Jack and Sarah Ch. 01

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She threw the flimsy material onto the table in front of him and smiled. “They look like this”, she said, and sat down on the curved alcove bench.

Jack and Sarah had been speaking for months now, meeting whenever they could and telling each other they’re wildest fantasies. All online. Finally, they’re calendars had synced enough that they could meet for real – and both were excited, nervous and horny as hell. They decided to meet at a pub in the city in the afternoon – early enough so that if one chickened out, the day wasn’t a total loss.

Jack had arrived first, buying a drink at the bar and then sitting in one of the alcoves in the corner – he could see the bar and the door from where he sat, and waited as patiently as he could. Dressed in black jeans, boots, a dark blue shirt and full length black coat, he blended into the shadows effectively enough in the low-lit room. Having never been in this situation before – Christ had anyone? – he was willing to go along with it for half an hour and then he’d call it a day and move on. Except – a woman had just entered the bar, looking around and obviously new to the place. As Jack watched her approach the bar, he saw that three other men were watching her too, and liking what they saw. He took her in with a long gaze – a dark coat over a white blouse, black skirt that came down to just above her knees and black stockings or pantyhose. A pair of black leather slingback heels completed her outfit, and as he took this in, she turned and saw him appraising her – and smiled.

‘Jack’ she said – not even a question.

‘Sarah’ he replied, and they both smiled. ‘Let me get you a drink’.

They sat for a while chatting lowly over their drinks which went pretty much untouched – he was staring at her with undisguised joy as they spoke of their pasts, how they had met, how strange it was to actually see each other in the flesh. She had been cagey about her appearance online, and he could see that, in her own eyes, there may have been areas she wouldn’t be happy with – but he couldn’t care. She was a breath of fresh air – her looks, her appearance, her accent – everything new, everything … real for want of a better word. He had convinced himself that he would be going home alone, but now….

‘So what do you have planned for me?’ she asked. ‘You’ve always been up front about what you like – what do you want right now?’

‘Well it’s different in the flesh, don’t you think?’

‘How so?’

He paused and looked into her eyes. ‘Some of the things we’ve discussed-‘

‘Wanked over’, she cut in. He smiled and said ‘Well yes’

He’d noticed that the men at the bar had half heard what Sarah had said and where slowly becoming interested in the two of them.

‘Okay – some of the things we’ve wanked over have been a bit extreme. I wasn’t even sure you’d show today, never mind be…..’ He tailed off,

‘Be what?’ she asked. ‘Too old, the wrong shape? Size? What?’

‘Christ no, nothing like that. What I was going to say was ‘be as good a fuck to the eyes as you are to the mind’. But that sounds wrong’ he laughed.

‘I…I’m sorry.’ she said. ‘It’s just…well it’s a lot of things actually, but I wasn’t expecting you to be here either, and now that you are – well I don’t want to be wasting time here. Did you get a room?’

‘I did’ he answered, ‘Right around the corner’.

‘Okay – then what do you want to do?’ she asked.

‘We’re really going to do this?’

‘Yes – don’t you want to?’

‘Damn right I do – I want to see what your knickers look like today; and we’re going to do it the way we talk about it?’

‘Yes’. She stood up, smoothed her skirt over her thighs and said ‘I’m going to the ladies room – you decide what you want to do.’ And she turned and walked thru a door across the way from where they sat. He watched her move, loving the way her heels clicked across the bare wooden floor of the bar – and the three other guys watched her too.

After a few minutes, Sarah came back out with something in her hand. ‘Here,’ she said. She had taken off her panties in the toilet! ‘Now you know I’m serious’. She threw the flimsy material onto the table in front of him and smiled. ‘They look like this’, she said, and sat down on the curved alcove bench. Jack picked them up – black, lacy, fragile looking, barely there. He looked into her eyes and held them up to his face, inhaling her, smelling her. ‘Let’s go’ was all he said, and they both rose. All of this had been watched by the guys at the bar, who stood with their mouths open. Jack took one last smell, and laid the panties carefully on the table. ‘All yours’ he said, as they walked by. One of the men was quicker than the rest, and as Jack and Sarah reached the door, they looked back to see him holding her knickers up to his face, and his mates clamouring to get them off of him.

