Judith’s hope Pt. 01

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All persons and actions mentioned in this story are fictitious. Similarities with existing persons or events are fortuitous and were not intended by the author.

This story is based on the multi-part story Maria eleison. I mentioned there an episode with Judith which should have serious consequences. This is what this continuation is about. The story is independent and should be readable without knowledge of Maria eleison.

My erotic dream Judith

I got to know the beautiful amazon Judith and her strong and truly likeable partner Thomas during a frivolous club visit with Maria. All four of us liked each other immediately, had the same ideas about safe sex, and formed the hard core of a group of like-minded people which I named “gang of four”. Judith and Thomas are both doctors. She is a pediatrician, he a general practitioner with a strong interest in cardiology, publishing papers and giving conference talks in this field. They played an important role in the formation of the group by thoroughly clarifying the rubber-less sex fitness of the group members.

After a first meeting the number of members grew steadily. In the meantime, the “club of rubber-less” comprises 20 couples who meet from time to time for erotic games in different lineup. But we are not only interested in sex, but also engage in other activities, such as cultural leisure and various sports. Although the members differ in their professions, specific interests, and favorite activities they have in common an appealing and engaging personality.

Now to Judith: As I have learnt by now, Judith is not only 185 cm tall but reaches even far beyond that, that is an extravagant 190 cm. However, the body of this giantess is beautifully proportioned and its almost exuberant length is further accentuated by the shiny pitch-black hair. She sometimes wears it in a huge braid which falls down to her firm, well-shaped buttocks like a big snake. Judith’s black eyes are not only large, they also sparkle deeply and moistly in her face, as if they wanted to form an contrasting antipole to her dark red lips and her massive snow-white teeth.

Judith’s wardrobe is exquisite, as she has to have most of her clothes made to measure, if not sewn by herself. In summer she often wears light dresses with big patterns with strong colors which suit her particularly well. Her often translucent blouses allow a great view of her large breasts. The short skirts emphasize her never-ending, slim legs. In the cold season she prefers tight trousers and tight-fitting sweaters with subtle winter colors which also show off her charms to her best advantage.

You can have great conversations with Judith and she immediately puts you under her spell. She is extremely well-read and educated, exquisitely polite, and approaches her conversation partners with an admirably gentle determination. Among other things, I learned from her a lot about current pop and country music, as well as about old and modern jazz. Her art knowledge is admirable. Sometimes we even talk effortlessly about medical topics. She is great in concisely conveying clinical aspects of her profession while I try to do my best in expanding her horizon in more theoretical aspects of pediatrics or medicine in general.

Judith certainly is a good doctor. She has a strong sense of empathy with her patients, a fact that I can confirm from my own experience. Together with Thomas, she has a large office and, therefore, her great organizational talent comes in handy. Should she ever become the head of a clinic, I am convinced that she will also have excellent qualities in personnel management.

For all of these reasons, she could just as well be a successful politician or businesswoman.

Everything about Judith seems huge and like an elemental force of sensuality but nothing about her is coarse in any sense of the word: her smooth skin, her muscular and firm belly, her arms and hands, her long legs, her strong thighs, her massive Venus mountain, her impressive vulva housing an invitingly beautiful clitoris, the two magnificent breasts with their long and proudly projecting nipples which she sometimes tantalizingly hides behind openly worn hair. In short: Judith is like a gigantic bonfire of eroticism.

When I encounter the naked Judith, I fall irresistibly for her lustful charms. My own sex tool stiffens immediately and demands entrance into her wet paradise. Like no other woman, Judith can glow while fucking in a way that immediately provokes my balls to produce huge fountains of sperm. Fortunately for me, however, she just as much likes to be fucked with an admirably unrestrained lecherousness. Often, after copulating with me she ended up slimy and cum dripping, gapingly open for deep insights into her dark love tunnel.

When I fuck Judith and simultaneously stimulate her clitoris she is rocked by countless earth-shaking orgasms. She suddenly freezes all her motions, goes stunningly silent, but soon ends up – probably beyond her control casino oyna – trembling and wildly flinging her legs around. At the same time, she gives off piercing shrieks from the depth of her soul.

