Jason’s life chapter 11/teacher

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About six months after Dad had his first stroke he had another, so I flew back to
Southern California to see him. When I was there for his first stroke Mom had said, Dad still wants to fuck me. I think he thinks he will lose me if he doesn’t take care of me in
that way. I love your Dad and would never leave him. I’ve known my body was made for fucking since I was a teenager. Since I have had such a good relationship with my Family I have never wanted to go outside the family except for Greg and Tom. Even though I love fucking I would never do anything to hurt your Dad. I want to fuck your Father but
am scared it might cause him to have another stroke. I talked to the Doctor when I first
got to mom’s and asked him if being sexually active could cause the stroke. The Doctor
said it would be extremely unusual. He said Dad’s stroke was work related and that stress caused the first one. The second came because he continued trying to work in order to support his family. I asked Mom how often did she fuck dad. She said not at all until he insisted on going back to work, well that’s not entirely true she said he did fuck me twice in the three weeks he was home recovering. He woke me up one night fucking me from behind when he thought I was asleep. I pretended to be and I must admit it felt good. The second time he was eating my pussy while I was asleep, and I woke up when he made me cum. So I got on top of him and I fucked him slow like that for a quite awhile. I kept thinking what if he has another stroke so it wasn’t as enjoyable as in the past. I told her to quit feeling guilty, and told her what the Doctor had said. Mom looked relieved, and reached over and gave me a big kiss. I slipped my hand up her dress and was not surprised that she didn’t have any panties on. I began to run my fingers up into her pussy and she gave a little moan and squatted down a little which opened up her cunt and I put all four fingers in. Mom began to lubricate and I felt that pussy loosen, suddenly my whole fist entered her wet pussy right up to my wrist. She spread her legs a little further as I took my middle finger and found her uterus and pushed up into it. She grunted and bore down on my hand spreading her legs even further apart. I pushed again and sent my finger up the uterus to my knuckle. Mom just collapsed on the floor, her legs wouldn’t hold her up. She laid on her back with her legs in the air and spread her legs wide. I knelt down beside her and began to drive my fist as far into that pussy as it would go. I pumped
my arm up and down, and my finger slid in and out of her uterus. Each time I lifted the suction would lift her off the floor. Mom was shaking her legs and screaming Oh, please don’t stop, push, push faster, faster. I got my arm going like a piston and Mom raised her hips and arched her back and shot that warm liquid like a water hose letting lose. It shot clear up and hit me in the chest. I had never seen so much liquid come out of a pussy as she did then. She just laid there and moaned as I slowly extracted my fist from her swollen pulsating pussy. I could hardly believe that I was able to put my whole fist into her.
That evening I went over to see Becky’s Mom. I had called Becky earlier and sheasked me to stop over and see how she was doing that she didn’t sound to good when she talked to her that day. I called Jerry, and asked her if she would like to go out to dinner.
