Jakob and Jessie, Part 4

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Chapter 1

From the minute he’d gotten the Sheriff’s phone call Jakob had known what he had to do. It was like killing a rabid dog or the feral hogs that had threatened his father’s stock. It was either kill Howard Holmes or live their lives in fear—fear that he’d get out of prison and hunt them down to wreak his “revenge.” In the end he’d done what he had to. He had rescued Jessie, his wife of less than a day, from a certain death at the hands of her father. Jakob had carried Jessie, insisting she keep her eyes closed until they were seated in the living room to spare her from the gore of her father’s death. He returned to the bedroom for a tee to cover Jessie’s naked body before phoning 911. It was only a few minutes before the police arrived, sirens blaring. Right behind the cops were Jakob’s parents. They took Jessie in tow, removing her from the scene. She couldn’t answer any questions–she’d slept through most of it and hidden under the bed for the rest. Jakob stayed behind to speak with the police. He was just about to tell them of the Sheriff’s phone call warning him of Howard’s jail house threats when the Sheriff entered the room. Jakob was questioned, but when the cops saw the bedroom ceiling, destroyed by Howard’s shotgun blast, there was no question that it was a case of self defense. If there were any doubts they were dispelled by the Sheriff’s statement. All the same, it was after five a.m. before the police left. The hallway and bedroom were a mess. The shotgun had destroyed the ceiling, leaving a two foot hole while the hallway walls and floor were covered in Howard’s blood. Jakob drove to his parents’ home to rest in anticipation of cleaning the house and fixing the ceiling. However, when hi s Dad saw the house the next day he insisted on hiring professionals to do the job.

Jakob and Jessie rested throughout the day frustrated that they couldn’t make love in his parents’ home. They even had to wear pajamas, something they never did on their own. They used the opportunity the repairs gave them to drive to the State University in search of an apartment. It was about a three hour drive so they planned to stay overnight, at least one night—probably more– reserving a motel room before they left. Jessie snuggled next to Jakob as the truck roared down the interstate, her head on his shoulder. Jakob put his arm around her; she moved it to her breast, lifting her top so he could feel her silky smooth skin. She led his hand to her hard nipple, closing her eyes and moaning softly when they met. “You know, we are married,” he said, squeezing her breast and gently rubbing her nipple, “we have all kinds of time for this.”

“Yeah,” she replied, kissing his neck and licking his ear, “but I love it when you touch me. Married or not, I can’t get enough of you. You know that. Why don’t you pull over so we can play around? After the last day and a half I could really use some loving.”

“Well, I might, but there’s a cop about a half mile back and if we pull over he’ll be right behind us.” Jessie twisted around, peering out the rear window. “I don’t see anything back there. You just made that up!”

“Yeah… I did, but if you really want to stop there’s a rest area about eight miles ahead. We can stop there. If I remember right it’s about half way to the University, OK? We can use the facilities, take some Cokes from the cooler and sit at a picnic table.”

“And then, can we…?”

“Let’s wait and see if there are many people there.” The drive only took about ten minutes. Jessie was discouraged when she saw how crowded the parking lot was. She and Jakob hit the rest rooms and then returned for the cooler. Jakob carried it to the picnic area. They found a clean table under a cool stand of pines. Best of all the area was deserted. Jessie sat down on the table, spread her legs, and motioned to Jakob, pointing to her pussy. Jakob raised his eyebrows but did as he was asked. He peeked around then ducked his head under Jessie’s skirt. In a second his head popped back out. “I was wondering why you wore a skirt—but–no panties?”

“Nope… like you I like to plan ahead. Now get under there and eat me!” Jakob took one last look around and ducked under again. He spread her labia carefully with his fingers, noticing how wet she was. His tongue cleaned the tiny droplets of nectar from her lips. Licking up and down he elicited several low moans from Jessie. He paused to ask, “You will tell me if anyone comes by, won’t you?”

“Shut up and get back to work…please,” she begged. Jakob pointed his tongue and entered Jessie’s canal. He was instantly rewarded with oodles of yummy pussy juice as Jessie pushed her hips forward, pulling Jakob’s face into closer contact with her cunt. Jakob fucked her fast and hard with his tongue, sucking her clean, while tickling her clit with his fingers. “Oh…Jakob…harder–faster!” Jakob knew he was getting results when Jessie started to shake. Little tremors spread throughout her body. Jakob moved his attentions to Jessie’s swollen clit. He sucked her hard button into his mouth, nibbling, sucking and licking her. Suddenly Jessie froze motionless until her orgasm claimed control of her body and she shook violently, like a screen door in a tornado. It went on for almost a minute before slowly abating. Jakob climbed up to the picnic bench, pausing to give his new wife a deep passionate kiss. It was none too soon as an elderly woman approached. “Oh, you young people; I envy you. There’s nothing like young love.” They both smiled sheepishly in response.

