Judge Ordered Slavery Ch. 06

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I would like to thank those that put my story in their favorites. It is because of YOU that I put out these chapters as fast as I can. I really, REALLY want to thank my editor(s) for dealing with my “Than-Then” issue. Because the last two chapters were mostly fiction, I actually listened to one of your comments, and it set a new idea in motion! Thank you for your comments!

All characters are over 18. All Editors are actually secret Gods.


I had breakfast, after making Masters. The eggs and sausage were a bit too rich in nutrients or fat for my now small stomach. So as I walked to the guest house on the cobblestone path I was feeling nauseous. It was a cool morning, so the stones felt ice cold on my feet. My freshly hair treated body still burned a bit from the chemicals, my bald skin felt warm enough to brace me from the wind.

I looked around at my new prison. The main house looked relatively small compared to the Master Dan’s. It was a single level ranch styled home. The grounds surrounding the two building were also smaller. Flower gardens surrounded a large fish pond. Perfectly manicured lawn filled the rest, including a putting green!

“How stereotypical” I thought to myself with a grin.

The grounds were surrounded by high hedges, insuring privacy. From the sounds in the air, the house was in a suburban area. I could hear a garbage truck in the distance. I could also hear children laughing. Most likely on the way to school. It occurred to me I had no idea what day it was. Time had become much less important than it had been in my previous life. I knew it was late summer, possibly even September by the looks on the leaves on the trees, now beginning to change.

I turned the knob on the front door of the guest house. It looked like a cottage my parents used to rent for vacations on a lake when I was a kid. The front door opened to a small living room. I didn’t know what to expect inside, and I’m glad I had an open mind. I had to turn on a light, as every window was covered with black out curtains. The living room had no furniture, or television. Instead It had a fucking rack, a torture cross, which was just a large wooden standing “X” with cuffs at each end, and adorning the wall, was every type of sadistic toy a Master could buy.

Separating the living room from the kitchen was a bar, and as I passed it looking below the stained, hardwood surface, I wasn’t surprised to see it stocked with high end booze. I casually looked through the cabinets and drawers, I found all of the usual cooking implements. In one cabinet, was only large mouthed glass bottles, a plastic funnel, and an unmarked bottle of clear liquid. I opened it and smelled it. It was alcohol, STRONG alcohol. Guessed it to be ever-clear or moonshine. My guess is it was there to mix with the contents of the bottle. What I didn’t know was why.

Next was a large bathroom. It had a large enclosed standing shower as well as a bathtub for two, possibly three. The cabinets had all the towels and toiletries one would expect, including hair removal products. The amount of tubes of lubricant was a bit unbelievable. It had to be near 50. The last room was a bedroom.

Inside I found a dresser with a TV and DVD player on it. Inspecting this further, I wasn’t surprised to find most of the drawers empty. In one top drawer was a smaller butt plug than the one I wore now. I guessed this was for holding cum after being filled till I could get to the bottle. In the other top drawer was DVDs. Mostly gay BDSM porn, and couple of burned ones with handwritten titles.

One of the burned videos was labeled “How I turned my boi into a gurl.” I had to know what that was. I had a few minutes before the “client” arrived so I put the DVD in the player and turned on the 32″ flat screen.

It opened to a guy my age tied down on a table. Rather quickly things progressed. The very much awake slave boi was injected with something on either side of his clit, and under his balls. Then gloved hands expertly removed his balls and penis with a scalpel. After it was all finished the boi began screaming through his ball gag. Most likely not from the pain, as the anesthetic had to still be at least still partially active, it had to be because he was finally allowed to see what had been done. During the screaming, the hands were stitching the wounds closed, leaving a tube where his balls had been.

“Now you have no choice but to sit when you pee.” An unseen voice said. I turned off the DVD. I suddenly needed to pee from fear. I got up off the king sized bed, and went to the bathroom. I sat down on the cold bowl and relieved myself.

“Didn’t like the video huh?” It was the Masters voice. He must have been inside listening. I finished peeing and went to the living room where he stood. He was dressed for work. Suit and tie with polished shoes. I knelt in front of him, head down.

“That was two years, and several bois ago. He insisted on standing when he peed. That wasn’t his only offense. Did you watch the casino siteleri farm videos?” His voice was grinning even if his face wasn’t. .

