How I met her

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How I Met Her

I had been in the Marine Corps for slightly more than 6 years, the better part of four of them spent in the jungles of South Vietnam and now I was about to be involuntarily separated from the service I loved. Rather than take my discharge on the East Coast I had elected to remain in California with a buddy of mine who had gotten out six months before. He was one of the “lucky ones” I guess and had served his entire tour at Cam Ranh Bay working in intelligence at the US Naval Air Facility there while I alternated between working with the Hmong, running Force Recon versions of LRRPs, ambushes, and doing interrogation of captured prisoners before sending them up the intelligence chain. We had met when one of the ambushes I had set up snared a couple of high ranking NVA and NLF officers along with a former ARVN battalion commander who had betrayed his unit getting far too many of them killed.
When I had radioed base and told them who I had it was quickly decided to pick up the prisoners and my team by air rather than have us hump our way out. We still had to hike more than thirty kilometers to the pickup point to avoid compromising the village we were working with. The pickup went smoothly and before we knew it we were in the land of hot showers, cold beer and bacon cheeseburgers with fries. Anyway to make a long story short I got called in to provide some background intelligence on the area we were working and that is when I met Lexter. He was the one who handled my debriefing and we became friends.
That blossomed into a true friendship several months later when on R and R in Hawaii I stepped into a fight between this Marine and four civilians with this cute chick standing off to the side. I didn’t like the odds so I got involved. I laid out three of the attackers while the guy took care of the fourth one. It was when he turned around that I recognized him and we greeted each other like long lost brothers. The upshot is that his girl had a friend and we spent the next two weeks fucking and sucking all over that damned island even sharing our girls and an occasional threesome on both. We parted company at Tan Son Nhut and promised to stay in touch as he caught a ride back to Cam Rahn Bay and I caught a bird back to my base.
Three months later he was out and two months after that an ambush we had set up backfired. We managed to fight our way through, but not before all of us were hurt pretty badly. After the fast movers played with matches and set fire to the jungle on three sides a dustoff came in and picked the five of us up. Each of us had multiple holes in our skin, but nothing really damaging except for my left leg. A sniper put a round through my left kneecap blowing it all to shit. After getting patched up I was put on that wonderful freedom bird to the States as my time, after nearly four tours, in that luxurious garden spot of Southeast Asia was over. Some people asked why I went back so many times and the only answer I could give them was the people I worked with, the Hmong.
I spent the next four months in Balboa Naval Hospital while the holes in my body healed. The problem was that they couldn’t heal my left knee, because not only was the bone blown to shit there was a big chunk missing. I did a hell of a lot of thinking and soul searching and finally decided that this was the right course for me to follow. A week later I was minus my left leg from just above the knee. Unlike many others who had lost a limb I never really experienced phantom pain and the doctors couldn’t understand why. I like to think that is was because I had taken the time to reconcile myself to its loss and I know this sounds stupid I made peace with that part of my anatomy. Once I got out of surgery and settled I dropped a card to Lex telling him where I was and a bit of what had happened.
Four days later he walks into my room with two absolutely stunning blonds hanging on to him. He identified them as Shelia and Samantha and asked them which one wanted to be my Florence Nightengale.
Shelia stood about 5’6” tall with a really nice set of what I figured were 38D tits and a really nice hourglass shape to the rest of her. Samantha was nearly 5’10” tall and had 36C breasts that fit her slender frame perfectly. Both had blue eyes although Samantha’s eyes were this deep ocean blue and Shelia’s were the light blue of shallower water and both wore their hair down past their waists. Both were dressed in sleeveless tops that made it easy to see that neither was wearing a bra and both had on micro-mini skirts and leather sandals.
They were both so damned good looking I could feel my cock getting hard. The girls whispered between themselves and seeing me trying to conceal my, by then, raging hardon walked over to the side of my bed and before I could stop them raised the sheet. The both looked down, licked their lips, and looked at each other. “Rock, paper, scissors” said Shelia and when Samantha nodded yes they began that children’s game over the middle of my bed. The first four games were ties and you could feel the tension build. Now I am not all that large being just less than seven inches in length, but fully erect I am very fat at almost three inches in diameter.
The fifth game started with the formalized chant of “One” “Two” “Three” and they flashed out their hands. Shelia showed two extended fingers representing a pair of “scissors” and Samantha showed a closed hand representing a “solid rock.” It took her a couple of seconds to realize that she had won, but when she did she jumped up and down squealing. It was fascinating to watch her tits bounce under her top and I could tell that there wasn’t any sag to them because when she stopped bouncing they returned to the center with the nipples slightly upturned following the contour of her lower breast. Samantha put her hand around my cock and bent over and kissed the head of it giving me a great shot of her tits hanging free and damned near making me cum.
I was still bedridden with my leg swaddled in an absolute mound of bandages and a sling supporting it and I still had three other bullet holes and a couple dozen shrapnel wounds to heal. Samantha asked if I would like her to give me a blowjob and it took every ounce of my willpower to say no. Seeing the look of hurt and rejection in her eyes I told her that I knew she would give excellent head and that as soon as I was able to I was certainly looking forward to getting one from her, but I couldn’t take the chance right now of pulling any of my stitches or reopening my wounds. Lex stayed for about 30 minutes before leaving with the girls and I could hear the wolf whistles as they left. Samantha promised to come back every day and didn’t miss a single one right up to the day I was discharged from the hospital and her blowjobs were magnificent!
