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The sound of crickets and cicadas sounded loud in the dark of the woods. An owl hooted and somewhere in the distance, a deer crashed through the bush. It was just past nightfall and Joshua Gardner was on his way home from his grandfather’s farm after helping bale and put up hay. He was sweaty and itchy from the grass and hauling bales up into the old barn loft.

It had reached almost ninety degrees today out in the fields. Eighteen year old Josh was a hard worker and a hardy young man, grown tough by heavy farm work. But even the hardiest of souls drooped after a day working in this heat. Now the small pond that ran along the border of the two properties sounded like heaven and he took off at an almost trot towards his favorite swimming hole.

He’d almost reached it when he heard a voice. It startled him, so he dropped to his haunches, creeping forward just far enough to be able to carefully pull aside the brush. His jaw dropped, his eyes opening wide at the sight before him.

It was the new lady who bought the old Tilford place after Mrs. Tilford passed. She’d been living there for a few weeks now, and Josh had gotten a good look at her when he’d dropped off a delivery there for his Gramps. Now he was getting an even better look.

She was standing at the edge of his pond, her head tipped back, staring up at the starlit sky above her. Her hands were on her waist, her hair held in a clip at the back of her head. As he watched, she reached up, taking the clip from her hair, shaking her head. The glistening locks fell free, white blonde in the light of the moon, almost as if shafts of moonlight had fallen to bath her in its glory.

Josh shook his head at his own fanciful notions, but the thought stuck with him as he watched her. She reached for the buttons on the short sleeved red checked blouse she wore, slowly slipping them free. Dropping it on the shore, she lifted her arms above her head, gathering her hair and letting it slip slowly free like a waterfall of molten silver beams.

She stretched, then her hands went to the front of her body and he saw the straps of her bra loosen, falling down her arms to land on top of her shirt. She slowly rubbed her shoulder and he could see the imprint of the strap in her soft pale skin. She turned to the side and he could see the soft curve of her breast, the heavy rounding of flesh and the soft dark tip. They seemed almost weightless against her slender ribs, standing tall and firm.

He felt his heart jump into his throat, his cock jerking and twitching in his jeans as if it had a mind of its own. He’d never seen a woman as beautiful as this, not even Cora Jean Messenger, the girl he’d been dating for the past six months. She was almost flat as a board, though she had huge nipples that protruded from the small bumps of her tits. She had let him touch them, let Josh put his mouth on her nipple and taste her skin but then she’d giggled, pulling away and leaving him with a major set of blue balls.

The lady in the clearing bent, her hands pulling at the soft terry cloth shorts she wore, pulling them down her long legs, leaving her clad in a small pair of cotton bikini panties that barely covered the curves of her bottom. She stepped out of them, dropping them from the tips of her fingers onto her slowly growing pile of clothes.

The beat of his heart seemed almost too loud, he was surprised she didn’t hear it, pounding from his hiding place at the side of the clearing, peering at her from beneath a bush. His lungs seemed full of air too thick to expel, leaving him to pant as he tried to catch his breath. He wanted to stand up and beg her to pull down those tiny panties, or maybe throw himself at her feet and tell her how incredibly gorgeous he thought she was.

But the thought of her screaming, calling his folks and telling them what a pervert their son was kept him where he was, breathless, his cock throbbing against his jeans, silently urging her to take off that last piece of cloth. When her hands ran across the tips of her breasts, he almost groaned, barely keeping it inside. She cupped the round, smooth flesh, her fingers tugging on her nipples, twisting gently. Lifting her fingers to her lips, she licked them sensually, letting her head fall back as her wet digits caressed her nipples.

Then her hands were on her stomach, traveling slowly over the softness of the flesh over her ribs, trailing over the tiny indent of her navel until they tangled in the waistband of her panties. With a quick flourish, she pushed them down, stepping out of them and giving Josh a sight he would never forget, not even if he aged till he was one hundred.

Bent over, facing away from him, her bottom split into two ripe halves, her taut thighs teasing him with glimpses of the soft pink flesh of her pussy that he could see between. She was an amazing sight, her hair falling over her, her hands slipping the small leg openings off her feet, before standing once more and dropping the panties to the pile casino oyna of clothing.

