Jesse’s Story: A Woman’s View Ch. 08

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This is Jesse’s story; these will be her words, her thoughts, her emotions. My sole purpose is to present her story to the reader in a readable manner, in an accurate manner, with no editing by me. She made me promise to do this, as she asked, and I promised. I always keep my promises to Jess.


Her Story

“Happy Birthday, baby,” Ray said, placing a folder on the table, and giving me a kiss.

It was my fortieth, and I felt damn good about it; I was still my same slender self, I certainly had no complaints about my sex life, as it was incredibly delicious, and rather than mourn my fortieth, I would damn well celebrate it, I had vowed.

“Oh, Ray,” I cried when I opened the folder; it had two first-class tickets for a week long cruise through the Panama Canal, ending in L.A. but departing from Miami. Included was a top-end suite, complete with large balcony and every convenience that one could want.

“This must be costing a fortune,” I said, staring at the tickets and all.

“It wasn’t cheap, but then, neither am I when it comes to you, Jess,” smiling afterwards.

He wasn’t lying, I thought, rising to give him a big old thank-you smooch.

Holding me in his arms, tight to his chest, he said, “Jess, we’ve talked about cruising for what now? Five years? Well, it’s time to stop talking and start doing.”

“Aye, aye, captain,” I said, my insides excited beyond belief.


Leaning on the railing of our balcony suite, glasses of champagne in our hands, Ray and I watched as South Miami and the ship channel slipped behind us in the bright, tropical sun, it’s warmth a blessed relief from the winter we left behind us at home.

“Hi, guys,” we heard from our right, and leaning over their balcony, around the partition, were a couple, a bit older than us, but attractive and friendly.

The partition had decorative slits in it, but we could only see a bit of their bodies through it. We walked towards them, and leaning over the railing a bit, introductions quickly made all around.

Jen was fifty as it turned out, but a damned fine-looking fifty. Red haired, green-eyed, and maybe ten or twelve pounds heavier than my one-twenty, but not so that it was unattractive, more like she worked hard to keep trim.

Bob was sixty, balding, and rail-thin, with a smile born of tough negotiations in board rooms somewhere.

It was a quick winter getaway for them; both had tired of skiing in Aspen, poor dears, so here they were. Finding out the cruise was a present for my fortieth, they made us promise to let them buy us a celebratory drink in the casino later that night. We promised and as the shores of South Florida receded in our wake, we both adjoined to our cabins.

“Seem like nice folks,” Ray commented, “and his wife is stunning, for her age.”

“Yes, she certainly is,” I agreed, also agreeing with him on their friendliness.

“Want to watch a movie before we get ready for dinner,” he off-handedly said, surfing through the ship’s TV system with the remote.

“You can watch a movie,” I said, crawling over him, “I’m going to suck your dick.”

I did, and he didn’t.


Our assigned dinner table was located on a high-rise section, and included four other couples, Jen and Bob among them. Surprised at seeing them at our dining table, we reacted with hugs and cheek-kisses and handshakes as if we’d known each other for years. Table-wide intros were made, with the normal glad-to-meet-you stuff flowing.

Talk was plentiful, as the service began, the entrée choices having been made already when checking in with the steward. The captain sent our table a very nice selection of wines for us to enjoy, reds and whites, and the spirit was one of jubilation and joy at being here, in the now.

Jen and I were next to each other at the table, our guys at our sides and the conversation flowed easily among the table in general, but between us four in particular.

It was nearly ten at night aboard ship but our bodies were still on Mountain Time which made it nearly midnight for us and with the travel and excitement and all, we were beat. We asked for a rain check on the drinks with Jen and Bob, explaining why and, of course, they were in complete understanding, telling us that the ‘check’ was good, anytime.

Saying goodnight, we took an after-meal walk around the deck, as did many others, the evening warm and the full moon bright. Two turns around and we headed for our cabin.

We took off the dinner garb and slipped into our sleep stuff, shorts for him, briefs and no shirt for me.

The briefs and shorts didn’t get put on right away; Ray took me into his arms when I had gotten naked and had his, climb-the-mountain-to-a-climax, way with me, the perfect ending to a perfect beginning of a trip.

I had left the slider to our balcony open for the cool breeze from the ocean and was awakened by what? I didn’t know, right away, but I was awake; looking at the clock on the nightstand, casino siteleri I was awake at two o’clock in the morning!