Laughing, they pushed open the door and stepped out casino siteleri onto the street.

They walked the few hundred yards to the hotel down the road in silence – the tension between them was palpable, and Jack had grazed Sarah’s hand as he took her bag from her to carry it – they both had jumped as though shocked by static, and laughed at how they felt – like horny teenagers.

Having picked up their key from the front desk, they walked to the lift.

‘Love in an elevator?’ said Sarah.

‘Well, let’s see if the lingerie is on the second floor – that’s where our room is’ replies Jack. ‘Lift or stairs?’

‘You have a preference?’

‘Yep – stairs’

‘Really? It’ll take longer’

‘Yeah, but I like the view from here’

‘Well, ok – but if I fall-‘

‘If you fall, I’ll fuck you on the stairs before the ambulance comes’

She laughed in response – ‘You mean you will phone an ambulance? I’m impressed’

‘Well – I will eventually’ he laughed. He held open the door to the stairwell and she walked by him. As she started to climb the stairs, she realised there were no windows. ‘Where is this view you were speaking about?’ she asked him, turning to speak. Looking guilty, he smiled – ‘The view is of your legs’


‘Yeah – you have a great wiggle in those heels. And black nylon? Classic.’

‘You’re a leg man – I forgot. Well let’s see what I can do for you. But don’t touch. Yet.’ She turned and started up the stairs again, but she reached back and pulled her jacket to the side, out of the way. One hand held the coat as the other started to lift the back of her skirt, pulling it up to reveal her stockings, the lace tops, and finally her arse. She exaggerated her wiggle, swaying her hips from side to side, really putting on a show for him – and he drank her in. Her feet seemed to leave the soles of the sling backs as she lifted them, only to meet them again as she planted them on the next step, the spiked heels wiggling a little as she found her balance on them, then up again as she continued to take the steps. Halfway up the stairs, they heard a door above them opening and closing, as someone started down towards them.

‘Should I cover up?’ She asked.

‘Do you want to?’

‘Hmm – I’m kinda comfortable like this’ she said, as she stopped at the top of the stairs they were on. The footsteps were getting closer.

‘OK’ he said. ‘Come here’

He stood in the corner of the small landing they were on, and as she came to him, he turned her round so that her back was to the wall – she still held her jacket and skirt so that her bare arse was against the wall – her breathing was heavier, quicker, and he leaned in to her and started to kiss her, tasting for the first time her lips, her breath. His arms went around her, pulling her to him and he to her, grinding a little against her, and reaching down behind her to feel her arse, kneading the soft warm flesh roughly as she gasped into his mouth and sucked his lip. He tasted the lipstick round her mouth, delved deeper with his tongue and kissed her hard, long. She returned the kiss with the same vigour – she had been waiting for this too. His other hand had come around her and was busy stroking the other side of her arse – one hand was gently stroking her skin as the other roughly grabbed her.

The maid coming down the stairs had an armful of towels, one of which slipped off the top of the pile as she descended to their level. Stooping to pick it up in front of the honeymooners she assumed, she looked up and could see that the woman’s skirt was higher than decent and a bit rucked up – she could just see the woman’s stocking tops in her current position, and she hurriedly picked up the towel and made her way by the pair of horny bastards – no point telling them to get a room, she supposed.

As the maid’s footsteps descended more of the stairs past them, the two of them let up slightly in their short frenzy – Jack looked her deep in the eyes and asked ‘Are you ready for this?’, to which Sarah replied ‘Of Course.’

‘Then let’s see what kinda room we’ve got’

He kissed her again and pulled himself off of her. Letting her skirt and coat fall back into place, they carried on up to the next level and on into the hallway. They found their room and used the keycard they had been given on the slot and opened the door, entering the room.

‘Not bad’ said Sarah, scanning the area. ‘Definitely been in worse’

‘Yeah – me too – nice big bed too’ said Jack. Walking over to it, he ran his hand down the wood of the foot of the bed – not quite a four-poster, but solid and with a large wooden base and uprights. The room was laid out so that as they walked through the main door, the bathroom was directly to their right and the rest of the room was forward – this meant that the room was made L-shaped by the placement of the bathroom, and the bed sat around the corner slot oyna out of sight of the door.

