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Corri Bonds left the classroom later than usual for a Friday. She had
stayed to correct the spelling tests from her fourth grade class. She
wanted to get them out of the way so that she would have time to spend
with her boyfriend, Koban, over the weekend. They were planning to go
down to visit her mother in Kentucky. It was not a trip the young school
teacher was looking forward to. Her anxieties were growing as she
thought about it. She doubted that her choice of a companion would be
met with approval. Her perfectionist mother would surely pick Koban
apart. She was stressing out just thinking about the rain of criticism
which she anticipated pouring down on her in the inevitable phone call
after the meeting.

As she was leaving the building, she noticed a man standing by the curb
looking at her. She looked away and walked away. As she did he came over
to her.

“Hey there little girl, you got a light?”

She looked at the man with disdain. “No sir, I don’t, I don’t smoke.”
She walked away again.

“Oh, c’mon now Corri Ann, there’s no need to be that way, after all I’m
just looking for a light for my cigarette.”

Corri turned and looked at him again. “How do you know my name?”

“Oh, I know quite a lot about you actually. I know you’re cute and
innocent and you got a great pair of legs and those are all things I
really like.”

She looked at him more closely. He was dressed in a ragged black
raincoat with the collar raised up around his neck. He was in his early
forties but his unshaven face and disheveled appearance made him look
older. He had an unlit cigarette dangling from his mouth.

“Sir, I am not interested. Leave me alone!” She again walked away, this
time with the determination not to respond to him again.

“Sure thing, baby. Whatever it is you want, I’ll give it to you.”

Corri quickened her pace as she crossed the street. She wanted to get
out of the sight of this repulsive looking man as soon as possible.
Turning a corner a couple of blocks away, she began to relax. She had a
long walk ahead of her but it was a nice day so she didn’t mind so much.
Her Porsche was in the shop until Tuesday. Her thoughts drifted off to
the weekend plans as she made her way through the parks area. She
decided to take a shortcut through the woods, a primitive path that cut
a few minutes time off the walk. It was just starting to get dark.

Halfway down the path Corri stopped to get a stone out of her shoe. As
she was shaking it out, she glanced behind her. About a hundred yards
back she could see the man in the black raincoat walking toward her.
Corri’s heart started pounding. The man was frightening enough on a
public street but on a deserted path in the woods, he was terrifying.
Corri hurriedly put her shoe back on and started walking at a very fast
pace. Looking back it was clear that not only was she not getting away
but he was actually catching up. Corri started to run. She wanted to
scream but with no one else around it would be useless. At the bottom of
a steep hill she took a detour across a short wooden bridge over the
creek which flows past the abandoned mill. It was unusual for Corri to
go through the millyard but she wanted to be out of the woods as fast as

Upon reaching the pavement, the frantic teacher looked back again. The
man was gaining ground. He too was running. Corri sprinted as fast as
she could. She wanted to get around the edge of the old brick building
so that she would be out of his sight. Rounding the corner, she was
moving between two vacant buildings, the mill and the boarded up power
plant. Looking back she could see that the man had yet to come around
the corner. Corri ducked into an alley that separated the two sections
of the power plant. She crouched down under a set of metal stairs and
hid under the lowest step. She listened intently. A few seconds later
she heard the footsteps of her pursuer go by.

Her ploy had worked. He would now be in a situation where he would have
to choose between several different paths to take. Corri hoped he would
end up thinking he had taken the wrong choice and give up. But she was
taking no chances. She decided to stay put for awhile, at least an hour.
Only then would she venture back out. She looked at her watch. It was
6:30. She vowed not to move until 7:30. She was very frightened but
relieved because she had outwitted her stalker.

After about ten minutes she heard footsteps in the alley.

“Corri Ann, you in here? Hey girl, you there? Come out, come out
wherever you are! Yoo hoo, you there little princess?”

Corri’s heart pounded harder and faster than it had ever pounded before
in her life. The man was only a karabağlar escort bayan few feet away. Corri was as still as a

“Could you be here? Is it possible?” There was a long pause. “Oh well, I
guess not.”