Chapter 2

They arrived at the university in early afternoon. First, hand in hand, they went to the admissions office. Jessie informed them of their marriage and her ensuing name change. Jakob asked how to find an apartment. The clerk gave him a list of possibilities solicited from local realtors. Most were within their price range but one stood out—a small cottage on a farm about a mile from campus. They went there first. The owner was skeptical about renting to a student couple but was satisfied when Jessie showed him her rings and their marriage certificate. When he learned that Jakob was an Ag student, that sealed the deal. The cottage was basic, standing alone in a small grove of fruit trees, but contained everything they needed—a small living room with couch, arm chair and TV; an eat-in kitchen with fairly modern appliances and a basic table with four chairs; two bedrooms—one large and one small, suitable for two desks and computers—and,, of course, a bathroom. Jakob laughed when he entered the master bedroom and saw the twin beds. When the owner looked confused he explained, “We’ve only been married three days.” The owner simply smiled, “I guess you’ll be wanting your own bed. I’ll take these out and store them.” The front of the cottage featured a low roofed porch similar to the one at the Webster farmhouse they lived in now. Best of all, it was about 500 yards away from their nearest neighbor so they would have plenty of quiet for studying and privacy for their sexual experimentation, something they were both committed to. They wanted to do everything with each other—absolutely everything.

They negotiated a rental for the ten-month school year and were pleased when the owner said they could move their stuff in any time. It was almost five in the afternoon so they drove directly to their motel. Their room was pretty much standard with a king bed and a small sitting area. The price was reasonable; peak season came during football and basketball seasons. Once they had taken their bags in Jessie gave Jakob that look– you know the one– the “fuck me” look. Jakob took her into his arms. “Have I thanked you for saving buca escort bayan my life?” Jessie whispered as she nibbled on his ear.

“Not yet, but I have a feeling you’re about to.”

“Oh, yes, you can bet on it,” she grinned as she pulled his shirt out of his shorts before undoing his belt. She pushed Jakob’s shorts and boxers down to his ankles, sliding down to her knees in the process. She kissed the tip of his rising cock as she pushed him back onto the bed. Pre-cum appeared only to be licked off immediately as she slowly wrapped her luscious lips around his dick. Jessie sucked his cock deep into her mouth, applying pressure with her tongue. Jessie had committed herself to taking all of Jakob’s huge nine-inch dick into her mouth and she had been successful only after lots and lots of practice. Slowly Jakob’s rock hard erection disappeared into Jessie’s mouth and throat. She stopped when her lips were touching his pubic hair, just above the area she had shaved. Just as slowly she released the cock, pressing her tongue firmly against the bottom of his shaft. Again, slowly she swallowed him. “Oh, God,” Jakob breathed, “you are such a tease, aren’t you?”

“Don’t worry, I’m just getting started, and remember, you said we have plenty of time, so maybe I’ll take an hour on this.”

“I never thought you’d torture me like this when I said it!”

“Silly,” she whispered, her tongue flicking over the swollen purple tip of his cock. “I told you I’d take care of you, and I will.” She moved his cock into her mouth again, forcing him against the roof of her mouth with her tongue. She started to pick up speed and as she did the sensations impacting Jakob’s cock increased at an astonishing rate. Jakob arched his back anticipating a strong orgasm, but Jessie slowed, easing his cock from her mouth. When Jakob tried to voice his disappointment Jessie shushed him. Holding his cock she moved up and forward until her cunt was just over his tip. She rubbed him into her dripping slit before sliding down, engulfing Jakob’s dick with her hot wet pussy. She sucked his cock into her tight tunnel. “Feel better now?” she teased Jakob.

“Oh, yeah…much better… I love you.”

