Jamie, Yvonne, Sarah, David, Ch. 03

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I rose, and went to work. My secretary Lindsay came in with some phone messages and updates on meetings for today. After Janet’s departure from our team, Casey stayed with me, but Margaret went with Janet. I replaced her with another young associate named Lauren, and added a few more to the staff. Lauren was nice looking with a pleasant petite shape. She always wore blouses that showed some amount of cleavage of what might be a pretty nice set.

She had a master’s degree in computer science with experience in programming and testing. She was very bright, and much more user-friendly than Margaret. She will eventually become my assistant, taking Janet’s supervisory duties more fully. I like taking all my employees out to lunch, but after my experiences with Janet … there is nothing romantic with either Lauren, Lindsay, or any other females on the staff.

I spent some time in my office thinking about Sarah, my enigmatic wife with her impenetrable smile. I was at a loss as to what to think! Sarah and I have had amazing sex lately, but she still seemed to prefer this ass-clown, David, to me, and to remain aloof and secretive. I was not giving up on Sarah, and would fight to take her back from him.

I smiled as I remembered how good Sherri was with my children this morning, getting them dressed and fed and off to school. Claire and Todd both love her, and they toe the line with her … maybe even better than with Sarah or me.

If I lost my battle for Sarah’s heart, and she was happily situated with her new love, Sherri would be a very natural choice for me. I didn’t love her as much as I did Sarah, but I liked her! I liked her a lot, and perhaps that’s a start! Perhaps like could turn to love over time … it sometimes does! My children would accept her, since she was already like a second ‘Mother’ to them.

These reveries were interrupted by business as Lauren breezed into my office, filling the air with her sweet-florid scent. She reached over me to key up a new program for me to review, after she and Casey completed their testing.

She always stood close to me, and I could feel her soft breath on my neck. Just a slight turn of my head was rewarded by a hint … just a soft curve … of her right breast as it disappeared into its cotton and lace B-cup.

Since it was Friday, my thoughts turned to my retaliatory date with Janet. My mind agreeably took in her body from head to toe, with special attention to what I remember of her magnificent breasts—large and firm for her petite shape. What will I want to do with her? What will she allow me to do? Since she pushed me away so many years ago, what will be her current attitude be toward me?

All questions to be answered h tonight. I somehow made it through the rest of the day, and even managed, with Lauren’s help, to get some work done!

I was getting ready for my date. Sarah came in and asked,

“Am I allowed to ask, who you are seeing?”

“It would be unfair to say, since I would be revealing information she might want protected.”

“What if I asked you not to go Jamie?”

“Would I have been able to talk you out of seeing David earlier this week, Sarah?”

“Guess not!” she said, quietly with her head down, and as she turned to leave, she said over her shoulder, “Just be safe, darling!”

Since Sherri is unavailable tonight, Sarah has invited the still single Kim Nguyen, to keep her company and help with the kids. Kim Nguyen is a small slender and very petite Asian beauty, with long, smooth and silky black hair and dark almond eyes to get lost in.

She is also popular with my kids and she often takes them out for an afternoon of whatever on a weekend day here and there. She was the manager of a research library, very intelligent and well read. My Daughter Claire loved her for her hair-dressing skills, and the two of them spent a lot of time together on ‘girl stuff.’

Since Sarah was in the kid’s rooms getting them ready for bed, Kim wandered in to help me dress. Since she had seen me naked so many times it was a welcome intrusion. She asks,

“Who’s the lucky lady, Jamie?”

“Mmm, I shouldn’t say!”

“Come on Jamie, this is Kim! I will not say anything to Sarah. You can tell me” I leaned over and whispered in her ear,


“Uh-huh, veerryy interesting! Do we have a nice supply of condoms, darling?”

“Not going to come to that. If you are staying over tonight, maybe I will need them with you!” I joked. Kim laughed and retorted,

“Then I’ll be sure to stick around then!” We both laughed at that, as she helped me tie my tie.

Sarah walked in, gave me a half-smile, and sat on the edge of the bed. I could hear her crying as I left and Kim sat next to her, to comfort her. It made me feel like a real heel, but I left.

