Joe’s Shower Buddy

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I knew that I was being watched. As the warm water sprayed over my naked body my cock was semi-rigid, growing from the knowledge that it was on display. But I am getting ahead of myself again. Let me start at the beginning…

It was morning at the campsite, and my head was still pleasantly buzzed from the night before. Memories of the past evenings exploits came in and out of focus as I showered in the camps bathhouse. I remembered my strolling through the hills of the secluded state park after a steak dinner I had grilled over the campfire. The lake was calm and inviting as I roamed around the unfamiliar settings in the dark. I needed no flashlight since the full moon was so bright, so I followed the path enjoying nature.

Don’t ask me why, but in these settings I have an almost irresistible urge to be nude. Feeling buzzed from the beer, I looked around and saw that there was no one near me. I did hear laughter and conversations drifting from the campsites around the park, but where I was it seemed isolated enough.

“What the hell,” I thought. I stashed my light jacket and flashlight next to a pine tree, and took off my shirt. I walked about twenty paces down the path, and did not see or hear anyone nearby. So, taking a chance, I lowered my shorts and underwear, slipping them off but leaving my shoes on to protect my feet. At first the cool mountain air chilled my body, causing my penis to deflate. But the thrill of doing something so risky counteracted the chill, and within moments I was back at a “well hung” cock, swing between my legs as I boldly walked down the path. I ditched my shorts and underwear by the path, further increasing the risk and excitement.

As I strolled along I could hear the lapping of the water in the lake, so I decided to go down to the edge. Knowing that I was totally visible to anyone if they happened to glance across the lake was an incredible turn on for me, and I allowed my hand to slip down to grasp my cock, which was becoming hard. It was a fantastic feeling, slowly stroking my dick, in the open at a state park.

My attentions to my penis were beginning to have the desired effect on my body. I dipped one hand in the lake, and cupped some warm water up to dribble on my cock. The instant the water splashed on my penis head I felt an electric thrill shoot through my whole body. Wet and slippery, I stroked the cock up and down, splashing more and more water on it. The feeling was intense, and I stood there thrusting my dick into my hands — all under the full moon by the lake.

I felt it building in my balls as I continued to stroke my penis. I moved one hand down to cup my balls as I pumped the shaft with the other hand. Just before I came, I thought about how many people could see me right now if they happened to walk down the path, or even glance across the lake. I was totally exposed!

The cum shot out of my penis and arced through the air. I kept pumping until I was totally exhausted, collapsing by the water. After a few minutes I splashed some of the water on my body, and headed back to my tent. Gathering my clothes, I stayed naked as I walked back to my camp. I just dropped into my sleeping bag, and promptly fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up early and decided to go take a shower. Grabbing my gear (and putting on some clothes) I walked over to the public showers. The bathhouse had stalls on the right, sinks in the middle, and showers on the left. There was a row of benches across from the shower stalls, so I left my stuff on the bench and went to brush my teeth. As I stood there in my jogging shorts brushing my teeth I heard someone else come in. A college age blonde-haired guy walked past to the showers. Just glancing in his reflection in the mirror, I could see he was athletic — sort of a surfer type. He too dropped off his stuff and soon came to the sink next to mine.

“Boy, it’s great to be camping!” He announced.

I nodded in agreement glancing at him in the mirror. I was stunned to notice that he was not wearing any clothes! Shocked, I turned to glance at him as he stood next to me applying toothpaste to his toothbrush. His dick was just swinging freely as he began to brush his teeth.

He smiled at me as I just stared for a second, then I snapped back and focused on brushing my own teeth. I knew I was blushing, but right then I just wanted to get out ot this weird situation. What would anyone think if they came in at that moment? Of course, that made me feel silly knowing that only a few hours earlier I had been totally naked on the lakefront. Plus I had been masturbating! He was about to take a shower, so it was perfectly natural for him to be nude. Right?

And nude he was, as my eyes kept veering down in the mirror to his long dick, swaying back and forth with the movements of his brushing. He had a longer dick than mine, and his blonde pubic hair was well trimmed.

Now, I am not gay, but I do appreciate a nice body. And if I was perfectly honest, I always like to see the porn stars cocks as they shoot cum all over a nice set of breasts. casino siteleri In fact, I really like the “cumpilation” videos on the internet showing cumshot after cumshot from throbbing dicks.

