Jane Entertains

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To recap. I had answered an ad on craigslist from a married mom that wanted nasty stories sent to her email account. I sent one, and ‘Jane’ loved it. The mom asked me to create two more. One would be where she is the ‘entertainment’ for a party. In the other story she plays with a man’s cock and balls, keeping him on the edge of orgasm for hours.

My Dear Jane,

Being a gentleman, I of course am going to allow the lady to go first. Jane Entertains.

It’s been a hectic week, I’ve either been out of town or busy with projects. There have been flirty dirty email exchanges of course but now it’s and time to start my plan for tonight. There’s been no sex for the week – you’ve been a brat at times, or put on your best daddies little girl pout at others. But it’s been early starts and late ends all week long and daddy has just been too tired to play. And having daddies little girl frustrated has been a part of the design.

Time to get up and start the day. I use the bathroom, and then go downstairs to the kitchen. You are already awake and getting some breakfast, facing away from me and reaching up into a cabinet. You are wearing yoga pants, treating me to a wonderful view of your ass as you stretch getting something from an upper shelf – I very much approve. Day is looking better already.

“Good morning little schoolgirl,” I say to you, getting you to turn around. I see the sulk, and figure I need to move fast and lead you away from the brat behavior. “I know it’s been a busy week but daddy does have presents for his baby, unless of course she isn’t interested…”

That got your attention all right. “There’s this spa that opened up a month or so ago, and I hear they are getting popular. They are clients of mine, and I was able to get you a booking for the day. Full treatment; facial, pedicure, manicure, styling, massage and I forget the names of what all else.”

I knew your day was open, and when I mentioned the spa’s name you get excited. Yes of course I’ll get my breakfast and clean up; I have some things to do so you just have a great girly time and get all pretty for daddy. Yes I had sent the information to your email address; you have your phone so take off and enjoy.

I get a hug and a kiss – naturally slide a hand down the waistband of those yoga pants. I caress then cup one of those gorgeous ass cheeks of yours while we cuddle. You break away, wrinkle your nose at me with a grin and I reluctantly let go.

I have a busy day ahead, so I make a quick breakfast and begin eating as you get into your car and drive off to your appointment. There are things I need to get done for the evening’s festivities.

With just the two of us the house doesn’t get all that messy; but I have some domestic things to take care off right off. Kitchen clean, check; clean sheets and pillow cases on the master bed, check; master bath clean and spotless, check. Vacuum and sweep all around, done. Toiletries and assorted sundries out in the master bedroom and bath, you bet. Then the entertainment room…

My pride and joy. Not really a man cave – I do use it when I have clients over for business. On the main floor, so it’s convenient. Leather couch against the wall to the right as you enter, a leather love seat along the wall next to it. Across from the couch and love seat are flat panel TV’s; the one opposite the couch is larger than the other. Under the smaller flat panel is a cabinet holding the electronics and some media.

Since the room was originally a bed room it has a walk in closet situated behind the big wide screen, which is where I keep a small refrigerator, as well as other odds and ends. The one wall is lined with shelves which in turn are populated with neat rows of covered plastic bins. That’s where I keep a collection of videos, toys, lubes etc.

In the center of the room is a very special piece of furniture. It doesn’t look like much as it’s essentially large coffee table. Its four foot square, looks like a chest on short stout legs. There are drawers and storage space that hold mundane office supplies – it’s what’s under the top that makes this piece unusual.

Open the drawers, and if you take the time to feel around the top of the space your fingers will come into contact with latches. Open all the latches and you find the top is a shell and can be removed. Underneath is a different surface, also made of wood, also highly polished. However this one has a number of heavy duty lashing rings set around it. What you don’t see is underneath sits an industrial strength turntable; rated for 650 pounds. There are clevis pins in the four corners, remove them and the table top turns with ease.

This being an older house, the ceilings are higher than standard. The original ceiling plaster was cracked and instead of repairing it I pulled it down, installed a drop ceiling made of acoustical tiles which allow for recessed lighting. Four of the lights are directly above that coffee table and it doesn’t take too much casino siteleri imagination to realize that piece of furniture can act as a very intimate stage.

