Jane’s Diary – Valentine’s Day

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—Hi! This is my first contest entry, so please be nice! 😉

Jane’s Diary

Januray 27th

Damon and I have been married 5 years! We haven’t had kids yet, but we want to try this summer!

So for Valentine’s Day I asked for something a little taboo and different.

See, we have been together since college, and we were each other’s first. And before we have kids, I really wanted him to have experiences and I wanted to be there with him. And maybe have some of my own experiences.

So we talked about swinging. We signed up on an online swinging club.

We set up to meet a couple around our age at a local café next weekend. I’m so anxious and excited about it!

January 30

Bill and Sarah were so very nice. And wow, I don’t know how we lucked out. We went to the coffee shop on 2nd street, and talked for an hour. We talked about normal stuff to begin with.

When Sarah asked what my favorite position is, my cheeks heated up. I told her I like being on top most. And then she asked if I was bi. And when she asked, I swear there was a twinkle in her eye. Maybe that was my imagination, because I find her so very attractive. She’s about my height 5’4, but she has blonde long hair, that I just want to put my fingers through. So, I said yes, I like the idea of being with a girl, but I have never experienced it. She looks like she tans. But not too much. Her husband Bill was probably getting hard while she and I talked about sex. I know Damon was. He told me in the car.

We set up to meet casino siteleri at our house at 7pm on Valentine’s Day. Damon and I are so excited. When we got home from the coffee house we had crazy awesome sex, and talked about the things we wanted to do with our new couple friend.

February 15

We cleaned the house. Made sure we had new sheets on the bed, made sure our shower was clean. And we shaved ourselves and made sure we were nice and clean. I’m so excited and nervous. I’m sure Damon is too!

They arrived at 7pm, with a bottle of white wine.

We opened the bottle and poured ourselves a drink. I had a cheese and cracker platter out and we ate, drank and talked for an hour. We sat on the couch. We have an L shaped couch. I sat next to Damon, like I was glued to him. And Sarah sat next to me and Bill sat on the other end of the L.

Sarah put her hand on my thigh and kissed my cheek. I moved my face so I could kiss her mouth. Her lips were so amazingly soft and sweet. I gently put my tongue in her mouth, and she put hers in mine.

Damon reached over me and put his hand on her thigh. She moved from my mouth and went over to Damon and kissed him. I watched. It was so hot seeing this gorgeous blond kissing my husband. Bill came over to me, sat next to me and started kissing me. His close shaven chin felt so nice compared to my hubby’s beard. Bill has brown hair and brown eyes. He’s very tall and lean. When I put my hand on his chest I could feel how sculpted it was. It turned me on. I took my shirt off, slot oyna and my hot pink bra was screaming TAKE ME OFF. So I took it off and my perky 26 year old 34 C cup breasts were in his face, as he took turns sucking on my nipples. I started grinding my hips with excitement. I went down to my knees. And as I did I looked over at Sarah and she followed my lead, and kneeled down in front of Damon. The guys undid their jeans and pulled their cocks out!

I noticed he was a nice size and thick, I put my mouth over the tip and looked up at him as he looked at me with adoration as I kissed and sucked his cock, going up and down the long shaft. I pulled down his pants and boxer s and Sarah came over and we both licked and sucked her husband’s big cock. In the meantime, I looked over at Damon and he had taken his clothes off and was stroking my favorite cock in the world.

I was so turned on.

Sarah then kissed me in front of bill while he took over with his hand. Then she went down to my nipples and started to suck on my right one, and then she bit lightly, I moaned!

“Let’s go upstairs.” I said. And the party fallowed me upstairs to our bed. We left the comforter down, Bill lay down.

“Show me how you like to ride a cock sweetie!” Bill said.

I looked over at Damon, and he and Sarah were making out on the bed. She was totally naked on top of him. Kissing him. I was so turned on that his cock was going to please another woman, I was so happy to watch.

Then I got on top of Bill, and slowly sat on his canlı casino siteleri cock, gliding it inside my wetness. Sarah was riding my hubby right next to me. We all got in the same rhythm. And I was watching Damon’s face as he was ever so enjoying the pleasure of Sarah’s pussy. I could tell he was going to cum.

“Yes, Damon, CUM in her. Please baby, I want you to come inside Sarah!”

I grinded my pussy faster on Bill and he came inside me about 5 minutes after Damon came.

“I need to come still!” Sarah Said.

She lay on the bed her legs spread, and her hubby put a finger inside of her, and I went over to lick her clit. I’ve never tasted a girl’s sweetness, besides my own when I was trying to make it wet while I play. Her pussy tasted like Damon’s cum, and I’ve definitely tasted that before! His cum mixed with her sweetness was so delicious. As I licked and flicked my tongue against her clit, Damon grabbed my hand and guided it inside her, my two fingers inside of her as I lick her. Bill had no problem with me taking over. Bill started touching my pussy, then he licked and put his whole mouth over my pussy, he glided two fingers inside and it was hard to concentrate on Sarah when I was getting close to cumming from Bill’s touch and kissing. Sarah let out a loud moan and a jolt as she came. Now I knew I could cum. I pictured him eating his own cum out of my pussy and I came so hard.

We all took a shower and went down stairs and had some cokes and talked a bit and they went on their way home!

Damon and I had sex again after they left and he even came again! He never comes twice in a night!!! I came again too, and it was amazing!

What a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Shared with my awesome sexy husband… And our new friends!

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