“I know that and I love you, too.” She started to rock forward and back, bending his cock within her. The combination of Jakob’s girth and her tightness made for incredible feelings for both of them. Just as Jakob was getting there Jessie stopped again. This time she moved him completely onto the bed. She straddled him, her ass over his cock head. She gripped him tightly, lowering herself onto him again, but this time it was her anus that welcomed him. Jessie shuddered with the initial pain of her effort, but once he was fully in her she smiled—the pain was gone, replaced by the ecstasy of rubbing her thousands of nerve endings against his firm rod. This time Jessie did not hesitate, rapidly moving Jakob’s cock into and out of her ass. Jakob reached up, fondling her magnificent firm 34D breasts. He carefully pinched her nipples giving just enough pain to heighten the feelings she was experiencing. Jakob couldn’t resist the squeezing effect on his dick. His semen was repeatedly forced from his balls into his dick, exploding into Jessie’s ass. At the same time Jessie was feeling pretty good herself, and when Jakob rubbed her rock hard clit she released, spurting all over his cock and balls. She fell forward onto Jakob, kissing him deeply– a kiss that lasted for more than five minutes. Jakob clutched her to him before rolling onto his side to recover, his prick still embedded in her ass. That’s when he glanced at the window. In their haste they had forgotten to close the drapes. A small crowd had gathered to view the festivities. When Jakob looked up they all applauded. Jessie turned red with embarrassment until Jakob rose and ended the show.

Chapter 3

Jessie opened her arms for him, welcoming him back into her embrace when he returned to the bed. They lay intertwined before falling asleep. Only the hum of the air conditioner reached their senses until some hours later Jessie stirred. She was careful not to waken Jakob, but it was impossible, so closely were they sleeping. Jessie ran her hand through Jakob’s hair and looking into his eyes, pulled him in for a kiss. She reached around his body, lightly scratching his back as she writhed like a feline. “Oh, Jakob,” She whispered into his mouth. “Oh, Jakob!”

Jakob pulled back slightly, still half asleep. “Hmmm?”

“Think you can get it up again?”

“Again?” He woke suddenly.

“Yes, my love, I still owe you for saving my life. In fact, I’m going to spend the rest of my life thanking you.” Jakob raised his eyebrows but smiled. He turned back, his flaccid cock rolling onto his stomach. “You’d better wash it off after being in your ass. I wouldn’t want you to get an infection.”

“Oh, sure,” Jessie kidded, “then you wouldn’t be able to fuck me! You phony!” They shared a laugh as Jessie rose and headed for the sink. In just a minute she returned with a hot washcloth and tiny bar of motel soap. She rubbed Jakob’s penis with the washcloth, then ran the soap over it. She may have been cleaning him but the result was that he began to harden. By the time she had rinsed his massive organ it was rock hard once again. “Oh, goody,” she said, dropping the cleaning materials to the floor. Jessie moved between Jakob’s legs, but instead of taking him into her mouth she moved forward, pushing his cock between her beautiful firm mammaries. She squeezed his cock and moved forward and back. When his cock moved toward her face she licked his tip, driving him crazy with desire. Jakob moaned as Jessie worked his cock into a ferocious titty fuck. “Damn, Jessie,” he groaned, ”put it in you. Sit on me…please, darling.” Jessie loved her husband and she wanted, more than anything, to please and satisfy him so she pushed herself up and over the throbbing monster; she could see the blood pulsing through its veins. Pre-cum oozed out of his hole, covering the head. Jessie slowly lowered herself onto him. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply savoring the feeling as Jakob stretched her vaginal muscles almost to their breaking point. Jessie moved her legs so she was resting on her feet. She used the large muscles in her thighs and calves to lift her up and down Jakob’s cock. Using her strongest muscles meant she could vary her pace from slow to very, very fast. She rotated her hips as she rode Jakob. His hard cock rotated against every part of her dripping cunt. She did it initially for him, but it drove her wild, too. Jessie looked down at Jakob with an expression–a mixture of love and lust. When Jakob saw this he thrust madly into Jessie’s cunt. His every thrust drove her off the bed as his massive man meat bottomed out against her cervix. Jakob was breathing fast and very hard. It wouldn’t–couldn’t–be long until his cock erupted; Jessie groaned non-stop, her orgasm gaining ground with every thrust. “Oh, Jakob!” Jessie screamed, oblivious of their surroundings. “Jessie,” was barely out of his mouth when they both came, and came hard. Stream after stream of thick white cum flooded Jessie’s womb; Jakob’s legs and abdomen were coated both in Jessie’s cream and his own cum as it oozed from her cunt. She fell onto his chest, still breathing hard. Jessie kissed and licked Jakob’s nipple, his cock still embedded in her pussy. Just when Jakob thought she was through Jessie started to rock again. ‘Jessie, what…?”

“I’m going to wear you out…my wonderful husband. We are going to fuck all day. You’re going to cum so many times you won’t be able to walk.”