She turned, facing him, letting him see that her pussy was completely bare, shaved or waxed until not a hair remained. The lips of her sex were thick, the fleshy bud of her clit peeping out from between them. As he watched, she slid her hands down her stomach, one sliding between her thighs, slowly strumming her fingers over her hardened clit.

He must have made some sort of noise for she turned and looked up at him, finding him in the brush. She gasped, her hands coming to cover her body as best as she could. One arm went across her luscious tits, the other hand slid between her thighs, covering her bare mound. Even as she tried to hide herself, Joshua saw her shiver in reaction.

“Who are you?” she called, a note of frustration in her voice.

“I…I’m sorry ma’am. I…I didn’t mean to spy.” He stood, pushing his way into the clearing, his eyes roaming over her near nudity.

“Aren’t you the Gardner boy?” she asked, moving closer. “I can’t see a thing. I took my contacts out before coming out here.”

“Yes, I’m Josh Gardner. I…I really am sorry ma’am.” But he didn’t stop gawking. She was close to fifteen years older than his own eighteen years of age, but she had a body that was absolutely gorgeous.

“Well come closer,” she said, dropping her hand from her breasts and waving him nearer. “I don’t know if you got my name that day you dropped off those hay bales. I’m Ivy Brown, Mrs. Brown.”

Josh took a step closer, his eyes almost bulging as she seemed to relax in front of him. He knew she was waiting for him to say something but he couldn’t think of a thing to say, not this close to the beauty of her body. He nodded his head, trying to look at anything but her.

“Cat’s got your tongue, huh?” she teased lightly. “I’m sorry, I’m a terrible tease. I was going to take a dip in the pond. It’s so hot and muggy out I couldn’t even think of staying in the house anymore tonight. Would you care to join me?”

“J-join you? You mean, in the pond, n-naked?”

“Well, I didn’t bring a suit, did you?”

He shook his head mutely hearing her sweet laugh trill out into the night. Her tits jiggled slightly, the nipples growing hard as he watched.

“Come on, Josh Gardner. Take a chance and come swimming with a lady old enough to be your mother.” She took a step back, her hand dropping from her groin. She raised both her hands, wiggling her fingers at him as she took a step into the cool waters of the pond. “It’ll be heavenly,” she promised in a husky whisper.

His hands were shaking as he raised them to his tee shirt, pulling it from his body. Farm work and football had given him a muscled physique, rippling his stomach and making his chest wide and broad. With his dark hair and brown eyes, he was a handsome youth, one that the girls all sighed over when he walked down the halls of his school.

“Very nice,” Ivy said, her eyes taking in each inch of bare skin he exposed. He could feel her eyes on his hands as he brought them to the button fly of his jeans and knew a moment of shyness that had his skin flushing red.

“Let me help,” she said softly, walking toward him. She nudged his hands away from his jeans, replacing them with her own. The soft skin of her fingers trailed along the sensitive skin of his lower belly, making him shiver, sensations shifting through him, causing his cock to jerk, already hard from the Ivy’s strip tease with the moon as her spotlight.

He moaned softly, unable to help himself as her fingers stroked along the long, hard bulge of his cock.

“This is all you?” she asked suddenly, squeezing the bulge gently in her palm. “Oh it is,” she said on a rush of breath. “How wonderful.”

“M-M-Mrs. B-Brown,” he stammered, his hips moving unconsciously against her hand. “Y-you’re gonna make me…”

“Come?” she asked upon a short laugh. “Not yet I’m not.” She dropped to her knees in the soft grass that surrounded the pool, her industrious fingers easily opening his buttons. Then she pushed the jeans to the ground, stopping so he could kick off his shoes before running her hands over the tented bulge in his shorts.

“Very nice, Joshua. May I have a taste?” she asked, her tongue licking out and swiping at her full upper lip.

“Y-you want to…to…”

“I want to take this beautiful cock in my mouth, Joshua, and give you a blowjob until you spew your hot cum into my mouth.” She gazed up at him and he couldn’t help but think of some of the pictures he’d seen on the web, older women, beautiful older women kneeling submissively at a younger man’s feet, willing to please him, to do anything that would make him feel good.

“Oh God,” he groaned, reaching out tentatively and stroking his hand through the softness of her hair. “Yes.”

Her smile was full, predatory and promising, her hands moving up to the waistband of his shorts, tugging them gently down until his cock slot oyna popped free, almost slapping her in the face as it sprang free of the restricting fabric. She helped him free his feet of his shorts, then ran her hands up over his hairy legs, stopping just before reaching the apex of his thighs.

