Kelly Pt. 01

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This is a work of pure fiction. It has a heavy content of adult breastfeeding, lactation and milk play so if that is not your thing then I suggest you read no further. For those who do enjoy that stuff, please sit back, read and enjoy. Comments, favourites and ratings are appreciated but please don’t feel obliged.


Ah summer. Exams are over, University has finished and I have just under 4 months of freedom stretching out in front of me. Sunny evening barbeques with my home friends who I haven’t seen since at least Easter – some a lot longer than that in truth. Visiting the beer gardens of many pubs, going for walks, bike rides, on holiday and sporadically meeting up with my friends from Uni perhaps once a month before term restarts and I head into my third year. But most of all, enjoying a well-earned break.

That was what I was expecting my summer to be.

How reality can kick you in the bollocks when you least expect it. Firstly, it rained constantly for the first week I was home. My friends; Simon, Matt, Scott, Andy etc, were either all out working as they didn’t go to university, with their respective partners or on holiday. I didn’t even have my family around – My parents were out at work and my older sister was visiting her boyfriend in Wales. Not having a girlfriend of my own, I was unable to do this. It sucked and I was bored out of my fucking mind. The weather did improve in the second week so I was able to ride my bike more but I was still lonely. I just wanted a mate to hang out with. Little did I know I would get just that and much, much more…

Chapter 1:

I woke up around half nine, bleary eyed and sleepy. I noted from somewhere in my mind that it was Thursday, but as my days consisted of pretty much the same thing at the moment, that didn’t mean all that much. My parents were out at work and although my sister had come back from Wales, she had immediately gone on holiday with some of her Uni friends to Crete. Lucky bitch. I laid in bed, surfing the internet on my phone for twenty or so minutes before getting up. I showered, shaved and went downstairs to see a note from my mother.


Can you please pop to the supermarket at some point today and buy the things we need for dinner. There is a list and money by the front door, feel free to get yourself something with it too.

Love Mum.

I had breakfast – nothing special, just Coco Pops – washed up, then found the list. It was bog standard stuff most of it, mum was planning to do a curry so we needed chicken, peppers, onions etc. I figured I’d do it straight away then I had the rest of the day to myself – not that I had any plans.

I drove to the supermarket, plugged myself into my iPod, picked up a basket and went about getting the stuff my mum needed for dinner. I was in the poultry section, deliberating on how much chicken I thought we needed when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I span round and frowned in annoyance at the person who had interrupted my train of thought.

To my surprise, it was Kelly. Her face lit up into a toothy grin when she saw it was me and I replaced my frown with a smile and unhooked my headphones.

“Yeah! I thought it was you, James!” Kelly smiled broadly at me. She threw out her arms and gave me a brief hug that I was only able to reciprocate with one arm because of the basket I was carrying.

“Hey Kelly!” I smiled at her as we disentangled ourselves. “Long time no see! How’ve you been?”

She put her hands on her hips. “Yeah it’s been ages! Like what… Must be getting on for five years?”

Kelly and I had gone to school together. We were in the same form and at one time we had been as thick as thieves. But when we finished school I went onto do A levels in college and she hadn’t. I didn’t even have her as a friend on Facebook. In fact the last time we saw each other must have been the school prom when we all dressed up in our finery. I remember that night thinking she was gorgeous – the first time, if I’m honest I had ever done so. She had always been my friend before and although I wasn’t blind, I knew she was pretty, I had never even thought about her in that way before.

Now, standing in front of me, she had the same long, blonde, wavy hair, beautiful hazel eyes and a smile to die for. I noticed that she had put on a few pounds, but in a good way. I quickly gave her body the once over. Although she wore sweatpants and a hoody, it was clear her boobs seemed a bit bigger. Probably a lot bigger if I could see them slightly defined in that hoody. Her face seemed a little fuller as well and she just seemed to have a bit more meat on her. Don’t misunderstand me, she’d never been stick thin, but somehow the extra weight looked good on her, like it was in all the right places.

“Yeah must be!” I said, returning my gaze to her own. “What’s new? What are you up to now?”

“Well today I’m just doing some shopping,” She giggled at her own joke, “but usually I work casino siteleri as an elderly carer in a home about 5 miles away – Dukes and Duchess? You know it?”