So I kept glancing back at his cock, trying to be discreet, but feeling a fascination that I could not deny. I wondered what it would be like to take that long dick in my mouth and suck on it? I quickly glanced up and saw him smiling in the mirror like he knew my thoughts.

Flustered and guilty, I rinsed off my brush and headed back to the showers. I began pulling out my shower gear, soap, shampoo and my razor and shaving cream.

“So did I see you last night down by the lake?” he asked as he came in the room, dick swinging like a snake.

“Um, not me,” I stammered, blushing furiously at the thought that he knew exactly what I had been doing.

“Oh, I thought that was you in the canoe just before dark,” he said, relieving my fears. “I was out for a jog, and someone looked like they had caught a bunch of fish.”

“Well, its a good lake for fishing,” I stammered, feeling totally lost. I sat down on the bench to take off my shoes and get ready for the shower.

He walked over to the shower stall and turned on the water, which came out full blast. “Wow,” he exclaimed. “That’s cold!” He jumped back out of the stall and turned to me to ask, “Do you think it will warm up?”

I glanced up and there was his dick staring me right in the face! He was standing there talking to me as if we were at a sporting event, but his cock was just right there swinging.

“Well, what do you think?” he asked.

“Wow, I um, well I think that it will probably…” I trailed off, suddenly in a fog as I watched his cock just a few feet from my face.

“I’m gonna try yours, if you don’t mind?” he asked. Not waiting for an answer he spun around and turned on my shower as well. Feeling foolish I resumed my task of taking off my shoes.

I glanced up and he was smiling as he felt the spray of water with his hands, then he walked back over to me. As he got closer I saw beads of water had sprayed lightly on his body, so now his damn cock was glistening! This was becoming very awkward, since it seemed that he was toying with me, but he was totally playing it straight.

“Yes, yours is much nicer!” he said.

What the hell? Was I supposed to invite him to share my shower? Was I supposed to let him go first? This was crazy!

“Well, that’s good,” I said.

He suddenly sat down on the bench next to me and said, “I hate a cold shower, don’t you?”

“Yes,” was all I could stammer as I was noticing his dick laying along his leg. Damn, that was a monster!

“So if you don’t mind…” he said.

I immediately thought he was asking me to shower together! I did not know what to think, but I knew that I was going to say yes. But before I could say it he continued, “…then I will just wait until you finish with your shower before I take mine.”

“Oh, okay,” I said, feeling foolish, and disappointed.

“Go ahead, water’s warm,” he said leaning back against the wall totally nude.

I stood up, suddenly aware that I was about to strip right in front of him. He just looked up at me expectantly, as if this were a daily occurrence. Who knows? Maybe it was a daily occurrence. Maybe he was from a place where guys shower together all the time. But for me, it was very unusual, and I was more than a little bit flustered by the roller coaster of thoughts and emotions I had been on ever since he had come into the bathhouse.

In fact, I was feeling just about pissed at the whole situation! If he could just stroll around naked, then so could I! Taking my shorts by the waistband, I pulled them off and dropped them on the bench, now standing in front of him in my underwear.

“Boxer briefs,” he said looking directly at my package. “Good choice for camping.”

“Um, yeah, they keep things from, you know…,” I stammered as I began to pull them off, my thumbs slipping under the elastic on the sides ready for the big reveal. My roller coaster ride was back, as I was again caught off guard by his frank consideration of my underwear.

“Keeps things from shifting around?” He asked as I began to pull down my briefs.

“Yea,” I said, the absurdity of the situation really getting to me.

“I’m more of a bikini man myself,” he said. “Keeps everything really locked in place.” As he said this he grabbed his dick and slapped it against his leg to emphasize his point.

“Great for hiking,” I said, trying not to notice that he was holding his dick just a few feet away as I was pulling down my underwear. Hiking? What the hell was I saying? I was like a flustered teenager on prom.

But I was committed now, so I just kept moving the elastic down, revealing my shaved penis which was feeling pretty full by this point, the blood pumping quite nicely from the encounter. Not a hard on, just a good semi, to the point where it literally sprang free once the underwear was lowered past it.