“No Master.”

“Well, when you have down time you should. Those represent slaves of friends of mine that had a problem with complaining too much. Those bois that spent time in the stables…well, those bastards tried to run away. They became entertainment for the beasts.

“No Master, this one has no interest in displeasing it’s Master. Nor does this one wish to spend time with animals Master.” My voice was shaking.

“Good! I’m glad to hear that, because you owe me a lot of money. The better you treat your clients, the better I can keep your schedule filled. If you keep your all of your appointments, this can all be over in 15 weeks. After that, we will discuss things. You have eight appointments today. Be sure to enema before the first gets here. After each, use the bottles in the cabinet to the right of the refrigerator. Put the bottle in the fridge between clients. You have ten minutes between appointments to clean up. Any questions?”

“One Master.”

“You may ask.”

“What is the bottle of alcohol for?” As soon as I asked he laughed.

“It’s to mix with your dinner. You tend to cry out when I fuck you. You will put two shots of it in with your dinner every night, to ah…loosen you up.” He paused. “I want you to be different. I want you to just enjoy serving me. Keep this house clean. I will be using you here most nights.” He turned towards the door.

“Oh, all of your clients will have a key to this door, and have been instructed to lock it when they leave. The windows are all barred on the inside. You break any glass, a silent alarm goes off to my secretaries desk. So, unless you can sweet talk the former criminals that are buying you by the hour, there is no escape. I’m positive you won’t be able to…” He chuckled lightly.

“…As they are all pledging to get into the Company. They need me to approve the end of their parole to get in.” He opened the door. “Treat them well and get them to come back.” He walked through and closed the door. I heard it lock.

I looked at the clock. It was 8:30am. I needed to get the enema done. I went to the bathroom and pulled out my new plug. It was smaller then Masters cock around, but not by much. It hurt to remove it.

The enemas were fairly easy. Afterward I clamped down and focused squeezing my cunt closed over and over and it became tight.

I sat on the bed and waited. The first thing that went through my mind as I waited, was how I disliked my cunt being empty. Then, all I could focus on was the fear of the abuse I was about to take. These people were all convicted felons. The scourge of society. What was I in for? Master had said that some were rapists. Somehow I was comfortable with that.

What I was afraid of was the murderers and compulsive batterers. Guys that liked to beat the shit out of the ones they liked to fuck. My only hope was that the Judge, wouldn’t let that type of guy have access to his prized cunt. Yet the Judge was above the law. He could do whatever he wanted. I touched the “O” ring on my collar. I had to get through this so I could just be Masters cunt, all day, all night.

It was so quiet in the guest house, and I was so deep in thought, that the tiny sound of a key turning in the lock, startled me. The door opened. I stood up and walked into the living room. A man with long hair, wearing a sleeveless shirt and tight jeans walked in. His feet were covered in biker boots, his arms with tattoos, his face with a goatee style beard. He stood six-two, and must have weighed 240 or more. Needless to say an imposing individual.

“You have any booze in this cat house twink?” His voice was quiet for a man so large.

“Oh yes sir, what would you like?”

“Got Scotch?” He sat down on the bar stool, and looked around the room.

“Yes sir, single malt. How would you like it?” I asked in my best pleasant voice.

“Give me the bottle. What is all this shit?” He pointed to the equipment in the living room.

“Those are toys for you to use with me.” I was a little less enthusiastic with that answer.

“Bah! Don’t need that shit. No TV?”

“There is one in the bedroom sir, with a collection of porn.” I said. He nodded and waved me to lean over the bar closer to him. I stepped closer to the bar and he waved again. I leaned over so my face was next to his. He grabbed the back of my neck and twisted so my face met his. He put his lips on mine and shoved his tongue into my mouth. I retracted for and instant, and then remembered my place. I kissed him back and played with his tongue with my own.

Judging from his breath he was already drunk before he had arrived. He pulled me by the hair away from him.

“I missed you Timmy.” He said. My mind reeled. Who was Timmy? An ex lover? A cellmate? I had to react, he was looking right into my eyes. I didn’t know his name!

“I missed you too big guy.” slot oyna His face contorted from one of nostalgia to one of anger. He reared back a fist. White light, and pain from the back of my skull as I hit the floor. My face began to thud with each heartbeat. I opened my eyes and saw him over me.

