Katie, jasmine and lucy part two

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It took about 10 minutes to get to Jasmine’s house, they arrived to find all the curtains closed and the doors locked. Jasmine knocked on the door and moments later her twin-brother Carl answered, he was standing in only a pair of Calvin Cline boxershorts. Jasmine stepped into the house and walked into the living room followed by Katie, who gave Carl a kiss on the cheek and groped his crotch area. Lucy was the last to enter and also kissed him on the cheek, groping a slightly harder penis than Katie did.

Carl closed the door and went into the living room where the girls where.
“So…..anyone want a drink or anything” he asked
“Carl we’re not guests” Jasmine said “they practically live here”
“I wish” Carl mumbled.

“Anyway, what have you naughty girls been getting up too” Carl said with a little smile, expecting Katie and Lucy to wonder what he was going on about.
“oh you know, licking each other out, fingering each others assholes, Cumming all over, the usual” Katie said, taking notice of the growing bulge in his boxers. Lucy and Jasmine had also noticed this and Lucy had noticed that neither Jasmine nor Carl were bothered that the other was there.

“Hey shall we go in the pool whilst it’s still light” Carl said, trying to move the attention from his growing member.

They all went down stairs to the indoor pool, Carl dived straight in and came up a few moments later at the other end of the pool, his boxers floating on the surface where he hit the water.
Lucy Katie and Jasmine laughed hard as they got undressed. Carl couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw that the three of them were only wearing jeans and a t-shirt, no bra or panties.
The area around their pussy’s had a different glow to it from the lights than the rest of their bodies.
“Wow” Carl said to them as they stood naked at the side of the pool.
“You can see where you’re cum has been” Carl informed them, inspecting all three of their pussy’s as he drifted to the edge they were standing on.
“Did you just look at all three of our pussy’s” Lucy asked, noticing he didn’t look away from his sisters.
“Yeah” he replied “I’ve seen it before”
“So I’ve heard” Lucy said with a confused look on her face.
“What” Carl asked, wondering what the face was for “we haven’t done anything, just seen each other naked that’s all”
Carl stood up in the water which came to just above his penis. The lights made the water shine on his black skin, making his toned muscular body look even more hot and sexy. Lucy and Katie looked at each other and smiled.
“Before you girls get in you have to do as I say” Carl said as he pushed him self back in the water.
The three girls stood on the side of the pool awaiting their orders.
“Turn around so I can see your hot sexy asses” Carl instructed. The three girls turned around like an army platoon.
Carl surveyed their asses one by one, he looked at Lucy’s pale round ass, then to Katie’s tanned tight ass, then to his sisters firm round ass, the light taking a different effect on each of their skin tones.
“Ok, sit down on the side with your legs in the water.
The three girls did as they were told and sat on the side with their legs in the warm water, the uneven surface of the water made it spill over the edges and hit their pussy’s, making them all quiver.
“You don’t need to be here Jasmine, you can swim about if you like” Carl said to his sister. She got up and walked around to the deep end saying good luck girls before she dove in, surfacing moments later next to her brother, her dark black hair wet and stuck to her skin.
Carl lifted Lucy’s right foot out of the water and brought it to his mouth, sucking gently on her little toe. Lucy had never had anything done with her feet before but this felt nice, she decided she liked her toe’s being sucked.
“So you have a foot fetish” Katie asked Carl as she sat waiting on the side of the pool.
“No” Carl said “I have a female fetish”
“What the fuck is a female fetish” Katie asked.
“Well, you could say I don’t have any fetishes, or you could say I have them all, I refer to it as a female fetish, I like every part of the female body, so I prefer to include it all in my activities. It works, I’m sure you will have heard what the girls who I’ve fucked say.
“Indeed I have” Katie replied, quickly going through her memory to a girl saying how he was the best lay in the world.
When Katie snapped out of her daydream, Carl’s head was between Lucy’s legs and she let out a quiet moan.
“Mmm, nice” Carl said as he removed his head from between her.
He then moved over to Katie. Katie lay back and lifted her legs into the air, making a wide v shape. Her wet pussy drawing Carl’s face in. he stuck out his tongue and licked the length of her slit then backed away.
“Mmm, you taste nice too” he said, leaving Lucy and Katie teased and wanting more.
“Why didn’t you do this before Carl, you know we’ve been dying too?” karşıyaka escort bayan Lucy asked.
“Believe me I’ve wanted to, but the longer you wait the better it is” Carl replied “you can come in and swim about now”.

