Joe The Weatherman’s Second Time

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After Joe and Scott had their humiliating first sexual experience under the command of Sharon, it was very difficult to work together the next day. They pretty much avoided each other the whole morning, finally getting to talk a little at lunchtime. As it worked out, both men basically enjoyed the experience, but wished Sharon hadn’t been there so they could go at their own rate. Joe particularly liked humping Scott in his boxers and Scott in turn enjoyed being blown in his roomy shorts.

The two men started to plan a scheme where they could be the bosses and aggressors. As it worked out, they were in charge of two “studio boys” as they were called, eighteen year olds Mark and David. Both boys came from a local college and worked part-time on lighting, makeup, and props. Lately, they had been coming in late for work and goofing off way too much. Joe and Scott decided it was time to teach the two jerkoffs a lesson…and have a lot of fun at the same time! They invited Mark and David to a dinner meeting at Joe’s house the next day, under the pretense of a performance review.

The two very nerdy and immature boys were surprised, but arrived at Joe’s house at the alloted time in separate cars. Scott and Joe were still in their full suits, as they wanted their subordinates to undress them piece by delicious piece.

When Mark and David entered Joe’s living room, they looked extremely nervous.

“Sit down guys,” Mark smiled “make yourselves comfortable.”

The two eighteen year olds sat together on Joe’s big sofa, while their superiors sat on a smaller couch directly across from them.

“I’ll come right to the point guys.” Joe said with mock seriousness “Your performance lately has been totally unacceptable. 30 minutes late for work, horsing around, arguing with people, and acting like jerks!”

Mark and David were stone silent….they were stunnned!

“And that leaves me no choice but to fire you both. June 30th will be your last day.”

You could have heard a pin drop. Finally, David started to cry. Mark tried to speak for them both. “b-b-b-u-u-t-t we didn’t mean to. We really need this job or we won’t be able to go to college next semester. Please give us another chance!”

“Yeah, we’ll do anything you say for a whole year!” David spoke through his tears.

Joe grinned widely “you’ll do anything we say right now….so, are you guys virgins?”

David turned beet red “y-e-e-s-s-s-s-s-“

“and you, Mark?” Scott inquired.

“Well, yeah, but who cares?” Mark was starting to get a little casino siteleri angry.

“We do!” Joe replied in a harsh tone. If you want to get your jobs back, you will have to agree to losing your virginity…tonight!”

Once again, the room was absolutely silent. Finally, David spoke in a bare whisper.

“What would we have to do?”

“You’ll see,” Scott chortled. “Now both of you stand up!”

Mark and David stood up immediately. They were sweating profusely and their hands were shaking.

“Those suits look far too hot…I you both to undress each other down to your underwear.”

“Our UNDERWEAR??” David was incredulous “You’ve got to be kidding!”

“What’s the matter David, don’t you wear underwear?” Scott snickered.

“Of course I do, it’s just….”

“No one has ever seen you in them before?” Joe finished the sentence.

David nodded, too embarrassed to speak.

“Come on Mark, get going, we haven’t got all day!” Joe barked.

With shaking hands, Mark took off David’s dress shoes and black socks. Then, he undid his suit jacket and slid it off his shoulders. Mark took his sweet time unbuttoning David’s shirt, gradually revealing his snow white crew neck t-shirt. Once the shirt was completely off, Mark slowly undid David’s belt and lowered his zipper. His dress slacks slowly fell to floor, exposing David’s lightly hairy legs and red and white striped full cut boxer shorts.

“Not bad, not bad.” Scott muttered “Now, David, you undress Mark.”

Unbeknownst to Joe and Scott was the fact that David had a mad wild crush on Mark. He couldn’t believe he was going to undress his fantasy man! David reverently pulled off Mark’s black wing-tips and dress socks. Then, he made short shrift of his jacket and dress shirt. Mark’s sexy white a-shirt looked great against his very hairy chest. Finally, David undid Mark’s belt and zipper. He slowly lowered his hearthrob’s slacks to his ankles, revealing blue plaid full cut boxers that were exactly like a pair he owned!

Scott and Joe were getting aroused seeing the cute eighteen year olds in just their t-shirts and boxers.

“Good job, David.” Joe commented “But we want to be undressed too…I want David to strip me to my underwear and Mark can take care of Scott.”

Mark and David were surprised at this latest turn of events, but knew they were totally beaten. Slowly, but surely, they undressed the slightly older men. First, Joe and Scotts’ shoes and socks were removed. Then, the subordinates took off their jackets and dress shirts. slot oyna Finally, Joe and Scotts’ slacks tumbled to their ankles. Joe wore a white a-shirt and white full cut boxers, while Scott sported a white crew neck t-shirt and solid blue boxers. Both of the older men were already half hard, a sight which was not missed by the two eighteen year olds.

