It’s A Man’s World Ch. 05

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Before proceeding to part 5, I reproduce below the closing lines of part 4:

‘They are very pretty,’ jiju remarked, ‘No wonder Shamit and Amit wanted to fuck them.’

‘I wouldn’t mind sticking my cock in their cunts either,’ jijaji said, ‘Mohan, what says you?’

‘So would I,’ jiju laughed.

‘You will,’ Sarit giggled, ‘Our husbands have sent them especially for you both. They said, “when our respected brothers in law can give us one virgin each to deflower, the least we can do is to give them the choots of Basanti and Shanti in return” or something to that effect.’

‘Really, but what about them, will they agree?’ Jiju asked.

‘Of course they will cooperate. They love a good screw,’ I laughed, ‘but you will have to wait till our men arrive.’

‘Don’t worry, we can wait,’ jiju laughed.

‘Enough about us,’ I said, ‘Didi, where are the virgins?’


‘Wait a minute,’ Madhu didi laughed and rang the call bell.

Couple of minutes later a young eighteen-year-old girl from Nepal entered the room. She was not exactly pretty but had a sexy air about her. She was very fair, about 5 feet 2″ tall and slim with small but firm breasts.

‘Ma’am, you rang?’ she said.

‘Yes Kanchi. These are our sisters, Adi and Sarit, they will be staying here with their husbands and those there are their maids, Basanti and Shanti. Take the maids to the kitchen, give them tea and show them to your room. They can also sleep there.’

‘Yes ma’am,’ she said and greeted us politely.

‘Tell Tulsi to bring tea for us here,’ Rashmi didi ordered.

‘As you wish ma’am,’ she said and went out taking our maids with her.

‘I have seen that girl before,’ I said, ‘but I can’t recall where?’

‘You must have seen her at our wedding,’ Sarit said, ‘She was Rashmi didi’s maid.’

‘Oh yes, You are right, I place her now,’ I said, ‘Does she know why she is here?’

‘Yes, she knows that she is going to be deflowered,’ Rashmi didi smiled, ‘but she thinks that Abhi is going to do it.’

‘Jijaji? How did she get that impression?’ Sarit asked, surprised.

‘It is a long story,’ Rashmi didi said.

‘Please didi, tell us,’ Sarit pleaded.

‘Not now, perhaps later, first meet Tulsi,’ Madhu didi said, ‘she should be here in a moment.’

Just then we heard a pleasant voice call out, ‘Madam, please open the door, both my hands are full?’

‘That must be Tulsi bringing our tea,’ Madhu didi said, ‘Adi, open the door.’

When I opened the door, for a moment, I was stunned. Tulsi was gorgeous. She was easily the prettiest woman in the room. She was about the same age as Kanchi but looked younger. She had big innocent eyes and her long black hair, knitted into two plats, reached her hips. There was not an ounce of fat on her body. Her curves were of the right size and at the right places. If her shapely boobs had been one size smaller than they were, she would have been a favorite at the “Miss Universe” contest.

Madhu didi introduced us and told her that our husbands would be joining us tomorrow. She greeted us respectfully and after serving tea left.

‘Madhu didi, she is gorgeous, when did you get her?’ I asked.

‘I sacked my old maid few days after your wedding,’ Madhu didi replied, ‘all she did was complain about her aches and pains and watch TV.’

‘How did you find her?’ I queried.

‘Two days after I had dismissed my old maid, a neighbor sent her. I did not want to employ her as she had no or little experience in looking after children,’ Madhu didi explained, ‘but your jiju insisted, “How will she gain experience if no one will give her a job,” he reasoned. I think the main reason was her pretty face and village fresh choot.’

‘Didi, she is so pretty, I hope our husbands don’t quarrel over her “village fresh choot” as you put it,’ Sarit giggled.

‘It won’t help because Tulsi will only surrender her virginity to Shamit,’ Madhu didi clarified.

‘Why Shamit and not Amit, she has not met either of them?’ Sarit asked with a tinge of jealousy.