The footsteps faded out as the man left the alley. Corri calmed herself
down. She waited. She wanted to be sure he was long gone before coming
out of her hiding spot. She checked her watch frequently. At 7:40 she
squeezed out from under the stairs. It was pitch black in the alley.
Corri moved slowly back toward the mill. She was scared but determined.
Reaching the corner she peeked out slightly and looked both ways. There
was no sign of him. She moved along the edge of the power plant wall. At
the next corner she crossed over and walked next to the mill. At the end
of the building she would enter the front millyard where it would then
be only another fifty yards or so to the safety of the well lit street.
As she neared the end Corri felt safe again.

The moment she cleared the corner of the building he was upon her. He
ran into her with a force that lifted her off the ground and knocked the
wind out of her. He carried her a few yards and slammed her into the
side of his white cargo van. He pinned her and covered her mouth. Corri
was absolutely helpless as his great strength overwhelmed her. The man
was breathing heavily. He was in a very agitated state.

“All right, little girl, I got you. You thought you could get away, but
now I have you. You’re gonna do it my way now, do you understand?”

Unable to speak, Corri could only look at the man with wide open
terrified eyes. He pulled the girl forward and then smashed her back
into the van.

“Do you understand?” His voice was strained and angry. Corri let out a
muffled response and was able to nod her head very slightly to show her
assent. As she did he dragged her to the back of the van. Quickly
opening the doors, he threw her in. Corri bounced and slid a few feet.
He jumped in and grabbed her by the hair. In an instant he applied duct
tape to her mouth. Pinning her to the floor, he pulled both her arms
behind her back. In a flash her hands were tied. Just as quickly her
legs were skillfully bound. In less than two minutes she was completely

“Lay still, bitch, we’re going for a ride.”

With that the cargo doors were slammed shut. Her abductor got in behind
the wheel and started off. Corri lay on the cargo floor, paralyzed with
fear. She was not able to move at all. The ropes were very tight. She
was desperately trying to breathe in enough air through her nose but it
was difficult as her quivering body gasped for more oxygen. She was a
prisoner. And as bad as her situation was, she was afraid that it was
only going to get worse. Much worse.

The ride took twenty minutes but for the hapless girl it seemed much
longer. The driver was obviously in a hurry. He seemed to be speeding.
Corri thought that perhaps the cops might notice but the siren never
came. Going around corners Corri slid on the floor of the van. As there
was no way to brace herself she hit the walls each time. She tried to
struggle against the ropes but the knots had been skillfully and
securely tied. Escape was not a possibility. Finally the van came to a
stop. Corri heard the sound of a garage door opening. As the vehicle
pulled in a new and stronger fear came over her. This apprehension grew
as the door shut. Her kidnapper got out and went into the house. Corri
was left alone in the darkness for several minutes. The waiting brought
her to a panicked state. She wondered if she could endure much more.

Corri Ann jerked backwards as the cargo doors were flung open. She tried
to place herself out of reach but the attempt was in vain. Her kidnapper
easily reached for her feet and dragged her down. At the edge he grabbed
her by the hair with one hand and by the rope tied around her legs with
the other. He picked her up like a piece of baggage and carried her
across the garage and up a flight of stairs into the house. In the
living room the man leaned Corri against the wall. He held an object up
near her face. She was startled and frightened as the shaft of the
switchblade knife popped up in front of her eyes.

“You do what I say and the only thing I’ll be cutting is rope. Do you

Corri shook her head up and down. She urgently tried to answer with a
“yes” but it was muffled by the duct tape which still held her mouth

“Good, then there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to get along quite
well then.”