I lay there and listened for a while, and then I heard some sounds from outside. Tip-toeing to my opened door, the sounds were definitely coming from this direction.

Peeking slowly around our door, I looked towards the direction of the noise and could see in the moonlight that there were two people standing on Jen and Bob’s balcony. I smiled to myself, why those old dogs, getting it on like that.

As my eyes adjusted to the light, or lack of it, more correctly, I could see that Jen was the body leaning against the railing, so that other body with the long hair and dinner dress must be BOB?

The two bodies were at the farthest part of their balcony from ours. So, sneaking on my tip-toes, not believing that I was doing this, I silently crept to the partition and looked through the slit at the two kissing, fondling bodies, so close that it looked like one person.

Looking towards their suite, Bob was nowhere that I could see, so I returned to my private peep-show. I pulled back into the shadows when the kissing duo broke apart, Jen pulling a chaise lounger over towards them. The other, a woman I confirmed by the shape of her breasts and ass, cooed something to Jen, but I couldn’t hear what it was. I stood in the shadows for a while and when the noises indicated to me that they were ‘busy’ again, I peeked again through the slit.

They had moved the chaise so that its back was against our partition. The other woman was on the chaise, the top of her blond hair visible at the bottom of my view. Her legs were fully exposed, her gown hiked up around her waist, and Jen was between her crooked legs, her head buried in the woman’s crotch.

As I continued to watch the two of them, my own briefs were beginning to get damp, and I couldn’t take my fucking eyes away from what I was watching.

Jen was giving this woman a serious tongue-lashing, I thought, as my own hand slipped into the tops of my briefs. I rubbed myself as I watched, feeling my own orgasm building, just as Jen’s guest was feeling, judging by her moans of pleasure and deep breathing that I was hearing from her.

As Jen’s guest grabbed Jen’s head with her hands, pulling Jen closer into her crotch, her orgasm erupted, her body bucking and shaking as Jen ate at her harder and harder. And then I came, suddenly and surprisingly, my free hand to my mouth to stifle a low moan of joy, my ‘working hand’ with two fingers deep inside of myself.

Opening my eyes as my spasm eased, Jen was still between the woman’s legs, but her eyes were looking upward as she continued to munch, and her eyes saw mine, locking mine with her intensity, willing me to look at her as she continued to orally assault her willing victim.

Shocked that she saw me, I pulled back quickly, hoping it was just my imagination that she saw me. Silently I tip-toed back into my room and crawled into bed, Ray turning and over his shoulder asking me, “Where were you? I woke but you weren’t in bed,” he said.

“I was getting some air on the balcony,” I said, Ms. Priss still trying to get my attention, “but as long as you’re awake,”, reaching to his softness. It won’t stay soft long, I thought, as I took him into my mouth.


It wasn’t until the afternoon that our ship left Cartagena that we saw, or rather, I saw Jen, no Bob in sight. They had not been at any of the meals, at least, not at our ‘table’.

I had told Ray of what had happened the night that I ‘raped’ him, of what I saw, and of how hot it made me. He just laughed and thought it funny, glad for whatever had turned me on, he said, he reaped the benefits.

He did.

I was catching some sun, poolside, and Ray was catching a nap, when Jen walked up and asked if she could join me. Opening my eyes, seeing it was Jen, I panicked; momentarily wondering if she was going to ‘bust’ me for spying on her, but she acted very normal, joining me when I told her to grab a lounger and pull it up.

I admired her ass when she bent over to pull the chaise closer to mine; she was in a two-piece, as I was, and looking damn fine for a fifty-year old, I thought.

She spread some lotion on her legs and arms and with a glob still in her hand, she starting spreading it on my legs, making small talk as she did so. I was stunned by her brashness, but feeling her strong fingers work the lotion into my thighs, I didn’t stop her.

She told me to flip over, and obeying, I did. I felt her undo my string-tie on my bra and before I could protest, more lotion was being worked into my back and shoulders, feeling so good that I didn’t even consider saying no.

“”Where’s Bob?” I asked, making conversation as her fingers worked on the lower back near my bikini bottom, her fingers knowing in their touch.

“He and his secretary had to leave the ship a couple of days ago, at the Caymans,” she said, her hands now spreading lotion slot oyna on the back of my thighs and calves.