It slot oyna felt good to finally be free from the underwear, and my dick sort of bounced as I stood up, totally exposed to this stranger in the camp bathhouse. I could not help but glance at his dick laying there in his hand. It may have been my overactive imagination, but I swear it twitched.

Finally feeling like I was in control of the situation, I grabbed my shampoo, soap, and shaving gear. He just sat there, totally cool as my dick was just a few feet away. I did notice his cock seemed to be getting slightly fuller. Not a hard on, but definitely growing.

I deliberately left my towel lying on the bench and proceeded into the shower stall. This was one of those state park showers, so there was no curtain, just the stall with a low shelf for my stuff, and a towel hook, notably empty. Feeling sort of daring, I turned on the water by pressing the lone button on the wall. The warm water sprayed out forcefully, catching me right in the chest. I began to soap up, starting with my chest, letting the suds work down to my crotch.

I knew he was watching me. He had not said a thing since I got in here, so I figured he was probably a little flustered too by now. “Serves him right,” I thought. He had me going there for a while, strutting around with that big dick, swinging and basically showing off.

Just then the water stopped. It was one of those push button timer devices, so you had to keep pressing the button to keep the water going.

“Oh, man,” he laughed. “I hate those timer button showers!”

“Yeah, they suck,” I replied, pretending not to notice how very odd it was for him to be just watching me take a shower. I glanced over at him, and sure enough, he was just sitting there on the bench. He was totally relaxed and leaning back against the wall. His legs were spread open, and now his dick was laying down across his thigh, with one hand just resting on his leg, not exactly touching his cock, but close enough to look as if it were.

Restarting the water, I was once again in a quandary as to what was really happening. I decided to be a little more blatant, so I leaned back to wet my hair. Of course, this pushed my cock towards my unnamed nude fellow, giving him a great view. I closed my eyes as the warm water wet my hair. Then I took the soap and continued to lather up my body. Still facing towards him, I lathered up my chest and arms, reaching back to get my backside as well. With my head tilted back to keep the water out of my eyes, I knew my dick was growing harder, but I didn’t mind. This was really kind of fun!

Slowly, I moved my hands down the suds to my penis. Sure enough, as my slippery fingers touched it, it was growing hard! I knew he could tell I was aroused, but I did not care. I lathered up my balls, and moved my hand up my shaft, lightly soaping my cock.

As I did this, I peeked over to the bench, and now his dick was no longer a question. He had a raging pole sticking up! My dick twitched at the sight, and I gave an involuntary stroke on my shaft as it got hard. As if to respond, his cock twitched at the sight of me stroking.

I poured shampoo in my hands, and leaned back, thrusting my soapy cock towards him as I washed my hair. I closed my eyes and let the warm water rinse off my shampoo. Just then the water shut off again.

In a flash, I had an idea, but I didn’t know how he would react. What the hell, I may as well play this out!

“Oh, damn!” I said still leaning back with my hands in my hair, full of suds. “This is getting in my eyes”

I felt foolish for the transparent lure, but sure enough I heard quick steps of bare feet as he came into the stall with me.

“You would think that they would make the time longer, right?” He asked as he pushed the button to restart the stream.

Playing the part, I muttered, “thanks,” as I rinsed my hair, my rigid dick brushing against his side. “Oops, sorry!” I said.

“No problem,” he said. “Tight quarters in here.”

“Yeah, thanks for helping me out,” I said, still with my eyes supposedly closed as I rinsed off my hair. Actually, I was peeking out, watching him as he stared at my rock hard cock. I wanted him to touch it!

But he didn’t. So I finally finished my rinsing. “Since you are here, may as well go ahead and take a shower before the hot water run out,” I said with a glance at him.

“If you insist,” he said with a grin at me. His look told me that he was willing to play this game too, both of us holding out as long as possible teasing each other right up to the edge!

I moved over and he stepped in the spray of water. I watched as he began to wet his tight body, the water cascading down his abs and over his prick, which was straight up.

“Can I borrow your shampoo?” He asked. I realized my position at once, and leaned over to the shelf to retrieve the bottle. This put my face only inches away from his penis, and I took full advantage of the moment. His dick was shaved, but he had a tuft of blonde pubic hair at the base, canlı casino siteleri and his veins glowed purple all along the shaft. His head was beet red and it looked like a drop of precum was on the tip of his cock.