She said how about if I fix us a little something here and then you could fill me in on everything that’s going on with you and Becky without interruption. I said sounds good to me, knowing full well what she really wanted. When I got there she opened the door with
this see threw negligee on and with the light behind her I could see her bush and those wonderful tits. My cock started to get hard before I walked through the door. I stepped inside and gave her a big kiss running my tongue into her mouth and tickling the roof of it. I felt her shudder from head to foot and she pressed me into those great big lovely tits of hers and held me like that for about a awhile. I could see she had fixed a nice table for two with candles and a small bunch of flowers. She handed me a glass of red wine and she took me into the bedroom. We can eat a little later she said. I finished off the glass of wine and put my arms around her and gave her a french kiss. She met my tongue hungrily and sent her own tongue into my mouth and moved it back and forth across the roof of my mouth. Slowly I lifted her negligee above her head and dropped it
to the floor. She unfastened my belt and unzipped my pants letting them drop to the floor also. She put her fingers on each side of my shorts and slowly squatted down pulling my shorts down as she went. She took my cock into her mouth and began to suck. Oh did it feel good. I could feel my cock alsancak escort bayan pulsating against the inside of the cheeks of her mouth. She knelt down on her knees and began to move my cock in and out of her mouth. After about five minuets I could feel the urge to cum and stopped her. I pulled her up and laid her on the bed spreading her legs apart. I knelt down on my knees and with her legs dangling over the side of the bed I began to kiss and suck on her clitoris, running my tongue in and out of her cunt. She came almost immediately and her cunt became wetter and the lips of her cunt seemed to pulsate. I felt her cum again and then again. She flung her legs straight up grabbed her toes and spread her legs as far apart as she could. The lips of her pussy opened up wide and I buried my face into that hairy mound, sticking my tongue in as far as I could stretch it. She came again and I could taste her warm love juices. I inserted two of my fingers and began massaging her G spot that lays about two inches up the large muscle on the roof of her vagina. I found the spot and began to rub and pulsate it. Faster and faster I rubbed, her ass began to quiver and shake and her big tits shook from side to side. Faster and faster my fingers went in and out on that G spot. I could feel it getting harder as it filled with fluid. She reared her hips into the air arching her back and just like Mom shot about a cup full of that warn liquid all over my hand and arm and fell back on the bed exhausted. We laid there for about ten minuets, and I began to massage her clitoris again with my fingers. By now that clitoris was as hard as a rock and had grown since I last saw her. I guessed she had been masturbating almost daily since I left, and it was almost an inch and a half long. It appeared to look like a miniature prick. I bent down and began to suck on it and run my tongue down the length of it as I sucked. She raised her hips and came again once, twice, three times, and then I took my cock that was throbbing so hard I thought it was going to bust out of the skin and inserted it into her steaming wet cunt. As I slowly drove it in I could feel her cum again. I began to go in and out of that warm almost hot pussy. Faster and faster I went and began to drive into her. She shot her legs up over her head and again grabbed her toes spreading her legs wide’ and I drove all seven and a half inches into her. I could feel me hit bottom and I felt her flinch so I eased off so that as I fucked her she got it all without hitting bottom. I was about ready to cum when she grabbed me and rolled over on top of me and sat there without moving with my cock deep inside her. I could feel her uterus with the tip of my cock. She just sat there not moving. Just as I was about to see if I could insert my cock into her uterus like I had done before she raised up off me and bent down and put my cock into her mouth. She began to suck and to get into a position to insert it into her throat. I then realized she did what she did so that I would subside and not cum. Like before she put about an inch at a time down her throat taking a breath each time it came out of her throat cavity. Deeper and deeper, until the entire seven and a half inches was in her mouth and throat. She moved up and down my cock faster and faster she went. I was fascinated as to how she was able to do it without gagging. Faster and faster she shoved that cock into her throat. My cock was throbbing so hard and I felt myself start to cum when she pulled it all the way out and then shoved it all the way back in and her lips took in part of my testicles and I could feel her throat suck my cock as I shot a load of cum down that throat. I felt her convulse and I thought she was choking so I started to pull out but she grabbed my ass and pulled me even deeper into her throat as I shot what felt like a cup full of cum into her throat. It kept spurting and spurting down her throat and I thought I would never stop, it felt so good. She held me like that not moving for about another thirty seconds. Jerry withdrew my cock from her throat and laid back with the nicest smile and satisfied look. I felt really good too. We showered and then ate a nice steak dinner. We hardly talked we just looked at each other through most of the dinner. We had apple pie with Vanilla ice cream for desert and I told her about Becky who was expecting our first child. We fucked two more times before I left. The first time she sat on my cock with her back to me. I almost couldn’t believe how deep it went when she sat completely down with her knees up. I believe she increased my length another half inch, unbelievable. Then she wanted it in the ass. I fucked her so hard and so long that last time that when she walked me to the door she could hardly walk, and I had to steady her. She said her legs felt like wet spaghetti. escort alsancak It was the last time I ever fucked her. When Becky and I would visit her after she got remarried, to a real nice guy I might add, I would catch her looking at me with a mystical look, and she would smile at me as if she remembered every minuet of our encounters. I would get a funny feeling in my crotch and I would remember too.
