Jeff Meets Gerty

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I pull into the driveway on my 91 Sporty 1200, having finished a two hundred and fifty-mile ride. I wonder whose car that is as I admire the 89 lincoln town car, black with a white carriage top roof. I am feeling great but have no idea I would be feeling even better. Sitting at the table with Mom is a fine looking woman, probably in her mid-fifties. Just the way she is dressed gives me thoughts quite pleasant.

Two-inch patent black heels with bows: a black skirt with a three-inch patent black alligator belt: white blouse with a ruffled v neck. Her hair is grey with a Bunn and across her well-filled blouse, hanging by a chain of small pearls is a pair of silver half-moon glasses. The way the sunlight from the window sparkles in them sends a good bit of voltage down to my loins giving me a nice feeling.

“Jeff, this is my friend Gerty. She will be staying here for a week while her place gets remodeled. She has a key and will be coming and going as she needs to and will be cooking if she wants and watching t.v. in the living room.”

“Well hello Gerty,” I say as I extend my hand.

“Hello Jeff, Joyce tells me you are an apprentice electrician and that you take it very seriously.”

“Yes Gerty, I like it very much..”

“So your hobby is riding a motorcycle?”

“Yes, that and music, piano really.”

“Gerty seems suddenly quite interested. Do you have a piano? as I did not see one here?”

“No, I have a good sounding Yamaha keyboard.”

For some reason, she took her glasses and beaded chain and put them on the table.

“Where is the lady’s room?”

“Down the hall on the left,” Mom says as she brings a load of laundry to the garage

From where I sit I see Gerty’s halves are full of smudges, I take a clean hanky and cleaned her halves, having noticed exactly where they sat I try them, even putting the beads over the back of my neck and I look through to see if I missed any smudges. Clean and sparkling I put them back as she left them.

She comes back and sits where she was. She puts the beaded chain back over her head and seems for a few seconds to look at her glasses, wondering if something about them had changed.

“So Jeff, what kind of music do you like, Led Zeplin?”

“Well I do like the stairway to heaven, but frankly I go more for Chopin’s etude opus ten number three.”

“Oh Jeff that is a beautiful piece of music, how on God’s green earth did you come across that?”

“I got tired of all the regular stuff and surfed the radio dial for something different. Gerty, the Moonlight sonata is hauntingly eerie and I like it and Chopin’s opus nine number two, and the fantasy impromptu.

Mom comes back into the kitchen from the garage as that’s where the washer and dryer are.

“Joyce, Jeff is quite deep for his age, did you know that?”

“In what way?”

“He knows something about classical music, I mean for a biker to like classical, that is so different.”

“He’s a great son, rather private, likes to read a lot, loves Columbo.”

“I wonder Joyce, does this house have magical powers?”

“No Gert, I do. I walk down the street and street lights come on. Maybe because my son wants to be as they call them in England, ‘a Sparky.”

“No, that’s not it. Seems my half-glasses needed cleaning, I just don’t remember cleaning them.”

“Maybe you have something on your mind, about the remodel job?

“No that’s not it, aha if I did clean my glasses I cleaned them better than ever. There’s something about that.”

“Well if you don’t remember, maybe you used a special cloth just for glasses? I have seen them and used them at times, much better than the paper towels we use.”

Mom did up a supper of franks n’ beans as well as brown bread, it was great. I’m bushed, lots of fresh air on that ride I had today. I watched a bit of t.v. with Mom and Gerty then hit the sack.

My mind is so on Gerty, something very nice there and I like it. The way she dresses, talks. I mean I have met people who in a matter of a couple of minutes knew I did not or would not like, So it has to work the other way. . . right?

Maybe it was too much catsup on the beans but at two in the morning I had to get up and get a drink of Gatorade. As I am getting the drink, I can not believe I see Gerty’s half-glasses on the counter. I hold them to the low-watts stove light and see they are again smudged. Sheeesh Gerty, I think to myself, what are ya doing ta these sweet half-glasses? I clean them very well with my T-shirt and getting quite hard very quickly. I take Gerty’s sweet half-glasses and drag them under my balls. I knew it when I saw her there is something very nice and sweet and I think she is a very learned and cultured and maybe just a bit wild or kinky, I can only hope. I make sure her sweet gold half-square glasses are sparkling clean and I like the beaded chain wrapped around my cock and under my balls as well. I put them back as they were, she will never know I cleaned them. I head back to the land of nod

I can not get back to sleep, why? I had a two hundred and fifty-mile ride. I ought to be bushed. Getting casino siteleri a drink can’t keep me, uh oh I don’t believe this. I had the beaded chain to her glasses wrapped around my balls, She finds a short and curly in her beads. . .

