baby… you’re one of us. You love pussy, you crave pussy, you have to have it. There’s no going back for you now is it hon’, you’re a lesbian just like me, and Kim, and Lisa. You’ll always be one… that’s what you are now,” Susan chanted as Chel worked her clit with her tongue.

“Yes, I’m a lesbian. I’m a fucking lesbian. That’s what you’ve made me. All of you have made me…that’s what I am now,” Chel groaned as she smashed her face harder between Susan’s thighs, her own fingers now plunging into her dripping pussy.

Susan let go of her hand as she grabbed her by the hair, smashing her hard into her thighs as her legs closed over the girl’s face almost suffocating her. Susan came hard and released her grip only to pull the young girl up her chest until they faced each other. Susan kissed Michelle, the young girl’s mouth yielding to her tongue which explored her freely.

The older woman slid a leg between Michelle’s and allowed their pussies to rub together, sliding as if one as her right hand cupped Michelle’s ass cheek and pulled her in. Michelle could feel the heat of Susan’s cunt on hers as well as the juices which dripped down her bare thigh.

Michelle sucked on it as their lips rubbed together in a passionate embrace. Michelle felt so loved, so right as Susan’s arms held her tight. She had admitted to Susan she was a lesbian and she had no doubt herself. She loved Ryan. He meant the world to her but somehow she knew things could never be the same. She had experienced what it was like to be with a woman and she didn’t want to go back to a man. No man could ever make her feel like she had with Kim, Susan, and Lisa.

Susan reached over and flicked off the lamp on the nightstand as darkness filled the room. Michelle nestled her head between Susan’s soft breasts. She could feel the pointy nipple against her cheek as she moved slightly and positioned it to her lips. She sucked on it gently as a soft moan of approval slipped from Susan’s mouth.

She wondered if it could always be this way. She had never been happier. Even if it meant people at school finding out, perhaps losing her job, she would prefer that to life without the touch of a woman. She knew there was no turning back now and soon her boyfriend, her friends and her family would know about her lifestyle decision. She would tell them. She wasn’t afraid. In fact, she could not be happier as she closed her eyes and fell asleep in the arms of her mistress.

Chapter 10

Michelle woke to Kim’s voice, “Rise and shine sleepy head. Damn, don’t you look sexy…wait…” she said as she shuffled out of the room and returned seconds later with her camera.

“No, don’t I must look a mess,” Michelle sighed as she pulled the satin sheet over her head.

“Are you kidding, you look really good. Look at me,” Kim shot back.

Michelle removed the sheet and looked at Kim who began moving around the room with her camera. “Lower the sheets. Show me a little.”

Michelle laughed and then lowered the sheet just to the tips of her breasts and then teasingly dropped it as if to flash her. Kim’s camera clicked away as Michelle rolled over the sheet, sticking out her foot and leg.

“That’s it, tease me, give me just a little at the time,” Kim instructed.

Michelle who was playing at first begin to take it a little more seriously as she raised up exposing her breasts, then pulled the sheets tight between her legs, exposing more and more of herself until she was fully naked lying in the mass of white bedding.

She stared back at Kim as she cupped her large breasts in her hands, teasingly, slowly she brought a nipple to her mouth.

“Fuck, that’s it. That’s a girl. I love it. Seduce me, make me want to attack you,” Kim went on as Michelle sucked on her own nipple and then let a finger slip between the wet folds of her bare cunt. Kim in the meantime was moving all around the bed taking picture after picture as Michelle raised up on her hands and knees and looked back over her shoulder. Her fingers opening her vagina, exposing herself to Kim and her camera.

Michelle had a delicious ass and she dropped her back raising her cheeks high in the air before she rolled over opening her legs wide playing for the lens until Kim could stand it no escort bursa longer. She set the camera down on the vanity and slid on top of Michelle as they met in a long lingering kiss.

“You are wicked, you know that?” Kim whispered as she kissed the girl all over her face.

“Yea, well you made me that way,” Chel answered back.

“C’mon, get up. Susan sent me to get you. Lisa’s on her way over and Susan wanted you to get a bite before we get started,” Kim said before slapping the girl’s naked butt.

