Joe’s Driving Lesson

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This is a fictional story

This is story about a 30 something male, Joe and Tia who is a sexy 18 year old from his neighborhood.

Tia is about 5’8″ with a 38 D chest. She is an extremely attractive girl of both Latin and European backgrounds, wearing a short tennis dress with white sneakers with Frilly socks. She is a brunette who wears a perm in long sensual ringlets.

Tia and Joe have lived on the same block for all of Tia’s childhood.

Tia was walking by Joe’s one day when he asked her to try to start his car, while he first checked under the hood. Afterwards, he supervised her pedal pumping. Joe had purposely removed some connections. He had some guilt over ogling her this way, but gave into his fetish. After some time he reconnected the leads. But Tia had become aware of Joe’s obvious fascination with her pedal pumping.

“Tia, please move over while I replace a fuse on the driver’s side.

“I’m kind of sleepy, Joe. I suppose I can give you some room. She moved over slightly and playfully patted her lap, indicating that I should lie across it.

I lost my composure and swallowed hard. You could tell nothing from Tia’s face, it was smooth and unreadable. I laid down trying to avoid her lap, but Tia shifted around, giving me no option, but to put my head there.

Before I have a chance to pop off the cover to the fuses, Tia abruptly closes the door, shifts the car into reverse, and drives away with my head in her lap! I feel totally disoriented, as this is totally unexpected. I can’t help becoming enamored the way that her size 7 sneakers skillfully manipulate the clutch and gas as the car shifts into second gear.

“Tia, pull over. You don’t even have a license!” Deep in my guilty heart, I was hoping that she wouldn’t listen.

Being quick, Tia realized that Joe thought she was either 16 or 17. She was actually 18 years old three months ago and had her senior driver’s license for over a year, but she didn’t let on. She wanted to see how he behaved.

“I like your little game, Joe, but it’s time to make it more interesting.”

Tia drove down the block and pulled the car over.

“Ok Joe, here’s my house. Put this rag over your eyes and pretend to take a nap or I’ll assume you never want to see me step on your pedals again.”

With that comment, she placed the rag over my eyes and left the keys in the ignition with the car still running.

I lied there thinking that she’s pulled the switch on me. I started the game and now she’s controlling it!

After what felt like an eternity, Tia returned.

“Joe, you’re still here. Are you ready for some more pedal pumping?”

“Can you please slide over to the passenger seat and just keep your eyes shut for a minute?” Joe heard the unzipping of a bag, the seat getting pulled back, some sliding sounds and then some more zipping”.

“OK Joe, you can open your eyes!”

Of course, I could not believe my eyes. There was Tia with extra dark red lipstick on her full sensual lips and some additional mascara for her eyes. She was also dressed quite differently from before.

Tia was wearing a gossamer knee length pastel sun dress that emphasized the contrast between her large breasts and casino siteleri thin waist. It could have passed as lingerie. Her sneakers were exchanged for killer boots!

The shiny black boots had 6 inch heels and 1 inch platforms. The heels were gothic style and the boots had a rounded front. The leather went up higher than the slit in Tia’s dress, which started at mid thigh.

In addition her arms and hands were encased in long black leather gloves which disappeared under the loose sleeves of the sun dress. She also wore a matching silk scarf.

A long sweater flung in the back seat had disguised Tia’s dress from prying eyes. From the noises I heard, she had donned her boots and gloves in the car.

What Joe didn’t know was that Tia had been observing him. She had known several girls who dated Joe and who had never worn boots, start to appear in them. She also noticed that Joe preferred that his dates do the driving. Tia put two and two together.

She found Joe was to be very good looking. He was 5’11” and had a tight lean build that filled out his blue jeans very nicely. He was also one of the few guys that listened to her when she spoke, instead of just staring at her chest. He probably even knew her eye color.

“I love the way the leather caresses me when I wear thigh boots and opera length gloves, especially when I drive. I hope you like the outfit!” She then poked me in the belly with the index finger of her gloved hand.”

“Tia, you’re going to get me in trouble with the cops. You couldn’t look better, but this is dangerous. ”

“Joe, you passed my test.”

“Pardon me?”

“I knew what you thought my age was, but here’s my senior driver’s license and a clipping of a newspaper article about my birth. I brought it in case you didn’t believe the license. I wanted to test your honesty.”

Despite her outer confidence, Tia was nervous that Joe would both like her and take her seriously. She just needed one small chance to show him some things.

“I can’t believe you did that!”

“Does this mean I can take you for a ride?”

Tia locked her big brown eyes on mine, studying me. A guy could get lost in those eyes. She seemed to know this, even at her young age. I’m stupefied and just nod my head. Tia flashed me a million dollar smile. This was just so strange! I used to baby sit for Tia when her mom went out on dates. Her dad was out of the picture for a long time now.

She was always so quiet and obedient, but I remember how she usually beat me at chess and checkers. She hated to lose any kind of game. I even taught her how to throw a football, which she became very good at.

As Tia pulled the seat up again, she positioned her boot over the gas so just the toe was over the pedal. She pushed down slowly and deliberately as the engine started to rev up. Next, she places her full boot sole and heel over the gas and pushed down slowly all the way to the floor. She repeated the same sexy crush on the clutch and the break admiring her own boots.

She teasingly fondled the top of the shift with her tight black glove.

”I like pumping the pedals with the whole boot”.

I had no idea what Tia was up to. Maybe she was teasing me for ogling slot oyna her.