Someone is awake! As Frank Barone always says, “Holy crap!”

It is a bright sunny Sunday, I dress and go into the kitchen to make some breakfast, Mom is reading the paper and sipping her coffee.

“Mornin Jeff! How did you sleep?”

“Pretty good, right through, a good ride does that.”

“How many miles did you go?”


“Yes I suppose that’ll do it”.

Something gave me the idea she was not fully believing this.

“Something wrong, Mom?”


“Sounds like there is”

“Well no, I’m fine. . . .really. . .why do you think I am not?”

“You said,’Yes I suppose that’ll do it.” like you think I was up last night but I was.

“I thought you slept right through. . . Yeah I am just remembering that I did get a drink of Gatorade and went back to sleep.

“Oh well, I mean that explains everything.”

“Like what?”

“So Jeff, what do you think of Gerty?

Mom’s whole self changed from a slightly cool and not all that friendly a way to warm and loving so quick it made me wonder if she was like that already. I decided to just go along with this, but I know I am not stupid, something happened.

“Frankly I have been thinkin’ about her since I met her.”

“She really is a nice woman and a great friend.”

“I think so very much Mom, we talked a little, she comes across as demure and I think she is well educated with a good amount of culture.”

“You met her a while ago. . .right?”

“No Mom, yesterday was the first time.”


“Yes Mom.” I only said what I thought not knowing how much truth is in it.

“If you could know the stock market like you know people. . .I mean you summed Gerty up very accurately. . .what do you like the best about Gerty?”

“I wish I could say Mom, sort of like a medley of great pieces of classical music, no matter what you pick, your gonna pick a great piece.”

“I think you like Gerty a great deal more than you are letting on, you know that, right?”

“Well I guess I do now.”

So I am doing up some roast beast hash and eggs in my non-stick cast iron skillet.

“Would you like some hash an eggs, Mom?”

“No, thanks for asking though”.



“Why is it Gert’s not married?”

Mom is wearing a pair of brown half-round glasses I have not seen in a while, these have a high bridge and somehow make Mom look quite hot. She is looking at me over the tops with a thought- full look and asks me,

“How do you know she is not married?”

I wonder why it is that Mom is wearing her reading glasses again. Just after I cleaned Gerty’s half’s twice now. I bet Gerty knows what is going on and talks to Mom. Mom then, out of curiosity starts to wear hers to see if the half-glasses phantom will strike again, cleaning Mom’s

“Probably because I saw no ring on her finger.”

“You were looking for a ring?”

“Yup, and glad I did not, to be quite frank I could love having Gerty as my wife.”

Mom sits there looking at me quite thoughtfully over the tops of her half’s with her chin on her thumb and forefinger.

“I think this is very sweet but you don’t know much about her in a lot of little ways.”

“Ben Franklin didn’t know much about lightning but he was confident enough to want to learn about it…I’d love to be a great friend of hers and if she likes the idea of marriage in a year or two. . .So where is she now?”

“She went to church.”

“That’s nice”. I say and I am doing some deep thinking.

Mom picks up on this.

“Actually I was thinking how nice it would be, her and I going to church together”.

“Jeff! You’d go to church with Gerty if you were married?”

“Yeah, I’d be very glad to. . .”

“I didn’t think you liked going to church at all, Gert really has a positive effect on you and I like that.”

“Well I mean when one marries, they Marry through God anyway. . .right?”

“Jeff, why wait till you get married, maybe Gerty would like it if she had someone to go to church with?”

“Does she go every week?”

“I don’t think so, every other week maybe.”

I think maybe I might be thinking and going too fast. . .Goin sixty through town’s not the best of ideas.

“Like I said, she is a great friend, and I would be very angry if anyone hurt her.”

“Mom, I know what you mean, Some people just have a wonderful way of looking at life and Gerty is one of them.”

My hash an eggs are done and I sit at the table across from Mom and ask her, “Mom, I really like your friend Gerty, a lot. What is the best way to get to see her more often?”

“Well, She likes to walk along the canal at times, on week-ends when there is a bit of a nip in the air and when it is warmer. That would be great for you since you like to watch trains go over the railroad bridge. If she mentions going there, slot oyna I’ll lt you know. . . just let it come across as a coincidence.”