After 4 months in the hospital, almost to the day, me, my crutches, and the peg leg they gave me were released to limited duty prior to discharge and aside from checking in twice a day and reporting for 2 hours of physical therapy every day my time was my own. I had taken to staying at Lex’s place or occasionally staying a night with Samantha while I looked for a place of my own but everything was so damned expensive and I simply couldn’t afford anything on what I was being paid. I had let most of my pay and all of my combat pay accrued during my nearly 4 tours in country and while I was in the hospital Lex, who was working as a stockbroker asked if he could invest either part or all of it so I said sure and turned the entire account over to him.
Hell I was just a few weeks shy of my 25th birthday and I had nothing planned. I had wanted to stay in the Corps and maybe buck for a slot at OCS. If I had made it I was going to stay until I retired, but that wasn’t going to happen now. Lex was an absolute was a wizard when it came to stocks and he took my initial investment and in 3 months had turned it into nearly $150,000. I wasn’t rich, but I could afford a couple of things if I so desired. One day I got a letter from my mom telling me that I had a letter from some attorneys in Oregon. I couldn’t think of what they wanted from me, but told her to send it on.
Life to that point was good. I spent a good portion of the day either laying on the beach or stretched out on the deck working on my tan. In three weeks time or so I was going to get discharged and I planned on filing for disability with the VA and probably go back to college back home since there were rumors that the government was about to increase the amount it paid veterans returning to college by a significant amount, but still I wondered what the hell this letter mom was sending me was about.
A couple of days later I got the package with the letter from mom and sat in Lex’s house on the couch as I opened it. Inside was a really nice letter informing me that I was the sole heir to a great-uncle’s estate. He was my dad’s uncle and I vaguely remembered meeting him back when I was 10 or so and I that remember he was really old back then. My dad had died shortly after that and Christ I hadn’t thought of him over the past 14 years or so and to be honest I thought he was long dead.
There was a list that started off with a house and all its contents, about 60 acres of land up on the Oregon coast, a sailboat, and a bunch of other stuff. The letter didn’t say why I was his sole heir, but explained that were I to present myself in their offices and conclusively prove who I was they would turn the entire estate over to me. The one thing (among many) I found odd was that if I was in the service I was to appear in my full dress uniform and have a copy of my military records with me.
I guess I was still in a bit of shock because when Lex, who had told me just to move in and not worry about finding another place to live, came home he found me lying on the couch with my leg stretched out on an ottoman. He said it took him nearly 5 minutes before I came around.
When I finally was back in the world of the living he asked me “What’s up brother, you look like you’re in a state of shock.” “You’re not having another flashback are you?” he asked with obvious concern in his voice as that was something we both suffered from and at the time there wasn’t even a diagnosis for PTSD let alone any form of real treatment available from those assholes in the military or at the VA.
“Nah man, I’m cool” I said “You remember that letter from those attorneys up in Oregon I told you about?”
“Yah” he said “Why. You’re not in some kind of trouble are you”
“No” I replied and handed him the letter. He was silent as he read the letter, pausing now and again to look up at me, and whistling out loud at least once (I figured that was when he saw the list of what I stood to inherit) before he folded it back up and handed back to me.
“WOW!!!” was the first word out of his mouth followed by “Jesus Christ brother, you are fucking rich” “When you planning to go up there?”
“I don’t know” I said. “My discharge is effective in two weeks so it needs to be before then so I can wear my ‘Blues’ I know that much. “The problem is” I went on, “I don’t have any wheels and I know my leg and I aren’t up to an 18 hour bus ride.”
“Hey, that’s no problem” said Lex, “I’ll take next week off and we’ll drive up in my new ride.” Lex had just purchased a 1958 Bentley S1 in immaculate condition from an estate sale and was real proud of showing it off. It had belonged to some actor who while he never made the “A-list” had worked steadily in the business for decades.
It being Friday we decided to leave out around mid-day Saturday and drive to just north of Sacramento, spend the night, and make the rest of the trip on Sunday so I could be at the attorney’s office first thing Monday morning. I called the attorney’s office and identified myself and said that I was calling in regard to the Ian Ross MacGregor estate and was asked to hold for a moment. The voice that came on the line stated that he was Vernon S Hawkes and he was the senior partner of the law firm. We chatted for a few moments and he asked me some questions that only a family member would know the answers to and just before we ended the call I asked why I had to present myself in my full dress uniform. Mr. Hawkes was silent for a moment and asked if that would present a problem. I said that it wouldn’t but I was curious about the requirement. Mr. Hawkes was silent for a moment more and started to say something then seemed to change his mind and simply said that all would be explained when I arrived. I told him that he could expect to see me on Monday morning at 0930, dressed in my full Class A “Dress Blue” uniform.
That task out of the way I called Samantha and asked her over as Lex and I were throwing a small party. Up to this point Lex had always picked up the tab whenever we went out on a double date or threw a party because, as he said, both he and his family were, while not filthy rich, loaded and he was making at least 50 times what I did a month so for me to shut up. I did the math once and figured that since I was making, as an E-6 with over 6 years in, the munificent sum of $198.00 a month he was earning just shy of ten grand a freaking month.
Anyway I decided to splurge and went all out. I called a liquor store that delivered and ordered a full dozen bottles of Moet de Chandon Champagne and a catering service known for their excellent food, including appetizers and full course meals. I didn’t want to go out as moving around was still difficult for me, not to mention painful so I figured that Lex and whoever he was seeing at the time – Shelia having left the month previously for some wannabe movie star – and Samantha and myself could have a little private party of our own. I still had the remains of a quarter pound of really good Mexican pot and between that and the champagne figured we would have a hell of a good time.
The champagne arrived chilled, as I had requested, and then Samantha and Judith, a petite brunette with at least 36DD knockers on her and a sweet smile, arrived. I twisted up a couple of joints to stimulate our appetites and we opened izmir escort bayan a couple bottles of the bubbly. We had about 45 minutes before the food arrived so Samantha and I retired to the bedroom to satisfy one of our cravings.
