Kelly Ch. 2

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Kelly, my 22 year-old blond goddess neighbor girl, was laying on her back across my bed, her head hanging upside down over the side, and had just finished sucking me to a mind-blowing orgasm. As I slowly pulled the limp flesh from her lips, she moaned “Mmmm, I love the taste of your cum,” smiling up at me, her face still upside down.

She rolled over to her belly, raising up on her elbows as she did, and asked teasingly, “What could you possibly have planned for me now?” a slight grin crossing her face. That’s when she spotted the camcorder on the tripod next to the bed. Her eyes grew big and she yelled out, “What the HELL is THAT doing in here?” as she sat straight up on the bed.

I held her by the shoulders and began to explain by asking her a question. “Kelly, have you enjoyed our time together today? Answer honestly now…”

She replied, “Well, yes, I enjoyed it very much, but now you’ve got videotape of me naked, and doing all that stuff we did! What if someone sees that?”

I looked straight into her eyes and said, “Kelly, you said you trust me. That tape will never be seen by anyone but you and me. I promise you that. This has been very special for me, and I know it’s something that can never happen again. I only wanted to be able to see it and enjoy it again in the future. I hope that I’ve given you a wonderful gift, -the knowledge of how to have great sex – one that both you and your husband will enjoy time and time again.”

She sheepishly said, “Ok, I understand. You can keep the tape, it’ll be my gift to you for all that you’ve taught me, right?”

I said, “Thank you, Kelly, now will you come with me?” helping her get off the bed, and guiding her over to the camcorder. We stopped with Kelly’s face in front of it, and I asked her, “Kelly, would you show us what’s in your mouth right now?”

She smiled, and opened her mouth for the camera, a string of cum hanging from her upper teeth down to the tip of her tongue. She said to the lens, “Thank you for fucking me so good! I’ll never forget what we did here…and I still love the taste of your cum!” With that, she closed her lips and swallowed for the camera.

I reached around and stopped the tape, then turned to Kelly and said, “Now we have to get you cleaned up so you can go home. Would you come with me and let me bathe you?” casino oyna

She reached around my neck and stood on her tiptoes and kissed me long and hard. I thought, ‘now that’s an answer!’ Then she took my hand and I led her to the bathroom. I started a hot bubble bath for her, and then told her, “Oh, yes, there is one more thing we must do…” smiling at her.

With a big look of surprise, she looked up at me and said, “You’ve got to be kidding! There’s MORE??” smiling as she said it.

“Well, yes, there is one thing…I’m going to shave your pussy before you go home. Don’t you think that will be a wonderful surprise for you husband? Of course, you probably shouldn’t tell him who did it for you…” I answered with a big smile.

Her bath was ready by now, so I helped her step into the tub, and she sank into the bubbles. I began scrubbing her shoulders and back, taking care not to get soap into her hair. She laid back into the tub then, letting out a sigh as she relaxed in the hot water. I used the washcloth on her breasts and belly, then I picked up her legs one at a time and scrubbed her thighs and calves, then paid special attention to her feet.

I reached under the water then, to her belly, scrubbing her clean all around the middle. Now it was time to clean up her pussy and ass. Leaving the washcloth floating, I used my bare hand to gently caress her pussy, sloshing the soapy water all around. She spread her thighs wide, allowing me to slide my soapy fingers between her legs to slide along her ass, cleaning away any remaining lubricant, then sliding slightly inside her tight asshole. I returned my fingers to her pussy, spreading the lips wide and sliding my soapy fingers around inside to help wash out the vast amounts of cum I had deposited inside her.

Kelly had closed her eyes, and was moaning softly, her arms resting on the sides of the tub, her long hair hanging over the back. I broke her reverie, saying, “Ok, time to get you shaved,” and I helped her stand and step out of the tub.

I spread a towel out on the counter, and helped her climb up to sit on the towel, at the edge of the counter. I wrapped a huge towel around her shoulders to help warm her, and A small stepstool from the closet made a handy seat for me, as I sat between her outstretched thighs, my eyes at pussy slot oyna level.