‘There is a story behind this too,’ Madhu didi chuckled.

‘WOW! Another story, tell us,’ I said, excitedly.

‘I will but first let us listen to; why Kanchi expects to lose her cherry to Abhi,’ Madhu didi suggested.

‘A week after we returned home from your wedding, I noticed that Abhi’s eyes followed Kanchi whenever she was in the room,’ Rashmi didi started to narrate her story.

‘What is with you men,’ I said to Abhi, one night when we were in bed, ‘the moment you see a girl with a fair complexion your laurda (cock) gets hard?’

‘It is not that my dear,’ he replied, ‘it is not her fair skin that attracts me but her tight kori choot (virgin cunt) and secondly I have never fucked a girl from Nepal.’

‘You want to fuck her?’ I asked directly.

‘Yes desperately,’ he replied, placing my hand on his erection. ‘See how hard I am just talking about her.’

‘Go ahead and fuck her,’ I said, taking the bull by the horns, ‘I am not stopping you.’

‘You casino siteleri are not?’ Abhi replied, hugging me, ‘Didn’t I always say that you are the best wife in the universe?’

‘Stop buttering me, you rascal,’ I chuckled, ‘but under one condition.’

‘OH! OH! A condition,’ Abhi said, ‘I should have known that there will be a string attached. All right what is it?’

‘I want to watch when you deflower her,’ I told Abhi.

‘Of course you can watch,’ Abhi said laughing, ‘you can even sell tickets to your friends if you like.’

‘No thanks,’ I told him, ‘I don’t want you to fuck my friends next.’

‘It wouldn’t be a bad idea, some of them are real beauties,’ Abhi said, getting on top of me, ‘Oh girls, what a night it was?’

‘Hai didi, kahin jijaji ne Kanchi ko chod tau nahin diya? (Gosh didi, I hope jijaji has not fucked Kanchi already?)’ Sarit exclaimed.

‘Don’t worry he has not,’ Rashmi didi replied with confidence, ‘Kanchi is still a virgin.’

‘Next day, when I returned from work,’ jijaji said, taking up the narration, ‘Kanchi was in the kitchen washing up.’

‘Kanchi, I am home, how about a cup of tea?’ I said, putting my arms round her waist and kissing her on her cheek.

‘Oh shaab (Sahib or Sir) please don’t, ma’am might see us,’ she whispered, extricating her self from my grip.

‘Where is she?’ I asked.

‘In her bedroom,’ Kanchi said.

‘Okay, bring the tea there,’ I told her.

In the room, I told Rashmi what had taken place. ‘Hmm, she neither got angry nor did she scream but warned you of my presence,’ Rashmi repeated thoughtfully, ‘Do you know what that means?’

‘Yes,’ I laughed, ‘it means that you will soon be selling tickets to your friends for our private sex show.’

‘I think so too,’ Rashmi giggled.

‘Darling, from tomorrow I don’t want you to be home when I return from work,’ I said.

‘Where shall I go?’ Rashmi asked.

‘I don’t care, do what you like, go shopping or visit Madhu, but stay out of here,’ I suggested.

‘Quite a tempting proposition, I hope Mohan will also be home by then,’ she giggled.

Next day, when I got home I asked Kanchi where Rashmi was. She told me that she had gone out. Immediately, I embraced her and kissed her cheeks.

‘Oh shaab, please don’t,’ she protested, but made no move free herself or to stop me.

After kissing her several times I said, ‘I will be in the sitting room, bring the tea there.’

After serving the tea she waited till I had taken a sip. ‘Shaab, chai theek hai? (Sir, is the tea okay?)’

‘First class! Thank you,’ I replied and started to read the morning papers. I suppose, I could have taken more liberties, but not wanting to scare her off, decided to take things slowly.

For the next few days I remained with just kissing her on the cheek but on the fourth day I kissed her on her lips. ‘Oh shaab, you shouldn’t do that,’ she protested, blushing sweetly.