“That’s better.” Joe grinned “Now, show us your cocks!”

“WHAT??” David squeaked “We can’t….we never….”

“You can and will,” Joe was insistent “Now

haul em’ out!”

With shaky, sweaty hands, Mark and David reached into their boxer flies and took out their flaccid dicks. Mark’s was about three inches, while David’s didn’t even top out at two.

“I think you guys can get a little harder.” Scott said sarcastically “Mark, put your dick in David’s boxers and vice versa. Then jab them back and forth.”

Mark was practically hyperventilating, as he had never done anything like this. David on the other hand, was scared, but very curious about gay sex. Both boys tentatively poked their dicks in each others’ ample boxer fly slits, then thrusted their bodies back and forth. Mark spontaneously groaned so loudly David practically jumped. Then both boys grunted and humped in wild abandon. After three minutes of frantic thrusting, Joe shouted so loudly everyone jumped.


Mark and David quickly pulled apart revealing their gargantuan organs. David’s was quite impressive at a good eight inches but Mark was the monster in the penis department at nine fat inches!

“I think you’re ready now.” Scott commented “David, on your knees!”

David realized right away what he was going to have to do and was completely blown away. He had never given a guy oral sex, nevermind to his hearthrob! He quickly got on his knees in front of Mark’s gigantic boner, waiting for the next command.

“Suck off Mark until I ring this bell.” Joe held up a little cow bell and rang it in a mocking way.

“Oh my FUCKING LORD!!” Mark eyes bugged out “I never had a guy touch me like this!”

“Poor baby!” Scott retorted “Let’s go David, I want to see some good skin flute.”

David tentatively licked Mark’s cockhead, then slowly but surely lowered his mouth onto his stiff prick. Mark let out a loud grunt and shut his eyes tightly. Then David deep throated Mark like a pro, taking 6, 7, and ultimately all 9 inches of his love pole down his gullet. Mark howled with lust and thrust his hips forward to make David’s job easier. Joe and Scott were canlı casino siteleri so turned on watching Mark get the blow job of his life in his boxers, they hauled their own stiff dicks out of their underpants and frigged themselves vigorously. Although Mark tried to hold back, his balls started to churn with a very full load. Suddenly, Joe rang the little bell he had showed everyone before. David reluctantly let Mark’s fuckstick out of his sore jaw, wondering what was going to happen next.

“Ok, now Mark suck off David until he spurts.” Joe commanded.

“Please don’t make me do this.” Mark knew it was useless, but he couldn’t imagine sucking David’s cock in front of Joe and Scott.

“You have no choice,” Joe was adamant “Now, LET’S GO!”

Mark very slowly advanced toward David’s eight incher, easing his friend’s huge meatballs out of his boxers as he darted his tongue out. David let out a loud groan as Mark bathed first one, then two testicles with his spit, poking his tongue as far back as it would go. Scott was so aroused at watching this, he got on his knees and took Joe’s prickhead in his mouth with one gulp. Joe moaned and groaned with abandon as Mark slowly but surely took inch after delicious inch of David’s cockmeat in his mouth. He gagged a couple of times, but stuck with it, and finally was able to thrust a good six inches of David’s dick in his mouth as he howled in ecstasy. In the meantime, Scott explored every nook and cranny of Joe’s eight incher, sucking him with an abandon he wasn’t able to achieve two days before. In a matter of minutes, Mark and Joe were at the breaking point.

“T-T-T-H-H-H-I-I-I-S-S-S-S I-I-I-S-S-S- I-T-T!!! AAAAAAARGGHH!!! David got his mouth off Mark’s cock just as the huge endowment squirted eight healthy blasts of cum all over the rug and David’s boxers. At the same time, his own cock started a richly satisfying orgasm, as he spurted even more cum than his buddy. Watching David and Mark cum brought Joe and Scott over the edge. Joe came first, filling Scott’s mouth with so much cream he had to spit it out. Then Scott let out a loud wail and erupted like Mount St. Helens. The four men collapsed on the floor and were breathing so heavily it took a good three minutes for anyone to speak. Finally, Joe managed to lift his head.

“OK, you can have your jobs back….but if you goof off again , we will have to up the ante!”

He winked at David and Mark, who were still in a mild state of shock at what had happened. The two eighteen year olds had A LOT to think about, and secretly hoped they could salvage their friendship. As to Joe and Scott, they made plans to move in together and explore their newly discovered sexuality. The set of WTYT would never be the same again!

The End (comments and votes welcome)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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