I got back to moms house at about one AM, and found Mom sitting in my bedroom. She said I know your pretty tired after what I just witnessed and she grinned up at me. I remembered I hadn’t closed those curtains. After what you did to me this evening I didn’t think I would be able to fuck for a week, but after watching you perform at Jerry’s I got jealous and horny as hell. Do you think you have one more in you tonight she asked? I don’t know I’m pretty tired, but let’s give it a try, I could never turn mom down. We got into bed and she took my cock in her mouth and began to suck. Now Mom has always given me some of the best head ever, but after Jerry I’m not sure. It took Mom a little longer, about twenty minuets to get me hard. Even so, it felt good. Being soft she could get the entire cock in her mouth and some of my balls too. As I got harder and harder she took less into her mouth. As soon as it got good and hard she got on top and began to move up and down. I looked at her in the moonlight and admired how good she looked. Mom was twenty years older than me but even at forty-nine, her tits were firm and she had very little fat or lose skin on her. I looked up at her and said I love you, and She bent over and kissed me gently on the lips. I realized how much I loved my mother. It was not like a son loving his mother, I had that too, but it was more a full deep love for her as a women and a friend. I felt the same about my sister too. I have never been ashamed of making love to either. I lost time as I admired her loveliness, her soft smooth skin and her beauty. I glanced over at the clock and realized we had been fucking for over an hour. Mom had her eyes closed and her head back as she kept up a steady rhythm rising and falling on my cock. I could tell by her wet pussy that she had had multiple orgasms. I rolled her over and positioned her ass on the edge of the bed and took my hand and scooped up some of her wet cum and rubbed it on her ass. I lifted her legs up high and let my cock go into her ass. I started real slow with long full strokes and Mom started whimpering and saying, Oh, you don’t know how good it feels honey. I increased my speed yet kept it gentle. I didn’t feel like just jamming her I wanted to make her feel the length of my cock as it slid in and out. Faster and faster I went, but keeping it gentle, bringing my cock clear out to the tip and then letting my weight bore down on her in free flight and I would bury it deep within. I kept fucking her like that and I felt her cum any number of times. I began to get that feeling in my loins. I didn’t think I had any cum left after Jerry sucked every drop through her throat earlier. But here I was as it built inside of me so I began to increase my speed and I shortened my strokes and then began to fuck her with a rapid fire motion and she was moaning softly as I reached my peak. I shoved my cock deep and grabbed her around her hips and pulled her as tight as I could so every inch of my cock was buried into that magnificent ass as I came. She grabbed me behind my butt and lifted her ass higher straining to get it in further. I think she actually got an extra half-inch into her that way. She was shaking and coming and it seemed like she couldn’t stop coming for about a minuet or two. We laid like that for about fifteen minuets and my cock was still throbbing and didn’t seem to want to go down. Finally Mom said, just look at that beautiful cock. I made one hell of a man. I better sneak back into my bedroom before I get all horny again I never want your Dad to know about us. The Next morning after a good breakfast I said goodbye to my Dad and kissed him and told him I loved him and he said he loved me too and that he was quite proud of both his son and his daughter. I drove Moms car to the airport and as soon as we got on the Santa Monica freeway Mom unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out and began to suck on it. I said Momma, someone is going to see you especially one of these truck drivers. I don’t care she said, they can look with envy but I’m not going to see you for a while and I want to suck your beautiful cock. I had a hell of a time getting out of the car. My dick was so hard I had to go into the bathroom and into a stall so I could rearrange my cock, before I boarded the plane.