After a very short moment, she is ready for her next climax until her repeated orgasms turn into a single, almost never-ending paroxysm.

A re-encounter with Judith has far-reaching consequences

Already, it was one of the first cool autumn days. The sun was shining, but a cold winter wind was howling through the landscape. This time, Thomas and Judith did not come to the club by car, but riding on two beautiful, jet black horses. The shine of Judith’s braided hair perfectly matched the animals’ furs. The ride through the harvested fields must have been exhausting. Anyway, Judith complained after her arrival at the bar about a painful tension in her back.

The club also featured a sauna, but Judith said that she didn’t like the ferocious heat. She didn’t feel very cold either. Rather, riding against the strong wind had stiffened her back muscles and she probably would feel better after a massage. The club offered this as well, including professional massage staff. But I thought that I could do this job just as well. The prospect of pampering this gorgeous female body sent the first shivers through my loins. These would surely end in a thunderous love game.

As a reaction to my offer, Judith poured a lovingly warm smile over me and glowed with her eyes. Then she threw herself around my neck, kissed and caressed me, and whispered endearments to my ears.

“Do you really want to spoil me with this favor? Nothing could give me greater joy, lover boy.”

We both undressed and went to the massage area when her partner Thomas had a knowing grin in his face and wished us a “successful and fun time”. Well, he couldn’t deny that he a strong desire for luscious and slippery femininity himself.

Arriving at the massage room, I could no longer hold myself back. I first took Judith firmly in my arms and pressed my growing erection against her thighs and her already clearly moistened sex. Wasn’t this woman a single wet dream? I wanted to spoil her with a massage, but I also told her that this would inevitably end in a hot fuck. She silently responded by a really wet French kiss which she pressed on my lips.

First I asked Judith to lie down on her stomach on the stretcher covered with a clean sheet. Then I spread a large bath towel over her loins and buttocks to prevent her cold shivers. Then I oiled my fingertips well and began my massage at the top of her neck muscles. My intention was to gradually massage from there towards her back along the spine.

This probably took at least half an hour. Needless to say, my hands would constantly made erotic detours towards her breasts and her buttocks but without neglecting the purpose of the massage.

With circular and ever more firmly pressing fingers, I slowly loosened the actual knots in Judith’s neck muscles. This caused a little pain here and there which disappeared under the massage. Soon, the mixture of well-being and pain made Judith moan softly. When I gradually reached from her neck down towards her shoulders, Judith’s moans began to sound more like the pleasant purr of a petted cat.

I played this game for a while and kept returning to the origin of the neck muscles at the skull. Which is where tensions of the shoulders and the back often start and, hence, where the relaxation exercises should begin. However, the fingertips and palms should remain slippery with massage oil to make the “patient” feel good.

When the massage proceeded to the shoulders and back I began loosening the large muscles along the spine. With a massive musculature like Judith’s, the masseur, too, experiences a deeply felt wellness. Feeling increasingly horny myself, I moved further down towards the muscles lying to the side and “got lost” in the direction of Judith’s breasts and began to twist her nipples. And the more my massage also loosened the loin muscles, the more it transformed into a kneading of the buttocks or a caress of Judith’s warm wetland.

I obviously seemed to be successful. Judith no longer moaned so much because of the pain of the relaxing muscles but increasingly out of lust. That was the moment when I “complemented” my massage with kisses at the hairline and nibbling at the earlobes. I knew that Judith’s earlobes were a sensitive erogenous zone. I simply wanted to make her horny, too.

Finally I asked Judith to turn on her back and began to cover her belly and thighs as much as my own with a lot of massage oil. I increasingly turned my attention towards the breasts and the moistening slit under the shaved mons. Then Judith’s lust drove her to retaliate by jerking off my oily and hard cock.

After about an hour, the massage had fully turned into heavy petting. Even our formerly quiet conversation had become a rather loud moaning and stammering of quite violent obscenities. slot oyna My balls began to feel harder and Judith’s cunt also became moist and slimy. Finally I got down between her widely spread thighs, licked through the wet twat, and nibbled at the clitoris. With my hands, I kneaded her breasts and maltreated her nipples between my squeezing fingers eliciting her mixed sounds lust and pain. Her orgasm approached with lightning speed, finally froze her and released into uncontrolled fidgeting and a loud cry of lust.

