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“Do we have plans tonight?”

“Not really. I had thought we’d enjoy a quiet night at home.”

“Jack called me.”


“You remember Jack, from the old neighborhood.”

“Oh, Jack.”

“You liked Jack. He’s in town on business and asked if we could stop by for a drink.”

“I guess we could do that.”

“I’ll let him know we’re coming.”

“Where are we going?”

“He’s staying at the Ambassador. He’s on a schedule, so it’ll just be an hour or so. We’ll stop by and say ‘Hello’ and then we can get back to our quiet evening at home.”

“If I’m getting dressed up, we should go out after.”

“Whatever you like.”

“What should I wear?”

“Something sexy. You know I like sexy.”


“About time! Stacey, I’m so glad to see you.”

“Hey, Jack.”

“You remember Steve and Rick.”

“Sure. Hey, guys.”

“Wow, Stacey, you look great.”

“Thank you. I try.

“This is the Bone.”

“Nice to meet you, Bone. Is that really your name?”

Bone blushed. “No, it’s just what Jack calls me.”

“Why does he call you Bone?”

“Show her, Bone.”

The Bone reached down and undid the buckle of his belt. Stacey’s eyes opened wide in surprise. Fingers fumbled with the button and unzipped the fly. The Bone’s trousers started to fall. Hitching his thumbs into the elastic of the underlying boxers, The Bone pushed the full ensemble of pants to his knees. An enormous prick popped casino siteleri out from between the tails of his button-down shirt.

“Oh, my,” said Stacey as she moved to her knees before the stiffening rod. “That’s quite a bone you have there.” Her words dissolved into a muffled groan as she took the head of his mighty cock between her lips.

In many situations, when a couple start having sex in a room of people, someone will say “let’s give them some privacy” and move along. This was not that kind of crowd. Instead, Jack and Steve and Rick began to unfasten their pants in an organized disrobing effort. Soon four dicks hovered in the space around Stacey’s head. Smiling as she sucked, she took members in each hand and began a rotation of sucks. Somehow her clothes began to fall away, pulled and shed in quick motions.

Some men might be bothered, bearing witness to the sudden symphony of sexual attention befalling their beloved wife. I was not one of those men. For me, the arousal derived from watching the hungry feast of love making attended by my woman and my friends is infinite.

Not all women enjoy a gangbang, but the ones who do embrace the overflow of sexuality do so with gusto. An individual male, regardless of his libido, unless he has been deprived of sex for months and years, can only provide a modicum of attention to a female, only so much fucking as his testosterone and physical stamina can provide. At his best, he can only fill one hole, slot oyna so to speak, supplementing the fullness of his rigid dick with the digital play of his fingers. Toys and whatnot can be used to help in the effort. But there are limits to the satisfactions one man can provide.

A woman, on the other hand, is designed to accommodate three or four men, simultaneously, with ease. For some women, this intense over-stock of prick is a dream come true. The excitement and ecstatic joys derived from the friendly romp is beyond any fantasy. Find a woman in the throes of a gangbang and I’ll show you a very happy woman. And I like to keep my woman happy.

It also disturbs me to know there are friends who have no outlet for their lust, wandering the night with hard-ons, paying strippers to tease them or, worse yet, enduring the extortions of needy girlfriends simply to get a weekly tug. No man should suffer the pangs of denial, when a good friend is nearby to offer to share the skilled attentions of his attractive partner.

I particularly enjoy the show. There is nothing quite like watching two good friends fucking for you. The spread of her cunt as it engulfs the dick she’s riding. The thrilled smile of her mouth slipping up and down his throbbing erection. The wiggle of her titties as a hand reaches in to tweak her nipple. What a sight to see!

As things got started, Stacey sucked the dick in her mouth while jacking two cocks, one on each side. Fingers below canlı casino siteleri diddled her already slick pussy. The dick’s moved in rotation, the one in her mouth replaced by the one in her right hand, left hand to right hand, mouth to left hand. After some time, the one behind lifted her ass and plunged into her cunt. The moans grow finally she moved onto the bed.

A bed or ottoman is the preferred furniture for a gangbang. A sofa can work but the back and arms become obstacles. The floor is okay but the surface is unforgiving. After a time playing see-saw between the dick in her cunt and the cock in her mouth, Stacey straddled a thick one and took herself for a ride. Someone slowed down the oscillation of her ass long enough to slip another sturdy pole into her tight asshole. Groans exploded through the hotel room until another dick filled her still mumbling mouth.

Her eyes wide with ecstasy, I watched in delight as she enjoyed the fuck out of the ravaging multi-fuck. I love pleasing my woman. Nothing spells pleasure like getting some friends to help out with the effort. I waited my turn, crank in hand, until I took the opportunity to slip inside her fiery slit. Her orgasms came in waves, endless crashing waves.

One by one, the guys spewed their loads across her tongue. Stacey slurped up the cum, licking her lips and furiously rubbing her still enflamed clit. Jack poured a round of drinks and we raised a toast to our good time. Looking forward to parties to come.


As we rode home, I couldn’t help but rub it in.

“I told you that you liked Jack,” I teased.

“Yeah,” she said wearily, smiling wide and relaxing visibly in the seat beside me. “I do like Jack.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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