I just laughed and went to the living room to wait for my cup of tea. As usual she waited for me to take the first sip. ‘Shaab, chai theek hai? (Sir, is the tea okay?)’ she asked, as she did everyday.

‘Hmmm, it is too sweet,’ I asked, ‘how much sugar have you put?’

‘One spoon only, like everyday,’ she replied with a puzzled frown.

‘Hmm,’ I said smacking my lips, ‘then it must be the sweetness of your lips.’

‘OH!’ she said blushing and ran into the kitchen. I followed her and hugging her said, ‘Kanchi let me taste your sweet lips again,’ and kissed her tenderly.

At first she did not respond but a few moments later, when she did, it turned into a real french kiss. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and sucked her lips.

When the kiss broke, we both were gasping for breath. ‘Kissing on the lips is nice isn’t it?’ I asked.

‘Oh y…hes,’ she replied, blushing and lowering her eyes.

Kissing became our regular routine. We kissed, whenever we saw the opportunity, even if Rashmi was at home. My next target was her tits. I had a plan but did not find the right opening. Therefore one night I told Rashmi my plan.

‘Don’t worry lover boy,’ she chuckled, ‘I will do the needful. You will have her tits tomorrow.’

Next day when Kanchi served my tea I said, ‘Kanchi, bring some more milk, the tea is very strong.’

‘There is no milk. I don’t know how but it has turned sour,’ Kanchi replied.

‘Tau kya hua, tu apna doodh daal deti (How does that matter, you could have put your milk),’ I suggested, staring at her boobs.

‘Apna doodh? (My milk?)’ she said puzzled but when the coin dropped, she giggled, ‘Aap mazaak kar rahe hain, mere doodh nahin ata (You are joking, I have no milk).’

‘Let me see,’ I said pulling her on to my lap.

‘Oh please let me go,’ she begged but did not make any effort to get up.

While kissing her tenderly I unbuttoned her blouse.

‘Oh shaab, please don’t,’ she said, as I pushed up her bra revealing a beautiful pair of boobs.

‘Kanchi, your boobs are very pretty,’ I said, squeezing slot oyna them gently.

‘No, they are not, they are too small,’ Kanchi replied, making a face.

‘They may be small but believe me they are really pretty,’ I replied, kissing them.

‘Oh Shaab,’ she moaned loudly, as I sucked her hard pointed nipples.

She was really enjoying herself, her eyes were closed and her moans of pleasure got louder and louder. Slowly, I moved my hand to her choot and started to rub it from outside her sari.

‘Shaab, nahin (Sir, no),’ she moaned, catching my hand.

‘Karne de, tujhe achcha lagega (Let me, you will like it),’ I whispered.

Hesitatingly she loosened her grip and I recommenced rubbing her cunt. Few minutes later her hips started to move in fuck motion.

‘Oh shaab’ ‘Oh shaab’, she moaned repeatedly.

When I sensed that she was about to come, I quickly pushed my hand inside her sari. When she felt my fingers massaging her naked choot she moaned loudly, ‘OH SHAAB.’ I stopped only after she had come twice.

‘Was it nice?’ I asked.

‘Oh y…hes, oh y…hes,’ she panted.

‘Let me do it again,’ I said and shagged her one more time.

Couple of days later, when I had finished frigging her, I asked, ‘Kanchi, would like to experience a greater pleasure?’

‘Yes, very much,’ she replied eagerly.

‘Then you must get rid of these hair,’ I said, pulling her pubic hair lightly.

‘Why? What will you do?’ she asked, innocently.

‘I will lick your cunt,’ I told her, ‘you will love it.’

‘What! No, it is dirty,’ she replied.

‘Let me worry about that, you only think of the extreme pleasure in store for you,’ I laughed.

‘Can’t you do it like I am?’ she asked.

‘I can but you won’t enjoy it,’ I laughed, ‘The hair will keep getting into my nose and I will be sneezing half the time, interrupting your pleasure.’