The drop ceiling made it easy to run cable, electrical and speaker wire etc. An added bonus to having the drop ceiling – if push several of the tiles around the room up and to the side you will find heavy duty stainless steel pad eyes attached to the exposed joists. A carabiner hangs from each eye.

I head into the closet and start selecting the toys I plan on using for the evening. Mild bondage is on the menu for sure, so wrist, thigh and ankle cuffs, restraining belts, spreader bar and snap links are removed from their places and set out.

I line the top of a serving tray with a white terry cloth towel and place on top of it several dildos of various sizes and lengths. I add a couple of bottles of lube and some strap-on harnesses. The tray gets placed on top of the wall cabinet.

I take a similar tray and use it to put out some vibrators and a couple of magic wands. Anything that needs a battery has them inserted. Other items are staged and more bottles of lube are placed. I put red latex sheets over the couch and love seat.

And the big surprise for tonight – I broke down and bought you Sybian. I’ve been looking forward to watching you ride it since before I placed my order. The false top of the coffee table is removed and put into the closet, a no-skid mat placed in the center of the working table surface. Some cushions on either side of the Sybian, get it plugged in and leave the controls where they’ll be handy.

My mobile rings, its Diana who is one of the owners of the spa. I had left instructions that they call once you were close to being done. I’ve got a couple of hours yet, things are on schedule.

The last thing I do is set up a couple of video cameras in the corners next to the couch. They each get aimed and slaved to a TV, the one on the right to the bigger of the flat screens; the one on the left to the smaller of the two. I bring a set of the wrist and ankle cuffs to the master bedroom and place them on the dresser.

I get ready for the evening. Anal play is also on the bill of fare for tonight so I give myself a quick enema, then shower, shave and get dressed. I’m keeping it basic with jeans and a long sleeved shirt, no shoes. Back downstairs, I pour a dollop of bourbon into a glass and I hear you pull up the drive. Timing!

I meet you at the door – wow! You’ve always been easy on the eyes but Diana and her crew amped it up more than I had expected. “Hi gorgeous – you must have had some day. You left here beautiful – now I don’t know if I can let you out in public. Other men’s wives are gonna pull their guys legs off and beat ’em with them when you walk down the street, that is for sure.” You blush, your smile fills your face and all is great with the world.

I help you in the door, and you begin to gush “I loved it – you bad man you. You ignored me all week, but I think this made up for it. I was spoiled rotten. I got a personal assistant for the entire day. Her name was Anna and she did my nails, washed my hair, and gave me the most heavenly massage. One thing I wasn’t sure about though. Anna was adamant I should use a different color polish for my nails. She also gave me a matching tube of lipstick.”

Luckily for me I can keep a poker face. I lead you into the house, of course admiring the sight of your backside encased in jeans as you step in front of me. Ladies take note here – yes we love to pamper you. Yes we really do appreciate the time you spend to make yourself pretty, smell great and all that good stuff. But we’re animals – all that goes by the wayside when we walk behind you and get to admire your ass…

Of course I know about the red nail polish on your fingers and toes. I also know about the red lipstick Anna gave you. All part of the plan – well we will all see in a while. Speaking of which, time to get back to it.

“Now that daddies little school girl is home, time to get ready for the evening. Girly girl needs to get kissably clean inside and out and get dressed.” I get a pout, and you stick your tongue out at me. You know how to get my cocks attention. You smile and we start up the stairs to the master bedroom.

We enter the room, you see I’ve changed the linens and put a black shiny latex sheet on top of the bedspread. You turn to me, smile, and then rub your lips with the tip of your tongue. I really think you want me to cum in my pants…

You look me in the eyes, slowly unbutton your blouse then let it slide off to the floor. You unbutton and unzip your pants, then do that lovely shimmy wiggle thing women do to get their pants to glide down their hips. I am enjoying every move, and you finally pull down and step out of your pants. No bra on those lovely breasts you have, you tease. I love seeing you in just panties, and my admiring the sight causes you to blush a bit, your nipples hardening.

I take slot oyna your hands and lead you into the master bath. You see that I had already laid out your enema bag and douche. I turn then kneel in front of you, both of my hands on your hips. I feel the warm smoothness of your skin, draw you towards me and I kiss your tummy. Carefully I slide my fingers under the waistband of your panties and slowly push them down. I inhale and savor your scent; the aroma of your delicious pussy goes straight to my cock. I work my mouth down your belly and kiss your Venus mound. You look down at me, smile, and step free of your panties. I stand up – and have to take a moment to readjust things. You giggle, step aside.