Josh’s eyes were peeled to her face, watching her expressions as she stared at his cock. He’d wondered how he would stack up against other guys, though he’d never really looked at any other guy. But the look in her eyes, the admiration he could see, told him he must be doing okay.

The first touch of her hand, stroking softly down from the tip of his cock to the base, nearly sent him to his knees. It was so different than the feel of his own hand on those nights when sleep evaded him until he tamed the lust that flowed through his body. Hers was soft, her skin satiny smooth, her grip delicately tight. Her thumb brushed over the tip, feeling the copious amounts of pre-cum that slicked the thick head.

With her eyes on him, she leaned forward, her tongue licking over her lips, wetting them, before sliding over the curved head. Wet heat engulfed him, slowly taking more and then more until he pressed up against the back of her throat, almost making her gag. His knees went weak at the sensations, his legs shaking as she pulled back, her hand coming up to cradle his balls, slowly rolling them in her palm, gently pulling and stretching at the wrinkled skin.

He closed his eyes, his hands going to her head, holding each side as she bobbed against him. He could feel the suction around him as she sucked, her cheeks hollowing out. “Oh God, I…I’m not going to last long,” he cried, his hips jerking as he started to thrust into her mouth.

Her hand stroked his shaft in time to the suckling of her mouth, humming as he swelled in her mouth. His balls felt as if they were churning, his cock felt as if it would explode. Heat shot through him, a tingling rush that had him throwing his head back, crying out as he filled her mouth with his cum.

The first rush shot into the back of her throat, the next filled her mouth full. He felt her swallowing, a sensation unlike anything he’d ever thought to experience before. It sent another pulse through him and he filled her mouth once more, a groan of satisfaction escaping his lips.

Even as he finished coming, she kept him in her mouth, her tongue slipping around his still hard shaft, sneaking into the crevices and lapping up any of his spunk that had escaped her lips. Content that he was clean, she leaned back, her hand stroking over his cock, keeping him hard even as he tried to catch his breath.

“Hmm,” she moaned softly, licking her lips. “I enjoyed that, did you?”

“Oh God,” he groaned. “If I’d enjoyed it any more the top of my head would have blown off.”

She chuckled, a husky almost rusty sound. “I take it you’ve never done that before.” It was a statement, not a question.

“N-no, my girlfriend doesn’t believe in premarital anything.”

“You poor boy,” she said in a friendly manner, her free hand sliding up to her breast and tweaking her hard nipple. “So you’re still a virgin then?”

“Yes,” he sighed, his eyes riveted upon her hand as she squeezed her tits, cupping one and bringing her nipple to her mouth so that she might run her tongue around the hard tip. “C-can I do that?” he asked.

“I was hoping you’d want to,” she said.

Josh held his hand out to her. “Uh, I’m not sure I know what to do, Mrs. Brown.”

“Oh please, you just came in my mouth, I think you can call me Ivy,” she laughed, though not cruelly. “You just do what you want and I promise, I’ll let you know if I enjoy it.”

“Can I kiss you, Ivy?”

“Definitely,” she said, rising and stepping into his arms. Her breasts pressed into his chest, her hard nipples felt like tiny little drills, boring pleasurably into his skin. His hands went to her waist, slid around to her back as he dropped his head to kiss her.

She was exactly at the right height, just small enough to make him feel manly but not too short that he had to get a crick in his neck to kiss her. Pulling her closer, he felt her lift on her toes, leaning into him and letting him hold up her weight.

He could taste his come in her mouth, a slightly bitter taste but it didn’t turn him off, instead, he found it an odd reminder of the pleasure she’d given him, making him moan as his tongue slipped into her mouth. She suckled on it, her moan telling him of her delight in his uninhibited response.

He could have stayed that way, kissing her forever, but her hands were moving over his body, slowly but surely driving him mad to have her again. Brazenly, he slid his fingers over her side, stroking under her arm and finding the curve of her breast.

His hand lifted the unfamiliar texture of her flesh, lifting it and marveling at how it could be so firm yet so soft at the same time. Then he brushed his thumb over the hardened canlı casino siteleri nub of her nipple, feeling her shudder delicately in his arms.

“Oh yes,” she moaned, pulling from his mouth, her hands going to his head to pull him down so that he could take her nipple in his mouth. “Suck on it,” she told him softly. “Lick at it and use your teeth.”