She had no intention to let her hair spoil her pleasure. ‘How do I remove them? I have never done it before,’ she inquired.

‘I will shave them for you,’ I volunteered.

‘NO!’ she said loudly, thinking that she will have to undress before me but not realizing that I will see her choot, when I lick it, ‘I will shave it myself.’

‘No, you won’t. You could cut yourself,’ I replied, ‘Wait I have another solution.’ I gave her Rashmi’s hair removing cream and explained how to use it.

‘Okay, I will do it later,’ she confirmed.

The next day when I put my hand inside her sari I found her cunt soft like the butt a newborn baby and devoid of all hair.

That night I told Rashmi that tomorrow is F – Day. ‘What! So soon,’ she exclaimed.

‘Yes, tomorrow I am going to eat her pussy,’ I smiled.

‘And you think the session will end by your fucking her,’ Rashmi chuckled.

‘Normally it does, doesn’t it?’ I laughed. We then planned how Rashmi could witness the proceedings.

When I came home the next day, as per plan, Rashmi was waiting for me outside. I let myself in and went straight to the kitchen to divert Kanchi’s attention. Meanwhile Rashmi slipped in and stationed herself in our bathroom, leaving the door slightly ajar.

After ten minutes, I carried Kanchi into the room and laid her down on the bed and started to undress her. ‘STOP!’ she shouted, ‘why are you undressing me?’

‘How will I lick your cunt, if you are still wearing your clothes?’ I asked.

‘Aap mujhe chodoge? (You will fuck me?),’ she said, looking at me suspiciously.

‘Agar tu kahegi, tau tujhe chod bhi doonga (If you want, then I will fuck you also).’ I replied, releasing my erection from its confines.

‘No, I won’t let you fuck me,’ she said, staring at my erect cock, ‘I am scared of becoming pregnant.’

‘You won’t, I promise you,’ I assured her, ‘I will be careful.’

‘That is what Bahadur told Shama, but she still got pregnant,’ she said.

‘Who are these people, Shama and Bahadur?’ I asked.

‘Shama is my best friend in the village and Bahadur is a rogue. He is 50 years old, married with three grown up children,’ she said, ‘His daughter is married in the neighboring village and his two sons, also married, are in the army.’

‘What happened?’ I asked.

‘Bahadur fucked Shama, assuring her that he will take precautions and she won’t become pregnant, but she still did,’ Kanchi elaborated.

‘Tell me in detail,’ I said, seating her on my lap and kissing her lightly, hoping to find a clue as to how I could get between her legs.

This is what she told me:

‘One afternoon, two years ago, I saw Shama sneaking out of my neighbor, Bahadur’s house. I knew that she had no business being there because Bahadur’s wife would be working in the fields at this hour.’

‘I confronted her and asked her what she was doing in Bahadur’s house? At first she tried to evade my question but ultimately confessed that Bahadur was fucking her.’

‘How did you fall in this lecher’s trap?’ I asked because on several occasions Bahadur had tried to lure me to visit him.

‘Six canlı casino siteleri months ago, my mother sent me to buy vegetables from his shop. Finding the shop empty, I went into the house. Bahadur was there, but drunk. He lured me inside and half an hour later when I left, I was no longer a virgin. Bahdur had raped me,’ Shama replied and started to cry.

‘Stop crying and tell me what happened next,’ I said, brusquely.

‘Few days later, Bahadur accosted me in the bazaar and asked me to go home with him,’ she continued.

‘Nahin (No),’ I told him, ‘tu mujhe phir chodega (you will fuck me again).’

‘Why not? You yourself said it was nice,’ Bahadur replied.

‘Yes I did but I don’t want to get pregnant,’ I told him.

‘I think you are already pregnant?’ he laughed.

‘Oh my God,’ I exclaimed, ‘How do you know?’

‘By the way you walk, but I can confirm it by looking at your choot,’ Bahadur said.

‘I was so scared that I believed him and accompanied him to his house. He asked me to take off my salwar (pajama part of ladies dress salwar – kameez) so that he could inspect my cunt.