The man lowered the knife and quickly severed the rope which held
Corrie’s legs together. Moving higher escort karabağlar he sliced the knots which bound
her hands. It felt good to be unrestrained but this relief was
temporary. The man spun Corrie around. Throwing the knife aside he
grabbed the front of the teacher’s blue dress and ripped it open from
the neck down. The metal buttons flew off bouncing on the hardwood
floor. The dress was quickly and forcefully pulled down off her
shoulders and dropped to the floor where it was kicked aside. Reaching
behind her he grabbed her black bra on both sides of the clasps and tore
it open. Corri desperately tried to push the man away but this seemed
only to increase his wanton desire. He grabbed her by the throat pushing
her against the wall until she stopped the struggle. Reaching down he
viciously tore off her flame red panties as if the bright color angered
him in some way, setting off some malicious primal impulse in his brain.
Finally, he grabbed the corner of the duct tape and yanked it off in one
quick motion. The skin around Corri’s mouth was stinging hot but she was
glad to be able to breath through her mouth again. But even this respite
was short lived. Forcing his mouth onto hers he pressed her head and
body back into the wall using all his strength and weight to squeeze his
victim. Corri felt as though she was suffocating as his tongue
penetrated deep into her mouth. Her lips were bruised from the great
pressure as he rolled his mouth back and forth against hers. Both of
them were breathing heavily and loudly from the struggle. His hands were
all over her body finally coming to rest on her breasts which he gripped
strongly in his large hands. He pinched her nipples, crushing them
between his vicelike fingers. Corri squealed in pain but the relentless
assault continued. The man began to move his hips and grind his crotch
into her.

Unable to draw a full breath, Corri felt herself getting dizzy. As she
was coming close to feinting, her body went limp. The man backed off as
Corri collapsed to her knees. He grabbed her by the hair to keep her
from falling over. Holding her up, he pulled her thick red hair ever
harder. The pain brought her back to full consciousness. Her tormentor
then dragged her by her hair across the wood floor into the dining room.
He picked her up and laid her across the dining room table. Pulling out
two pieces of white rope, he again demonstrated his proficiency by
quickly tying both of Corri’s hands to a heavy chair at the head of the
Using a black silk scarf as a blindfold, he wrapped it around her head
insuring that all she could see was darkness. The helpless woman laid on
the table, awaiting his next move.

It didn’t come. There was a dead silence in the room. It was as if the
man had vanished. She felt he was close by but she could not hear him.
Minutes passed by at an incredibly slow pace. The tension was
unbearable. Corri began to squirm. She pulled hard on the ropes but to
no avail. As the waiting continued she began to cry. Finally, reaching a
breaking point, she screamed out; “NO, NO, STOP THIS! WHAT ARE YOU

She let out a scream when she felt the touch of his fingertips on her


His lips touched hers. Unlike before he was now being as gentle as
possible. He kissed her with a featherlike softness which contrasted
sharply with the forced circumstances she was in. His passionate touch
was like that of an adoring paramour who is in awe of the beauty of his
lover’s body, worshipping it most tenderly. In a slow deliberate manner
he kissed her face and upper body. He drew circles around her nipples
with his tongue, withholding the pleasure from her until they were taut
and ready. And indeed, despite Corri’s trepidation, she began to succumb
to the sensual talents of this man who had abducted her. She found
herself becoming increasingly aroused by his skills, although she made
an effort to disguise it. But when he dipped below the waistline he
began an erotic torture which had a tumultuous effect on the young
woman. With his tongue extended he drew wet circles all around her clit.
He would come very close but not touch it. Corri ached for relief but
said nothing. Only her heavier breathing belied her desire. Sensing her
increasing need, he would move lower to her inner thighs. The smooth
silky skin in that area was the most sensitive on her body. The tension
was multiplied as he licked, sucked, and nibbled. This was followed by
more tantalizing circles around her deprived clitoris. Corri began to
lose control. Despite her efforts at restraint she began to moan and
squirm karabağlar escort on the table. Eventually she began to beg for relief with a
despondent tone of voice, “Please, please,……do it please, please.”
Yet still the man continued with this game of tactile deprivation. On
and on he went repeating the process over and over until his victim was
in a frenzied almost psychotic state. Then he suddenly buried his face
into her throbbing pussy. Corri reacted with a tremendous explosion
which progressed into a long series of pulsating orgasms. She screamed
loudly as he continued to voraciously eat her. After several minutes she
fell quiet and still as the mind bending force of the many orgasms
numbed her into a state of blissful unconsciousness.

