Jennifer – Party Time

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I’ve decided to share with all of you the story of my first multiple partner experience. To that end, here it is…

It was just another typical Saturday night in the winter of 1993. I was a college sophomore intent on yet another night cozying up with none other than my corporate finance textbook, diligently studying to maintain my 4 point grade average and dean’s list academic achievement. Unfortunately, despite my commitment to my studies, the mid-semester blahs were beginning to get to me. I kept glancing at the telephone hoping it would ring with an offer to take me away from the all too familiar, boring, study routine I had fallen into.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as though I didn’t have plenty of offers to go out. On the contrary, it seemed as though not a day would go by without another guy bumping into me in the hallowed hallways of the university with an invitation to take me for dinner and a movie or out to a bar for drinks and dancing.

At home in the solitude of my apartment, it was not unusual for me to receive 5 to 10 calls a night with an offer to sweep me off my feet. Usually, though, I just wasn’t interested in spending yet another evening fending off yet another guy wanting to get into my pants. I was committed to my studies and I didn’t want the distraction of casual dating or hassle of a boyfriend.

This night, however, things were somehow different. I was yearning to go out and let loose, but the phone was strangely silent. Here it was, almost 5:00 p.m. and not a single call or offer to be had. Oh well, I guess it was going to be another Saturday night studying in solitude afterall.

After spending the next couple of hours reading dry financial textbooks, I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. To heck with studying. I decided to go to the local video store and rent a movie to escape into a world of fantasy where NPV’s and IRR’s had no meaning nor importance.

It was now past 7:00 in the evening and I just threw on a pair jeans to go with the loose fitting sweatshirt is was already wearing. As I was just going to the store and back, I did not worry about putting on a bra. Out the door I ventured.

The video store was only a couple of blocks from my apartment, so I didn’t mind walking in the warm Texas air. Once at the store, I had been looking at the new releases for only a few moments when some guy interrupted me with his movie suggestion. I thanked him for his input, but told him I was doing just fine on my own. At that moment, the voice of my saviour sounded from behind me.

“Jennifer! Hi, I thought that was you.”

Forgetting about the guy who had just attempted to hit on me, I immediately turned around and replied “Susan, hi! Well it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you around.”

It was my old friend Susan, who was just returning a couple of movie rentals. Her and I had met in high school and she was a pretty good friend of mine for three years before we graduated from high school. For whatever reason, we seemed to drift apart over the last couple of years with me having gone on to university while she opted to forgo college instead taking a job as a waitress at one of the finer restaurants in town.

We briefly talked to catch up on the last year or so since we had seen each other when she then asked me to go to a party with her. I no longer really felt like going out, but she pleaded with me saying that there’s this guy that she really wanted to get to know better that was going to be there. Unfortunately she said she didn’t have anyone to go with and she really wanted to go, but didn’t want to go alone.

I was reluctant, citing my state of casual dress, but the poor girl was almost begging, throwing out encouraging comments to the effect that my “haggard” look is like supermodel attractiveness to most people. Although I totally disagreed with her on such point and actually resent such “compliments” for some strange reason, I finally agreed to go with her. We hopped into her car and left together directly from the video store to the party.

We arrived at a small house in one of the older neighborhoods in San Antonio casino siteleri a short time later. There looked to be about 20 people in the house and upon entering, I noticed that it looked like there was about 5 guys for every girl!

Without going into all of the details, the party turned out to be pretty beat with most of the people being guys and seemingly mostly highschool seniors at that.

As beat as it was, though, I was feeling pretty good, as Susan had brought a bottle of tequila with her. It’s amazing what a few tequila shots will do for one’s perception of a good time.

Anyway, we had been there for probably around 3 – 4 flirtatious hours and I was getting pretty drunk. Feeling pretty much ready to leave, I had unfortunately lost track of Susan and it turned out she had left the party with the guy that was the object of her desires.

So there I was at a party full of strangers and with no ride home. Already rather drunk, though, it wasn’t too hard for the “host” of the party to convince me not to worry about it and in short order I found myself playing cards and drinking games with 5 guys in the living room. It was now after midnight and the party had pretty much cleared out except for the six of us sitting around playing cards and drinking. I was the only girl left in the place.