I didn’t see my folks for almost a year, but I talked to them several times a week. Finally I got a weekend off and drove down to see them. I had been working alsancak escort six and seven days a week. Mom and I got to fuck a great deal that weekend. Dad was getting worse and fucking seemed to take her mind off him. The first night we fucked five times before going to sleep finally at five in the morning. I only came twice though. I woke up late, just before lunch, and went for a swim in the pool and Mom joined me. I fucked her there in the shallow part of the pool. In all those years it was the first time we made love in the pool. As she held onto the side of the deck I took a deep breath and dropped under the water and began to eat her pussy. I held my breath as long as I could then put my mouth tight against her lips and blew air into her pussy. When I came up for air she was giggling. She said it felt like her insides got bloated. It was nice because she could float a little and I drew her legs up in front of my chest and her feet draped over my shoulders exposing her pussy with her lips wide open. I put my cock into her and we fucked and fucked until I had to stop because the water was washing her juices away and it started to feel like a squeegee across a window.
That night we fucked twice more before we went to sleep, and then I woke up about four in the Morning with Mom fucking me. She had her back to me and was squatted over me so that there was very little weight on my stomach. She still had those great leg muscles. Even at her age. I said how long have you been here. Not long she said about ten or fifteen minuets. She smiled and said she only had to suck my cock about a minuet before it got hard. She took several more strokes and rose up let my cock sink into her ass. It seemed like Mom was enjoying ass fucking more and more. Almost to the point of preferring it. I said is Tom still doing the pool. She smiled and said yes, every Thursday like always. He’s married now and has two kids. He Said he has never played around on his wife except with me. He said he was fucking me when he met his wife to be and never felt guilty about not telling her or cutting me off. He said his wife once asked him why he was still doing our pool since he worked full time selling real estate. He told her that we had been friends since we were kids and with Jason’s dad ill he felt he should continue doing it.
Sunday morning after a late breakfast I decided to go see Betty (the school teacher), as it had been quite some time since I last saw her. I went by Betty’s house but she wasn’t home so I took a chance and went by the school gym and found her. She was happily surprised to see me. We talked for a while and caught each other up on what was going on in our lives and then she went over and closed the curtains and locked the door to her office. I smiled and asked her if she had seduced any students lately. She said no way, I was so scarred after that Sissy escapade that I swore if I got out of that situation I would not temp fate again. We both admitted that Sissy had some kind of a body and we both laughed. I pulled her gym shorts and panties off and set her on her desk. She laid back and I bent over and began to insert my tongue into her pussy. She had a little pungent smell and was a little salty from exercising but it was a nice smell. As I began to
suck on her clitoris she lifted her legs and I had full access to that beautiful pussy. I
inserted my two fingers into her wet cunt and let my little finger go into her asshole. I ate
that pussy for half an hour, finger fucking her at the same time. I stood her up and turned
her around inserting my cock into her hot pussy. We fucked like that for a while then we went over to the couch. I lifted her legs up high and shoved my cock into her tight ass. She gave a little whimper but didn’t say anything. I suggested that she grab her feet and spread her legs just like Becky’s mother had done. She did and I went into that cavity another whole inch. We fucked like that for about another twenty minuets and then I let go and came deep into her ass. We laid like that, me on top of her with my dick up her ass until I went soft. She peeked out her curtain and said come on, we grabbed our clothes and duct into the girls locker room and into the shower. We scrubbed each other all over with soap and then Betty knelt down and took my cock into her mouth and began to suck as the water fell on her head. I was a little tender still from that ass fucking I had given her but she persisted and pretty soon it got semi hard. I lifted her up and she put her legs around my waist and she inserted my dick into her pussy. She had a cunt that when you put your cock into it the lips of her pussy would clamp on to your cock and milk it as you went in and out. We fucked like that until my legs began to shake from holding her off the ground. We didn’t even finish drying off but grabbed our clothes and went back into her office and we fucked for another hour or so. I finally faked an orgasm and got dressed. We talked awhile and then I left. She said come back anytime and smiled. I drove back home the next day.
Continued (all rights reserved

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