Now the moment had come when I craved for satisfaction of my own arousal. But first I wanted to enjoy the mindlessly horny Judith and threatened her with delicious lewdness.

“Now you’ll get fucked until your red-hot cunt is cooled down with a decent flood of my cum!”

“Fuck me properly. My pussy needs this now. Ram your stiff cock into me as deep as you can!”

I pulled my rock-hard fuck pole through the wet crevice and started rubbing the clit with the tip of my cock. I wanted to give Judith another orgasm before I sank my fuck tool into her. Soon, she trembled uncontrollably and even more violently than the last time. But I didn’t let her calm down but massaged her clit towards one climax after the other.

“Aaaaargh. I can’t stand this any longer. Use me and fuck me like a bunny!”

Did I need more encouragement? I impaled Judith’s squishing cunt with my pole and fucked her like a berserk.

Delirious with lust, I began to fantasize about Judith’s ovaries. One of them just burst and shot an egg into the ampoule of the fallopian tube. One of my marauding sperm cells lustily attacked and penetrated the egg just as I fucked Judith. Then, the freshly fucked egg divided while marching down the tube and finally nestling into the uterus. The continuation of my dream was that I had induced Judith’s steadily growing, huge baby belly.

My cumming now approached seriously. But just before I exploded, Judith turned around, ripped my fuck-pole out of her tormented hole, and put her delicious mouth over my cock. She wanted to taste my juices and I let her have her pleasure. Violent bursts of sperm discharged into Judith’s throat while her lips tightly enclosed my shaft. Thus not a drop of my cum was lost and she bravely swallowed it all. Afterwards she licked her lips like a dog who had just been fed with its favorite treats. And she accompanied this with an impudent grin.

I was totally spent for a short while and our oil-covered bodies collapsed on top of each other.

It was not very comfortable on the massage bench. Luckily there was a large mattress on the floor, similar to the one on the club’s pleasure meadow, where larger groups of fuckers could romp around. There we both settled down and immediately cuddled up to each other. I covered Judith with the bath towel so she wouldn’t feel chilly. This was not a problem for me because I was still hot from our fuck-fight. Gently I stroked Judith’s cheeks endearing her with soft sweet-talk. We both became sleepy and dozed for a while before I started stroking Judith’s face again. Her head lay in the midst of the dark flood of her hair spreading out like a black lake and partly covering me as well. Again, a sea of tender feelings for this beautiful giantess flooded over me.

Judith’s longing

I lay close to Judith’s back in spooning position and enjoyed the aftermath of our heavy fucking and her fantastic soft body warmth.

“Listen, Judith. I just had again that weird fantasy during our fucking. It’s never like that with other women. There must be something to it, don’t you think?”

“What are you talking about?” she asked back quietly.

“Just before I come and when I stroke your pussy and clit, my head is full of a commotion taking place in your ovaries. They are highly excited, cheering, and are just about to hurl an egg towards my sperm cells. The thought of having fucked into you a big baby belly at that moment makes my orgasm much more intense.”


“Have you and Thomas ever thought about having children?”

Silence. Calm breathing. Silence.

“Have I offended you now?”

Judith’s head turned slowly to me and I saw thick tears rolling down her cheeks from her even bigger-looking eyes. Her barely audible sobbing hit me like a giant lightning that flashed through a dark sky in all directions.

“For God’s sake, Judith, I beg your pardon. I didn’t know this would cause you so much pain. But now I see that I have done great harm with my eerie thoughts and my stupid questions. Can you ever forgive me?”

“It’s not your fault” comes back softly. “You even are unspeakably kind to me.”

Quiet sobbing. Silence.

But then, she nestled a little closer to me. I lifted my head and kissed the tears from her face.


Now I just wanted to give her warmth because she easily felt chilly.

Silence. More caresses. More silence.

