Karen , The Pool Boy

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Babe Shower

To put it simply, Karen McMillan was bored. She was bored of the endless rounds of drab social engagements with her corporate big-shot of a husband, bored of the obligatory ski trips to overpriced resorts, bored of the late afternoon lunches at the country club with all the other equally bored, equally rich wives. Karen had even become bored of running up her husband’s credit cards and driving around in the brand new Italian sports car he had purchased her for her thirty-eighth birthday. She was bored with all of it.

Lying poolside one hazy summer afternoon, with a sullen expression on her lovely face, Karen wondered again why she felt such apathy toward the life she led. After all, she hadn’t always felt this way. In fact eighteen years ago, when she first married Phil, Karen had been in heaven. Well-bred and destined to become president of his father’s multi-million dollar company, Phil was a real catch and Karen knew it. He, in turn, had been enchanted with her. And why not? Karen was neither dumb nor falsely modest and she knew that her assets were more than enough to attract a man like Phillip McMillan.

Physically she was stunning, blessed with features that any woman would envy: perfect porcelain skin that tanned easily in the summer sun, luxuriant locks of thick black hair that cascaded down her shoulders almost to her waist, wide almond-shaped hazel eyes framed with sooty black lashes, and a lush mouth that most often curved into a welcoming smile. As lovely as her face was, Karen also had a body that was beyond compare: petite and curvy, her breasts were generous and her waist was narrow yet her hips flared out to provide her with the always-coveted hourglass shape. She looked sensational in just a pair of jeans and she looked even better in nothing at all. To top it all off, her intelligence and charm drew people to her like bees to honey.

Karen knew what she had going for her and when she met Phil, she used every single bit of it to land him. After only a three-week courtship, they wed over the objections of almost everyone in his entire family but Phil didn’t care. He adored Karen and Karen adored the attention, not to mention the money. After all it wasn’t every day that a girl from a trailer park in Hodunk, Indiana married into pure blue blood. But as the years wore on, her infatuation with the houses, the jewels, the clothes and the extravagant trips began to wane. Phil had been so exciting when they first met because she had only been twenty years old at the time and she had known virtually nothing of men. He had seemed worldly and debonair and the fact that he was eleven years her senior had made him seem utterly fascinating.

Now with marital bliss far behind them, Karen could see him for what he was – a stuffy uptight workaholic who, at forty-nine, was starting to lose his mojo just when she was reaching her sexual peak. The other bone of contention between them was children. Karen had no interest in ruining her figure and popping out a rug rat just to provide Phil with an heir to his fortune. They fought about it many times, especially in the past few years, and Karen staunchly refused to be swayed. She toyed with the idea of leaving him but the pre-nup they had signed was airtight and though she was unhappy, she wasn’t stupid; there was no way she was going to give up life in the lap of luxury and go back to nothing, not even if she died of boredom. But how could she go on like this?

Karen pouted and trailed her big toe in the crystal clear turquoise water of the swimming pool, her leg dangling off the edge of the chaiselounge. She was clad in a white string bikini that showcased off her lush figure and her dark, glossy locks were left loose around her shoulders. She still had her knockout looks thanks to good genes, careful dieting, and her gym membership. Not a day went by that appreciative stares weren’t sent her way and she knew that could easily have had an affair. But the men she saw on a regular basis were either married to her so-called friends or even worse, they were just as boring and stuffy as Phil. As for strangers on the street who liked to leer at her, that didn’t appeal to her either. Strange as it might have sounded, Karen was picky in her own way. She was looking for something special, her very own brand of excitement. And as usual, she wasn’t willing to settle for just anything.

Just then, the back gate swung open and interrupted her reverie. Caught off guard, Karen sat up, pulling her sheer silk chemise on over the bikini. A moment later the familiar form of Jared the pool boy could be seen loping into the back yard, toting his pool cleaning equipment from his pickup truck. Karen relaxed slightly and reclined again. She’d been so caught up in her pouting and daydreaming that she’d forgotten it was three o’clock and that was Wednesday, which meant that it was time for Jared to show up and perform his regular duties. She smiled at him and waved as he approached. “Hello there, Jared. I’ll be out of your casino oyna way in just a moment.”