Secretary? I thought to myself, I didn’t know they had a third party with them.

She went on to explain that Bob’s Personal Assistant traveled with them most of the time, and there was some big deal problem back at the home office and they had to fly back to New York. Happens all the time, she said, so she’s use to it.

She was going to leave the ship at the first port-of-call after going through the Canal and fly back home.

“That’s who you saw with me the other night, his secretary,” Jen said, matter-of-factly, her strong hands and fingers now working the inside of my legs, my thighs, her finger tips barely brushing my ‘honey spot’ as she did so.

Hearing what she said, I started to stammer a reply but was shushed by her laughter, “Don’t be embarrassed,” she said to me, “I was getting a bit of a thrill knowing you had been watching us for a while, that’s why I moved the chaise to the partition, so that you could get an eyeful.” Her hands came to rest on my ass cheeks, briefly, before she lay on her own chaise, on her stomach.

“Do me, now,” she said, handing me the bottle of lotion. And I did, undoing her own string-strap, once I had secured my own again. Her skin was soft to my touch and I got into what I was doing while trying to apologize for the other night.

“Nonsense,” she said, “Don’t worry about it, I certainly won’t.”

As I worked her legs as she had done to me, her voice dreamily asked me if I had enjoyed the ‘show’ the other night.

Pausing my hands, wondering what I should say, she asked me not to stop, to do the insides of her thighs. Thankful for the brief reprieve of answering her question, I started doing the insides of her thighs.

“Well?” she asked again, “Did you enjoy it?”

I told her, truthfully, that I did enjoy it, enjoyed it immensely. I saw a smile spread to the side of her face that I could see, and I felt her legs spread slightly as my hands worked their way up the inside of her legs, of her thighs.

“Higher” I heard her say when my fingers had reached her suit bottom, her legs spreading a bit more, “Higher, let your fingers brush my nookie” she said, adding matter of factly, ” You know, I know you know.”

“How ‘do you know’?” I asked, my finger tips brushing her ‘nookie’ through her suit bottoms.

“I heard you stifle your orgasm, and you orgasmed because you know what I was doing to her feels like.” She said, simply.

“She’s his secretary, but she’s my ‘personal assistant,” she added in a self-assured tone.

Lifting herself from the chaise, her unencumbered breasts falling free, she turned to me, shielding her eyes from the sun, “Any chance you can get some time away from your husband?”

I mulled her question for a few moments, my eyes centered on her rather attractive boobs, and said, “Maybe, why?”

She laughed and said, “You know why, don’t play that game with me, sweetie.”

I laughed with her, and told her that Ray wanted to play some blackjack tonight in the casino, and that I usually find it boring so I’m on my own for a few hours, and we’re both okay with that.

She sat up so that we were sitting next to each other on her chaise, but facing opposite directions, shoulder to shoulder. She put her bra-top back on quickly, and she dropped a hand between my legs, which I covered with a towel, out there in the open and all, which caused her a small giggle.

She apologized for forgetting that there were about a hundred or so other people out here with us, but as she said it, her fingers were stroking Ms. Priss through my suit bottom. She definitely knew what she was doing, I thought, closing my eyes for an instant, enjoying the feeling under the towel.

“After dinner this evening, you and I will walk your guy to the casino, have a drink with him, and then how about you and I come back to my cabin for a little fun?” giving me a quick kiss on the mouth as a punctuation mark on what she said.

“Okay,” I weakly whispered in answer.

Oh boy, I thought, what the fuck am I doing?


“Ray, a ‘situation’ has developed and I’d like your input, okay?”

So I told him of my encounter with Jen at poolside, of her busting me for the other night, and of her ‘proposition’ for tonight while he played blackjack; taking a breath, I looked to him for advice.

“Jess, if I weren’t with you, if we weren’t married, if you were by yourself and here on your own, what would you do?” Ray said after a while of thinking to himself.

I mulled his questions over in my mind and answered; “I think I’d probably take her up on her offer.”

“So, that’s what you should do, Jess,” he said simply, adding after a second or two, “You know if you were talking about ‘trolling’ the bars on board to find some stud to fuck, that would be a different thing. But you’re not, you’re talking about some fun with a nice-looking lady and canlı casino siteleri you want me to know, you’re not trying to keep it a secret from me. So, relax and have a good time.”

Like I’ve said before, he’s a good guy.