Enema first – I fill the bag with warm water and then hang it. I sit on the rim of the tub, drape a towel over my pants and you lie face down over my lap. You know I love your ass and you wriggle a bit teasing me, feeling my cock harden even more against your tummy. I squirt some lube between your buttocks and lovingly work it towards your rosebud with my finger.

I push into the cleft between your silky ass cheeks, spreading the lube around. I add a bit more, and then part your globes with my other hand. I press the tip of my finger against your tight entrance, then slowly twist and rub my digit around the taut muscle. I feel you relax and I gently push in. I’m enjoying the feel of pressure from your ring around my fingertip as I get it to expand; first tight then gradually loosening. I get my entire finger in and we rest, you breathing slowly and deeply. I feel my cock pressing against your tummy, pulsing in time with my heartbeat.

I slowly pull out, find that I can easily push my finger back in. You sigh, and I add another finger, gently opening you. Sighing stops, you start to moan as I begin to gently frig your bottom. “Ohhh daddy, that feels so good,” you whisper. “Your fingers feel so big in my little girls butt. My little hole feels ready daddy.”

You’re open, no resistance, I remove my fingers and add more lube then slowly, tenderly insert the enema nozzle into your ass. Once it’s seated I loosen the clip allowing the water to flow into your colon. My cock hardens and throbs; your luscious belly lying over it, soft and voluptuous, filling from the enema. Even with the towel and my pants in the way every move you make gets telegraphed to my glans.

“Hmmm, does daddy like this?” you breathe out huskily. “I feel exposed on your lap, and your cock feels so huge against my tummy.” Oh no you gorgeous bitch, not yet. We have more to go before I give you my come…

This is only meant to be an appetizer, a getting ready for things to come later tonight. The bag collapses in on itself as I stroke your back, sides and ass. I bring a hand around the front of you and fondle your hanging breasts, roll your nipples between thumb and forefinger. When the bag empties I remove the nozzle from your rear and reluctantly let you stand up. You saunter to the toilet – stand over it, smile at me, slowly sit down.

Your eyes keep contact with mine; you cup the bottoms of your breasts in your hands and lift them up. “Does daddy want to watch?” you ask. You let your lovely’s drop, pinch your nipples, and then slowly run your hands down your slightly distended stomach.

“This is so dirty daddy. Do you really want to watch your sweet little girl like this? On the toilet, her legs spread, her pretty little pussy bare, unprotected and open to you? Oh daddy, I feel my tummy start to cramp I have to go so bad. I can feel it start to trickle out of my little hole. I’m so full. I don’t know how much longer I can hold it daddy. Can I go please?” You cup your hands over your pussy, bring your knees together and then lick your lips with the tip of your tongue. My cock twinges, my balls start to tighten up into my abdomen. You lovely bitch, I am going to love serving you my jizz…

“You look so damn sexy sitting there, of course daddy wants to see his pretty, sexy, slutty little girl get rid of all that dirty water. Daddy likes watching his sweet little girl do filthy things. But daddy wants his sweet girl to hold it for just a bit more.” With that I get up and walk over, kneel on the floor in front of you, and gently pull your knees apart. I lightly stroke your inner thighs with my fingers. I run my fingertips up your hips, across your belly and up to your breasts. I lean forward and give your nipples a kiss, sucking each in turn into my mouth.

I lean back, look up and say to you “You can let that nasty water out now baby doll. Do it for daddy.”

You look down at me, I see your tummy tighten a bit, your eyes widen, your mouth sets to an ‘O’. I hear the jet of liquid shoot from your pretty little pucker, splashing into the waiting water of the bowl. Your eyes twinkle, and you start to smile. Watching you expel the enema and I swear my cock grows another inch…

Finished, lazily you reach for some tissue and then wipe yourself, keeping eye contact canlı casino siteleri with me, smiling sweetly. “Daddy, that was so dirty. My tummy was so full but now I feel all better. Poor daddy, your organ has grown so big, you must be so uncomfortable.”