“I do!” I nodded, one of my friends grandparents used to be in that home. “I’ve been there once. I always remember thinking it needs a new name! Dukes and Duchess sounds like the name of a pub or strip club or something, not an old people’s home.” I laughed.

Kelly laughed along too. “Yeah, well you aren’t the only one. We’ve been lobbying to change the name to something more appropriate for years. I think they are just about ready to give in to our suggestions.”

“Ah that’s good.” I nodded, “So you enjoy it there?”

Kelly nodded and smiled at me, her hazel eyes lit up when she spoke about it and I could tell she was very proud to work there. “I do. I really do. Although I’m off at the moment on maternity leave but I’ve dropped back in to visit them with Claire a couple of times now.”

“Maternity leave?!” I spat the words in shock. “Wait? What? Back up a minute, I think you’ve skipped a few steps.”

Kelly giggled and pointed over her shoulder. There was a pram just behind her that I had somehow failed to notice before. Well, I hadn’t completely not noticed it but I didn’t expect it to belong to Kelly so had just ignored it up until now. “I’ve got a little girl now, James. Look, come meet her!” She grabbed my arm holding the basket and led me around to the front of the pram. There, asleep was a little baby girl dressed in a pink onesie. To me, she looked a little big for a baby but then again I didn’t see many so I’m not an expert. “This is Claire!” She said with a great deal of pride in her voice. Well, I thought to myself, that explains the extra weight and bigger boobs.

“Oh she’s beautiful!” I said, hoping to sound sincere. In truth, babies aren’t my thing. I’m a 21 year old man. In my day to day life, I don’t meet many of them. “She’s very big!”

“Yes she is. My little monster was 9 weeks old yesterday. She’s growing up so fast right before my eyes!” Kelly looked down on her daughter sleeping and had a soft, sweet smile on her face and a glow about her. She had clearly taken very well to motherhood.

“How did that happen?” I asked.

Kelly looked up at me blankly. There was a silence between us for a second then she teased me in a deadpan voice. “Well, when a man and a woman like each other very much…”

I pushed her gently, “Oh shut up! You know what I mean!”

Kelly grinned at me then turned serious. “Well she wasn’t exactly planned… I was seeing this guy, it wasn’t serious or anything and we only properly had sex one time and I ended it a few weeks later. He didn’t seem fussed. Anyway, I then found out I was pregnant. I knew he was the father, when I told him he wasn’t ecstatic but oh well.” She shrugged and shot me a sad smile.

“What a dick!” I thought I saw where this was going. Kelly’s baby made a noise in her sleep.

“Oh it’s not as bad as I make it sound.” Kelly put one hand on the pram and pushed it back and forth a little to settle Claire. “We are amicable. He wants to be a hands on dad although we aren’t together. It’s nice really. He is all up for doing his bit and we split all her bills 50/50.”

“Ah that’s good then!”

“Yeah,” She nodded and looked down at her sleeping baby with a motherly gaze. Silence descended on us for a minute, then she perked up and looked at me. “So what about you?”

“Me?” I had to think for a moment. “I’m back from uni for 3 and a half months. To tell you the truth I am bored out of my mind!”

Kelly nodded vigorously at my words. “Christ, I know right! There is only so my daytime TV one person can take before they go insane. How the unemployed stay that way is beyond me! I’d have to get a job or I think I’d kill myself in frustration.”

I laughed and shrugged. “Yeah. Ah well, I’m getting through it.”

Kelly frowned at me and chewed her bottom lip in thought for a moment before her eyes brightened and I could tell she’d had an idea. “Tell you what! Why don’t you come round mine?”


“Come round my house! We can catch up properly and reminisce about old times.” Her hazel eyes shone with her enthusiasm. “I mean, I’ll be honest right now. I don’t do much because I’m constantly a bit tired thanks to this little one, but it’d be nice to have some company. I get lonely too ’cause my mum is out all day at hospital!” Her mum was a nurse. “And considering we seem to be doing the same thing most of the time, why don’t we do it together?”

I thought her proposal through for a few seconds then shrugged. “Alright. What do I have to lose?”

Kelly suddenly glared at me. I remember that face from school. “Well you could sound a little happier about it!” She snapped.

I grinned and backtracked, “Okay okay! No I think it’s a good idea. When do you want me around?”

“Yay!” She grinned back at me. “Tomorrow at 10 slot oyna sound good to you?”