Lucy and Katie slid into the pool and swam into the middle where Carl and Jasmine where.

“So how come you guys aren’t bothered about being naked around each other” Lucy asked.
Carl and Jasmine were put on the spot again. “I’ve told you, he walked in on me in the bathroom” Jasmine said calmly.
“So you guys have never…….you know…….kissed or……more” Katie asked.
“Ewe no” Jasmine blurted out but Carl’s face said otherwise.
“You have haven’t you” Lucy said “it’s ok you can tell us, we wont say anything, I think it’s cool if you have.”

Realizing that it would be pointless to deny it, Jasmine told Katie and Lucy about the kissing practice Carl and she used to do when they were younger.

“Wow that’s turning me on” Lucy said as she took the story in.
“We’ve never done anything other than that, that wouldn’t be right” Jasmine said.

The four of them spent some more time in the pool, talking and swimming and splashing each other before they got dried and went back into the house.

“My room”? Carl asked. The girls agreed and headed off into Carl’s room.

“Still got your porn stash in there” Katie asked, pointing to the bottom drawer as they all sat on Carl’s bed.
“How did you know………..” Carl asked. Slightly confused.
“We borrowed some” Lucy told him.

“Let’s see what’s new” Katie said as she pulled the drawer out.
“NO….NO. STOP” Carl shouted, trying to grab the drawer but it was too late.
Katie removed the drawer to reveal a pile of magazines, some DVD’s and another item which shocked the three girls.
Carl rested his forehead on his hands as Katie lifted the item out.
“What the fuck……..that’s where my lucky pink thong went……..what’s it doing in there?” Jasmine asked.
“Erm” Carl replied, lost for words “you must have planted it there”
“Yeah right, you obviously knew it was there that’s why you tried to stop Katie opening the drawer” Jasmine shouted out.
Katie turned and looked at Carl. “Your caught man, you might as well just tell the truth”
Carl knew he wasn’t going to bullshit his way out of this one so he quickly thought of a lame excuse.
Well. I was erm…..this girl who I was seeing, she erm……she had a pink thong which I liked and erm…..her pussy smelt so sweet, like an enchanting potion. And erm….I saw this pink thong in the washing pile….it smelt the same as this girls, I tried to stop my self from taking it but I couldn’t. and it ended up in with my stash. Carl told the three girls staring at him like he was sum sicko.
“Your full of shit” Jasmine said “that thong was on my bedroom floor with my other clothes so you snuck into my room and took it. And you’re lying about this girl too or you would have said her name.”
Carl couldn’t believe it, his sister had read him like a book, of course he was lying. He snuck into Jasmine’s room one night when he was feeling really horny and looked through her dirty clothes for something. He found the pink thong which had a wet patch on the crotch. He grabbed it, took a sniff of the sweet aroma. He battled with himself for a few minutes on weather or not he should take it, in the end loosing to his sexual desire.
Carl told the three naked girls this story, Katie and Lucy looked at each other in amazement and excitement.
“That I can believe” Jasmine said
Carl had never ever wanted three naked girls to leave his room before but he was wishing to be alone now.
“Seeing as though you just told the truth, I have something to tell you” Jasmine said.
Carl Katie and Lucy looked at Jasmine, eagerly waiting.
“I deliberately left that thong for you to find”
Carl couldn’t believe what he just heard; he repeated the words over and over in his head making sure they were right. Katie and lucky couldn’t say anything, they sat there on the floor, naked, looking at Jasmine with their mouths open.
“I was lying on my bed thinking about different things when I heard your bed creaking; I pressed my ear against the wall and heard what sounded like a slapping noise. Images of you masturbating came into my head, the more I tried to stop thinking of them the more they came, soon my hand was rubbing the outside of my panties, my wet pussy dripping its juice onto my thong. When I finally stopped I took them off and threw them onto my washing pile and went into the bathroom, that must have been when you got them. I came back in and they were gone.

Carl couldn’t believe it, he had been set up by his own sister.
Katie and Lucy were amazed, they couldn’t believe what they had just hared. They were hoping to try and get Jasmine and Carl to do something but now they didn’t need to. They sat on the floor slowly rubbing their swollen pussy lips.

“You escort karşıyaka don’t think I’m sick do you” Jasmine said to Katie and Lucy
“Not at all babe” Katie replied
“Hey I’d do the same thing if I had a brother” Lucy replied.

“What about you” Jasmine said to Carl.
“Erm……I’m just pleased you have the same feelings I have for you” Carl replied, still amazed at what he just heard.