She had become a beautiful young woman. With her high cheek bones, pouting lips and turned up nose, her face was a study in perfection.

No one had played chauffer for me in such sexy tall boots or long gloves like this. I loved watching her gloves play with controls and switches as much as I liked booted pedal pumping.

“Are you ready to be my passenger now?”

I just nodded dumbly.

“I thought you might be!”

Tia smiled and turned the air conditioner dial up, causing her nipples to rapidly poke through her translucent dress. The same gloved hand gave me a drawn out show as she reset some of the music selection buttons and decided on a radio station that she liked. Her gloves would extend several inches out from the loose sleeves of the sun dress she reached for the controls. Her long black leather gloves exaggerated every manipulation of the controls as if she inherently understood the effect that it had on me.

Tia had a look of recognition, in her eyes, acknowledging that I was transfixed on what she was doing.

All of the older girls that drove me while wearing their boots didn’t seem to get what my fascination was. They were sweet and accommodated me dutifully. Yet, I found myself providing them with a script of what to do. Tia apparently had the other (driver) half of the same fetish.

She put the car into first and slowly pulled away from the curb.

After a few moments, Tia began to describe her thoughts in a breathy sensual tone, which I had never heard from her.

”I’ve had a desire to do something like this for some time now. I apologize if I’ve made you uncomfortable in any way, so I’ll answer some questions that you may have.”

I learned to drive from my mother’s boyfriend. He begged me to wear my new boots, which I have on now, and go for a driving lesson. I’ve teased him about wearing them, but I never wore them for him.

“One day he offered to kiss my feet if I would wear the boots. I told my mother about it and she told me not to give Greg anything, but that he should kiss my feet and that I was free to do anything I wanted with him. It turned out that he was my mother’s submissive love slave.”

That explained why mom bought me a pair of crotch boots for my birthday. She wanted to see if I liked some of the things that she did.

“Greg liked to get stripped naked and be teased by a fully clothed girl. He even liked getting whacked by a hairbrush on his butt. At first I found this odd, yet I liked it when he licked my high heels.”

I was both excited and nervous and it did not escape Tia’s attention. She calmed me down by coaxing my head in her lap again, as she drove.

Tia caressed my face with her gloved hand and occasionally ran her fingers under my nose, giving me a sniff of the leather, when she wasn’t operating the stick shift.

“Just relax Joe and watch my boots control the pedals. My gloves will also become acquainted with you as I continue the story.”

“I wanted to act out a story that I read about a few months ago, about a girl dressed in leather that kidnapped a guy. I wanted to do it with someone who I care for and canlı casino siteleri is sweet and compliant. You were selected. I know you like boots.”

I replied, “If this is kidnapping, you’re welcome to do it anytime.” I wondered how she knew that I liked boots. I realized that I was acting rather compliant also.

Tia gave me a radiant smile. I felt my shorts being tugged off. Moments later a soft glove began to alternate between gently teasing only the rim of my cock head and lightly touching my balls.

She had an exquisite and delicate touch and would continually start to work me up before alternating her glove back to the stick shift or other controls. She constantly varied how often she would touch me or the stick, keeping me guessing.

“I like to control both sticks, she said teasingly. I’m glad you feel this way about me kidnapping you.”

At one point I reached up to touch her breasts, but she squeezed my balls firmly for a second and withheld her sensual touching.

“Joe, my private zones are off limits unless I give permission. It’s me kidnapping you, so we follow my rules, ok?”

I wondered if this was serious or just a childish game. I decided to break the mood a little and talk.

“Things have changed a lot since I used to sit for you Tia”.

“Yes Joe, now you are in my total care, in good gloved hands. It would please me if you’d get down on the floor on the passenger side and shine my boots while I drive. I’ll instruct you in the proper way.”

I lay down on the floor of the passenger side with my legs partially up on the seat.

“Joe, first put your left hand and wrist over the drive shaft bump in the floor, with your head facing down. Then please insert your left wrist under the arch of my gas pedal boot”.

Tia drove with the toe of her boot, enabling me to get my wrist under the high arch, then stepped down, trapping my wrist in an awkward position and forcing my face against the front, of the car, where the floor ended. I felt like I was playing twister.

“Joe, I bet you didn’t know that you could get trapped under my boot like that. If I press down I can make it hurt. Feel it?”

Tia applied a little more pressure, but then thankfully eased her foot off a bit.

“You can now shine my boots with your tongue and face Joe. I understand that I put you in an awkward position, Do the best you can.”

I began to alternately lick and wipe the shiny black platform boot gently rocking on the gas pedal. When I didn’t do it with enough zeal, her boot would crush down causing wrist pain, as a reminder.

I was ashamed at being in this position, but I honestly didn’t want her to stop anything that she was doing. I was under her spell.

Her boots also felt and smelled really good. I loved the way that they formed sexy crinkles when she stepped down on the pedals. Thank god my car’s windows were tinted.

Being in a half stupor, I didn’t notice Tia reaching in her purse and pulling out a small aerosol can and a black Vail. Tia draped the Vail over her face and tapped me on the shoulder. As he looked, up her gloved hand put the nozzle directly in my face and firmly pushed the button. I quickly lost consciousness.

Tia had decided earlier that she would just like to be in her own leather company on the way to mom’s weekend home in Palm Springs. If Joe gets mad, what is he doing with an 18 year old dressed in leather anyway?

To be continued…

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