The chilling sensation of ice cold water dripping on her shoulders and
neck brought Corri back to life. She was now on the floor, tied by her
hands to the oaken footboard of a king size bed. It took her a moment to
adjust to her surroundings. The bedroom was large. There were numerous
cinnamon scented candles burning throughout the room. The flickering
flames reflected off the walls giving a warm glow to the room. Corri
looked over her shoulder. The man was behind her. He was naked except
for the medieval black leather hood which covered his head. Only his
dark eyes were visible through the mask. She also noticed that he had a
large erection.

“Welcome back Miss Bonds. You were out for a bit so I had to drip the
cold water on you to wake you up. Sorry about that but I’m not finished
with you.”

“Please let me go!”

“No, no…..come now Corri Ann, that wouldn’t be fair, would it? After
all, I haven’t had my fun yet. It’s my turn now little girl. Now, get up
on your knees, in the doggie style position. That’s it. Reach up and
grab the top of the footboard.”

Corri complied with his orders. She had never felt so vulnerable.

“Now, get your ass up higher in the air! Higher! Now!”

The prisoner arched her back downward to make her butt as high as

“Very good! Let us begin!”

With that the black leather paddle came crashing down hard on Corri’s
left cheek. She groaned and lurched forward. The next whack hit her
right cheek. The hot searing pain caused her to grab the bedframe with
all her strength. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as the
onslaught continued in a methodical fashion. After eight whacks he
stopped and rubbed her burning red skin. Corri began to cry very softly
but audibly. The man continued with eight more spanks of increasing
hardness. Each one stepped up the intensity of the heat which was
spreading through her body, enveloping her in a warm, numbing glow which
eradicated the boundaries between pain and pleasure. Corri was in a zone
where there was no thought, only sensation. The experience was all that
existed. It became reality. After number 16 he again stopped to rub her
ass. The girl was no longer crying but uttering senseless gibberish. The
soothing rubdown had no effect as the skin could no longer feel soft
touch. He picked the paddle up again. The last six were extremely hard.
Corri let out squeals which came from the depths of her being. White hot
light flashed in her brain. After the 22nd whack he threw the paddle

“There, that’s the birthday spanking I’m sure you never received.
Consider it my gift to you. Now, for my pleasure!”

Stepping aside for a moment he pushed two buttons on the stereo next to
the bed. Returning to Corri he issued one more loud command; “GET YOUR

The teacher could only obey. As she raised up for the final time he slid
his throbbing hard-on into her ass. Corri gasped loudly at this
unexpected intrusion. At the same moment the stereo came on blaring out
Jim Morrison singing “Back Door Man”. He took great pleasure singing
along while fucking to the hard rhythmic beat of the song. Driving his
cock into her ass with deep penetrating strokes, Corri became nothing
more than a receptacle for his powerful plunges. As the song reached
it’s maximum crescendo the man humped harder to achieve his own climax.
Corri felt his ejaculation deep inside her, triggering her own juices to
flow. As the stereo fell quiet all that was heard was the passionate
heavy grunting of their shared orgasms.

After cutting the ropes he lifted her exhausted body onto the bed. He
laid down next to her putting his arm around her.

“Well…….how was that?”

“Oh god, it was perfect, absolutely perfect. Thank you so much, it was
exactly what I needed. It was better than my fantasy. Thank you Master.”

“Good, I’m glad you liked it. Believe me, I did too. Now, let’s get a
little sleep. We got a long drive tomorrow, or should I say, in a few

“Yes, thank you, Sir.”

Koban scooted up closer, his body pressing against hers. Holding her
tight he put his lips to her ear, whispering softly, “You are

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