“Well let’s see you two kiss” Lucy said as she continued to rub her pussy.

Carl and Jasmine looked at each other and slowly moved closer together. Their dark naked bodies pressed together as their lips met. Their tongues explored the other mouth for a few minutes before they stopped their kiss.

“Oh yes that was fucking sexy as fuck” Lucy said
“So are you two going to fuck today or not”? Katie asked
Jasmine and Carl looked at each other, smiled and said yes
“Later though” Carl said. I want to fuck you two hot little bitches first.

Katie crawled over to the bed where Carl was sitting and took his big black cock into her hand. She began to stroke up and down the shaft slowly, teasing him as he had done to her in the pool.

Lucy climbed onto the bed and lay Carl down, she kneeled over his head and lowered her wet pussy down to his mouth as she positioned Jasmine’s ass so she could lick it. Jasmine was knelt on the bed with her head on a pillow, her ass sticking high in the air for Lucy.

Katie couldn’t hold on much longer, she was teasing herself more than Carl. She had to taste this meat in front of her. She licked the pre cum which was oozing out the tip of his cock and took the head into her mouth. His cock was at least 6 inches in circumference and 8 inches in length. Katie marveled at it as it slid deeper into her mouth, the head pressed against her throat as she continued to lower her mouth around it.
Carl could feel the warm softness of her throat against the sensitive head of his cock, he had never been deep throated before but after this blowjob there was no way he was going to settle for a normal blowjob anymore.
Katie removed her head from Carl’s cock to get some breath, she licked her saliva off the shaft and sucked his balled into her mouth, making Carl’s cock twitch with excitement.
“Oh yes you dirty bitch” Carl said to Katie as she slid his cock back into her mouth.

Carl stuck his tongue out and flicked the tip of it over Lucy’s swollen clit, making her let out moans into Jasmine’s pussy.
Carl licked up and down Lucy’s wet slit, collecting her sweet juice.
“Oh Carl baby, oh yes” Lucy moaned as Carl’s tongue worked at her swollen pussy.

Jasmine had her head buried into the pillow which was muffling her moans of pleasure as Lucy licked in between her pussy lips and pushed her tongue into her hole.

Katie stood up and climbed onto the bed, kneeling over Carl’s stiff cock. Lucy’s face was covering Carl’s face so he couldn’t see Katie as she slowly sat down on his cock, taking the head in between her swollen pussy lips and to her hole. Carl could feel the warm juice touch the head of his cock. The feeling if Katie’s tight pussy wrapped around his cock was great. The warm wetness of Katie’s pussy slid further down Carl’s meat as lowered her herself onto him, the tight walls of her pussy slowly widening around his cock.
The entire 8 inches of Carl’s cock was soon buried in the tight pussy canal of the sweet brunette sitting on it.

Katie lifted her pussy off his cock so just the head was in and slammed it back down as hard as she could, moaning loudly with pleasure.

“swap places” Lucy said between her moans to Jasmine.
Jasmine instantly got up and knelt over her brother’s head, she had been dying for this. She lowered her black wet pussy over his mouth and Carl immediately began licking and sucking away. Katie and Lucy nearly came just from watching.
Lucy kissed Katie as she slammed her pussy up and down on Carl’s cock, she could taste Jasmine’s pussy juice on Lucy’s tongue.

“Lick my ass hole” Lucy said to Jasmine as she moved in front of her so she could reach. Jasmine pulled Lucy’s ass cheeks apart to reveal her puckered hole and pressed her tongue on it, pushing it into her ass and licking around her hole. Lucy moaned uncontrollably as the sensation of getting her ass licked took hold of her body.

Katie could feel an orgasm building up quickly as she slid up and down the huge cock buried inside her. she rubbed hard at her clit as she continued fucking Carl.
Her pussy tightened up around Carl, almost making him cum. Katie leaned back as her orgasm raced through her body, her eyes rolled back into her head and her pussy gave way to the gushing river which was squeezing past Carl’s cock. Katie jus managed to lift her self off Carl’s cock to let her cunt juice spray out all over his chest before she collapsed sideways on the bed, panting for breath and slowly karşıyaka escort rubbing her cunt.

Lucy moved from Jasmine’s mouth and kneeled the opposite way over Katie so they were in their favorite 69 position.
“I think it’s time for you two to give us a show” Lucy said as Katie slowly licked her wet swollen pussy lips.

