Introspection Ch. 02

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Chapter 02: The Party

We dock at the chalet and Maddy informs me a couple of her friends have already arrived. She attaches a lease to my collar and sternly looks on my eyes.

“For the next three days, you are my slave, Jackie, and you will follow my instructions to the letter. I will absolutely not stand for disobedience or poor behavior.”

I was truly scared. Maddy then walks me up the stairs on the leash and straight into the living room. I stumble, trying to keep up in my high heels to the delight of our new audience: Jill, a medium bodied blonde with cute little bob haircut; Tess, a tall, slender Latina with serious spunk and attitude. I had met both friends previously and would describe them as more on the wild side of Maddy’s friend spectrum.

“Maddy, you did it,” they both exclaimed in unison.

“I told you it would be easy. Now everyone, please meet my new little submissive cuckold sissy slut.”

Cuckold? This was new. A thousand thoughts raced through my head but I was quickly awakened by a hard slap on my sore ass half covered ass.

“Please introduce yourself,” Maddy ordered.

I hesitated and stammered which turned out to be a very bad idea. Somehow, Maddy had enough muscle to aggressively push me so hard that I fell directly forward but managed to catch myself on the couch. Maddy quickly lifted my cocktail dress and pulled down my girlie black panties, Jill held my outstretched arms and clamped down hard, Tess towered above me with a devious smile and handed Maddy a heavy wooden spoon. Maddy started assaulting my already once beaten ass with the spoon.

“Twenty slut spankings for forgetting your manners, I will not have an insolent little slut insulting her superiors.”

Again, these weren’t normal play spankings, this was a real deliberate punishment designed to set-the-stage. I pleaded, whimpered, yelped, and I wondered what had changed with my mostly submissive girlfriend. I was close to tears when Maddy mercifully stopped. She then pushed me to the floor and again asked me to introduce myself. This time I obliged without hesitation.

“I am Jackie, I am Goddess Maddy’s little submissive cuckold slut.”

All the girls cheered and hugged me. I felt both a sense of relief and belonging. Maddy held my head on her lap and whispered, “Be a good girl, Jackie and I will make sure you are rewarded; be a bad girl and you can casino siteleri kiss our relationship goodbye.”

Maddy then announced she and the girls were going to get dressed for the party. I was instructed to prepare the wine, put out appetizers, clean up the living room and kitchen, and put on mood music. Maddy said to plan on three more guests. I asked her which of her other friends were joining us. She smiled and winked at Jill and Tess. The three of them busted with laughter and went off arm-in-arm to the master bedroom.

I worked as instructed. I put on an apron and cut up vegetables, meats, cheeses. I found caviar and accoutrements. I opened two bottles of Silver Oak Cabernet and let them breathe and also put a bottle of Dom Perignon on ice. My phone buzzed and there was a text from Maddy asking me to come to the master bedroom. Jill and Tess exited as I arrived and simultaneously kissed me on the cheek. They were both dressed to the nines in cocktail dresses, elegant heels, and tasteful jewelry. They smelled heavenly. I was beginning to look forward to our girlie party.

Maddy waved me over the vanity and set me down. She stood before me in a beautiful white cocktail dress, white stockings, pearls, and red pumps.

“Baby, we need to talk. I love you very much but I am done with our previous relationship. Once I found out about your slutty little secrets, I thought about leaving you but then decided to take matters in my own hands.”

“In about fifteen minutes, three large black studs are going to arrive to party with us. Here is the thing, in last month, I have fucked all of them multiple times. As a matter of fact, you have licked their yummy cum out my swollen pussy many times as well. Every time in last two months I told you I was going to the gym, I have been getting fucked silly by hot black cock.”

Jesus, my mind was going so many places so quickly. It was true that Maddy had been pushing oral sex much more frequently. Especially after her “gym” sessions. I thought the smell and taste was a little off because of her sweaty workouts. But now it dawned on me that the texture and aroma of her pussy was changed because it was full of hot cum from big black cock.

My cock suddenly went rock hard. This did not go unnoticed by Maddy as she tapped the head of it with her fingers.

