Justin , Trish

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“Fuck me dammit! Fuck me!”

Justin always got a better hardon whenever Trish actually said the words aloud and she knew it. She had been saving the words for a special occasion but tonight she just could not wait any longer. There was nothing particularly special about the evening in question however. Trish just really wanted to be fucked as hard as humanly possible.

Right now, Justin had her bent over the back of the sofa, taking her ‘doggie style’; his rock hard eight-inch prick pounding ferociously into her increasingly wet snatch. Her lavender panties were still looped around her right ankle, half covering one of her white stiletto heels. The sheer white silk stockings that climbed halfway up her long legs to mid-thigh went well with the very tight-fitting lavender dress that was now pulled up to Trish’s waist.

A necklace of fake pearls hung from Trish’s neck. It bounced around along with her long, strait dishwater blonde hair as Justin continued to pound her, his intensity mounting with every thrust

“Y…YES!” Trish yelled ecstatically between bouts of clenching her teeth. “Oh, God, Yes!”

Justin’s balls slapped loudly against her ass cheeks, which bounced around like Jell-O despite their firmness. He loved to watch that fine ass of hers while his cock slid in and out of her hot pussy. One hand on each of her hips, Justin quite willingly gave Trish the hard fucking she demanded.

Justin’s Khaki shorts were at his ankles and he was still in his black socks. He had at least managed to kick off his shoes while Trish had feverishly unbuttoned his shirt. Her patience had ended there and she had succumbed to her carnal fire and practically ripped his shorts to his knees, barely taking enough time to undo his belt buckle. She had then slurped his already stiffening rod entirely into her mouth and had deep-throated him just long enough that his eyes had begun to roll back into his head. She had then stood up and presented her still panty-clad ass to him with a lick of her succulent red lips.

Reaching behind her, Trish dug her long polished nails into Justin’s upper leg, looking over her shoulder at him as she did so.

“Fuck me!” She yelled again. “MmmmmmmmMMM!”

Justin’s pace immediately intensified again to Trish’s amazement and delight. She could see beads of sweat fly off his forehead beneath his thick, wavy brown hair. The sound of his labored breathing absolutely drove her mad as he so obediently serviced her raging desire.

“Uunnnnnnn!” She moaned loudly through clenched teeth, the fire of her impending orgasm building up quickly now. Her right leg was beginning to tremble. Justin was reaching around the front of her now. He was squeezing one nipple firmly through her tight fitting dress. Oh God, she was gonna come! God, how he fucked her good!

Trish’s finger went to her clit, twiddling and twirling, matching the rhythm of Justin’s glorious fucking. She was there! Oh God she was there!

Justin grabbed a handful of Trish’s hair, yanking her head back as he thrust his meat even harder into Trish. Faster and harder, casino siteleri he pounded her. Her whole body rocked with the force of his thrusts.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Trish screamed. Her pussy convulsing around Justin’s prick in orgasm. The neighbors were gonna hear again but she didn’t give a shit. Just the thought of them knowing got her off even more. “Yes! Oh! God Yes! Ahhh!! Ahh! Ahh!!! MMnnnnn!! Ahhhhh!!!”

Justin was close too. Trish could feel his intensity rising toward payload. His cock had that extra little bit of stiffness. His thrusts had gotten tremendously deep as they always did just before he shot.

“Cum on my ass!” She yelled back at Justin, not pulling off his cock but leaving it up to him to pick the moment. Licking her lips, coaxing him on, she watched over her shoulder while he pounded against her, building quickly toward orgasm.

“Ahhh-AHH!!” Justin gasped loudly, withdrawing his twitching cock into his hand. His muscular ass cheeks continued to contract as he let loose his steaming wad of cum on Trish’s sweet ass. Another bigger wad followed, landing somewhere near the small of her back followed by several droplets that sprayed in all directions, some actually finding a resting spot on Trish’s body. Two more convulsing twitches of his cock produced strings of cum that nicely adorned her right ass cheek before his pulsating purple tool throbbed out the last ounces of jizz from his balls to seep slowly down his prick and trickle into Trish’s ass-crack.

“Nnnnnnnn-Mnnnnn!” He groaned as he gave his prick a couple of quick, whipping stokes, freeing a few droplets of cum from inside his dickhead to fly where they may.

“Mmmmmmmm” Moaned Trish, passionately, the tip of her tongue touching her upper lip as she gyrated her ass, grinding against the underside of Justin’s still hard prick. “I just love your hot cum on my ass.”

She was still randy as hell and the feel of Justin’s warm, sticky jizz on her backside only served to intensify her desire. The smell of him was driving her nuts; his salty, pheromone rich sweat, polo cologne and the musky smell of his still warm spunk. She had to have more.

Trish stood up and peeled the skintight dress she was wearing slowly up over her head. The tantalizing way that she shook her hips around was not for Justin’s sake only. She found herself unable to stand still from the fiery itch of desire that burned between her legs.

Justin licked his lips as Trish exposed her wonderful tits. They were a bit smaller than average perhaps, but perfect in shape with pert nipples that just happened to be quite erect at this particular moment. Her tits were the real things too. Not that Justin gave a fuck. He would have liked them just as much if they were implants. What mattered now was how damn good they felt against his chest as Trish pressed them against him while sucking hard on the lower part of his neck.

Justin inhaled excitedly as Trish’s teeth dug into his neck just a little. His cock twitched against her belly, as she wiggled in his arms, no doubt, leaving a gob of jizz on her lower torso. slot oyna Somehow, he knew Trish wouldn’t mind.