Samantha was one of only two women I had met in my life that could swallow that monster in my pants. How she did it remains a complete mystery to me, but from the very first time she gave me a blowjob down her throat it went. We had no sooner closed the door to the bedroom than she had my shorts down and my cock in her mouth. It took a bit of doing since Samantha has more than a bit of a one tract mind and she didn’t want to stop once she started, but I finally got her to release me and I stretched out on the bed. Now I could play as well and quickly got her panties stripped off her and her leg thrown over my chest.
She was, in addition to being a world class cocksucker; highly anal-erotic to the point where even the lightest brush of a finger or flick of the tongue over that pink rosebud was enough to sent an orgasm ripping through her. Her clit was enormous compared to all the other I had ever seen and like her asshole was extremely sensitive to touch of any kind. I pulled her cunt down to my face and inhaled that musky odor of aroused womanhood. Sticking my tongue out I started just before her asshole and licked all the way to just before her clit scooping all those wonderful juices into my mouth while she tried to rotate her bottom in such a way that my tongue would caress either her asshole or her clit preferably both in a single pass. This was a little game we had developed and it drove her absolutely bonkers.
Samantha began rocking back and forth as she continued sucking on my cock and as her ass rocked inward I would withdraw my extended tongue so that it was barely touching her cunt lips and when she reached the end of her inward swing I would extend my tongue poking her directly in the center of her asshole. Sometimes I would lick, others probe, and yet others do nothing and she never knew what I was going to do from one time to the next. Then as she began her inwards rock my tongue would form a scoop and gather all her delightful juices once again. As we both got closer to reaching our orgasms she stopped rocking with her clit directly over my mouth and I obligingly sucked it in after flicking it with my tongue half a dozen times or so. She began trembling harder and harder and then, after tweaking both of her nipples I slid hand down her back and over her slender ass sinking my thumb all the way into her ass and she began bucking and thrashing as wave after wave of a monstrous orgasm ripped through her. She pulled my cock out of her throat , swirled her tongue around the head and began swallowing as I let loose with blast after blast of my cum. My face and hair and entire upper body was drenched with her cum and I needed a shower – badly. I pulled Samantha up so our arms were wrapped around one another and gave her a kiss.
“I need a shower babe, want to scrub my back” I asked her with a half leer on my face.
“You’re a sex fiend” she said “All you seem to think about is sex, laying in the sun, and more sex.”
“What else is there for me to do right now sweetheart” I replied. “Hell I don’t even get out of the Corps for another two weeks and I haven’t thought much beyond that point.”
“Well perhaps you should” she snapped “We’ll talk after you shower.”
Getting out of bed is always a bit of a challenge. When I was in the hospital it wasn’t too bad because the beds sat much higher, but these civilian beds sat way too low. I finally made it up and as I hobbled my way into the bathroom wondered what the hell was up with Samantha. She was acting mighty weird. When I got out of the shower Samantha was sitting in a chair and when I sat on the bed she said “Jake we have to talk.”
“Oh Crap” I thought here it comes – This is where she tells me she is pregnant and I’m the father. “Sure babe, what do ya want to talk about?”
She must have seen the look on my face and said “Don’t worry, I’m not pregnant, but we still have to talk.”
Relief flooded through me like a jet of ice cold water. “Ok sweetie, what’s up?”
“Jake, how long have we been seeing each other” she asked me.
“Including time in the hospital” I asked and when she nodded yes I said “I would guess that maybe 3 or even 3 ½ months, why?”
“Do you know during that entire time you haven’t said, even once that you loved me” she snapped.
“I didn’t know that that was the type of relationship you wanted because you made it clear from the beginning you didn’t want any attachments, that all you wanted to do was enjoy life and have sex.” I replied back “When did that all change?”
“I don’t know, but it did and I want more than the fucking 4 to 5 times a week. I want to know that someone – you – cares about me and would like to eventually get married.” She said.
“I’m sorry darling, but that’s not me. I’m nothing but a one-legged former Marine whose only skills are killing people and blowing up shit” “I’m not ready to get married now and, to be truthful, at this time I don’t know if I ever will be” I said to her as gently as I could. “Look I have problems that I have to work through and I am not what you are looking for” I said, “I’m sorry.”
“So all I am is a convenient fuck to you, the occasional blowjob to you, is that it!” “Well mister I hope that you realize one day just what it is you have just lost” and she stormed out of the room! About 2 minutes later Lex came in and asked “What the hell was that all about”
“Don’t look at me” I said “I don’t have the first fucking clue, but if I had to guess it would be that Samantha just dropped me and tried to make me feel that I was the one who dropped her!” “It’s really a damned shame though”
“Why’s that” asked Lex.
“Because I don’t know where I am going to find another woman who can deep-throat the why she could” I replied with a smile on my face.
We followed the US 101 North toward Los Angles and then switched over to US 99 North thru Sacramento and our stopover for the night in Redding. I think if we both weren’t so hungover the trip would have been nicer and both of us were thankful that the suspension of the Bentley made the ride as smooth as it was. We found a nice motel just outside of Redding and after a substantial dinner called it a night.
The next morning we were up at the crack of dawn and after a huge breakfast at the same place we had dinner the night before we headed west on US 299 for a little town called Arcata where we would pick up US 101 North again for Coos Bay, Oregon. It was still a couple of hours before lunch when we hit Arcata so we turned north and finally stopped in this little town called Port Orford where we had a great lunch at this little café. We gassed up and a hour and a half later we were in Coos Bay.
We found a nice little motel right on US 101 and after we got our gear settled I hobbled my way down to the office to ask how to find Mr. Hawkes Law Office and where a good place to eat might be. Back in the room I told Lex how to find Mr. Hawkes office, took one of my pain pills, and took a nap.