“Hmm…” I made a noise of apprehension.

She sighed. “11?”

“Yes 11!” I grinned, relieved, “11 is much better for me.”

She pouted. “I’d love to be able to lie in ’til 10 or 11. This little one has me up religiously at 7 every morning.”

I shrugged, unsympathetic. “You had the baby.”

Kelly smiled, “Yeah I guess I did.” She put her other hand on the pram. “Anyway, I’ll let you get on and I’ll see you at 11 tomorrow morning. You still remember where I live?”

“You still live in the same place?” I countered her question with my own.

“I do.” She smiled back at me.

“Then yes, I know where you live.” I grinned in reply.

“Cool, see you tomorrow then.”

“Sounds good to me.”

We parted company and I put my headphones back in and continued to do my shopping.

Chapter 2:

That night I had a friend request off of her on Facebook. I obviously accepted then proceeded to stalk her page. Most of it was baby nonsense and pictures of her little girl but some of the photos predating Claire piqued my attention. My old friend Kelly had become quite the fitty. I could tell she enjoyed going out to party. She also seemed particularly fond of her legs. She seemed to favour very short dresses that showed a lot of leg and not much cleavage – one or two of them bordered on slutty, that was how short they were. But then these pictures were before her natural boob job that pregnancy had gifted her with. To be fair I agreed, especially when she teamed them with killer heels. Although I am very much a boob boy, I appreciate other things and Kelly’s legs were long, athletic and slender and just the right shade of pale.

As I finished stalking her, she popped up in a chat box.

Kelly: Still alright to come round tomorrow?

Me: Yup. Still alright to have me?

Kelly: Of course! I can’t wait to catch up. But I meant what I said earlier, I’m not going to make an effort or anything and I’ll probably be tired.

Me: Tbf, you have just had a baby, I’m not expecting to be wined and dined.

Kelly: Thanks! ?

Me: I was gonna bring snacks. Is there anything you can’t have atm?

Kelly: Well I’m still nursing Claire so no alcohol, and remember I’m allergic to nuts so none of them either please. But other than that, anything goes.

Me: Cool!

Kelly: I’m going to bed now though, I’ve just got Claire off 10 minutes ago and just came on here quickly. Night. X

Me: Sleep well Kelly. See you tomorrow! X

Kelly signed off and after a few minutes I did too. Then I watched an episode of Top Gear on BBC iPlayer before too, going to bed. Sod’s law dictates that when I have specified I’ll have a lie in, I won’t, so I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at quarter to nine. Just as my parents were going out to work. I laid in ’til 9 then played my PlayStation 4 ’til 10. I then showered, shaved and had a quick breakfast before heading off to Kelly’s house, stopping by the shop on the way to buy Doritos and dip.

Kelly’s house was pretty big – well it was her mum’s house. Kelly’s car was on the drive but there was plenty of room for mine as well so I parked behind her. I rang the bell then waited for almost a minute before Kelly came to the door complete with a screaming baby in her arms. She opened it and spoke to me hurriedly.

“Hi James! You’ve come at a bad time. I need to tend to Claire upstairs so just go in and make yourself at home.”

“Oh, if it’s a bad time do you want me to come back again later or something?”

She was halfway up the stairs. She turned back to me. “No don’t be silly! Go in and watch TV or something. I’ll be down as soon as I can once I’ve settled her.” And with that Kelly disappeared upstairs and I was left standing in the doorway.

I entered, closed the door and went through to the living room. I know most houses smell of baby if there is one living there – you know that baby smell, talcum powder, baby food, sick, all blended together – but Kelly’s house didn’t. It just smelt clean – probably because her mum is a nurse.

I went in and made myself at home with the TV on, it was some crappy BBC show. God I hate daytime TV. I got my phone out and played on that until Kelly came back down about 20 minutes later. She walked in and crashed down on the sofa in front of me. That was the layout of the room, it was fairly big, with two matching sofas facing each other and then the TV mounted on the wall in front of them. It was probably like this so that when Kelly’s mum came home they could both sprawl out on the sofas and watch TV together without being in each other’s way.

“Sorry about that.” She huffed.

“No worries.” I said sympathetically. “You’re a mum now! That takes priority over everything else!”