He placed her bag on one of the pair of seats beside the window and shucked off his long coat, sitting in the other seat watching her.

‘Well?’ she asked.

‘What?’ he replied.

‘You like what you see so far?’

‘God yes’ he answered quickly.

‘What else do you want to see?’

‘Take your coat off for a start’. She did, and laid it on table that was set against the wall.

‘Open your blouse’. Looking him in the eye, Sarah slowly undid her buttons one by one, but didn’t open her shirt. It was still tucked into her skirt too.

‘Funny’, he said. ‘Open it’

‘You open it’. He smiled and stood. Walking over to her, he stood behind her and manoeuvred her to stand in front of the mirror on the wall – it was big, full height and six feet across. Watching him, she stood still, her arms by her sides. He ran his hands up her arms as he leaned in to smell her neck, taking in her subtle perfume. He nuzzled the crook of her neck and took the edges of her blouse in either hand. Kissing her, he flicked his eyes to the mirror and pulled her shirt slowly open, down her shoulders and halfway down her arms. Her breasts were held in a black bra, the same lacy pattern as her knickers had been, and they were large. He could see that her nipples were already responding to the attention she was receiving, and she leaned against him and let her head tilt up to the side, her eyes closed. He took her arms in his hands and held them behind her, making her chest jut out a little, increasing again the size of her tits. She moaned a little at this enforced position and he could tell from that that she was exactly as she had said in their many chats – Sarah liked it rough.

He kissed her neck again and whispered to her – ‘What do you want?’

‘What?’ she murmured back.

‘What do you want? Tell me why you are here’

‘I want-‘ she stopped, unsure for a second and then continued with the truth of what they had planned. This was her fantasy, giving up control and she had waited ages to do it. She just wanted to enjoy the day for what it was, forget home, work, responsibility. She wanted to be…

‘A slut. I want to be a slut. I want us to do the things we talked about. I want to do it all and not regret having never done it.’ She started speaking to him in low tones, but as she progressed, her speech became louder. More sure. She wanted him to know she was serious.

‘My whore.’


‘To be used as I see fit’

‘God yes. Please.’ That was enough. He pulled her blouse off of her and reached round to cup her tits in his hands, squeezing them, holding them, enjoying the weight, the warmth of them. He undid her bra strap and let her slip it off. Watching in the mirror, he saw her tits for the first time, and her large brown nipples, crinkled and hard, dying for attention. He reached round again and gently took a nipple in each thumb and forefinger, pulling, squeezing, alternating how rough he used them, making them even longer and darker, and she moaned gently as he did so. Her hands reached behind her, finding his belt, undoing it; finding his button and fly and undoing them too. She reached into his jeans and felt his cock thru the cotton of his boxers, stiff, hot, and thick. She squeezed it in her hand as he applied more pressure to her nipples, making her bite her bottom lip.

‘Enough’ he said, and let her go, pulling himself out of her hand. ‘Stand in front of me’ he said, as he sat back in the chair. She did, looking at his crotch – his dick was still covered by his pants, but she could see he had enjoyed her touch.

‘The skirt now – lose it’. She undid the button and zip at he back and just let her skirt fall to the ground, stepping out of it. He gazed at her trimmed cunt, seeing the gleam of moisture there already. Her pubic hair was dark and kept short, trimmed in at both sides so that she had one vertical strip about an inch thick running up from her cunt. He smiled.

‘Very tidy’ he told her.

‘Why thank you – I do try’

‘Come over here’ he said, and she moved closer. He reached around and grabbed her arse again, pulled her closer again. She lurched forward a little, her feet stretching up to compensate for the unexpected movement, finding herself on her tiptoes in her stilettos, a gap between the soles of her feet and the soles of her shoes – only the straps at the back kept her in them. He leaned forward in the seat and slowly drew in to her cunt, smelling it, feeling the heat off of it. She put her hands on his head, willing him to touch her, lick her, do something, anything to make her feel him in there. He rubbed his face against her, gently, feeling her breathing. His hands dropped to her sides, caressed the nylon that covered her legs, rubbed the backs of her thighs, played with the tops of her stockings as he canlı casino siteleri breathed her in – then he slowly ran his tongue up her already wet slit, just tasting her outer lips. It was enough to make her legs tremble, as a month of planning and waiting finally bore fruit. She felt his tongue easing its way past her outer lips, tasting her, feeling her, trying to find her most sensitive place. She hoped to hell he found it quickly.