“That’s a great escort buca idea…except…I’m starving. Remember…we didn’t have any dinner last night? We fell asleep right after giving everyone a big show.”

“Ummm, that was kinda fun, but I’ll bet it was a lot more fun for us than it was for them,” she laughed as she started to pick up the intensity. Jessie rocked this time, squeezing Jakob’s cock with her pussy muscles. Jessie was a tight fit for Jakob , but when she squeezed those muscles Jakob knew he could not resist. He had just cummed—and damned hard—it would be a while before he’d cum again so he concentrated on Jessie’s pleasure. He reached up and lightly grazed Jessie’s swollen nipples with his fingernails. Jessie arched her back in response, closing her eyes to block out any distractions. Jessie rocked on and on, her motions slowly building pressure and heat on Jakob’s dick as well as her cunt. Faster and faster she rocked, harder and harder she squeezed, until some minutes later–“UNNNNGGGHHHH,” they both growled. Their abdomens were covered in each other’s cum and juice.

When Jessie finally stopped they were getting stuck together as everything started to dry. “I think we need a shower,” Jakob whispered in her ear, ”if only I can find the energy to get out of this bed.”

“Yeah,” was all Jessie could manage. She collapsed into Jakob’s arms while they both recovered. It was almost an hour later that they both staggered to the bathroom—more that they had to pee than anything else. They made their way into the shower together, soaping each other as the hot water rejuvenated them. Jakob couldn’t remember when he had been so wiped out, even after a long day of hard farm work. As he washed Jessie’s breasts she breathed deeply and opened her legs for Jakob– she was getting turned on again. “Forget it,” Jakob grunted. “I can barely stand up and you want to….”

“Well, you would get to lie down again,” she cooed.

“Later…like this afternoon, after we eat…and I rest some.” He shut off the shower and they toweled each other dry. Slowly they gathered their clothes and headed out for some breakfast. They found a nice place just down the road where they each wolfed down an omelet, pancakes, bacon and sausage. Jakob ate that much every day but he was amazed that his bride who couldn’t have weighed more than 115 pounds soaking wet could handle so much food. After breakfast they decided to shop for a new bed and some desks—maybe a bookcase. The bed was easy but for the desks they went to a used furniture store. They found several steel desks that were a little dinged up but usable. The desktops were smooth and the drawers worked. They also found a small bookcase about two feet wide. They loaded everything onto Jakob’s truck and dropped it off at their cottage. Jakob set up the bed with some tools borrowed from the owner and they moved the desks into place. They were hot and sweaty when they finished so they decided to return to the motel and go to the pool. The temperature, in the upper-eighties, was ideal. Jakob threw on a pair of baggy surfer trunks; Jessie a tight revealing white bikini that tied at each hip. The top wasn’t much more than two triangles connected by a couple of strings. Not surprisingly Jessie garnered a ton of attention at the pool. Jakob thought he recognized some of the guys from their window the previous afternoon but, if they were, they had the good sense not to say anything. Jakob lay on the chaise admiring Jessie’s body, just like everyone else, including several women at the pool. The difference was—he could do more than look, in fact he could do anything and everything. What’s more, Jessie wanted him to do it.

Chapter 4

It was mid afternoon when they retreated to the room so Jessie could get out of the sun. Jakob napped naked on top of the blankets while Jessie showered again and washed her hair. Seeing Jakob gave Jessie an idea—a new way to wake him up. She leaned over him, lightly licking the head of his cock. Jakob shifted his body. Jessie licked again, being careful that no other part of her body touched him; again Jakob shifted his body. The third time Jessie had barely touched her tongue to his tip when Jakob lunged up, grabbed Jessie, and pulled her into an embrace. “Did you want something?” he asked laughing. Jessie smiled up at him, surrounded by his arms and legs.

“I think I got it,” she smiled again, “or most of it anyway. Didn’t you promise me something once you had a chance to rest?”

“I think I have a vague recollection. What was it exactly?” Jessie stuck out her tongue and began to lick Jakob’s body. She started on his stomach, swirled around his navel several times before moving up to his chest. She licked his nipple before gently biting it. While she was doing this Jakob was rapidly hardening. His flaccid cock lay on his thigh, but as he became aroused, it pointed more and more skyward. When Jessie grasped it in her hand it was so hard and so thick she could barely reach all the way around it. She just loved making Jakob hard; it gave her a feeling of power over her strong lover. When Jessie shifted her head to his cock Jakob pulled her legs over his head. He peeked up at her bald pussy before tasting her—enjoying the musky flavor of her secretions. As Jakob sampled Jessie’s cunt she resumed licking all around Jakob’s dick, lightly teasing him, getting him so hot, so needy he’d fuck her silly—exactly what she wanted. “Oh, Jessie, damn…what are you doing to me?”