The game we were playing had become tiresome and I indicated that I should probably get going. The guys quickly jumped in trying to convince me to stay. One guy then suggested that we play poker. I said I had no money to play poker, but then a different guy suggested we play strip poker instead. I said “Yeah right, only in your dreams.”

Despite my declining, the guys continued to egg me on. We kidded and teased back and forth for a little bit when one of them came out and said that he was horny as hell having been exposed to my protruding nipples all night long and that he’s dying to see my breasts and that he’d give ANYTHING to see them. Rather than just dismiss the idea like I should have, I teased back by asking “Anything?”

Joined by a couple of the other guys now, they were quick to reaffirm in unison that they would indeed give ANYTHING.

I can blame it on the tequila, but most likely it was likely just the little whore in me, but for some reason I replied that I would pull up my sweatshirt and let them see my boobs for one hundred dollars.

Rather than simply dismiss the idea, as I had expected they would, they had a huddle and then pulled out their wallets and came up with one hundred dollars right then and there. I began to try to back out, but then they started to bug me about being just a tease, blah blah blah. Anyway, I decided that I did make the offer, so as a matter of integrity, I agreed to give them their thrill.

They laid out the money on the coffee table and I went to the middle of the living room and began to dance seductively to the blaring music playing on the stereo. Slowly, I lifted my sweatshirt to expose my breasts for all five of them to see.

After a short moment of stunned staring, they began to cheer and yell for me to take it off. The song ended and I pulled my shirt back down. One of the guys then asked how much more to let them touch my breasts? I said they wouldn’t have enough money, but they didn’t let that deter them and they all pulled their wallets back out and managed to come up with $150 dollars more.

I don’t know what the hell I was thinking, obviously not much, but, my trust fund aside, I was a cash strapped college girl and a couple of hundred dollars or more just for showing a few guys my boobs and letting them feel me up a little seemed like an easy and harmless way to make some welcome extra money. At least that’s how it seemed after all of the tequila and beer I had consumed.

After much pleading and begging on the part of the guys, I finally agreed. I then pulled my sweatshirt back up and the first guy walked up to me and began to grab and squeeze my boobs and nipples. Another guy then came up from behind me and began to kiss my neck as he cupped my breasts.

The next thing I know, a couple more of the slot oyna guys are up there squeezing my breasts all at once and in no time they had slipped my sweatshirt up over my head and off.

This exhibitionism must have really got me turned on because I was getting right into it and kissing them back. With the guys all over me they guided me down onto the carpeted floor with all of these groping hands continuing to feel me up.

Now lost in the passion of all this attention, I barely even noticed that they had my jeans undone and were trying to slip them off. Well, I guess I noticed, but I didn’t seem to care, as I was just all hot and horny at having all these guys lusting over me and touching me in many of the right places.

My pants were now off and my panties were also being pulled off when I had a moment of hesitation and said “That’s far enough guys.” They didn’t let up, though, and there I was flat on my back having my breasts squeezed and licked, my mouth kissed and tongued and my pussy now vigorously being fingered.

Things had gone much further than I had intended and I again stated that “That was enough.” The weak tone of my voice undermined my desire to stop things, however. Instead, my latent desire to get royally fucked came to the forefront to allay my sensible reservations.

Anyway, it wasn’t long before one of the guys pulled away the guy that was fingering me and then dove in to give me pleasure with his wagging tongue. I was getting so very turned on when the guy quit teasing me with his tongue, removed his pants, and then began to fuck me. All the while, the other guys continued to squeeze, kiss, and lick at my breasts and body.

Well, that one guy really got the ball rolling ’cause now almost everyone else had their clothes off and after the first guy fearlessly blew his wad inside of me, which I must say didn’t take very long at all to happen, another quickly took his place and began to fuck me.

To diverge for just a moment, I wasn’t really concerned with pregnancy ’cause I was faithfully on the pill at the time. Being young and reckless, the STD concern didn’t really enter my mind. I guess being young doesn’t have much to do with that, though, ’cause it really hasn’t entered my mind any of the other times I’ve messed around or whatever. I guess I’m just totally reckless still to this day.

Anyway, things continued and the guys took their turns fucking me. It is at this point that things become foggy. I remember that while I was being fucked, other guys were standing over me stroking their dicks and then aiming their penises at me as they shot their wads onto my naked body. I must have passed out shortly after, though, because the next thing I remember was waking up in a bedroom in the early morning with the sun just beginning to rise.