Standing in front of this man in just her stockings and heels, Sarah felt a freedom she never thought possible. While not completely happy with her body, her looks, her legs, she realised that she had given not a second though to these things as she had stripped and been stripped in front of this stranger, who seemed to accept her as she was. She felt liberated – no worries, no burden of the usual dating stuff. It was invigorating.

He was working his way into her now, opening her a little and she spread her legs a little as she stood there to let him. But he stopped and looked up – ‘My clothes feel a little tight’ he said. ‘Why don’t you help me out of them?’ She stood back a little and let him stand. He stripped off his top, and she knelt in front him, undoing the laces on his boots. He stepped out of them and she took off his socks too. She looked up at him as she grabbed the waist band of his jeans and started to pull his trousers down, bunching them at his ankles and letting him step out of them too. As her fingers found the waistband of his underwear, she hesitated and sat a little straighter, letting his erection rub against her face thru the cotton of his pants. His dick was tenting up nicely inside his boxers, and she wanted to feel it everywhere. She pulled on the waistband and his boxers slipped down, freeing his cock which sprung up and bounced. One hand pushed his pants down past his knees as the other wrapped around his shaft, which seemed to have grown a bit again as it was released from it’s covering – it was bigger, thicker than she had thought, and she looked at it with lust in her eyes. Licking her lips, she leaned forward and gently licked the foreskin, which was being stretched back. Using her tongue and lips, she encouraged this, easing the foreskin back and allowing his head to become exposed, where she noticed he was leaking fluid already – he was dying for this as much as she was. She gently touched her tongue to his sensitive head and tasted the clear bead of fluid that leaked from his eye. Looking up, she saw he was watching her thru heavily lidded eyes, so she decided to give him something worth seeing – she squeezed his prick until the veins stood proud and then slowly moved her head until she could get his cock into her mouth, giving him a large wet sucky kiss on his cock, letting him get an idea of how good she was – what he could expect. She sucked him in a little deeper, her cheeks hollowing as he pulled back and his cock emerged from her mouth. There was no way he was going to stop her now – he let his hands find her hair and grabbed it, then used this grip to dictate the pace at which he fucked her mouth, in no hurry but still insistently filling her willing mouth.

‘That’s it you little bitch’ he murmured, ‘Take my cock. You love it don’t you?’

Her only reply was muffled by the meat in her mouth, but he knew what she was saying – his dick was getting further and further down her, as she relaxed her throat and accepted his length as far as she could, deeper and deeper until his root sat at her lips. She wanted him as far as she could get, and she loved the verbal abuse – she hoped it got better – or worse.

There was a knock at the door.

‘Oh what the fuck?’ Jack eased himself from her mouth and grabbed one of the thick towelled house coats from the bed. Throwing it around his shoulders and slipping his hands thru the sleeves, he said ‘Get on the bed’.

‘What like this?’ asked Sarah.

‘Yes – hurry up – face down, legs and arms together.’ She turned and complied, laying face down on the bed. She felt exposed like this, not knowing who was at the door, but nevertheless, she did as he said trusting that nothing would happen that they didn’t want to happen. The door was rapped again, harder this time, and Jack shouted ‘A minute!’ Tying the robe around the waist by the thick belt, he went to the door and opened it. With the bed around the corner from the door she couldn’t have seen – or been seen anyway. That was why it was such a shock when a different voice said ‘Christ he’s not kidding – she’s here.’

Sarah turned her head quickly to see that three young men from the pub had shown up. One of them had her lacy knickers in his hand as he smiled looking her up and down and said to Jack ‘Nice of you to put the hotel and room number on this card mate – a lot easier than what we had planned.’

‘Jack, what-‘

‘Shut up you slut’ said one of the crashers. ‘You’re ours for the night now – and you better be fucking good too.’

Without moving too much so that they couldn’t see her naked front, she searched Jack’s face and found the truth – he had set this up. And she had walked straight into it.

Part one of three(ish)

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