I woke up a couple of hours later and we went out to dinner. I noticed that both Lex and I were receiving a number of strange looks, but attributed them to the fact that we were strangers in a relatively small town. Our waitress was cute, but all of maybe 16 and in a community like this messing with that was a losing proposition and the food was absolutely great. I could see our waitress looking at where the lower half of my left leg was missing and I knew she wanted to ask, but was too embarrassed to so I said Vietnam the next time she came to the table. “excuse me” she said and I replied that I saw her looking at my stump and that I lost the lower part in Vietnam. I saw comprehension dawn in her eyes and she said “Oh you were in the Army?” “No Ma’am” Lex and I replied almost simultaneously, we were members of the United States Marine Corps I explained to which she replied with an “Oh.” When we had finished and went to the front counter to pay the older guy behind the counter asked if it was true that we were both Marines and Lex and I both nodded in the affirmative. I explained that Lex had been out about 6 months and I was due to be discharged in approximately two weeks.
The meals on me boys he replied and when we looked at him he simply said “Semper Fi” to which we also replied “Semper Fi” and as we were leaving he said we open for breakfast at 0530 hrs and it’s on me as well. We thanked him and returned to out motel room.
The next morning I was up early and after I had straightened out my bed covers I went to my clothing bag and took out my set of “Blues.” Laying each piece out neatly on the bed I noticed that when I laid my trousers out the left leg had been neatly taken up to just below the knee. The only person who could have had that done was Lex and I nodded toward where he was still racked out and said a silent “Thank you.” I was a nervous as a new whore on payday in a mining town so I slapped Lex across the bottom of his feet and told him to get his dead ass up we were going to breakfast. With lots of moaning and grumbling under his breath Lex got up and we went back to the same café we had dinner at the previous night. The same man from last night greeted us and said our timing was great as we had just missed the early rush and the mid rush didn’t start for another hour. A different waitress took our order and the man, who we found out, was the owner came over and sat at our table.
He introduced himself as Scott Bailey and told us he owned the place. He had taken over from his father when he got back from Korea and we swapped a few lies about what it was like now versus then. He asked how long we were staying and I said I didn’t know. I was here I said to collect on a small inheritance from a great-uncle.
“You wouldn’t be by any chance a MacGregor would you” asked Scott.
I looked at him a bit strangely and admitted that I was Jake or Jacob MacGregor.
“Then I expect you’ll be meeting with Mr. Hawke later this morning” he said.
I was puzzled, did everybody in this town know who I was and why I was here. When I nodded yes he went on.
“Your great-uncle was a good and great man who did a lot for this community and our sister community of North Bend over the years and he’ll be sorely missed. “Whether you know it or not you favor your uncle rather strongly and that’s why folks were looking at you last night.” “There’s many an evening, before he got too sick, that Ian would come in and sit down for dinner at the same table you sat at last night. We talked on for a while with him telling me anecdotes about my uncle until the place started to get busy with the 0800 rush.
We said goodbye to Scott and returned to the room where I grabbed a quick shower before getting into my Dress Blues. It was a cumbersome process with two legs and having but one and a half made it even more difficult, but finally it was done. I don’t care how fancy the other branches get none of them will ever beat the Marine Corps Class A Dress Blues for grabbing a person’s attention.
Climbing into Lex’s car we made the short trip to Mr. Hawke’s office. His office was situated in what I thought to be an old Victorian home with a wide and steep staircase. I looked around and saw no sign of a ramp or anything else to help me so I had no choice but to go up them and at exactly 0930 hours I walked through his front door. I announced myself to the receptionist and she told me that Mr. Hawke was in a meeting and couldn’t be disturbed. I looked at her for a minute, thinking about the steps I had climbed to get here and I told her point blank that I was here at the appointed time as requested in uniform and if he wasn’t out in less than a minutes time he could piss up a rope for all the good it would do him because I was leaving. I said a few other less complementary and turned and headed for the door while she fled to his office.
I had made it as far as the front porch when this older gentlemen came rushing out calling out Mr. MacGregor would you please wait. He said that he was Vernon Hawke and he apologized profusely for pulling that stunt on me as he had not been aware that I had lost a limb, but all would be explained if I would just come into his office. I was highly pissed and I felt rightfully so, but I followed him into his office. Once again he started to apologize when he was interrupted by a woman’s voice coming from the back side of the room. “I’m afraid that this was all my fault, but I had to see if you were really a MacGregor with as short a fuse as Ian Ross had.”
I turned in my chair and saw a very attractive woman in her late 60’s I would guess accompanied by the most beautiful girl/woman I had ever seen move toward me. Both women had red hair and beautiful green eyes and a very oriental cast to their features. They were slender of build, what I would call willowy or lithe, and move with an inherent grace. I would have stood and started to but she motioned me to stay seated as she and the gorgeous creature next to her pulled up red leather chairs next to mine.
Mr. Hawke introduced her as Elizabeth Grace MacGregor and the ravishing creature next to her as Willamina Su Grant and the granddaughter of Elizabeth Grace. I briefly shook hands with both of them and when my hand touched Willamina’s a spark, hell, an electrical charge is more like it, seemed to flow from her to me and back and she smiled at me – I was in love. I didn’t realize it at the time but I had just met my future wife.
“I was not aware, at the time I had directed Mr. Hawke and his secretary to act as they did, that you had lost a limb, otherwise I would have arranged to have this meeting in a place more comfortable to you” she said.
“It’s not a problem, really” I replied “I have overcome greater obstacles.”
“Tell me, if you don’t mind” said Elizabeth “How did you lose your leg.”