“Don’t you like it?” Jessie replied, briefly giving his cock a respite.

“Like it? Oh…Jessie…I love it. I want you so badly.”

“Well, what are you going to do about it?” she teased him. Jakob lifted her from his body, spun her around in mid-air, bringing her face down to his. They kissed a tongue-dueling, lip-locking kiss—a long, hot, wet and passionate kiss that brought the two of them to a boil. Jakob spun her under him, leaned back on his knees and brought his massive tool to the entrance of her tunnel. He rubbed her slit, extending the slickness created by his dripping pre-cum with her natural lube. He lunged forward as much from lust as from love. He rammed home as Jessie raised her legs, positioning them around his waist. She clung to his neck with her arms as he drove into her with wild abandon. The harder he fucked Jessie the more she loved it. Well, to be honest, Jessie always loved it when Jakob fucked her. But this afternoon, after all they’d been through since marrying and graduating, she wanted to be fucked HARD! So far she was getting exactly what she wanted. Jakob couldn’t go any faster if he wanted to; he was fucking like a dog—forcing his huge man meat deep into Jessie’s tight cunt with every thrust. Neither of them, even with all the fucking and cumming they’d done recently could long endure this onslaught. Jakob could feel his balls churn, compressing to force his white hot sperm-laden cream out through his piss hole. Jessie felt it start in her pussy and spread throughout her body. Her neurons tingled as they prepared to fire when her orgasm struck. Then it happened—Jakob bucked his hips up almost two feet as his semen finally reached its target—Jessie’s womb was flooded with baby-making juice. Jessie came so hard she squirted–something she rarely did–coating Jakob with her hot fluids. Exhausted, Jakob rolled off Jessie but she kept his penis where it would be safe—right in her vagina.

Jakob was rested but found himself exhausted from his sexual exertions. Jessie, though tired, was euphoric from receiving Jakob’s love and lust. They lay on the bed, Jessie’s pussy oozing cum until Jakob’s softening cock slipped from her tunnel. Together buca escort they agreed to bring in food—burgers and fries from a Wendy’s they had seen just down the street. In a gentlemanly gesture Jakob offered to dress and pick up the food while Jessie showered once again. She had just emerged from her quick shower when Jakob entered with their dinner. They sat on the couch, as closely as humanly possible, alternating bites of Baconators with kisses and gropes. “Damn, I love bacon,” Jakob exclaimed. Jessie looked at him for a second before removing the bacon from her sandwich. Jakob thought she was going to offer it to him, but that’s not what she had in mind. Instead she leaned back from him while she rubbed the bacon over each nipple , her clit and pussy—a clear invitation that Jakob couldn’t resist. Jakob licked and sucked and when he was finished he licked some more. Jessie laughed, “I never knew how much I loved bacon until this very minute.” Jakob joined her in laughing then joined her in a long loving kiss. When they finished Jakob called his dad to ask about their home and was shocked to learn that the repairs would take another three days and surprised to learn that he wouldn’t have to work until then, either. Jessie smiled at the news then dug out an even briefer bikini than she had worn earlier. On their way to the pool Jakob followed Jessie, taking special notice of that delightful alluring three-inch gap where her legs met. He smiled knowing that special space, Jessie’s inner core, was all his to love and enjoy. At the pool they dropped their towels and slipped into the pool. They basked in the dimly illuminated water, moving to an unoccupied corner. Jessie had her back in the corner and she pulled Jakob to her. She kissed him a surprisingly chaste kiss making Jakob wonder until he felt Jessie’s hand slip up the leg of his trunks. Slowly she started to stroke him, shielding her activity from the few others nearby with their bodies. As Jakob hardened his cock head peeked above his waistband. Jessie noticed that Jakob’s eyes were closed so she redoubled her efforts, actively jerking him off. After roughly five minutes of steadily pulling Jakob’s hard dick she noticed him stiffen. She squeezed her hand more tightly around him, resulting in a subdued grunt, followed by several squirts of semen jetting more than a foot up through the water. When he was done Jessie removed her hand and swirled the water, removing any evidence of her work. When Jakob opened his eyes Jessie just smiled. “Thanks again,” she whispered to him before kissing his cheek. “More to come later…I promise.”