“Better get this little clit under control or I will look it up permanently,” Maddy demurred slot oyna with a completely serious look on her face.

She then continued her intoxicating narrative “Yes, baby, I have been getting my share of thick black cock, every day after the gym, I have been meeting one or two of them at Jill’s apartment and letting them have their way with me. Then I bring back their huge loads for you as I have been intentionally conditioning and programming you to like the taste and smell of cum.”

“If you want to stay with me, you are going to start serving me and them as my little sissy cuckold. You will fluff their cocks before they fuck me, you will eat their hot cum out of my well worked pussy after, and you will clean their glorious alpha cocks.”

“They will be your masters and you will serve them as you serve me. Nothing will be off limits. Tonight will be your first initiation and you are going to take their huge cocks and cum in both your voluptuous hot mouth and your tight toned little ass. I am going to watch my boyfriend get used and abused like a little cumslut common whore tonight.”

Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Maddy.”

I can’t believe those words so easily came out my mouth. I was having an out-of-body experience. But I also knew this was as aroused as I had ever been in my entire life.

“Good girl. Now let’s do your make-up.”

Maddy took her time. She fixed my brows, applied base, did my eyes, added bright lipstick, and spritzed perfume. All while telling me about her recent fuckings and how she enjoys being a hot slut to black cock. She was incredibly sexy and totally in control. After much effort, she had me view myself and say my new girlie name in the mirror. She then had me try out some slutty poses and practice my walking in heels as she instructed me how to sway my ass properly. Lastly, she had me practice sucking on a huge back dildo. She put me on my knees and made me look up at her as I mouthed and caressed the head. “It’s important for little sluts to plead with their eyes for big hot dick,” Maddy instructed.

Satisfied with our initial training session, Maddy escorted me out of the bedroom back to the living room. We heard deep masculine voices.

“Fuck, our guests are already here,” She breathlessly panted.

I watched Maddy freeze and her face become instantly flush. It was as if she was transported to another place and I swear I could head canlı casino siteleri her start to almost whimper.

Quick, feel my cunt,” she ordered.

I reached under her dress. She wasn’t wearing panties. She was sopping. Wetness was running down her thighs. I had never seen Maddy like this before.

“It’s time, baby,” Maddy announced smiling.

Maddy walked ahead with me on the leash, she led me to the middle of the living room and pushed me down to my knees. Three large black men were sitting on the couch. They introduced themselves: Marcellus was on the left; probably six feet tall and stocky with cropped hair and a full beard. He was built like a muscular fullback. Jill was squirming on his lap and Marcellus had her white panties around her heels already. Derrick was in the middle; very tall and lean with dreadlocks and young facial features. He looked like a college basketball player. Tess was sitting on the ground in between his legs and his pants were already unbuttoned exposing his underwear and a very large mahogany mushroom head member jutting out of the waistband. Then there was Jamal; a true massive Adonis of a man, six foot six with big hands and muscular tattooed forearms, shaved head with light scruff facial hair. He was clearly the alpha out of our alpha group.

Maddy immediately went over and gave Jamal a wet sloppy kiss. He groped my girlfriend and slipped his hands under dress, her eyes rolled back in her head and I knew he was already inspecting her perfect little pussy with his thick fingers. Fuck me. Jamal was Maddy’s bull and her new full-time lover and he was the hottest masculine specimen I had ever seen. My head started spinning and I thought I was going to pass out right there.

Maddy whispered something to Jamal. He looked me up and down, I felt his dark eyes burn right through me; finally he nodded, smiled, and whispered something to Maddy who giggled. Maddy made a quick hand motion to me to go get the champagne. I tried my best to strut my assets as I strode away. I was gaining confidence despite my accelerated pulse rate. I rested the seven glasses on a tray and walked in. I gave each of the ladies a glass first and then served the gentlemen. Maddy looked at me, god, she was so beautiful and already gasping as she was grinding on Jamal’s big thick thigh. I saw him pulling her hair in the back, essentially manhandling the wild girlfriend I couldn’t control.

Maddy regained her composure and raised her glass to toast to “a fun, no holes barred” evening and then once again instructed me to introduce myself. This time I didn’t hesitate.

To be continued…

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