~ ~ ~

Janet was a vision in a short, tight dress, that showed a lot of her ample bosom! In the last ten years, she has not lost her shape, in fact if anything, she is even lovelier. I casino siteleri had reservations at a four-star restaurant, and had in mind to take her to a jazz club downtown later.

I had no idea what I expected from Janet after all these years, but my plan didn’t initially include sex—just showing an old friend a nice time out on the town. I complemented her on the way she looked, and she smiled with a slight blush. She stepped forward and kissed me sweetly; her lips were warm and tasted sweet.

I opened the car door for her, she settled in her seat, and reached over and pushed my door open for me. I noticed that her hem rose up her thigh a little from her efforts. She noticed that I noticed and smiled. I turned my attentions to the road as we talked a little.

The first thing she wanted to say, was how happy she was that I called her and asked her out … even after all these years.

“Jamie, just out of curiosity, why did you call me? You must have had others to turn to!”

“I was curious about you. You were the girl I loved for a long time, and … well … let’s just say that I did call!”

We kept the rest of the conversation rather inconsequential, saving the deeper stuff for the restaurant. I stole a look at her; her legs, her breasts, her pretty face. She kept looking straight ahead, but smiled knowing that I was surveying the landscape. I had to say something about it so I said,

“Janet you are still one of the loveliest women I know. I hope we have a lot of fun tonight!” She turned, gave me a bitter-sweet smile and said softly,

“We will, Jamie; I owe it to you!”

I escorted my lovely date into the restaurant. Although I had a reservation, I pressed a folded fifty into the hand of the maître d’ in a handshake, to ensure a nice table away from kitchen doorways and foot traffic—kind of a requirement in this town at a fine restaurant. He brought us swiftly to a very nice table. Janet was impressed, and smiled at me,

“Thanks Jamie, this is a great spot and we can talk a little. Darling we need to talk!”

“I have to say, it is a little daunting, being out with a millionaire!” I started.

“Jamie, you know I am not like that! You saw my townhouse, it is not that special, and except for the mink, I live very modestly. You know from Becca that I set up an educational trust with most of my money, since I really don’t need that much. I have the income from my consulting firm, and royalties from the bank.” She reached over and gently put her hand on mine,

“Please just treat me like the plain and simple girl you knew, honey!”

“Alright! Plain … simple! Got it! I would just like to say again, how amazing you look tonight, Janet! I forgot how beautiful you were!”

She blushed, but we were interrupted by the waiter. We ordered a couple of drinks and talked as we looked over the menu. She gave me a serious look and said,

“Jamie, the first thing I want to say to you, is that I am so, so sorry for being a fool the last time we went out. I was in love with you, but I was still a little angry because of your dating around, and maybe I wanted to hurt you a little.” Then she said,

“Jamie, if you would have hung in there with me at that pub instead of leaving, I would have eventually told those guys to get lost, after they served their purpose. I ended up taking one of them home, but I would have much preferred it to be you. I was shameless after you showed me a nice evening, and day of sailing, and I am sorry.”

“Jan, it hurt that you wanted me to fetch and carry for you and your friends, and I just decided not to do it.” I said. She smiled wryly and said,

“I forgot how easy it is for you to pick up any woman you want. You are very handsome, and charming, whether you know it or not. And, your immense intellect comes out quickly when you are with someone. Women love intelligent men, especially if they are as presentable as you are. I misjudged you honey!” Then in a softer voice,

“Jamie, I still love you! I always will! I bore the hell out our mutual friends asking about you all the time … about you, and little Todd, and lovely Claire. Jamie darling, you will always have a place in my heart.” She teared up just a little but dabbed them away with her linen napkin.

I told her, “Janet, I was so sure that you were the woman of my dreams, and we and any children, would have lived happily ever after.”

“I wanted that too, Jamie. But I foolishly had to feed my anger, and ended up pushing you away.” Then with another thought she continued,

“Jamie, I’m just thinking about the irony of the situation. You coming to me to show up a woman you went to, to show me up many years ago. Sarah was the girl you turned to when I chased you away, and you are turning to me when Sarah pushed you away!”

“Yeah, I thought about that too!” I agreed.

The conversation was lighter after she issued me the apology she needed to give me tonight, and we could now relax and have a nice slot oyna time.

“Janet, I can still see you naked in that little bathroom in my old office, with your cute little ass perched on edge of the sink cleaning yourself under the faucet, after we made love.”