First he looked then he poked his finger inside me and moved it in and out. It felt so good that I closed my eyes and before I realized, he had replaced his finger with his lund (cock) and started to fuck me.’

‘Frankly, as I was enjoying myself, I let him have his will. When he finished I said, ‘Oh Bahadur, why did you do it again, if I was not pregnant before, I will surely be now.’

‘No stupid, you won’t,’ Bahadur laughed and pointing to his cock added, ‘look.’

I saw his cock was covered with something made out of rubber. ‘What is it?’ I asked, bewildered.

‘It is a condom,’ he explained, ‘if I wear this, then all my seed will collect in it and none will go inside your choot. We can fuck without fear of any unpleasant consequences.’

‘Since then I visit him regularly. Kanchi, why don’t you also come with me? I tell you fucking is really very enjoyable, you will love it,’ Shama said, trying to persuade me to join her.

‘No thank you, I am fine as I am,’ I replied but added, ‘What you are doing is very dangerous, should something go wrong then your life will be ruined.’

‘No problem, I can also wear a condom,’ I said, hoping that she would agree.

‘Shaab, as luck may have it, two months later she became pregnant,’ Kanchi said, continuing with her story, ‘I asked Shama, how did this happen? You said his seed would never enter your choot.’

‘The damned condom tore,’ she said, crying.

At first she did not tell her parents but when her belly became big, she confessed. Her father complained to the village elders. They forced Bahadur to marry her. He didn’t mind but his wife did not like it. She treated her like a slave. Today, poor Shama is miserable slave with two children.’

‘Shaab, this is Shama’s story,’ Kanchi said, concluding it.

It was clear to me that Kanchi will not let me fuck her so I decided to at least get a look at her choot.

‘All right, if I promise not to fuck you then will you let me eat your pussy and give you the pleasure I had promised?’ I asked.

She thought for a moment, then nodded. ‘Yes, but first put that thing away,’ she said, pointing to my erection.

She undressed and lay down on the bed after I had put my cock back behind the zipper. ‘Oh shaab, it feels very nice,’ she moaned after I had licked her cunt for few minutes. Encouraged I licked harder and pressed her clit between my lips.

Her moans of ‘Oh shaab’ became louder and louder. Then suddenly her body arched and she shouted, ‘OH SHAAB, IT IS HEAVENLY. GO ON. DON’T STOP. OHH FASTER. H…YES. OHHH, I AM ABOUT TO CUM. GOD I AM THERE. OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH,’ and fell back on the bed gasping for breath. I continued to lick and stopped only after she had cum two more times.

‘Did you enjoy it?’ I inquired.

‘Oh shaab, it was heavenly,’ she panted.

‘Kanchi, fucking will give you even more pleasure,’ I said, hoping she might agree.

‘I believe you. Shama also said the same,’ Kanchi replied, ‘Believe me, I also want to give you pleasure but I am scared. Oh, how I wish we could fuck without any fear of pregnancy.’

Suddenly I had an idea. I ran into the bathroom and returned with Rashmi’s birth control pills.

‘Here take them regularly, as directed on the label. These are hundred percent safe,’ I told her.

‘Are you sure?’ Kanchi asked.

‘Yes, madam takes them and she has not become pregnant.’ I said, hoping to convince her.

‘Okay, I believe you. I will take them. Should I insert it in my choot before or after we have done it?’ she asked innocently.

‘No silly,’ I laughed, ‘you take it orally. I suggest that you read the directions and follow them carefully. In one month you will be safe.’

‘What! We will have to wait for that long?’ she asked.

‘Yes, this is price we will have to pay for hundred percent safety,’ I replied.

‘Won’t ma’am miss the pills?’ she asked.

‘No, she doesn’t take them any more, as we are planning to have another baby,’ I told her.

At this point Rashmi didi picked up the thread of the story. ‘That night, when we were in bed, I sympathized with Abhi at his disappointment.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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