Jessica\’s morning routine.

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It was jessica who woke up first, around 7:00 am, the time where she was always full of raging hormones. Jessica was always horny when she woke up, especially after having a baby, and being deprived of sex for about nine months, she wanted a cock so far up her cunt it rip her in two.

Jessica looked over at her husband, Justin, she loved him so much, but especially love his cock, it was something she could not live without. It filled her up so full that she couldn’t breathe for about an hour after he came inside her, and that’s exactly what she needed but wouldn’t get, she knew he needed his rest for work, but he would give her something tonight when he got home.

So leaving the bed Jessica went to the bathroom, she looked in the mirror, the dried cum still on her face. Yes, she loved cum shots, cream pies, etc. She also loved extreme pain while having sex, but Justin wouldn’t go for such a thing, she was a little deppressed about that, so to engage pain on herself she masturbated roughly. Turning on the shower, Jessica stepped in it, letting the warm water wash over her luscious body. Since she was so fucking horny she needed to release herself from the aching need to be touched, she quickly grabbed onto her clit and pinched, making it harden. While she pinched and rubbed her cunt she screamed in pleasure, having multiple orgasms.

Jessica slowly inserted three fingers into her wet warm pink cunt, moving them slowly in and out of herself, with her other hand she reached back and shoved two fingers knuckle deep into her shitter, it was so tight it hurt, but was extremely pleasurable. She finger fucked her holes for about ten minutes, before reaching another mind racking orgasm, and it was a squirting one. She loved the taste of her own juices, she quickly got a handful of her pussy cum and drank it down, she loved the sweet taste to it.

Jessica cleaned herself up and stepped out of the shower, not bothering getting dressed she walked out and into the bedroom, she now saw Justin was up and about.
She bit her lip and turned around to go to the kitchen, where Justin was at, naked and with morning wood. As she entered Justin turned around, his cock sprung and begging for a cunt to fill and empty itself in, and there was one. Jessica grinned wide and walked up to him, gripping his cock she started to jack it off, her other hand found his sack and messaged lightly, playing with each testacle it held. She loved bornova escort bayan how the cock tensed and grew in her hand, loved how it basically jumped at her fuck hole, Jessica loved being fucked in the cunt but also loved it up the shitter as well, she wanted to try it right now, no wanted and needed it now. She turned around and bent over in front of Justin, he aimed for her cunt and plounged deep inside it, “No!, my ass!” Jessica groaned from the extreme pleasure, “please!?” she begged, Justin was a little uneasy, fucking her asshole? that was strange, but it made his cock twitch so it must be good. He placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her asshole, it looked way to tight to take his cock even an inch, but somehow it slipped right on in. Justin thrusted his meat within her hot asshole, there was dried cum in it, Was she wiping his cum into her asshole when he wasn’t looking?, She had to.

Justin moaned in great pleasure as he buried his cock deep in her ass, ever so often he would spank her fat ass, and watch it jiggle. It made his cock twitch even more, reaching under her body he buried four fingers into her hot cunt, fucking it rapidly bringing her to another squirting orgasm. It soaked the kitchen floor, making a puddle of cunt juice around their feet. “clean up your mess!!!” Justin groaned as he flooded her tight shitter full of his spunk, squirt after squirt Jessica could feel the love juice flowing into her rectum, it brought her to another body shaking orgasm.

Justin pulled out after a few more thrust deep inside her shitter, after he went limp. He lightly shoved his hand on her ass, sending her onto the floor. “I said clean up your mess Jess” he demanded, She grinned looking up at him. She loved how he was being so rough with her, fucking her in the ass must have changed his point of view on how to treat her during sex. Jessica did obey though, she placed her face above the puddle of her hot cunt juice, and stuck out her tounge. It tasted really sweet, it drove her taste buds crazy. Jessica licked and licked at her puddle of juice.

It took her about five minutes to clean her cum off of the kitchen floor, her mouth was flooded with flavor. She looked around the kitchen to see if Justin was watching her, he was not. She frowned a little, he must have left to go get ready for work. In fact he was, she could hear the shower running. She got to her feet, not escort bornova minding the way Justin’s cum leaked out of her asshole and ran down her legs, though If Justin saw any cum on the ground, he probably would have her lick it up.