Jasmine climbed off Carl and lay on the bed with her ass at the edge. Lucy and Katie sat up at the bottom of the bed to watch, rubbing each others pussy.
Carl stood up and positioned himself between his sisters legs, he rubbed the head of his cock up and down Jasmine’s wet slit, making her let out a high pitch squeak. Slowly he slid his cock into her pussy, it felt great, the wrongness of it made it feel 100 times better than sex with any other girl. Carl took hold of Jasmine’s legs and held them open at his sides as he quickened his pace.
Katie and Lucy lay down either side of Jasmine, lying in the same position as her, they each took one of Jasmine’s nipples in their mouth and opened their legs for Carl.
Carl let go of Jasmine’s legs and placed 2 fingers up Katie and Lucy’s pussy. they continued in this position for a while before Jasmine told Carl she wanted to feel his huge cock up her tight little ass.
Carl slipped his cock out of Jasmine’s pussy and went into her room to find her Vaseline. When he returned to his room Katie and Lucy were kneeling with their asses over the bed, still sucking on Jasmine’s tits. Jasmine was still lying on her back but had her ass on a pillow to push it higher.

Carl slapped Lucy’s ass and pulled her cheeks apart, he then licked over her sweet asshole. He then took a scoop of Vaseline in his fingers and pressed it onto Lucy’s puckered asshole, pushing it deeper with one finger, spreading it all over the inside of her ass, then pushing two fingers in until her as was loose. The then did the same to Katie who was on the other side of Jasmine. Then he did the same to Jasmine before spreading some on his cock and pressing it against her ass.
Jasmine began to moan as soon as her brothers dick pressed against her ass hole. He slowly applied some preasure and his cock inched it’s way into his sisters tight ass. It took about 5 minutes to get the entire length of his cock into her ass but it was now all in and Carl slowly began to slide it back out. Jasmine could feel her ass getting empty as her brothers cock left. She reached down past her burning pussy and grabbed his cock, trying to push it back in.

When Carl had started a steady rhythm he reached over to Katie and Lucy and began to finger their asses as they sucked his sister’s tits and fingered their own pussies.

“What a sight” car thought to himself as he looked around. His sister’s ass grabbing hard onto his cock, his fingers up two beautiful girls’ asses as they fingered them selves. He couldn’t even dream something this good.

The room was filed with moans and groans from all four of them as they indulged in their sexual pleasure. The timing was perfect, Carl pushed his fingers into Katie and Lucy’s ass the same time and speed as he fucked his sisters, their moans came out together as one and Carl Jasmine and Lucy were ready to cum.
“Where do you want my cum sis” car asked his sister.
“Mmm….fuck…..in my ass” she moaned out.
Carl fucked his sister’s ass as hard and fast as he could, keeping the pace with his hands as Katie and Lucy pushed their asses against every stroke.
“Shit I’m Cuming” Jasmine screamed out
“Ahh fuck I’m Cumming” Lucy followed

It was like their pussy’s were connected in some way. Lucy’s pussy started squirting her love juice all over, quickly followed by Jasmine’s which squirted all over Carl’s cock, making it slide in Jasmine’s ass easier. Jasmine’s ass tightened up around Carl’s cock when it was all the way in and sent him over the edge. He slammed his hips hard into his sister and his balls tightened, sending glob after glob of his cum up Jasmine’s ass.
After his orgasm subsided, Carl pulled his still hard cock from Jasmine’s ass and offered it to her. She grabbed it and sucked hard on it, sucking the flavor of her ass and his cum off it.
Katie and Lucy parted Jasmine’s ass cheeks to reveal her cum filled gaping hole and took it in turns to lick and suck on it, sucking Carl’s cum out.
When Jasmine finished sucking Carl’s dick she dropped to the floor and licked Lucy’s wet pussy.

Carl sat on the bed watching the three girls go at it as he slowly ran his hand up and down his cock shaft.
“Lucy come here” he said as he lay flat on his back.
Lucy climbed onto the bed and lowered her greased up ass onto Carl’s cock. It slid easy up her ass and he began instantly pounding into her.

Lucy slowly began to turn around on Carl’s cock so she had her back facing him, she lay back on Carl and he took her tits into his hands as he fucked her in the ass. Katie climbed onto the bed and started to finger Lucy as Jasmine licked and sucked Katie’s cunt and fingered her ass.

The foursome continued fucking like this for the rest of the night, swapping the positions of the girls so they all got at least 2 fucks in the ass and came a further 3-4 times each.

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