“Timmy, Daddy doesn’t like that being called that. Maybe you being out of the can, you forgot huh?” My foggy mind managed to figure it out.

“Sorry Daddy, guess I was outside too long without you.” He smiled. I felt his arms under my knees and neck. He picked me up off of the floor, and carried me to the bed. He took a towel and ripped it length wise into four long strips. He tied me face down to the bed.

“You miss this baby?” He asked.

“Oh Daddy, of course I did. I’ve missed you so much!” My improvisation was working for the moment, but I had no idea if the next thing I said would set him off again. I could feel one of my eyes beginning to swell from the punch that landed on the bridge of my nose.

He spread my ass cheeks and spit on my cunt. Quickly following it with a fat calloused index finger.

“Oh Daddy, please!” I whimpered, putting on the best show for him.

“Shut the fuck up prag.” He said. He pulled his finger out, and I heard him undress. My silence was a blessing. I didn’t have to give acting lines anymore. He climbed on me and pushed into my cunt slowly. His head made it’s way in, and he pushed further. After about two inches deep he retreated and started over. He had a nice cock that filled me. I could help but moan. He retreated again and then sank the entire meat into me. My moans became louder.

“Quiet prag, next sound gets you a bleeding kidney Timmy.” He whispered. I wondered if he was reliving the prison love life he had, and how they had to be silent. I decided to bite my tongue.

His thrusts became quick and almost desperate as if he was being rushed. His balls slapped mine with abandon. It was quite intense, I was getting close. He then suddenly slowed, savoring it.

Ten minutes later, after being slow and deliberate, he jabbed me deep and hard with four vicious thrusts, and as the first jet of his cum lashed into me, I lost my own clit juice. He stayed on top of me with his cock shrinking inside of my canal. I squeezed his cock as tight as I could to get every drop out of him. After all, that was my dinner, and I wanted to eat.

He rolled off of me. Took a swig off the bottle on the dresser and went to put his pants on.

“I’ll see you in a couple days Timmy. When I get here make sure you have porn on TV when I get here.” He said as he zipped his fly.

“Yes Daddy I will!” I answered. He untied one hand and left. I heard the front door open, close then lock. I untied my other hand then my ankles. It was only 9:30. I had a lot of time before the next guy came over. I went looking for the bottle of Scotch “Daddy” had and couldn’t find it. He must have taken it with him.

I put the funnel into the bottle and then opened my cunt over the funnel. It took a couple minutes before gravity pulled the first course of my dinner into the funnel, and then down into the bottle.

At the end of my first day of being whored, I had a black eye, a fist sized bruised thigh, welts lashed all down my back, ass and legs, and a lump on the back of my head. I also had a half gallon bottle with about 10 ounces of cum inside of it. I put two shots of the white liquor in, making it 12 ounces.

I made Masters dinner on the small stove in the guest house as he watched the horse porno slash snuff flick. I served him his dinner, and I drank mine. The thick cold cum still seemed fresh, but the temp was all wrong. The alcohol hit me right away. I put the bottle in the sink, and then went back for Master’s empty plate. As I began washing the dishes I felt it hit me even harder.

I stumbled back to the bed room.

“Wow. That hit you fast. Come sit on me.” He was naked and the monster was awake and throbbing. I went to the bed, climbing onto it. I faced away, then threw one leg over his lap. Even with me kneeling straight up, his cock was past my hole. I had to go to my feet and squat to get it started. I stabbed myself with the monster. The alcohol helped, but not enough. His breath said he’d been drinking for quite a while. I then assumed it must be Friday.

“OHH! Oh oh oh.” I slid down as slow as I could. The only lube I had was the cum still inside me, which couldn’t have been much, and the drop or two of precum he had produced. My eyes were closed, my head back, and I began to get used to his first two inches. Even after being fucked all day, this was losing my virginity all over again. I imagined it would always be this way.

He suddenly pushed, well, slammed into me causing me to yelp. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down onto him. I growled. My body went limp when I felt my ass on his skin. The size of him plowing me drained the life from me. So what he said next seemed impossible.

“Fuck me with canlı casino siteleri your tight cunt slave boi!” I opened my eyes in disbelief. ‘Please no!’ I thought.