“You want me to bite you?” he asked, chagrined.

She laughed. “No, more like nibble. Let me feel your teeth but don’t try to bite my nipple off.”

“Like this?” he asked, scraping his teeth gently over her fragile flesh. He heard her moan and felt her hands push deeper into his hair, holding him to her.

“Yes,” she hissed, arching her back. “That feels wonderful, Josh.”

He liked the way she tasted, slightly salty from the heat. He lapped at the small morsel, kissing it before turning to the other breast. With his mouth opened wide, he sucked as much of her tit as he could in his mouth before nibbling on her nipple. Her moans seemed to urge him on and he made love to her beautiful mounds until she was a twisting writhing mass in his arms.

She finally pulled away from him, going to one of the larger trees near the bank of the pool. Lying down in the soft grass, she held her arms up for him, her smile beckoning and welcoming him.

He hurried to her, dropping to his knees beside her, watching as she teasingly spread open her thighs, letting him see the petal pink flesh inside. She was glistening with her juices, the aroma of her arousal filling the air around them.

“Have you ever kissed a woman’s pussy, Josh?” she asked.

“No,” he whispered, his eyes drawn to that part of her anatomy. Without waiting for her directions, he slipped between her parted thighs, scooting down until his feet were in the gently lapping water, his mouth right above her bare mound. “You’ll tell me if I don’t do something right?” he asked self-consciously.

“Oh you’ll know.”

Closing his eyes, he stuck his tongue out, swiping it through the pretty flesh. He blinked in surprise at the taste. He’d thought it would be gross or smelly. Instead she tasted almost sweet. Moving closer, he stared down at the thick lips laid out before him. His fingers moved down, pulling her lips apart, holding her open for his tongue.

Breathing in, he could smell the musky aroma of her sex, it was a heady scent, one that had his cock standing at attention, begging for more of the newness of Ivy.

“Come on, Josh honey,” she said breathlessly. “Don’t tease me.”

“Why not?” he asked seriously, his eyes upon her pretty face. She rose up on her elbows, her bright blue eyes shining at him.

“Not to sound like your mother or anything, Josh, but…Because I said so,” she ordered sternly though the glint of humor was still in her eyes.

“Yes, ma’am,” he agreed. He dived back between her thighs, his tongue searching through her fragrant folds, lapping at the sweetness of her. He found her clit accidentally, hearing her groan as he nudged the small bead of flesh, gasping as he nibbled upon it, then sucked it into his mouth.

“Oh yeah, right there, Josh,” she almost purred, her hips moving under his tongue. “God yes,” she hissed, her hands digging into the grasses at her side. Her thighs gripped his head, her body starting to writhe under him, her head shifting restlessly.

Josh felt her begin to quiver, felt the flesh his tongue was buried in start to spasm. She cried out with pleasure, her hand reaching out to pull his head even closer, almost suffocating him in her flesh.

Before she was finished, he pulled away, pushing her thighs apart and climbing clumsily between. He held his cock in his hand, directing it toward her pussy. With a quick thrust, he filled her, shivering at the sensations being held in her hot wet grip were sending through him. He heard her grunt, felt the fluttering of the muscles in side her body and had to grit his teeth to keep from coming.

“Josh!” she cried, grabbing hold of his shoulders as he started moving inside of her. He plunged slowly, savoring his first fuck, eager to learn everything he could teach her. He felt her hands move over his back, sliding down the taut muscles and over to his ass where she gripped him, pulling him even deeper.

He fucked her, feeling her legs come up to wrap around his waist, her hands urging him on. He could hear her cries and moans as he thrust faster into her wetness, felt her hand slip between them, her fingers going to her clit, strumming it quickly. Her body seemed to contort, growing taut as a bow, her eyes going blind as her climax took her over once more. He held still above her, waiting until she relaxed under him. Then he grabbed her waist, rolling with her until she sat above him, her cunt sliding even further down his cock.

“You fuck me,” he growled, watching as her eyes grew wide, her lips tipping up.

“Oh for the stamina of youth,” she quipped, balancing herself with her hands on his chest. She started to grind against him, rising and lowering over him. He let his hands roam over her body, loving the way her tits jiggled with her every move, her nipples hard little points. “You feel so good, baby,” she lisped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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