He seemed to have trouble finding his tongue and in that moment, Karen had a chance to look at him – really look at him – for the first time in what was probably years. Jared Hall lived two doors down and been the McMillan’s pool boy since he was fourteen years old. The industrious boy had come over looking for a way to earn money and Phil, impressed with his work ethic at such a young age, had promptly offered him a job. Karen always considered Jared a cute kid, especially since he was so well mannered and did such a nice job on the pool. But he’d been hired over four years ago and now, Karen could see, he was no longer a “kid” by anyone’s standards.

On this particular afternoon, he wore only a pair of board shorts, the low-slung swim trunks popular with all high school boys, which made it that much easier for her to assess him with her eyes. He stood at least six feet tall in his flip-flop sandals, his body lanky yet lean with muscle after participating in after-school sports for the last few years. His chest was broad with well-defined pectoral muscles and each of them was capped with a flat, brown nipple. His skin was tanned a golden bronze, no doubt from spending the summer cleaning other pools in the neighborhood. He had short blond hair the color of corn silk and a boyish yet handsome face, complete with a strong nose and a sensual mouth. In fact it was his mouth Karen was watching when he finally formed the words to greet her.

“Um, hel-hello Mrs. McMillan,” he sounded like he had suddenly developed a speech impediment and Karen couldn’t help smiling. She could deduce exactly what had distracted him – his big blue eyes were drawn like magnets to the cleavage spilling out of her bikini top. Karen’s smile widened and became almost coy but her mind was working at a million miles a minute. Could it be that the solution to her little problem was standing right in front of her? She leaned her arm on chaise lounge and let the chemise slide carelessly off of one shoulder, exposing more of her creamy skin to his view. Jared shifted his weight and swallowed visibly.

“It’s so lovely to see you, Jared. You’re looking well these days,” Her voice was friendly, but with a soft, inviting undertone. Jared swallowed again and flashed her a sheepish smile. “Um, thanks Mrs. McMillan,” His voice didn’t exactly break but it still had that quality of being not quite fully developed.

“You’re welcome, hon. You know, I’ve never had the opportunity to compliment you on what a lovely job you do out here on the pool,” She stretched one shapely leg forward, knees parting ever so slightly to allow him a fleeting glance of smooth, taut inner thigh. He was holding a long net in one hand, used for fishing leaves and other debris from the pool, and with her movement he dropped it abruptly, almost jumping out of his skin when it made a loud clattering sound against the cement deck.

“Oops! Uh, sorry…” He went bright pink under his tan and when he bent to retrieve the net, Karen let her gaze travel over his body again. To her delight, she found that she could detect his level of arousal by the definite lump she glimpsed in the front of his board shorts. An unexpected tingle of warmth trickled its way down her spine and centered directly between her thighs. In that moment, she made a decision.

“Don’t worry about it, Jared.” Karen’s voice was airy as she slowly rose from the lounge chair, stretching her arms overhead and feigning a yawn. It simply gave her the opportunity to let him gaze unhindered at the soft feminine curves of her body: lush breasts, slender waist, full womanly hips and shapely legs all wrapped up into one very alluring package. Naturally he took the bait; out of the corner of her eye she could see him watching her with rapt intensity and she felt another ripple of delight – one that bordered on arousal – when his hand came forward to adjust the crotch of his shorts. She waltzed towards the sliding glass door with a deliberately sensual sway of her hips, turning just as she reached it to cast a warm smile back at him where he stood at the side of the pool.

“I’m going to go inside for a little while, it’s just so hot out here,” She fanned herself lightly, tossing her inky black tresses from her shoulders. He was nodding mutely and she opened the door, then paused. “How about you join me for a minute?” He froze and stared at her. Karen grinned, crooking her finger at him. “Come on, Jared, just for a minute.”

It didn’t take any more cajoling. Without a word he came towards her and followed her into the cool air-conditioned confines of the living room. She could see that his cheeks were flushed now that he was closer to her, and she smiled at him again. “Please, have a seat. I’ll go get us something lovely and cool to drink.”

It seemed as though speech was too much for him at the moment and he moved towards the loveseat as Karen slot oyna breezed off to the kitchen. She returned moments later carrying two tall glasses of icy pink lemonade and handed him one before taking the seat across from him in the armchair. He quickly downed the entire glass, then sat it on the coffeetable with a thud.