Jessica stayed naked, and went to go sit on the couch. Her son would not wake for another hour or so, so she had time to herself to relax after such a brutal fucking. She watched a re-run of The Nanny, same old crap on t.v nothing good, nothing arousing. She decided she needed something to arouse herself when she is home alone, she went on demand and searched the categories. “ahh, the adult one” she spoke to herself with a seductive grin, she press order. Only 20.00 a month for this, ‘not bad’ she thought. She went through all the movies, looking for ones that the title caught her interest. “gangbangs, roleplay rape, hardcore, interacial, incest roleplay.” she named off the categories in her head, hardcore was the most favorable out of the list. She hit enter, and a list of movies showed up. “Deep Double Penetration” was the first movie title at the top of the list, Imiadetly she hit enter not thinking of the high volume. Imiadetly three men had their cocks buried deep inside a young blonde’s multiple holes. The moaning flooded the living room, she was certian her neighbors could hear the girl screaming in pleasure. She jumped at the sound of her husband coming down the hallway, she hit exit as fast as she could but it was to late, Justin saw what was the reason for the loud moaning. Justin grinned a seductive grin, he married a little slut.

He laughed to himself as he saw her jump a mile in the air, Jessica turned to face her husband, a little blush to her cheeks, cause she was extremely embarrassed. She did smile though, seeing her husband looking so clean after such a nasty fuck. “you look great my love” Jessica stated, standing and walking over to her husband. A little peck on the cheek turned into a rough brutal makeout session, their tounge smashed into eachothers mouths and wrapped around eachother. Moans, and grunt, thrust into eachothers pelvis. It really was the hottest make out anyone would have watched, if they had the chance to. They had to break it up though, Justin had to go to work and Jessica would have to get ready, since her son would be waking.

She let Justin on his way, watching him out the window. She knew if anyone looked close bornova escort enough to the window, they could see her naked body.

Jessica was just a tad big, though she still had a perfect shape, tits, and ass. The ass of any guys dreams. Justin was very lucky to have such a horny wife, when ever he wanted to. He could have his cock stuffed deep into her cunt, now also her ass.

part two.
-Justin’s day at work&release.

Justin pulled up into the parking lot, parking in the spot his new position allowed him to park in. He climbed out of the car, and walked into the place of his work. Justin was a high ranking business men. He had many hot secratary’s, hence temptations to play with. Though, he choose not to. Justin was never a high sexual person, not like his wife, it’s probably why they got together to bring a little equality in their sexual life. Justin sat at his desk working on a few papers when his phone buzzed from a text. It was Jessica, his wife. He flipped open his phone to read it. “baby, im playing with myself” he read. He looked around his desk, no one for another two offices away. He text back, “mmm, Im going to pull out my cock and jack off” he hit send, as he unbutton his pants and pulled out his cock. Slowly he sat down his phone, not making a sound he pulled his pants down to his ankles, and grasped at his cock. He started to pump up and down, fucking his fist. He always liked the way Jessica played with his balls, so he tried to renact it. He let his hand find his lightly furry balls, and grasped them. Fondling each ball inside while he pumped away at his meat. It felt nice to be able to release in this type of area. Getting away with something that society would not agree on. He grinned, and grunted softly as he came close to cumming, but another text interuppted him. He grabbed up his phone and flipped it open. It was a picture message, he hit ok and it loaded. It was a picture of his wife, her legs open, her cunt spread wide. It was a hot sight to see, quickly he replied. “nice babe” he hit send, and went back to his business. Now this time, he brutally pumped at his cock, the cum steaming up in his balls and about to rise through his cock, threatning to spurt across the office. Which it ended up doing, the cum spurted across the office just barely missing his chin, he laughed softly after he came down from his orgasm. He went to work to clean up the mess he made, though another text he recieved. He didn’t pay attention to it, not risking any chance he would be caught. He grabbed a tissue off the desk, and wiped up his mess. From the desk, across the carpet, to the window that anybody could see the cum running down it.

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