I explained that as a Force Recon team leader we had established an ambush along a trail we knew the Viet Cong used to transport buca escort supplies. What we didn’t know is that a local Vietnamese saw us and warned Charlie that we were there and they were able to establish a counter-ambush. I told her of how we had all been hit several times and how finally a flight of F4-B’s came over and dropped napalm on the three sides we were taking fire from and how a medivac chopper came in and lifted us off. I told her that just before the napalm was dropped a sniper hit me in the left kneecap.
I told her of my arrival in the States and how the doctors wanted me to have my lower leg removed and how after a lot of soul searching I finally made the decision to let them take it.
“You’re a very brave and very strong willed young man” said Elizabeth looking directly at me, then she turned and looking at Mr. Hawke said “Vernon, Ian Ross was right when he set forth those conditions in his will.” “Do you want to tell the story or shall I?”
“Before we get started would any of you mind if my friend was here. He and I are pretty close and he is also my stockbroker and financial advisor.” I asked and after receiving a nod from Elizabeth stood and would have fallen if not for Willamina’s hand on my arm. Once again I felt that surge of electrical energy flow from her to me and back and I mumbled quick thanks as I hobbled to the front door and waved Lex in. When he came up the steps I put a hand on his chest and said “Before you say anything She is mine and my future wife so keep that in mind.” Lex just gave me a look of complete lack of comprehension until he got in the room then he just smiled at me.
Mr. Hawke put down the folder with my military records and the rest of my documentation and said to Elizabeth “How about if I start and you can finish” and with that launched into the tale.
Several centuries ago, somewhere around the very early part of the 1600’s, there were supposedly four brothers of the then Chief of Clan MacGregor, a clan that was at the time proscribed by the English crown. The eldest or 1st brother, due to inherit the clan from his father decided to remain in hiding in Scotland; the 2nd brother took off for Ireland and settled there; The 3rd brother left Scotland and Ireland behind him and joined the East India Company finally settling down in India; the 4th brother took a ship and settled in the new American Colonies.
His name was James William and he was a blacksmith by trade. He arrived in America with two hammers and a few other small tools and set out to make his fortune. Records are somewhat skimpy, but it shows that he did become moderately successful as a blacksmith and as an early gun manufacturer. His sons inherited the business making it even bigger and by the early 1700’s there were six blacksmith shops and gun manufactories scattered across the colonies. The family continued to grow and prosper for the most part and by the time of the American Revolution were vocal opponents of British Rule and George III. By this point the family had settled in the Pennsylvania area and was rapidly gaining a reputation as makers of fine and accurate rifles and pistols. This is also when a tradition began that has continued to this day.
The date was November 10, 1776 and the location was the Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, PA and the young man’s name was James William MacGregor. He was the first MacGregor to serve in the United States Marine Corps, but he certainly was not the last. In every generation since then there has been a MacGregor wearing the EGA and wearing it proudly. I’m not even sure that the Marine Corps realizes that during its long and gallant history a MacGregor has been right there with them and that brings us to today. Sometime after the Civil War for some reason males weren’t being born into the family at the rate they previously had been. In fact in Ian Ross’s generation there were only two boys born and nearly a dozen girls. Those two boys were Ian Ross and his brother William Wilson (my grandfather) and it looked for a long time that for the first time since 1776 there wouldn’t be a MacGregor serving in the USMC! That changed in 1896 when, against his father’s direct orders, Ian Ross ran away from home and enlisted in the Marine Corps. He was very large for his 16 years and the recruiter didn’t even bat an eye. After boot camp at Parris Island, SC Ian was sent to China and the 4th Marines. He served in the Philippines, Santo Domingo, Haiti, Peking and Vera Cruz and was stationed in Peking during the Boxer rebellion with another Marine you may have heard of by the name of Dan Daly and took part in the defense of the embassy there. When he returned to the States he brought a Chinese wife with him. Her name was Su Ming and she delivered to him two sons and nine daughters. Ian left the Corps in 1914 with the rank of Gunnery Sergeant after 18 years of service and settled down here in Coos Bay to rear his brood.
In 1916 he was asked to reenlist since the situation in Europe was starting to heat up and they needed cadre to train the next generation of Marines. Not wanting to uproot and move his family, which by that point had grown to 5 children, to Parris Island he left them here. He stayed at Parris Island for nearly a year and a half before his continual request for transfer to the European theater was finally approved and in early 1918 he shipped overseas. He was assigned to the 6th Machine Gun battalion, 15th Machine Gun Company and it was here he was reunited with his old friend Daly who was with the 73rd Machine Gun Company. During the first part of June 1918 his company took part in the Battle for Belleau Wood and his machine Gun Company was in part responsible for clearing the last of the Germans out of the Wood. He was wounded twice and after the second time shipped home because he has lost a part of his left hand.
Ian Ross was a very intelligent man with extraordinary luck in business. There was many a time over the years that he would loan out small sums of money and ask for nothing in return but a percent or two of the profit when the fella got his business back on his feet. He helped anyone who asked, but was extremely helpful toward former Marines often going out of his way to offer advice and support and over the years his kindness was repaid many time over.
His first son was born in 1919 and he named him after your grandfather (which answered the question why my father was named William Wilson the Third and not junior). Sadly Willy died in a boating accident when he was 9 years old. His death nearly crushed Ian Ross and he became very protective of his second son James Ross who was two years younger than Willy.
Things went along smoothly and his business investments continued to grow. By the time the Depression hit in 1929 he was prepared for it having sold all of his stocks and bonds and put all his money into several large truck gardens, orchards, and the fishing fleet for as he said people have to eat. It was tough here during those years, but no one went hungry and Ian always managed to find some sort of work for people in need. Then December 7th, 1941 happened.