“I get it Mom, if she sees me an says, ‘Fancy meeting you here’ I’ll say I come here a lot to see the trains go over the bridge.”

By this time, Gert is back from church and Mom asks what she is going to do today and she says just going to watch t.v. and read the paper. Mom says she is going out to do a few things.

“I Think I’ll get a cup of coffee first” Gert says.

I holler,”See ya’s later.”

What I do is to go to the garage from the kitchen door, come into the living room through f. door very quietly, that is why the bike was running, clean her half-glasses with the doo-rag and slip back out the front door, get on the snorty and roar off.

I return a few hours later and come into the kitchen through the garage. Good. Gert’s in the kitchen reading the paper. In my mind, Gerty can’t associate her glasses being cleaned by me when I left as she heard,”see ya’s” saw me go through the door into the garage heard the bike running and heard me leave.

Maybe she is trying to tell me something as she looks at me over the tops of her half-rounds, she says,”Hello Jeff” an octave lower, it seems than her usual voice. Sometimes or quite often maybe, a person can really pick up on something a bit different just by the subtleties, in this case the slightly lower voice.

“It seems there is a friendly ghost around here.” She says. “What do you think of that?”

“I have no problem with that, Gerty.”

“You believe in ghosts?”

“I don’t know enough about those things to say they do or do not exist.”

“You are very honest, Jeff.”

All the while she is looking at me over the tops. Her glasses are so spotless and sparkling, I am getting hard.

“Gert, Electricity is a science, and I love science, I try to go by facts and at times I don’t know all the facts, then things can seem weird.”

“Jeff do you believe in the supernatural?”

“Like what. . .Gert?”

“Oh, say knowing things when there is no way you should know?”

“Very much so.”


“Yup, knowin’ there’s bad news before I pick up the phone, that happened twice. Opening an office door and knowing there were no storage lockers available before it was actually told to me and knowing the picture on an item before I opened it.”

“Are you serious?”

“Oh yes Gerty, very. Shakespeare said, ‘there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy of things’, or something very similar to that meaning our knowledge is limited.”

“You know a lot Jeff, I like that.”

That is a very nice complement Gert gave me. She, it seems has great respect for knowledge.

Mom made a nice supper of stew beef and gravy over taters with gingered carrots and a salad. later we watched ‘Scent of a woman by Al Pacino. Although I had two good portions of supper, I was hungry, well for something sweet. Mom and Gert were sleeping when I looked in the fridge for some sort of sweet thing.

Was it really to get a sweet thing or were Gert’s half-glasses somewhere in the back of my mind? I will never know but there they are on the counter looking smudged but not as bad as at other times. Once again I take those sweet gold Granny’s or the half-square style and rub them under my balls and along the side of a quick growing cock. There has to be some sort of sexual connection here, I never had this happen to me before, least on a conscious level.

I take a dish towel and clean them till they sparkle under the 25-watt stove lamp, that was sweet enough, no yummies around here and I go back to sleep.

The alarm rings at six and I am shortly washed an dressed for work. I go into the kitchen to make breakfast and Gerty’s sitting there with her coffee and a paperback novel From Daniele Steele. She takes off her glasses but leaves the beaded chain of pearls still around the back of her neck. She has her half’s hanging from the temple on her thumb and has them softly swinging. I like the way the light of the kitchen is seen in them, at a part of their swing, like they are smiling at me saying in their own way, “Thanks for keeping Gerty’s half’s sparkling. Somehow my eyes are glued to her half-glasses softly swinging.

We both know I like looking at her sparkling half’s softly swinging but not a word about them is mentioned.

“What will you be doing today?”

“A few service changeovers sixty amps to at least a hundred.”

“What are amps anyway?” She asks me.

“Amount of electricity, like that is why a waffle iron cord is thicker than one for a sixty watt table lamp, yet the waffle iron cord is not as big as a clothes dryer cord and a stove or range cord is even heavier.”

“Since no one can see electricity, it is hard for me to imagine more or less of it.”

Well, Gerty, let us say the water pressure of the city is thirty-five pounds. That will be the same for every faucet and every fire hydrant, but a faucet might fill a five-gallon bucket in two minutes, whereas a hose from a hydrant will fill a bathtub canlı casino siteleri in the same amount of time, bigger hose, bigger wire, all the same idea.