I looked at my old friend. She had her blonde hair tied up in a messy ponytail, her hazel canlı casino siteleri eyes had bags under them and she wore no make-up at all. However she was still stunning, much prettier than all those women out there who try too hard. She wore a pink dressing gown but it was untied and fell either side of her as she lounged, she had a Frozen pyjama top and trousers set on as well – I guess some people are never too old for Disney. My eyes however were drawn to her top. It was evident she wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipple protruded ever so slightly and I could clearly see them both. Also, her boobs were obviously bigger than I had given them credit for yesterday. I wouldn’t want to gauge a size at present but they were at least a D cup, probably more.

I looked up at her face and saw her watching me with a wry smile. Damn it! She had caught me staring at her tits.

“Oh, I’m err… I’m sorry!” I muttered my apologies. “I didn’t mean to stare.”

To my surprise, she didn’t chastise me. Her smile just increased slightly and she sighed. “That’s alright. This is the one upside of having a baby – except obviously having the baby. I have tits now!” She indicated to them. “I’m still not completely used to them being so big! The amount of things I knock over!” She laughed and I joined in, calming my nerves. “Nah, seriously don’t worry about looking. Everyone does. Women more than men! Women are worse to be honest because they will just go for a grope as well without asking, which can hurt sometimes if these bad girls are full!”

“Wow!” It was all I could think of to say.

Kelly shook her head and held my gaze again briefly with a smile I couldn’t quite interpret. “It’s actually nice to have guys look at them now, I’ve gone my entire life without my tits getting a second look. Just tell me if they start to leak, alright? I managed to get Claire off to sleep with a feed but I haven’t pumped because it takes ages and I didn’t want you to have to stay down here for an hour on your own.” She shifted her position a little more towards the TV.

“Okay…!” I said taken aback. It wasn’t often a girl gave me permission to actually stare.

“Anyway, what do you wanna do?” She asked casually. “I noticed you’ve got us goodies! Do fancy a film?”

“Yeah go on!”

We settled on watching Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. In my opinion it’s the best Mission Impossible film out there (I haven’t got round to seeing the new one yet) and as Kelly agreed, that’s what we watched. We opened the Doritos and dip I had provided and started chowing down. We got about an hour into the film then I looked over at Kelly and noticed two large wet stains on her top. She was leaking milk. It also had a bizarre and unexpected effect on me. At the sight of my old friend like that, my cock twitched.

“Err… Kelly!” She looked at me and I nodded at her chest. She looked down at herself.

“Shit!” She jumped up. “Pause the film please! I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

She dashed off upstairs and I heard her cursing to herself. Then all was quiet for a minute or so until I heard her voice.


She was calling to me.


“Can you come up here a minute, please?”

“Alright, just a second!” I called back as I got up and headed upstairs.

When I got on the landing I found there were six doors, all pulled to. She could’ve been behind any of them. “Where are you?”

“In here!”

I followed her voice and walked in the room then stopped suddenly as I saw what was going on.

She was in her room, sat on her bed, cross legged, and she was topless. The dressing gown and her Frozen top had been discarded on the floor and she held a pump to her right breast – pumping away at it. I could already see a thin layer of whitish liquid in the bottom. She covered her left breast with her hand but I could see the same white liquid trickling down between two fingers and continuing down her arm.

I immediately looked away. “Oh err… I’m sorry!”

“No no! James it’s okay.” She said soothingly. Her voice made me look back at her. She had a small smile on her face. “I need your help. I only have one pump and well…” She looked down at her left breast then moved her hand away. It bounced and fell and my jaw dropped. Her tits – or at least the one I could see in its entirety, was flawless. It was massive and pale, with faint blue lines streaking across it hinting at the veins being pushed up closer to the surface. Her areola was large, about the same circumference of a coke can and they had a faded pink colour. Her nipple looked much smaller, maybe the size of a 5 pence piece but it stood out about half an inch to an inch away from the rest of her breast and milk was forming and dripping from it in little creamy white droplets rapidly.

It took me a moment to regain my senses and I was suddenly painfully aware that my cock was thickening in my jeans. If Kelly looked, she’d probably see it. “Okay” I said, “What do you want me to do?”

“Can you go downstairs, in the kitchen and grab me a glass.” She pulled an – I – am – so – sorry – about – this face.

“Sure!” I turned around and headed out the door.

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