She blushed deeply, said, “Oh, Jamie! I think I would give all my money to have those simple times back again, and just be loved by you!” then she said in nearly a whisper,

“I’m going to let you have me tonight Jamie, if that is your wish! So … I am asking you to just take a vacation from your marriage so I can have a little piece of you. Even if it is for the last time!” Then I said, taking one of her small hands in mine,

“You have to know that I had never gotten you completely out of my system, and … you will always have a piece of my heart too!”

“Thank you for that! I guess I needed to hear you say that Jamie!” she said softly.

“I love Sarah. If I lose her I might not want to remarry for a while, if ever. But, I have do several women who have told me that they would love to be wife number two. Should I add your name to that list?”

“Yes, of course Jamie! You know that’s the enigma of you; in physical stature, you don’t compare with taller handsomer, more well-endowed men, but there isn’t a woman alive that wouldn’t take you into her bed for the price of a smile from your handsome face. It took you less than ten minutes after I pushed you away to walk out with another woman, and a pretty one!”

“So tell me Janet, what happed to your taller handsomer, more well-endowed man?”

“He disappeared one morning with five-thousand dollars from my safe, Twenty-five-thousand dollars of my jewelry, and all of my credit cards. So right now, he is doing eight-to-ten upstate. See what you cost me by walking out on me Jamie? If you would have stayed in that pub, I would have gotten over my anger and married you.” She chuckled with another thought,

“You could have been married to a beautiful, young, multi-millionaire with big breasts! Isn’t that every man’s wet dream?” I Laughed and replied,

“Maybe, but it’s not mine! All I ever wanted was a nice woman I could make love to every night for the rest of my life! And … I have my own money!”

“I know that about you darling, it’s one of the many things I love about you! I would have loved to be that girl you described! I don’t need all that f’ing money either. I was a very happy girl, working for you and letting you look down my blouse everyday Jamie!”

“Well, it was a very lovely view!” then changing the subject, I said, “After this, let me take you to a nice little jazz club downtown! How does that sound?

“Oh, Jamie that sounds wonderful! Yes, let’s do it!” She reached over and put her hand on mine.

“Alright, we’ll close the f’ing place down tonight!” I said, and she wiggled her pretty butt in her chair with glee.

“Um, Jamie, I will have to visit the ladies’ room. Sitting with you is making me wet and I’m not um, wearing panties—just thought that would be sexier. I have a pair in my purse and I may need them on tonight!”

“Mmm, why don’t you just put them on in the car. That way I can watch!”

“Jamie! You are such a naughty boy! The ladies’ room will be fine!”

The waiter asked if we wanted dessert, and Janet said no right away, and so did I. She went to the ladies’ room and I paid the bill. I was waiting in front for her with her mink stole on my arm. I wrapped it around her shoulders when she emerged, and led her out to the car.

When we got to the car, I said, “Let me see!” as I cast my eyes down to her midsection.

“Jamie! Here?”

“Yup!” I said.

“There are people walking by! Look there’s a couple coming right now!”

“C’mon, baby! No guts no glory! Give them a little thrill—they look like they could use one! Plus, you will never see them again for the rest of your life!”

“Well, glory is over-rated darling! But okay, you little perv!”

A slow sexy smile crept across her pretty face, and with a couple of sexy wiggles, she lifted the hem of her already short dress all the way up to her hips, to displayed her pretty white silk and lace panties to me, and to the couple approaching. The guy smiled broadly while his date covered her mouth to stifle a little giggle.

Then Janet blushed deeply and started to lower her hemline. I stopped her by sliding my fingers over her expensively silk-encased pussy. She moaned softly as I moved in to kiss her. I felt Janet’s sweet breath a half second before the initial pressure of lips on lips.

Our voyeurs noticed, and quickly moved to their car. He pushed her up against it and kissed her as his hand slid down over her hip.

Janet always put the strength of her emotions into her kisses, and this one was no different; her lips tasted sweet, with a tint of the vintage Bordeaux from dinner! They were warm … soft … gave me chills as she pressed them into mine.