Ian immediately went down to the recruiter’s office and was furious when they rejected him because of his age and then the other shoe dropped. He received a call from his son James, a junior at Stanford, who told him that he had enlisted in the Marine Corps and was told that he was going to be sent to Officer Candidate School and become an infantry officer. Once again Ian was devastated. His only surviving son was going off to war. Sure he and Su Ming had tried and had 4 more daughters to show for it before it was determined that Su Ming could not have any more children. Mr. Hawke halted his presentation at this point and suggested we take a brief break and when we resumed Elizabeth would continue the narration.
I got up, with some difficulty, and hobbled my way outside for a cigarette break. I had no sooner lit up when a voice behind me said “You know that those things will kill you don’t you.” I turned around with a snappy reply on my lips to see the most beautiful woman in the world looking at me and immediately swallowed my words.
Instead I asked her “If your grandmother and my father were cousins what does that make us.”
Willamina paused for a second and then with a million candlepower smile said “Far enough apart so that we could get married in this State.”
I was struck almost speechless, something that rarely ever happens and then croaked out “Are you proposing to me” figuring to shake her up a bit.
“Maybe” she replied “we will have to see how things work out over the next couple of weeks before I can give you a definitive answer” “but I can tell you that I could never marry a man who smoked.”
I reached inside my dress blouse and pulled out my pack of Camel non-filtered and crumpled them before her eyes and as I did I could see her eyes light up and another smile form on her face.
“How come you don’t wear a prosthetic leg” she asked me.
“Well” I replied back to her “there are several reasons. First off my stump is still really tender and the muscles tend to cramp up pretty quickly. Second the socket they fabricated just doesn’t fit right and rubs part of my leg raw. And third it looks really dumb with this huge belt around my waist that says ‘look at me I’m a cripple.’
“Do you ever regret giving up part of your leg like you did” she asked.
“There are times when I do” I said in response “We had better get back inside if we want to get finished before lunch.” I also wanted to get away from her line of questions because they were bring up crap I didn’t want to think about right then.
“Good idea, you know you’re really a very brave man and I like that” she said and then she shocked the ever-loving hell out of me by putting her arms around my neck and kissing me squarely on the lips. Now this wasn’t a quick brotherly peck or brief mashing of the lips this was an open mouthed, tongue darting, sensual assault on me and the electrical charge that flowed between us was so strong I was surprised our hair wasn’t standing on end. After her tongue had explored every nook and cranny and twined itself around my tongue several times she withdrew and left me standing there with my mouth hanging open.
A hand slapped me on the shoulder and I heard Lex say “did I just see what I thought I saw buddy?”
I could barely nod my head yes.
“Well brother it looks like that hot little number is hunting and you happen to be her target” he said with a smile on his face. “We had better get inside” “Oh, and close your mouth before you attract flies.”
Again I could only nod as I swung around and hobbled back inside the law office. When I got hack inside Mr. Hawkes office and seated I noticed that there was a tray with coffee and soft drinks on it for those who wanted them. I tried to grab a bottle of Dr Pepper, but it was just out of reach and as I got ready to stand Willamina was there handing me an ice cold bottle. By the time she got ready to ask if I wanted a glass I had already drained the first bottle and indicated that I would like another. Willamina flashed me a mischievous grin and with a twinkle in her eye handed me another before cautioning me to drink this one slowly.
Seeing that we were all seated and ready Elizabeth picked up the story where Mr. Hawke had stopped.
My mother, Su Ming, offered my father the opportunity to get a divorce so that he could take another wife that might give him more sons, but my grandfather steadfastly refused. Jimmy came home for a month before he had to report the MCRD San Diego and spent almost every waking hour with dad and I have to say that we treated him like he was visiting royalty since he was the heir apparent. Even though 5 of my sisters were married not one had produced a male child and it didn’t look promising. All too quickly that month passed and a lot of tears were shed when we saw him off at the train station in Redding, CA as that was the easiest place for us to reach.
Nine weeks later everyone that could loaded aboard his converted 95 foot coastal steamer and headed south out of Coos Bay for San Diego. With fuel rationing getting ready to take effect Daddy figured that we had enough fuel on board for this one trip down and back and by god he was going to see his son graduate from boot camp if it was the last thing he did. As I remember it the trip wasn’t all that enjoyable as most of the children, their mothers, and a number of dads were seasick the entire trip down. We steamed straight through and 60 some hours after we had departed Coos bay we arrived in San Diego. We got to see Jimmy graduate and we were able to spend a grand total of three hours with him before he had to catch a train to the East Coast and OCS.
We got to see Jimmy twice more before he shipped out for the Pacific Theater and we never saw him again as he was killed shortly after the landing on Iwo Jima. Dad wasn’t really the same after we received the news of Jimmy’s death. He withdrew into himself and while he still took care of his business interests he didn’t interact with people all that much. He came out of his shell when his brother, your dad announced your birth in 1947 and he started taking interest things again. When your dad brought you out to San Francisco in 1957 he traveled down there to see you even though he was 81 at the time. Your father’s untimely death in 1957 shook Ian and he decided, at that point to name you as his heir, but he wanted to see, as one last test if you will, whether you would follow in the footsteps of your forebears and enlist in the Marine Corps.
This is why he had the latest version of the journal sent to you to when you turned 12 see if it would provide the necessary spark. Unfortunately by the time you reached the age to enlist he was unable to know it. He had grown increasingly deaf as the years passed and then his sight failed him. He wanted you to appear in uniform, in particular in the Class A Dress Blues as proof positive that you had indeed enlisted in the Corps because he said that no one else would have the balls to wear this uniform if they hadn’t truly earned izmir escort it. With your father’s death and now Ian’s you are the last male direct descendent of James William MacGregor the founder of our line and since you have proven that you are who you claim to be the entire estate of Ian Ross MacGregor is yours.