Jen sat at our table that night, next to me on the right, Ray on the left.

Making small talk while the rest of the diners made their way to their tables, I said to Jen, “You should know that Ray knows of our plans for tonight, and wishes us well; I don’t cheat on my husband, Jen, so I told him,” my voice soft, so no one else could hear.

Peeking around me to look at Ray, she smiled at him, saying, “Jess is a lucky woman to have her man care for her in such a manner. Bob’s sweet, and rich, but these days, he’d rather golf or gamble when on vacation, and doesn’t much care what, or who, I do. And thank you for the ‘loan’ of your lovely wife.”

The dinner was fabulous, the wine even better, and we made our way to the casino for that drink, Jen and I on either side of Ray, our arms through his.

Drinks delivered quickly, Jen raised a glass to me for my birthday, and we toasted. No rush from any of us with the drinks, the conversation flowing easy between us.

Standing, Ray excused himself to challenge the blackjack tables, Jen and I rising with him, both of us kissing him for ‘good luck’.

Jen and I stayed standing, watching as Ray walked into the casino gaming section. Putting her arm through mine, like European women tend to do, we strolled casually from the lounge; deciding to walk the deck for a bit, nodding to passersby as we walked it twice, our heads tilted in private, sensuous conversation.


Her suite was bigger than ours with an extra bedroom, her slider left open for the sea breeze, as we did. She poured champagne for us from a bottle she had put to chill before dinner. We toasted with our glasses, our eyes never leaving the other’s.

Putting down her glass, she turned her back to me and asked, “Jess, would you unzip me, please?”

I put my glass next to hers, put my arm gently around her chest, her hands rising to hold on to my forearm; leaning forward, I started kissing the back of her neck as I slowly pulled the zipper down until her gown fell off of her shoulders.

We stood where we were, her head moving from side to side as I continued to kiss her neck, nibbling at her ears, my other hand softly rubbing across her back, and dropping it lower, I rubbed across her ass, through her panties.

Stepping out from the gown which had gathered at her feet when it fell, she turned around, took my face in her hands and kissed me, my hands finding her breasts, naked but for my hands covering them, feeling them.

“You’ve done this before, you naughty girl,” she said, smiling.

“Once or twice,” I answered, moving in to kiss her again.

I felt her mouth open to accept my probing tongue, my hands fondling her breasts with more urgency now, feeling the heat building between my legs.

Holding our kiss, Jen reached around to my back and deftly pulled my zipper down, and then my dress, letting it fall to the floor. Like her, I had no bra, just panties, which she started to pull off of me as she kissed her way down my body.

Stepping out of my panties, I pulled her face back towards Ms. Priss, Jen’s hands on my ass, squeezing, kneading, and pulling Ms. Priss towards her kisses.

We stayed like that for heavenly moments; I have no idea how long as my hands were running through her hair, as her mouth and tongue made love to my very wet, very horny pussy, my orgasm rising to the surface.

I came, causing my legs to shake from the intensity, Jen’s hands holding me by my ass even stronger, her mouth sucking harder on my clit, prolonging the orgasm.

My spasms over, I pulled Jen up by her hands, pulled down her panties, then laid her on the bed. Crawling between her legs, I kissed her on her lips, our tongues probing and tasting, our pussies rubbing and grinding against each other.

One at a time, I took her breasts into my mouth, my tongue teasing her hard nipples, her breathing becoming heavier as her pleasure mounted. Her voice was now begging me to take her ‘there’, to take her where I knew she wanted to go.

Her clit was already swollen with excitement as my tongue danced with it, dipping to her slit as her legs opened wide, welcoming me to her playground. I snaked my tongue into her pussy, the warmth and wetness assaulting my senses, making me increase my attentions to her, her responsiveness driving me even harder to please her.

She held back for an incredibly long time, longer than I could have but when she came, it was worth the wait; worth it for her enjoyment and, worth it, for mine as well.

She pulled me up to lay next to her, her lips kissing me with passion, her hands touching me all over, her murmurs sweet to my ears. We lay there for a while, hugging, kissing, touching, the sounds from the ship plowing through the waves, soothing.

“Oh, Jesse-girl, that was fabulous, my darling, simply fabulous,” Jed said, kissing me a sweet kiss afterwards.

“For me too, Jen, it was very good,” I replied truthfully, returning her kiss.

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