Yet like the good slave I was, I found the strength to lift myself off of his lap and then rest my weight back down on his cock over and over. It was only five minutes in before I came. The shots landed on my chest and legs. It was another 20 minutes before he came. When he did, my clit was again spitting it’s worthless yet enjoyable juice. He turned me to face him, and then pulled me down onto him.

I froze. Our chests were now together, his body hair tickled me slightly. He licked then nibbled my neck. Then he nibbled my ear. His booze breath filled my nose as he panted against my skin. He growled, then said. “Put in your plug, and clean up this mess.” He ordered. I did so, and he waved me back, to lay on top of him.

“If Dan would have settled for my first, or even second offer I wouldn’t have to do this to you. Slave, you are too good to be whored, Dan knew it. I know it too. I have to make back the money you cost me. I need that money back so I can get a bigger share of the slave farm Danny is building!.” He inhaled deeply. ” I hate this.” He sighed into my neck. Then changed the subject.

“You probably had a long day. Do you have any questions?’ He asked. There was one question that I had had on my mind after the first appointment with “Daddy”.

“Why are these guys…that don’t seem to have much money, why are they paying ten bucks a minute to be with …well, ME??” The idea had confounded me all day.

“They are paying that much for three reasons. First, you look younger then what you are, because of how short and skinny you are. Second, they don’t have to wear a condom. Lastly, they can do anything they want short of scarring you or killing you.” He gave my butt a squeeze that was somewhat affectionate.

“Just in case you are wondering, every guy you fuck has been tested. They are free from disease.” He kissed my lips. “I will have you tested every week, just to be safe. I have a nurse that will visit on Saturday.” He nudged me.

“Put this in, it just came out on DVD. Then make me a seven and seven, rocks.” He handed me a copy of the Directors cut of “Full Metal Jacket”. I had seen it before, my dad had it on VHS. I put it in the player, and put away the horse movie. I then went to the bar and made his drink in a large glass.

I returned to the bed, handing him the glass. He patted the spot next to him with his hand indicating I should sit there. I sat with him and watched the first half of the movie. Laughing with him, I almost felt at home. When the second half of the movie took a dark turn, so did Master.

“Those, those, those are real men, your clients are real men. You will never be one of those. You took to slavery like a fly to shit.” He looked at me, and touched my leg so I would look toward him. I lowered my eyes. His speech was slurring. He seemed quite drunk, and tired.

“You took to cock like a…hen.” He chuckled at the lame pun. “How did you know that this was your, your, station in life?” I couldn’t help myself. I just said it.

“You cornered me into this slavery. I didn’t want to be doing this! Master Dan and you did this to me!” I was shocked at his reaction. Instead of hitting me, like I expected, he just laughed.

“Yeah, that’s right. Suck and drink my piss bitch.” He said flatly. I went to his lap and wrapped my lips around his cock. Almost immediately I felt a warm flow of bitter sweet water fill my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could. I managed to take his entire bladder without spilling a drop. I was catching my breath when I was informed I wasn’t finished.

“I didn’t tell you that you could take your mouth off of my cock!” He grumbled. I went back to work on the flaccid cock. As drunk as he was, he managed to get another hard on. Soon it was too large for my mouth. My Master grabbed my head and shoved his cock down my throat.

“This might just kill me.” I thought. It was way too large for my skinny neck. I felt as if I were trying to swallow a roll of paper towels. I became more and more oxygen staved as he fucked my throat, I thought of a garden snake trying to swallow an elk. I think It may have been the last thought I had before blackness invaded my vision.

I came to, and focused my eyes. I was on my back, His balls were resting on my forehead and his cock laid on my nose and chin. The weight of his balls matched their counterpart I noted. I also realized what he was about to do.

“You don’t get breaks! Open your fucking mouth, so I can fuck that throat properly slave!” I complied, knowing with his level of intoxication, he would forget to let me breathe. My only hope was that he finished quickly. His thrusts down my throat were making my whole lower body move. I wondered if I would be able to talk if I lived through this assault.

One minute without air. The only thing I could see to one side was a clock on the all. I kept calm. His hairy gut banged my chin and scraped my nipples. For some reason this, and the combination of my body being jarred, moving the plug in me, and the oxygen deprivation aroused me. I could feel my clit becoming stiff.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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