“Gosh, but you’re a quiet one.” Karen laughed lightly as she brought her glass to her lips for a sip. Jared flashed another uncertain smile at her, his fingers picking idly at the stitching on his shorts. She noticed that he was careful to keep his hand positioned so that her view of his crotch was always obstructed.

“I’m sorry about that, Mrs. McMillan,” His voice quavered a bit, on the verge of breaking, but then continued in a lower octave. “I ah… well, I’m just kinda shocked to be sitting here with you… cause you know…” He paused and smiled shyly at her. “You never really paid any attention to me before.”

Karen pretended to look hurt. “Oh, Jared, I’m ever so sorry if I made you feel as if I were ignoring you,” She purred lightly at him casually resting her hand atop his left knee as she leaned forward. The action caused a sharp intake of breath on his part as he captured his lower lip between his teeth. “I have always thought you were such a nice, well-mannered boy but then…” Her smile widened and became slightly wicked then. “You’re hardly a boy anymore are you? Tell me, how old are you now?”

He swallowed, a breath escaping him before he answered, his face flushed. “Eighteen.”

“Eighteen? Oh my goodness, and to think I remember when you were only a little thing,” Her fingertip gently traced figure-eight’s along the smooth skin just above his knee and she could feel him trembling, both hands in his lap now. His breathing seemed more labored and she looked up into his blue eyes, which were warm with an emotion she could easily name. Still, playing the game with him was half the fun.

“Jared, is something wrong?” Her voice was pure innocence.

“No, no, Mrs. McMillan, it’s just that when you do that… I, uh,” His words trailed off as he cleared his throat and Karen canted her head at him slightly.

“When I do what? This?” She boldly trailed her finger up along his thigh, up under the bottom of his shorts a couple of inches, and then back to his knee, the pad of her fingertip outlining it.

“Yes…” his voice sounded hoarse. “…that. I just… when you touch me… I…”

“You what, Jared?” Karen’s smoldering hazel eyes remained locked with his baby blues as she flattened her hand against his thigh, sliding off of her chair and onto the plush carpet in front of him. She folded herself into a sitting position at his feet; her hand stroked along his thigh, and gently urged his long legs apart. His hands remained cupped almost protectively over his crotch.

“When you touch me, Mrs. McMillan… I… I just can’t think…” He practically panted, his broad chest rising and falling with each breath, his voice almost tortured.

Karen smiled. “You don’t have to think, Jared, that’s the beautiful part of it. Here, let me see what it is you’ve been hiding…”

She gingerly reached up and pulled his hands away from his crotch, revealing a good-sized bulge in the front of his shorts as his erection strained against the fabric. She felt completely mesmerized by this entire encounter and the fact that this beautiful, shy young man was so obviously turned on by her. It made her feel so powerful, so desired, so sexy – three things she hadn’t felt in a long long time. He seemed terribly embarrassed and tried to cover himself again but Karen was having none of it. She smiled reassuringly up at him and pushed his hands away.

“No, I haven’t had a good look yet, darling,” With that, her own hand came up to cup him through his shorts. A delicious tremor of arousal coursed through her when she felt the warm, heavy weight of his erection against her palm and the feeling intensified when he let out a soft sigh of pleasure, his hips arching towards her in eager response. Karen glanced up at him to find him gazing right back at her, his baby blue eyes half-lidded and dark with unadulterated lust.

“That’s it, baby. Just relax,” She murmured softly to him and leaned in to kiss his inner thigh, right above his knee; in response, he let his legs fall open even more. Her heart thundered at that and she rose up on her knees, one hand cupping his erection almost possessively, while she rubbed her bikini-clad breasts along his thighs, enjoying the sparks of friction against her sensitive nipples, which had hardened into thick nubs.

“Mmmmmm Jared,” She hummed his name softly while nuzzling at his belly button, lips making contact with the soft blond fuzz that trailed right down into his shorts towards her ultimate goal. He smelled so good, like a mixture of clean soap and his own sweat, which gave off a heady and distinctly male scent. It was as if she could actually inhale his youth, canlı casino siteleri his virile prowess through her nose, and to Karen it was endlessly exciting.