Chapter 5

They left the pool when the air chilled and returned to their room. They crowded into the small shower together. When the water had finally reached the right temperature Jessie sunk to her knees in the tub. Jakob had only done this to her once before but he knew what she wanted. He took his cock in his hand and started to pee, aiming his stream between her breasts. Jessie looked up and smiled rubbing his hot piss over her skin. This was one way Jessie showed Jakob that she loved all of him—that she would do anything for him. When Jakob had emptied his bladder he pulled her to him for a long hot kiss as the shower cascaded over them. They broke the kiss, pulled back a few inches, and looked into each other’s eyes. “I love you,” they mouthed simultaneously before grinning like a couple of school kids, which they were. Jessie handed him the soap and turned around, inviting him to wash her back, ass, and legs. When she was clean she turned, took the soap and began to wash Jakob’s cock. The action of her hands on his organ engorged it with blood, strengthening his erection to rock hardness. Jessie covered it with lather before turning and bending over. She turned, pointed her finger first at Jakob’s cock and then at her ass. She braced against the wall as Jakob inserted first one then two fingers into her anus. Once he was sure she was loosened up he pushed his hard-on into the small hole left from his fingers. The slippery soap was a great lube and his cock head slipped easily past her sphincter, making a small but definite “POP.” Now he grabbed her hips as he plunged into her bowel. Slowly but steadily his pace increased. When he felt he was getting close he reached around Jessie to rub and squeeze her clit. Jessie was already hot from having her ass fucked so it wasn’t too long before she started to tremble as her orgasm began to rumble throughout her body. When it finally struck she experienced a massive spasm which shook her fiercely. Just as her orgasm was subsiding Jakob spewed cum repeatedly into her rectum. When Jakob finally withdrew there was a one-inch gape in Jessie’s ass through which his cum flowed like a river. They embraced once again as the hot shower water cleansed them at last. They dried each other before barely making it to the bed where they fell into a deep sleep.

Jakob woke somewhere around four, at least that’s what the clock said, feeling something unusual—something different. Jessie wasn’t to be seen on the pillow next to him so he looked elsewhere for her. That’s when he noticed the large tent in the blanket—barely visible in the darkness– right about where his cock was. Then he recognized the feeling—his cock was hot and wet from Jessie’s mouth. She was sucking his cock again. He flipped on the light and threw off the blankets. “If I had known how insatiable you were when I married you,” he began, “I still would have done it. But I would have done it a lot sooner.”

Jessie smiled. “I told you I’d spend my life thanking you for saving me and what better way than by sucking your cock?” Jakob thought for a moment but couldn’t come up with any argument that made and sense so he lay back on the pillow while Jessie worked him over. Jakob had always thought of himself as a fairly sexual person, jerking off at least once daily, but since becoming involved with Jessie once a day was in his distant past. Now he was cumming at least three times every day. He wondered if Jessie would tire of so much sex, but looking at her working steadily on his dick made him think the whole idea ridiculous. His problem would be keeping up with her. Jessie was laving his cock with her tongue—washing it, bathing it in her saliva—while actively stroking him with her hand. She gripped him tightly. She was stronger than she looked, having played soccer and softball, a starter on both teams. Her other hand found its way to Jakob’s balls, caressing them before a finger entered his ass. She had paid attention in Health class and investigated on the internet so she knew all about the prostate and how it worked. Most importantly she knew that stimulating it would help her lover get off—big time! She rubbed Jakob’s prostate with her finger while she jerked him off. Jakob just lay on the pillow, his eyes huge in amazement of what this woman could do to him. He tensed just as he shot a long stream of cum almost three feet into the air. It landed on his chest and stomach just as it was replaced by another as strong and as high as the first. The scene was repeated four more times before a final spurt jumped a mere three inches from his cock.

Jakob was covered in cum so he tried to rise for a quick shower. “Ahem, just where are you going? I’m not done with you yet!”

Meekly Jakob returned to the bed. Jessie started at his cock and balls licking up all the cum she could find. When they had been licked clean she moved up his abdomen cleaning him as she went. When she had finally cleaned the mess she climbed atop him, leaned down and kissed him, forcing her tongue into his mouth so he could taste the residual cum in her mouth. “I haven’t even begun to thank you, you know. Wait until we get home.” Jakob wondered what else this vixen—his wife—could come up with that she hadn’t already done. “Oh, well,” he thought, “I guess time will tell.”

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