Finally she turned to me and pressed her full lips on canlı casino siteleri my mouth. I felt like being able to breathe again. So she forgave me. A pressing boulder rolled off my heart. I kissed her back with all the tenderness I was capable of. Her kisses, on the other hand, became more demanding and she flickered ever more violently between my teeth. I too dared to stick my tongue in her mouth again. I caressed her as gently as I could. Although we cuddled naked and close together, I didn’t want to let any lewdness come up. So I stayed away from her breasts and her love slit. Although she probably still was wet and slippery from our fucking.

Then, Judith gave me one of her glorious smiles! Hallelujah! The sun rose in the still dark night of my mind like a fiery ball of light. My mood changed into a blooming spring meadow and I told Judith just that. She answered that she felt the same way and almost attacked me with hot kisses.

That went on for quite a while. A faint, but increasingly violent horniness began to mix into the tenderness. Still, I had only one goal: I wanted to make Judith horny as tenderly and slowly as possible. I wanted her to feel my first kisses on her nipples like a tender breath and I repeated the same with her mons and her cleft. I just didn’t want to do anything intense or violent now! I opened her labia very gently and touch her clit with the tip of my tongue without the slightest pressure.

Judith sighed heavily. But she obviously enjoyed my gentleness and did nothing to render these caresses more urgent. She also stroked my cock so gently that I didn’t feel almost anything. I then moistened her belly and thighs with kisses and lickings. She kissed the base of my neck, hardly pressing her lips against my skin. It felt like a big butterfly settling down. Judith suspected that she had hit one of my most easily excitable spots but she didn’t get more intense. So our gentle lovemaking lasted for what felt like an eternity.

As if I did not already have the greatest respect for this incomparable woman! My devotion for her was boundless at this moment. But gradually, the little devil of lust came back to us both. With two fingers I reached into her dripping grotto and licked her delicious juices from my fingers. I also gave her the chance to taste her own moisture which brought back her gourmet grin of a crook. Then she put her wonderful firm lips over my glans and starts another blow job. She wanted to provoke the first harbingers of my next sperm explosion. Now I was my turn to moan. I could barely stand the deep glow in her big and wet eyes.

Judith turned on her back and I withdrew from her sucking my dick. I threw myself between her legs, which she offered to me shamelessly spread apart, again. This time, I separated her pussy lips with a stronger grip and sucked in her clit immediately. Then I violently bit into her pearl although covering my teeth with my lips for protection from too much pain. The twirling of the nipples and the kneading of the breasts did the rest. Judith climbed to the top of her first orgasm in a flash and moaned loudly.

But this time I don’t want to drive Judith to further, even more intense orgasms because I want to fuck her gently as long as possible. Since I had already emptied my balls I was able to last much longer.

“Is your cunt ready for the next ride?”

“My cunt is hungry for your fuck pole and your cream.” came back softly.

So I put my cock at the top of her slit, teased her clit with it, and then pulled it down to enter the slippery crevice of her opening cunt. Then I withdrew and repeated the performance several times.

“Will this thick cock finally come to visit my lecherous cunt?” Judith moaned to me.

Under a grin, I pushed about a quarter of my cock into the dark grotto and pulled myself back again. Judith’s eyes flashed at me horrified whereupon I sank about half of my fuck spear into her. I repeated this game about three more times.

“I cannot stand this anymore! Pleeease, take me now and smash your big cock into my slippery cunt! Fuck me! Immediately!”

‘This woman really has a ruthlessly dirty talk!’ I thought to myself and sank my boner into this horny giantess. And all this happened hardly more than an hour after I had caused her deep consternation with my stupidity. Certainly, Judith was no sexual slouch.

“I’m going to fuck you into your juicy cunt until we both flood the place with our juices.”

This was another one of my fantasies about having sex with Judith: She getting aroused into violent orgasms when she squirts her juices all over me in a heavy stream. Could I tell her?

“Do it now. Fuck me!”

Fine with me! I pushed into her fuck-crack a little harder and deeper. But not too hard. I wanted to fuck her for a long time even if she started pressing her pelvis towards me in a totally restless and needy manner. My cock went in and out under her moans, beginning to shine slimily. I thought to myself:

‘That’s the good thing about fucking a woman in missionary position with her thighs spread as far as possible: You can watch the cock fuck in and out of her cunt. And you can also use your hands to work the breasts and clit.’

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