He moaned softly in response to the tender caresses of her mouth, his hips shifting restlessly, and she knew he was trying to restrain himself. She heard his voice tremble. “Oh, Mrs. McMillan, that feels really good…”

“I know, baby,” She murmured, dipping her tongue into his belly button and that elicited another moan from him. His hands had finally fallen limp at his sides, his head lolling back, and Karen’s kisses trailed their way towards the knot at the top of his shorts, which she deftly untied with nimble fingers. She was trembling but it wasn’t with nervousness – it was because she was almost overcome with raw sexual desire, her thighs quivering while a delicious moistness gathered between them.

She gently worked his shorts down, hooking her thumbs into the sides and urging him to lift his hips when she indicated. Slowly, she lowered his shorts until his erection popped free, bared to her eager gaze. He was hard as a rock, the swollen bulbous mushroom head of his cock flushed a deep pink and already drooling precum from its single eye. He was also thick – much thicker than she had expected – and his smooth young cock curved inward towards his rippled belly, the ridges on the underside of his dick exposed to her view. Nestled beneath the base of his cock were his balls, swollen and heavy with cum and covered in the soft, downy blond pubic hair.

Karen stared at his nakedness for several long moments, rendered speechless by the sight. Oh, but he was beautiful, like an Adonis carved of smooth marble, and he was so young it made her ache. She was brought out of her lusty haze when he whimpered softly, his eyes now closed, and his hips bucked forward again in a silent plea for her touch. It was easily the most erotic moment of her life and Karen leaned in, wrapping one hand around the base of his cock while the other cradled his heavy balls, which were so warm against her palm.

“Oooh, Mrs. McMillan…” He whimpered again as Karen dipped her head forward, tracing the tip of her tongue along the underside of his cock. He jerked slightly, his hands coming to rest on her shoulders, and then gingerly playing with her hair. It was such a sweet gesture, juxtaposed with the lewdness of her current position, and Karen felt a hot wave of desire wash over her like molten lava. Between her thighs, her pussy creamed with wetness, her clit throbbing almost painfully in anticipation. She wanted nothing more than to take him into her mouth, to suckle that throbbing, swollen young cock, but she couldn’t resist teasing him. He was so sweet. Her beautiful young plaything. “Oh, Mrs. McMillan…”

“Yes, Jared?” Her voice was silky-smooth and smoky with lust. When she spoke, his eyes fluttered open, darkened and unfocused, and he looked at her. “What do you want, darling?”

“Please…” It was a single word, uttered so desperately and he lifted his ass off the couch, trying to get himself into her mouth. But Karen refused to acknowledge his actions until he obeyed her.

“If you want something, Jared, tell me. Tell me what you want, baby…” She purred softly, the pink wetness of her tongue sliding forward again to bathe the head of his cock in her saliva. She could taste the saltiness of his precum, she could feel the deep shiver that possessed him and he bucked his hips helplessly again. His mouth moved as if trying to form the words she wanted to hear. Karen was highly tempted to just give in to what they both wanted, but she resisted. She needed to savor this moment, this one moment in a life-altering afternoon that had finally opened her eyes to new possibilities.

“Say it, Jared…” she whispered to him, her hand squeezing the thick base of his cock as its twin lovingly fondled his balls. An aching groan escaped his parted lips and he cradled her head with one hand.

“Oh please Mrs. McMillan, please suck it… please… I’ll… I’ll do anything you want… just please suck my cock…” He begged her in a needy, desperate voice and Karen, nearly overcome with her own arousal, could not refuse him. Her soft lips parted and captured the head of his cock, swirling her tongue over the tip before taking him into her mouth, inch by sumptuous inch, until he stretched her lips into a perfect taut “O”. Her dark head bobbed between his thighs as she found a rhythm with her mouth, her saliva coating him in wetness. She felt more wanton than she had in her entire life and she reveled in it.

“Mmmm… ohhhh shit…” She could hear his voice, even above the wet, suckling sounds of her own mouth, and it was glorious to hear the way that he moaned and murmured, his hands alternating between cradling her head lovingly and raking his fingers against her scalp. His hips bucked in an even rhythm, humping himself against her face, faster and harder as his orgasm approached. Karen kept her lips tight around the thickness of his shaft, creating a vacuum that tugged deliciously at his cock each time he moved. She could feel him swell in her mouth, unable to last long given his youth and level of excitement.

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