“He is going to be sooooo surprised!” she smiled. I began by smearing shaving foam around her pussy area, making sure to get all the little ‘peachfuzz’ covered. Then I used one of my razors to begin flicking away the hair, rinsing it into the sink. I carefully parted her pussy lips, making sure to get every trace of hair removed.

She sat with her head thrown back, basking in the attention. I said, “You need to watch so you can show your husband how to do it next time, I think he might enjoy this!” So she bent over to see what I was doing. “Make sure he’s careful to support your pussy lips with a finger inside, so he doesn’t nick you,” I said as I carefully removed the fine fur from her pussy.

I had to stop and sit back a moment to take in the vision before me – her slim, firm thighs, flat belly, long straight blond hair, gorgeous face, and tits to die for. For just a moment, I was mesmerized by her long silky thighs and smooth pussy. As a final touch, I used a hot washcloth to wipe away any trace of the shaving foam, then I used my lips and tongue to give the job a ‘final inspection’. Kelly moaned and held my face against her as she once again locked her ankles behind my neck. I first licked up the ‘corner’ where her inner thighs end on each side of her pussy, which was already getting much slicker now from her own natural juices. Then a few long slow tongue strokes up the length of her slit, and around the clit and back down again. A few thrusts of my tongue deep inside her wet pussy, then I started licking the outside all over again. Up each side, down the middle, inside, circle the clit, then start all over again. I could tell she was getting close to yet another orgasm when she cried out, “Oh my God, that feels soooo good!!” Then she just grunted as my tongue flicked over her clit, “Uh, Uh, Uh” and she came on my face one final time.

Her legs went limp, and I once again washed her pussy with the hot cloth. I helped her stand, and led her back into the bedroom. We both knew it was time for her to go, and she turned to embrace me, moving into a wet, soulful kiss. We held each other close, as I nuzzled her cheek. I watched as tears formed in her eyes.

“Kelly,” I said, “What we did here today was, for me anyway, a once canlı casino siteleri in a lifetime fantasy. I want you to know that you are a very special lady, and that you’ll always have a place in my heart. I wish you and your husband the very best, and I want only for you to be happy.”

“Promise me just one thing, Kelly.” I said. “Promise me that you won’t ever, ever, regret what we did here today. Keep this as a magical memory, close to your heart. We have a special bond now that will last forever.” I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight as she quietly sobbed into my shoulder.

“Thank you,” she managed to sigh between sobs. She slowly settled down, and I wiped away her tears. She smiled up at me, sniffing. I looked into her eyes, smiling, and said, “time to get dressed now, and get on with our lives, ok?”

She nodded, “ok” she said, softly.

I helped her get into her yellow polka-dotted bikini, and I dressed myself quickly. We went back downstairs together. I went with her out to the pool to gather up her stuff out there. The sun had gone behind some clouds temporarily, and she remarked, “Gee, I wouldn’t have gotten much of a tan if I’d stayed out here!” as she laughed.

I walked her to the gate, and as she went out, she turned and said, “Thank you,” softly, then turned and walked out to the sidewalk and headed home.

I went back inside and cleaned up, making sure everything was back in place. I labeled the tape ‘car show’ with the date, and filed it on the shelf with all the other car show tapes I had collected over the years. No one ever watched the old car show tapes, and only I would have any idea what significance that date had.

I didn’t see anything of Kelly for the rest of the summer. Then, four months later, I was with my wife at the annual festival on the square downtown, and we ran into Kelly and her husband. The two of them looked every bit the perfect couple, obviously both very happy with each other, and Kelly was especially radiant – practically glowing. I was a bit surprised to see that she appeared to be ‘with child’, and of course my wife inquired as to how far along she was.

“The doctor says I’m at about 18 weeks,” She replied, smiling in my direction. We bantered a bit more, then just before we went our separate ways, she took her husband’s arm, saying, “We’re going to find me a marshmallow coke!” with a huge smile.

“What a nice young couple,” my wife said as they walked away.

“Yes, they are,” I replied, “they’ll make a wonderful family.”

– The End –

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