“Here you go,” I said rising up to give him the bottle. “I need to shave,” I added, reaching back down for the razor and cream. I foamed the shaving cream in my hand as he stood with his cock near my face. As I move my hand back I “accidently” let it brush his dick with the back of my hand. I looked up for his reaction, but he gave no indication, just kept shampooing his hair.

I hesitated for a second, then I stepped back a half pace and began to apply the shaving cream to my face. Out of the water stream I began to shave my stubble, rinsing off the razor in the spray which came over his shoulders.

He opened his eyes and watched me shaving. He boldly looked down at my body, the white shaving cream running in rivulets down my wet skin. He was staring at my penis when I reached out and said “will you give me more shaving cream?”

He took the can and foamed another handful out into my palm.

Acting as if this was the most natural thing in the world, I took the shaving cream and applied it to my penis, covering my balls with it and surrounding my pubic area. I glanced down, and lifted my balls with one hand and shaved them with the razor. I moved up and got the stubble at the base of my cock as well, completely removing all the stubble.

“That’s nice,” he whispered, staring at my dick. “I’d like to do that too.”

“Be my guest,” I replied, looking at his dick.

He lathered cream in his hands, and rubbed it all on his balls and shaft. He also lathered up the remaining pubic hair he had above his shaft. I placed the razor in his hands, our fingers touching for a moment. Then he mirrored my actions, completely shaving his pubic hair and letting the water carry it away.

He then stood in the spray of water, letting it run off his slick penis. His hand was rubbing his balls, and he murmured, “It feels so good!”

“Looks good too,” I agreed. Taking my courage, I asked “Did you get a close shave?”

Taking his cue, he pointed his member towards my hand and replied “you tell me.”

This was what I had been waiting for from the moment I first saw his penis in the mirror! I tentatively reached out and touched his slick cock. It was rock hard and it throbbed to my touch. He moaned softly, and I moved my hand lower to cup his balls. They were loose in his scrotum, and damn they felt smooth!

“What do you think,” he asked. “Is it as close as yours?”

“You tell me,” I replied, moving my cock closer to his waiting hand.

He cupped my balls, sending an electric shock through my body. I slipped my hand up to rub his shaft and he worked his fingers around my tight balls.

He softly moaned as I circled my finger around his cock, slowly sliding up his shaft. He slid his fingers down my balls, lightly touching my base as he cupped my scrotum in his palm.

“You are so smooth, and hard,” he whispered rolling my balls in his hand.

“Your balls are nice and loose,” I whispered to him.

“I can make yours loosen up too if you want,” he said staring down at my penis. He gently guided me over directly in the stream of warm water. He massaged my ball sack in the warm water, rolling my testicles in his expert fingers.

The sensation was incredible! I let him rub my balls as I grasped his cock in my hand. I moved up to the tip of his penis and slowly let my hand rub his cock head in a gentle circle.

My balls were indeed loose now, and he guided my free hand down to feel my scrotum. “Better?” he asked.

I could only moan as my hands were full of two slippery shaved cocks! He mirrored my actions on the tip of my penis, as he cupped his own balls. Together we began to stroke each others dicks as we each rubbed our balls.

It was a wonderful feeling. I could not tell who was leading, as we both mirrored each stroke up and down the shafts. He reached lower with his hands and I knew he was fingering his ass as I stroked his penis harder.

My dick began to spasm as he stroked faster, his own penis pulsing in my palm. I slid my fingers under my balls and applied pressure just above my anus, creating an intense wave of pleasure in my body.

We moved closer to each other, our cocks slippery and just touching as we slid our hands up and down each others shafts. Our fingers intertwined and we both grasped around the twin shafts as we rubbed our dicks together. We were both stroking in unison and the cum was building together.

He shifted his hand from his balls to mine, so I did the same cupping his balls in my palm. I was staring at the sight if the twin cocks glistening in the warm spray with four hands stroking and fondling them together. Suddenly I felt his balls tighten and I knew he was about to cum!

The knowledge sent me right over the top,and my dick began to spasm just as he spewed semen all over our hands, further slickening my rod with his warm cum. I shot a load that went up in the air and splashed all over his chest as we continued to shoot ropes of cum together. He shot a load over my arms as we began to slow down, now slick, wet and cum covered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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