Beside me on the bed was the “host” guy sleeping to my left and another guy on top of me fucking me. It was very strange, if not surreal, to wake up in unfamiliar surroundings with some guy I didn’t know on top of me fucking me.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know if I went to the bedroom of my own free will or whether the guys carried me there while I was passed out. Quite frankly I don’t know what happened after the one guy was fucking me with the others stading around jerking off onto me. Everything between then and when I woke up is still great big foggy blank.

I assume that they probably all took turns continuing to fuck me and I don’t know how many times over either. I do know, though, that the guy that was on top of me fucking me when I woke up was NOT one of the five guys from the evening before.

I don’t recall having ever seen him before and I have since just assumed that while I was passed out or whatever, someone must have called this guy and told him that there’s a hot looking, drunken, passed out chick that they’re all fucking and that he should come on over and get in on the action.

Well, this guy seemed startled when he realized that I was actually awake and watching him while he fucked me. All he had to say for himself, though, was “Hi.” Surprisingly, or not, I didn’t resist or canlı casino siteleri make him stop fucking me, as I woke up feeling very aroused with him on top of me, vigorously fucking me. He just carried on without missing a thrust until he blew his wad and cumming inside of me.

When he was done he just rolled over without saying a word. After lying there for a few minutes while I fingered myself to finish the business this stranger had left unfinished, I got out of the bed and went to the washroom. It was only then that I realized I was sooo sore. My legs felt like I had run a marathon or something and I was extremely sore down below from being fucked so many times.

Not only was I really sore, but I was a mess. There was icky, sticky cum all over my body. This would not do, so I jumped into the shower to clean myself off. After I was done cleaning myself up in the bathroom I went out to the living room to try to find my clothes, as there was no evidence of my clothes in the bedroom.

In the living room there was one guy passed out on the couch, but otherwise the place was empty. I couldn’t find my panties (probably one of them kept them as a trophy), but my jeans and sweatshirt were strewn on the living room floor. I put them on and then noticed all of the cash on the coffe table from the night before. I figured what the hell, these guys had all thoroughly fucked me over and did who knows what to me while I was passed out, so I grabbed the money without hesitation and pocketed it.

I then went to the kitchen and called a taxi. Not knowing where I was, I actually had to put the call on hold while I ran out and read the house number. Luckily, the house was on a corner so I could also easily see the street’s name. I then went inside, finished the call, then came back outside to wait on the front step for the taxi to arrive.

While waiting, the host guy came outside and queried “You’re leaving already?”

I told him “Uhhh, I think maybe I had better.”

He then invited be back in for breakfast or whatever. I politely thanked him but declined. He then asked if he could have my phone number so that we could hook up again sometime. I again thanked him, but said that I don’t think so. He said okay, thanked me for coming to the party and making it so memorable, and then he went back inside.

I was so embarrassed I couldn’t believe it. I felt sick to the stomach and not just because I was severly hung over, but out of disgust for what I had done.

Anyway, that’s the story of the infamous university party and that was the first time I had ever been in a group sex situation. It probably took me over a month before I got over the embarrassment of it and could go out in public without fearing being seen by someone that might have been there.

It was probably about a year after that before I again ran into Susan and when I finally did she seemed very aloof and short with me. We didn’t talk about the party, but I later found out from someone else that some of the guys that fucked me had blabbed about it and word got back to Susan by way of the guy she had hooked up with, whom had become her boyfriend.

From what I’m told, they had asked her boyfriend to find out from her the name of the “hooker” she had brought to the party ’cause they wanted to get together with me again. Eventually I had heard through the grapevine that Susan hasn’t been too shy about spreading the gossip of my transgressions and calling me a slut and a whore. Oh well, being called such names was not anything new to me, as it was all very reminiscent of high school

Anyway, I guess that to a certain extent my slutty reputation was “earned” and I really didn’t have anyone to blame but myself. It’s been many years now since that fateful party and I came to terms long ago with the events of that foggy night. When I think about it now, rather than feelings of embarrassment resurfacing, I instead get rather turned on thinking about it.

The night of that party so long ago is not my proudest moment, but what happened happened and there’s nothing I can do about it now. If I could do it all over again I am not so sure that I would have gone to the party, but then if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have this story to tell and I would not have enjoyed the wonderful orgasm I had while writing it.



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