After a moments silence Mr. Hawke asked “Jacob do you have any questions before I read the Last Will and Testament of Ian Ross MacGregor.”
“Only about a million of them sir” I responded, “but I just want to ask one before you get started if that’s all right.”
“Certainly Jacob, I believe that many of your questions will be answered by what you will hear in the Will, but please ask your question and I’ll do my best to answer it if I am able to” he replied.
“Well sir my question is this” I said “Are my great-uncle’s family well taken care of.” I mean inheriting his estate is great, but I want to know that all of his surviving daughters, grand-daughters, and I would imagine that by this point, great grand-daughters are provided for and I’m not getting something at their expense.”
“An excellent question Jacob and a most admirable one on many different levels and I am sure that Ian Ross would have thoroughly enjoyed knowing you, but to answer your question quite simply yes” he replied. “Ian Ross provided, in great detail for all of his descendents down to the 3rd generation. Beyond that and considering that they are all females he thought, and I agreed, that the lines of consanguinity would become too tenuous.”
“Now” he said “if there are no further questions let me begin.”
As he started reading I looked over at Lex and mouthed “take notes” to which he nodded his head.
Mr. Hawke was a very nice man and I am quite sure a very competent attorney, but his reading voice was similar to many of the instructors and teachers I had come across in high school and later in the Corps. It assumed a droning quality that was almost guaranteed to put a person to sleep within minutes.
To distract myself and hopefully keep me awake I turned my attention toward Willamina and found her staring right back at me. It was almost as if she could read my mind and knew what I was doing. She started making all sorts of suggestive actions, fanning her face with her hand as if she were experiencing hot flashes whenever I looked at her, pushing her chest out and readjusting her upper garments as if they had suddenly become too confining, giving little shivers and shudders as she squirmed in her seat coupled with opening her legs wide then closing them together with another little shake and worst of all looking at my groin as my cock grew bigger and licking her lips in a very sensual manner. My cock went from completely limp to raging hard within a matter of minutes under her gaze and I could see a mischievous twinkle in her eye and a sly smile on her lips as if she knew something I didn’t.
Thankfully the reading didn’t last much beyond 20 minutes and as I heard Mr. Hawkes voice change in pitch and tempo I shifted my attention away from that red headed little minx and back to him in time to hear him say that attached to the will was an addendum that listed, in complete detail, all that I had inherited and it appeared to be a lengthy list running some 10 pages.
Mr. Hawke concluded by saying that he needed my signature on several documents and before I could even think about standing Willamina was there with a lapboard, the documents, and a pen to sign them. I glanced over them briefly and not seeing anything that stood out signed them. Mr. Hawke then got up and walked over to a small safe and after inserting a key and dialing in a combination opened it. He withdrew a rather large rectangular box some 18 inches long by 12 inches wide and some 6 inches deep and a very large ring of keys with a sheet of paper.
Coming back to his desk he set his burdens down and handed me the key ring and the sheet of paper. “These keys” he said “are numbered and that number matches the one on the sheet of paper. It is every key to every piece of property that Ian Ross and now you own. He then picked up the box and walking around the desk said “Ian Ross gave me this box, locked as you see it now, with the instructions that I was to give it to you only after I had read his will.” “He said that you are to open it when you are alone or with a loved one, but it must be opened in private” and then he handed it to me.
My estimation of Mr. Hawke went up because that box had to weigh all of 40 pounds and yet he had handled it as if it weighed only a few.
Seating himself once again behind his desk Mr. Hawke asked if I had any instructions.
I thought for a moment and said “the first thing I would like to do is ask if you will remain as my attorney and counselor at least until get my feet – correction – foot under me and have a better understanding of just what I have inherited.”
Mr. Hawke replied that he would be more than pleased to do so and that when the time came he would work with me to find a suitable replacement.
I then looked at Lex, who looked a bit shell shocked, and asked him if he would consider being my full time financial advisor. He shook his head as if to clear it and asked “What.” I repeated my question to him and he responded that he didn’t know if he was qualified.
I said to him “Lex you have something that no other person, no matter how qualified could ever have and that is my complete and absolute trust.” “What you don’t already know you can learn and until you do you can be my watchdog to make sure that my sheep aren’t shorn before their time.”
“With those conditions I would be a fool not to accept” said Lex.
The first thing I would like you to do is get with Mr. Hawke and go over my assets breaking them down into small bites that you can feed me a forkful at a time.
I then turned to Elizabeth and Willamina and said, “I gather from our conversations that the two of you are living in the Main House, is that correct.”
Elizabeth answered saying “Yes we are, but we should be able to move out by the end of the week if that is alright with you”
“Elizabeth” I replied, “I have no intention of asking either you or Willamina to move now or ever and in fact I wish that you would consider the house to be your home for as long as you want.”
Willamina gave out a little squeal of joy and rushed over to hug me delivering another of her kisses to my lips.
When I had recovered sufficiently I said “What I would like to do now is go and get something to eat, go back to the room and get out of this gear, take a nap for a couple or three hours, and then see about moving my clothes and such to the main house.” “Now let’s go eat.”
It was a minor cavalcade to the café where we had had breakfast earlier led by Lex in his Bentley, Mr. Hawke in his Lincoln Towncar, and Elizabeth in her huge Cadillac Deville Convertible.