“Thanks Jeff, you explained it very well.”

All the while I was explaining and talking, she had her sweet half’s dangling from her thumb and softly swinging, like she knows I like to look at her glasses as they sway, catching the light.

I eat a good breakfast then head off to work.

It was a long day, working in a cellar putting in a new service entrance panel and had to run out and do an emergency call. No one was living at the house for a few days so I was able to skip out and do that other call that took a few hours. I got home cold, tired and hungry. I had my eye on some stew beef and mashed but it was gone.

I went in to take a shower and what are on the vanity? ah huh, Gerty’s glasses, beads too of course. So I throw the beads over the back of my neck and see how many spots are on them, as well as smudges. I take out my trusty bandanna and once again clean her sweet half-glasses, these are the silver half-round ones. I don’t think she would ever go for the plastic ones in eight different colors per pair, too weird. I put her glasses back as I found them and said screw the shower, I just wash up and head to the sub shop and get a big-ass meatball sub with provolone cheese and black olives with a few slices of purple onion and bring it back to the house. I got back from the sub shop after Gert got in and does not know I was home already, So when she got in, Her glasses were already sparkling clean. She had to wonder if they were that way before she left,

“Hi Jeff, you just get home?” Gert is standing there with her thumbs up by what looks like a nice pair of 48D’s, her thumbs flicking the beaded chain for her half-glasses and they are catching the light at various points of their movements.

“Yeah. . .long day Gerty, doing a service change-over to a hundred amps, and had to run out to do an emergency run. I wasn’t sure if the stew beef an gravy was still around which would have been great so I picked up a meatball sub.” Now she is looking at me with her chin on her thumb and forefinger, still flicking that beaded eyeglass chain and her half’s still catching the light when the chain gets flicked.

“Well, it seems the ghost is still around. . . He is a friendly one though. I wonder if he would follow me to my place after it’s all fixed up, what do you think, Jeff?”

“I don’t know Gert, maybe you have to invite him.

“How do you know it’s a him?” Gert asked.

“You’re the one who said, “He is a friendly one though.”

“I don’t know for sure but I saw ‘Ghost’ with Whoopi Goldberg and the ghost in the subway was a male, that is the only way I could think of it.”

I go to the fridge for something sweet and see a box of eclairs a longish pastry with chocolate on top and custard inside. Somehow I am starting to think Gerty thinks I am that ghost. Did I get myself into something I shouldn’t have? when she knows, will she be upset with me for touching or messing with her things? This cleaning her half’s is of course gonna stop when she gets back to her place, then by the absence of me cleaning her glasses, she will know it was me keeping them sparkling. She may pull some Columbo logic on me and find out. All she has to do is ask but I don’t think she will, she’d rather have a secret admirer.

I get up at three to get something to drink and there they are, Gerty’s Granny glasses. I would so love to give Granny Gerty a piece of tube steak. I start to kiss and lick them, getting hard I start to jerk off and holding Gert’s halfs I blow a few ropes all over the lens of her sweet halfs. I want her to know something in an offhand way. I clean my mess off her glasses so they sparkle. Then I grab that chocolate eclair out of the fridge and put a small dollop of its custard on her half’s. I loosen the bulb for the stove light with a paper towel, so it goes out, good no prints. Now it looks more like just one of those things.

The alarm clock rings. Another day of work, I am dressed and go to the kitchen to make up some hash an eggs, “Mornin’ Gerty! care for some hash an eggs?”

“Yes, thank you.”

You’re welcome.”

“Mom up yet?”

“She got off today.”

Funny way to say she gets today off, like saying I helped my brother Jack off the Queen Mary.

“You doing that other service change-over today?”

Gert sure pays attention to what I say, I said I was doing two service jobs yesterday but got 1 done due to the emergency call. . . I don’t think anything is gonna slip by Gerty at all.

“Maybe Gerty, they had me on two of ’em so I’d say Yes.”

Another long day at work, swapping out a hundred amp Federal Pacific Electric panel for a Square D, FPE is notoriously known for breakers that hardly ever trip, and if they do, It is the last time they ever trip. The house will burn down first.

I get back to the house and no one is home. That gives me ideas. I go in and look around, yup there they are on the kitchen table. beads coiled up neatly with their half’s sitting on top. I eye their position, then grab them, I put the chain on my neck and I peer through her silver half-rounds, a pigs breakfast, did she drop them in her soup? I clean them perfectly, they look like new.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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