I pulled back, and canlı casino siteleri with her eyes still closed, her lips pushed forward still reaching for mine, she fluttered her eyes open, and I watched her pink lips recover from their pucker and sweeten into a pretty smile! She breathed a single word … softly,


I opened the door for her, she settled in her seat and when I went around she had pushed my door open for me. I looked over that this amazingly beautiful woman, and smiled. My eyes fell to her lovely shapely legs, since she had them askew, and her hem was high enough to see the little white triangle of her panties.

My old feelings for this woman came flooding back, looking at her and tasting that (literally) sweet-as-wine kiss. Her pretty face, her taut dress hugging her shapely little behind, and her lovely legs were all conspiring against my very last bit of will-power. I looked over at her before staring my car and said,

“Janet, I am just going to enjoy being with you tonight, and just let the chips fall where they may, later. Tonight I am single, and you are my girl!”

“Oh Jamie! I will make it so memorable for you!”

She talked brightly on the way; with intelligent and witty banter from her, met with quick comic counter-punches from me. It was a joy to see this pretty girl laugh again! I had forgotten what it was like to converse with a woman who is arguably one of the few most intelligent persons on the planet—a woman who completed her PhD in systems analysis at age nineteen, and had an IQ well over 200.

Just the sheer power of that brilliance behind those gorgeous eyes, and that amazing body, was … was … monstrously arousing!

But mostly, my mind was racing after my declaration to her about ‘chips falling where they may’ tonight and repercussions from that tomorrow. The vision of a tearful Sarah being comforted by Kim in my bedroom as I left, haunted me!

It haunted me!

How could I enjoy being with this pretty, and brilliant woman, when I know that Sarah is suffering at home. But, I thought about how much Sarah worried about my suffering last Tuesday when she was with her lover-boy. I can imagine that she was letting chips fall where they may as well.

Once downtown, I left the car in a parking ramp and we walked to the Jazz club. Before we emerged from the confines of the ramp, she quickly turned, and pressed her lips into mine again. My hands went up and over her amazing breasts, massaging them over her dress. “Oh, Jaammiiee!” she moaned.

I guessed that the tinkling sound I was hearing was chips starting to fall!

The club was starting to fill up, but a folded twenty for this venue was enough to get us a nice table by the dancefloor. Service was quick and we each ordered a drink. It was early yet and they were still featuring a warm up combo that was quite good.

I looked over at my lovely date, and she was beaming! She looked lovely in this light, glowing … iridescent! She was taking in the sights and enjoying the music. I said to my girl,

“It’s not Fats Domino, or Chuck Berry (her R&B favs), but would you like to dance to it?” Her bright sparkling eyes turned to meet mine and she said,

“Oh yes darling, let’s!”

I pulled her chair out for her and helped her to her feet, and we did a jazzy dance to the music. I twirled her in and out, and we made more than a good accounting of ourselves, and we had a lot of eyes on us (on her really) as we danced. I saw a man undressing Janet with his eyes as we passed his table. Janet notice as well, but ignored him as we made our way back to our table.

Back at the table, her eyes sparkled as she smiled at me! As we talked I could see the old Janet, the one I fell in love with, starting to emerge. Was I starting to fall for her all over again? Looking at me with pure love in her eyes, Janet asked,

“Jamie, doesn’t she know what she has? That woman is a fool!”

“That’s very funny Janet! Sarah said the exact same thing about you, the day I met her!”

“Well, she was right, I was a fool to chase you away. What a wonderful weekend you planned for me! We made supper for ourselves, danced to some old rhythm and blues, and cuddled through the night, then you took you sailing the next day.” She was becoming emotional as she recounted our last date, then continued,

“I loved it, but what did I do to repay you, I flirted like a cheap little slut with every man that smiled at me. Then to thank you for taking me out to a lovely little pub, I chased you away with a couple of men weren’t even worth my notice.” She teared up,

“Jamie, I didn’t blame you for leaving me. I treated you horribly! If there was ever a chance for me again, I would grab you in less than a picosecond, and hold on to you tight!”

I took a napkin and held her face gently as I dried her tears and trying to calm her sniffles. I said,

“Jan, I forgave you years ago! Now, let’s see that famous smile of yours, and have fun tonight!”

She lowered her face and smiled sweetly, beating back her teary hesitant breath. She put a dainty hand on mine, and said,

“Thank you Jamie darling! Let’s do have a nice time … and be lovers tonight!”

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