We arrived inside and Scott the owner came bustling out from behind the counter addressing all of us like old friends and led us to the table that Lex and I had used before and my great uncle before that. Scott turned to me and said “once again your timing is impeccable as you have about 45 minutes before the lunch crowd hits. The food was great and the conversation light as we talked mainly about the town of Coos Bay and its history and when Lunch was over I had Lex run me back to the motel before he headed back to Mr. Hawkes office to start digesting my inheritance. He carried my mysterious box inside and after wishing me peaceful dreams left.
I stripped out of my ‘Blues’ and after hanging everything up went an took a long hot shower. I changed into a pair of skivvies and a tee shirt, took a pain pill, cranked the A/C up and crawled into bed. I really wanted a cigarette, but I had promised that red headed vixen that I would quit so as the rain that had been holding off all morning came crashing down I turned off the light, fluffed my pillow and was soon in the land of nod.
I woke to the sound of someone pounding on my door. Pissed because my sleep had been interrupted I grabbed my sticks and hobbled to the door intending to give whoever it was a piece of my mind. I threw open the door and standing there in a light-weight green raincoat was Willamina.
“Well aren’t you going to invite a girl in” she said as she slid past me. “Now close the door!”
I was so captivated with her beauty I was almost in a trance as I swung the door closed. “Now lock it and come over here” she ordered and dumbly I complied. She sat me down on the bed and took my crutches placing them across the room. She came back and standing in front of my staring face she undid the belt to her raincoat and opened it. I was completely and absolutely speechless for she had nothing on underneath her raincoat but herself.
I sat there on the bed saying “uba, uba, uba” as if there was a short circuit between my brain and speech centers and my cock went from limp to fully engorged is about 3/10ths of a second, springing out through the hole in the front of my skivvies.
“Well” she said looking down “at least someone is glad to see me!” Using one hand she pushed me back on the bed while the other grabbed a hold of my cock with a strength that actually surprised me. She crawled up my body and relinquished her hold on my cock only when it was firmly nestled between the lips of cleanly shaved cunt and pinned to my stomach. As she slowly began sliding her cunt back and forth over the length of my cock she placed her hands on either shoulder and looked me squarely in the eye.
She said “Did you feel that energy charge that went through us when we first met”
“You mean the one buzzing through us now” I said.
She nodded her head yes and picked up a tiny bit of speed in her sliding. “I was wet the whole morning because of it so at the break I had to see if it was real or imagined” she said “and boy howdy was it ever real.” “After kissing you I had a whole string of mini orgasms and had to stop in the bathroom to wipe myself dry” “even then I had to stuff some toilet paper into my panties to keep from dripping on the chair or floor and that has never happened to me before.” “So” she continued “I asked grandma on the way home what was happening to me and she told me that I had met my psychic and physical mate and her advice was to come back here and fuck our brains out.” “She also said that if we felt the same way after making love that it was a true pairing and not just physical lust, so here I am.
I reached up with my two hands and cupped her perfect breasts before taking her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and rolling them. She let out a loud moan and pushed her breasts into my hands. “Willamina I think you are the most beautiful and exquisite woman I have ever met.” I said pulling on her nipples as I continued to roll them between my fingers. She let out another loud moan accompanied by a shiver that started at the top of her head and progressed downward to her cunt and I felt her warm juices flow across my cock and soak my balls.
“Call me Willy or Willy Su” she said as she lowered her lips to mine for another mind blowing kiss.
Using my right leg I rolled her over on to her back and started placing little butterfly kisses and light flicks of my tongue over her face ears and neck. She shivered again when my kisses reached her upper chest and I slowly worked my way downward until my mouth was centered over one of her nipples. I gave her nipple a furious lashing with my tongue faster and faster front to back and side to side. Her head was twisting from side to side and out of her mouth came a continuous stream of “Oh God, Oh God, OH GOD as I sucked her nipple into my mouth. Willy tried to force her entire breast into my mouth as her body rippled up off the bed. I nipped her lightly with my teeth and moved over to the other nipple giving it the same harsh treatment and she loved every minute of it.
Abandoning her nipples to the torture of my fingers I slid down her belly leaving a trail of licks, sucks, nibbles and kisses. I rimmed her belly button before plunging my tongue into that shallow well and continued southward. I could smell heaven before I tasted it and as I moved lower I tasted it before I saw it and then finally I was at the Promised Land. I paused for just a second or to to see what there was to see. Her little nubbin of a clit had begun to fully emerge from the concealing folds around it and her outer lips were a deep shade of lust filled red. I inhaled that wonderful smell of apricots and raw musk and dropping lower I stuck out my tongue and drew a circle around her tender pink rosebud before I centered my tongue and probed. It was like someone had just hit her with a cattle prod as her hips came up off the bed with enough force to nearly shake me off.
“My God” I thought “Is she ever anal erotic” I decided to leave her cute little pink rosebud alone and save it for dessert and turned my attention back to her glorious cunt. Sticking my tongue out to its fullest I started at the bottom gathering every drop of her sweet nectar as I move upward. As I approached her clit I circled it before giving it a light flick of the tongue and then I went back down and repeated myself. With every stroke upward I penetrated a little bit deeper until I could go no further then I carefully and gently inserted first one finger and then a second into her aroused cunt. Starting slowly I began moving them in and out as I continued to lick up her juices. I began to move my finger in and out faster and faster as her hips rose and she matched my rhythm. She was cumming steadily now and I could feel the tension building. Suddenly I flipped my fingers over and sought that little patch of slightly different skin and as my fingers found it I sucked her clit into my mouth lashing its head as I had done to her nipples a short while ago. I rubbed her G-spot and sucked on her clit while her entire body writhed under me. She let out this loud Aaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh as her body arched up off the bed shaking uncontrollably. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she was completely unconscious. I pulled her into my arms and caressed her body as shockwaves from her orgasm continued to pulse through her body. I pulled a sheet over us and fell asleep.

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