“Get started on what? What do you have in store for me today?” Michelle retorted.

“I’m sure those two have plenty,” Kim responded back.

Michelle started off down the hall behind Kim. She didn’t bother to slip on a t-shirt or robe as she would likely be naked later anyway. She poured herself a coffee and grabbed a strawberry yogurt out of the fridge joining Susan and Kim in the dining room. There was just a bit of small talk before all three heard Lisa’s car pull up in the drive and seconds later her mistress walked through the door.

The girls sat around having breakfast and catching up on the previous day until Lisa instructed Michelle to go downstairs and prepare for them. She understood this meant to put on her restraints as well as choose an appropriate plug for her ass.

Michelle was surprised when Susan and Lisa walked down the steps wearing what they had on for breakfast. She expected either the leather corsets or maybe even the strapon. Instead, Lisa appeared to be dressed for work but she still took time to fasten the chain to the wrist restraints and pulling her arms over her head.

Instead of the weighted nipple clamps, Susan chose a pair of clamps that had a vibrator in it and attached it instead to her erect little nubs. Susan then slipped off her top leaving her in a pair of thong panties exposing her breasts and her own nipples which were beginning to harden.

Michelle glanced over and saw Kim taking a position a few feet away. Her camera in hand, this time to take pictures of Michelle being disciplined. Chel’s pussy twitched at the thought of her torment captured on film. Her photos would join the others in Kim’s album. Other women would likely see her body teased and taunted by Mistress Lisa’s whip. Her nipples tormented and stretched by Susan.

Lisa retrieved her flogger, her preferred instrument of pain with Michelle. She swished the whip allowing it to crash against her pants leg, again and again as she walked around Michelle. “So Susan said you confessed something to her last night. You want to tell me about it,” Lisa asked.

Michelle’s gaze was fixed on Susan and she knew exactly what she was talking about. “I told Mistress Susan that I was a lesbian. I know now that’s what I am,” Michelle said back, her eyes never leaving Susan’s.

“Are you sure? Are you sure you’re not bi or something. Some girl who prefers women but still likes little dicks” Lisa shot back.

“No mistress, I’m sure,” Michelle answered.

Michelle heard just a warning swish before she felt the sting of the leather braids across her ass. “How do I know you’re not lying. Lying like you did last Friday. Just saying what you thought I wanted to hear,” Lisa demanded.

The piercing whack of Lisa’s whip was met by the clacks from Kim’s camera as frame after frame advanced.

“I am not lying but Mistress can beat me more if she likes. My body belongs to you. You may treat it as you wish,” Michelle said as faced the camera staring into the lens.

Lisa was standing behind the young teacher and was taken back by the response. She wasn’t quite prepared for Michelle to give in so completely, so quickly. “So you are sure you are a lesbian. Not some chicks who still gets their kicks on an occasional little prick,” Lisa questioned.

Michelle simply nodded. “And what about this boyfriend of yours. Is that over?,” Lisa asked directly.

“I love him but it’s a different kind of love now. Like you have for a brother or a friend. I know what I am and I can never be what he would want. I’m a lesbian now and always will be. There will always be a place in my heart for him but I’ll never be with him again,” Michelle added.

“That sounds definite. And what is it you want?” she asked walking around the girl to face her.

“I want to belong to you. I want to continue to be with you. With Mistress Susan and Kim. I’ve never been happier,” Michelle said, tears starting to drop from her eyes.

“You understand pet that Susan and I have lots of young girls like you. I would be happy to add you but there are many already. However, I would be happy to continue in our training. Is that what you would want?” Lisa said as she brushed the tassels of the flogger across Michelle’s nipples.

“Oh yes mistress. I would like that more than anything. I would do anything you asked,” Michelle said, the tears now streaming down her cheeks.

“Very well, but understand we have many conditions and our rules may seem harsh but they are the price one pays to be our little lesbian slut and that’s what you want to be, isn’t it?” Lisa purred.

“Oh yes mistress. I want that more than anything. I will do anything you ask,” Michelle shot back.

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