Jim and Lorraine’s Naked Mall Dare

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This is the true story of when my beautiful wife, Lorraine, made me do one of the first naked dares we ever did. It was all her idea and she could’ve gotten us into a ton of trouble if we were caught!! After this, we were hooked on risky public nudity and we still find ways to play whenever we can (more stories to come!) Hope y’all enjoy.


My wife Lorraine has this crazy public exhibitionism fetish, and one day she had an idea to up the stakes. We went to the mall on a slow morning during the week, since we wanted the public aspect but didn’t want to make it too risky just yet. I don’t go shopping with Lorraine a lot, so I knew she must’ve had something else planned for me when we got there.

Lorraine brought me into a clothing store and led me to one of the changing stalls in the back. We both went into the same stall and she made me take off all my clothes and my shoes. She took out a shot glass from her purse and explained the rules: Lorraine was going to leave me in there to go shopping but she wasn’t going to tell me how long. She could come back at any time, and by the time she got back, I had to have the shot glass filled with casino oyna cum or she would make me walk out naked. And to get my clothes back, I’d have to swallow the whole thing right in front of her. She put all my clothes into her purse and left the stall, closing the curtain behind her, so I was just standing there by myself completely naked.

At that point I had to choose when I wanted to get started with my “task”, because I knew the moment I came, most of the excitement would go away. On the other hand if I waited too long and didn’t have the cum in time, I thought Lorraine might actually follow through on her threat! I didn’t know how long she planned to shop so I was thinking she could come back any second. With that in mind, I started rubbing myself pretty soon after she left.

I was pretty nervous even though there was barely anyone in the store. There were enough changing stalls that probably no one was going to want to use the one I was in, but on the other hand if someone happened to stroll by and catch me masturbating then I’d probably be in some trouble! And if they walked in on me holding a shot glass of cum in my hand it would be slot oyna even worse! I decided the best thing to do was edge myself and only cum if I heard someone walk into the store. It wasn’t busy at all so I figured this would buy me some time, and that way I could stay aroused as long as possible.

It was pretty easy to bring myself to the edge, since I was pretty excited given the circumstances. When the door to the store opened I prepared to cum, but then I heard a woman talking and it wasn’t Lorraine. I kept doing this: every time the door opened I listened to see if it was someone besides Lorraine, and if it was then I didn’t cum just yet. But finally the door opened, and I didn’t hear any new voices so I guessed it might have been her.

I came into the glass, and I had to really control it to make sure nothing spilled, because the glass was so small. I cupped the opening of the glass with my hand and put my dick directly into the glass, and as I came I stopped stroking and let it leak out so I wouldn’t end up squirting it everywhere. When I finished I probably had 1/3 of the glass filled, which probably one of the bigger loads I’ve had. The canlı casino siteleri excitement I was feeling from my situation probably helped a lot with that.

So there I was, with the shot glass of cum in my hand, and I heard someone heading toward my changing stall. I got nervous because I didn’t actually know if it was Lorraine or not. Imagine my excitement as I saw someone grab the curtain and pull it back. But sure enough, Lorraine stepped in, so in total she had only left me for about 15 or 20 minutes.

Lorraine looked pretty happy when she saw what I had done, but she wouldn’t be satisfied until I had completed the last step. She watched with a smile as I brought the glass to my mouth and downed the whole thing. In the past, Lorraine had made sure to give me a taste whenever she gave me a blowjob, so this wasn’t the first time I had swallowed and it went down pretty easily. Lorraine gave me a kiss and threw my clothes on the floor, minus my underwear. She told me to meet her in the car and left the stall without closing the curtain behind her.

So that was our first story, hope y’all enjoyed! This was just the beginning and we had a lot of equally crazy dares after this to share as well. If you have any comments for us we’d love to hear them, and of course if you have any good dares you want us to try, or stories you want to share with us then please do tell!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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