Trish allowed Justin one lengthy french kiss before pushing his ass down onto the couch. She was immediately on her knees and crawling enticingly toward his cum-slicked shaft.

Still looking Justin in the eyes, Trish took his cock lightly in her right hand near the base of it and cupped her left hand under his ball-sack before licking her way up the under side of his hard dick, all the way to it’s pulsing helmet in one long, slow lick.

Justin simply threw his head back and groaned, shutting his eyes. There was nothing else to say about it. When he looked down again at her she had his prick in her mouth nearly to the base and was sucking on it like there was no tomorrow.

Aware that she was being watched, Trish sucked hard on Justin’s dick, both of her hands around the base of the shaft, then pulled her mouth off it with a loud popping ‘smack’. She then began circling the head of it with her tongue, now and then sticking the tip of it in his pee-hole.

“Mmmm.” Trish said, licking her lips. Her hands continued to stroke him while she talked. “Your cock taste so good.” She gave him a couple of long, deep strokes with her mouth to illustrate the point.

“Yea baby,” Justin told her in response. “Suck on that cock. Mmmm.”

“Mmmm, yes,” She said after bobbing her head up and down on it a few more times. “I love to suck your cock, baby.”

Justin watched her ass over the top of her head as she continued suck his dick. Damn she had a wonderful ass! It moved in slow circles as her mouth slid up and down his length, rising and falling in rhythm to the amazing head she was giving him.

She was licking his balls now; one hand holding his dickhead while her thumb moved enticingly in circles around the rim of it. God, he loved that! Now she was kissing and sucking her way up the side of the shaft and sliding her open mouth up and down the length of it.

Trish put his cock back in her mouth again now and sucked feverishly, one hand stroking the base of the shaft while the other found its way to her clit. She felt Justin’s hand on the top of her head as he grabbed a handful of her hair. His hips had begun now to thrust in rhythm to her sucking. It was perfectly fine to Trish. She loved knowing how much he was getting off. It heightened her own arousal immensely and she could focus more on the raging fire in her clit while he satisfied her oral fixation.

“Fuck my face!” She told him, pulling away from his cock long enough for him to stand up. Her fingers continued working her clit, never missing a beat. She opened her mouth for him invitingly, her tongue out in anticipation. A couple seconds later Justin’s hard prick was again at her lips.

Taking her head in both hands, a fist full of hair in each, Justin fed the full length of his meat into Trish’s waiting mouth, sliding slowly over her tongue to the back of her throat. He gave an extra shove of his hips, getting all he could of his prick into her mouth. He held it there for a canlı casino siteleri few seconds to savor the feeling of his cock head in her throat and her lips clamped around the base of his shaft. He then started into a rhythm of face fucking very similar to what Trish had going a moment earlier.

Trish took full advantage of having both hands free and curled the finger of one hand up into her snatch while massaging her clit with the other. She wasn’t going to tip over, Justin was seeing to that. Nor did she need to worry about loosing her rhythm from the intensity of her own desire. She loved having his cock filling her mouth as she fingered her way to another orgasm. The only thing better she could think of would be to have another cock in her pussy at the same time. She would have to talk to Justin about arranging that later. For now, she was happily sated with having him fuck the daylights out of her, before or after feeding her his wonderfully thick man sausage.

She could taste his salty pre-cum now as she drew ever near to her own orgasm. She loved to have him shoot his wad down her throat but she needed to scream out her pleasure as she got off, so it wasn’t gonna work out that way this time. He was just gonna have to blast off into her open mouth while she came. Oh well that was fine, she liked that just as much and she knew Justin loved it.

As if reading her mind, Justin let go of Trish’s head with one hand but kept his grasp with the other. He slid his cock from her mouth and stroked it fervently an inch or less from her mouth, which was wide open with the ecstasy of her own fiery climax.

Trish urgently wanted to tell Justin how much she wanted his hot cum in her mouth but she was beyond speaking any intelligible words. All she could manage was “Oh!…Ahhh!…Ahhhhhh!” as her sopping pussy gushed its juice down the inside of her legs.

Justin yanked her head back as Trish writhed in ecstasy on her knees in front of him. With the final moan of her orgasm, she opened her mouth wide and presented her tongue to Justin’s twitching cock.

“Oh fuck! Fuck!….ah Fuck!” Justin cried out as he unloaded into Trish’s face. A good share of the initial blast shot right into her open mouth, quite possibly hitting the back of her throat with the tremendous force it had. Justin continued gushing jism onto her face, his cock jerking and twitching as he coated most of her tongue, a good share of her chin and part of one cheek. He noticed a small string of it on her nose as well as she swallowed the cum in her mouth.

Justin playfully slapped and brushed his dickhead on Trish’s mouth and cum-plastered face, coaxing a few more droplets out of it and smearing what was there around. Trish then clamped her lips back onto his dick and sucked hard on it to get every last taste of his cum she could.

“Mmmm, God, I love your cum!” she told him as she finished licking his dick and balls clean of his sticky love juice. “Mmmm.”

“So…,” Justin asked Trish as they both collapsed on the carpeted floor together, catching their breath. “Where you wanna have dinner?”

Trish thought a minute, and then a mischievous grin grew on her face.

“There’s leftover pizza in the fridge.” She told him.

“Works for me.” He said with a smile, before rolling over on top of her.

-The End-

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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