I move and you stand up, flush and then walk over and step into the tub. You bend down, arch your back and slowly wriggle your ass at me saying “I think it’s time for daddy to wash his little girl. Oh please daddy, make sure my pussy is clean and sweet smelling.” You stand up, turn to face me smiling, hands clasped in front looking innocent and demure. I damn near cum in my pants – you beautiful bitch goddess.

You get an anxious look on our face, cup your hands over your sweet pussy and bring your knees tight together, “Oh daddy, I should have stayed on the toilet. I need to pee – can your good little girl pee in the tub? I have to go so bad, I don’t want to mess the floor. Would daddy like to watch me pee? I like it when you watch – pretty please daddy?”

I nod my head, “Oh yes baby doll daddy wants to watch you tinkle.” I watch you kneel into the tub and stroke your breasts with your hands. I walk to the side of the tub and kneel down in front of you, my face close to yours. I reach out and lightly grab your hips, you gently knead your boobs as you close your eyes and look up a bit; your stream begins to shoot out. You keep your eyes closed, bite your lower lip so prettily, and start to pinch your nipples. My cock is fully erect, straining, pushing the front of my pants. My balls feel heavy, hot, damn woman!

I look down, your piss jetting out of our pussy, hitting the tub floor and splashing up onto your thighs and calves. You clearly have been drinking a lot of fluids today as your urine is almost clear. Your stream slows, becomes a dribble, and all too soon the flow stops. You open your eyes and look into mine, a dreamy smile on your face. “Oh daddy, that felt so good. I really needed to go. I’m ready now; please make my pretty little cunny all clean.”

You stand up and I see your labia are still closed, so cute, so innocent and so very sexy. I reach a finger out and rub just the tip up between your lips, capture a golden droplet. I bring it to my lips and lick it with the tip of my tongue. It tastes slightly salty, a little bitter, a little like tea. I feel you shiver; I look up and see you were watching me. I get up from my knees and sit on the rim of the tub facing you. The floor of the tub feels wet and warm on the bottom of my bare feet from your piss.

I fill the douche with warm water. My left hand reaches around, resting on your butt, squeezing a bit and pulling you towards me. My right holds the bulb of the douche. I gently part your nether lips with the nozzle and squeeze the bulb rinsing the folds of your luscious puss, washing away the remainder of your champagne.

“Hmmm, daddy,” you say dreamily. “That feels good, so nice and warm on my pussy.”

Water flows down your cleft, dripping to the floor of the tub and mixing with your pee. Your clit begins to emerge from its velvety home and I slowly insert the nozzle tip into your honey pot. Your hands are on the sides of my head, stroking my hair, keeping you steady. Once again you sigh, your eyes are closed, you are relaxed, a languid smile on your lovely lips. I slowly squeeze the bulb, filling your pussy with warm water. It dribbles out, splashing on the bottom of the tub, mixing with then washing away the rest of your golden flow. We are both lost in the same small, quiet and warm world, time seems to slow.

“Oh daddy, do you like my pretty little puss?” you sigh. I grin, and kiss the top of your mound. I continue lightly kissing up your tummy, ending at your navel. I insert my tongue and you let out a moan. Lovely.

“Baby doll, I wish I could bottle your perfume and wear it as cologne.” You smile blissfully, keeping your eyes closed.

Douching your pussy increased the heat going to my groin. I love your pussy on my face, savoring and wearing your juices, your scent about me. I also crave your ass, your breasts and your legs. And I take a mental note – we need to spend some time exploring the expulsion of enema and douche. At a later date, not right now. Although I’m starting to think I missed something by not having you shoot either or both on my cock…

Finishing, I help you out, wrap you in a warm fluffy towel and rinse the tub. I draw you a bath, telling you to take a good soak – get you your book and lay a towel on the rim of the tub for your head. Once the tub gets full you pour in some bath oil, turn on the jets. I take an approving look and tell you I’m going to be laying out your evening wear. Then I give you a stern stare, “No playing with yourself little girl – I have lots of plans for your puss tonight.” I smile, and head into the bedroom.

Jane, it’s getting late and I’m off to bed. Lots more to come in the next part of this story. Sweet dreams, I hope you attack your husband.



I send the email and think to myself that this story was like a long session of foreplay. Either ‘Jane’ is going to be eager for more or I’ll never hear from her again.

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