Kim Rediscovers Her Wild Side

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It was late May, and my friend Kim had been asking when I would get my pool open. I usually get it set up around Memorial Day, when the weather hits the 90’s consistently, and all the tassels are off the trees. She likes to come over and do water exercises, which are easier on her knees than just working out. I kidded her that I should have it open in a couple of days, and I’d call her, but she’d have to come over and go skinny dipping with me. Kim was about to turn 70(I’m 55) on June 1, and while she was not the skinny gal she was in her youth-she’d added a little bit of a belly-she was still attractive. She’d been a friend of the family for some years, and I’d always had a crush on her. She was quite flirty, and I always flirted right back, though nothing ever came of it. Now that she’d lost her husband about a year ago, I’d eased up on the flirtation, figuring she’d need some time to recover. She seemed game, though, playfully asking me if I really wanted to see a 70 year old woman naked.

“If it’s you, absolutely!!” I replied.

“We’ll see about that,” she said.

She’d always told me how much fun she could be. I called her bluff. “You’re always telling me how much fun you are, here’s your chance to show me.”

I had the pool open that weekend, and called Kim on Friday night. “Pool’s up, what time are you coming over tomorrow??”

“How about mid afternoon?? We can go to dinner after we get out.”

Hmmm…was she asking me on a date in a back door kind of way?? “I’d like that. Swimsuit is optional, ya know!”

She laughed. “Be careful what you ask for!!”

The next afternoon, I was working on the pool deck-it’s an above ground pool-when I heard Kim pull up. I live on a corner lot, with the pool around the far corner of the house, shielded on one side by the house, on the other by trees. I slipped my suit off and climbed down the ladder into the pool. She called out to me; I yelled back, “I’m over in the pool, come on back.” Kim stepped up onto the pool deck in a button down denim skirt that came just above her knees, and a white peasant top with a navy pattern on the front. I could see she had used the outfit as a pool cover up, as her suit straps were visible in the neckline. “Come on in, I said.

Kim pulled her top off, then dropped and stepped out of her skirt, hanging both over the deck railing, revealing a light blue tank suit that showed her figure well. She looked good in it. Despite some belly, she had what I guessed were 36C tits, and an ample but great looking ass that I often wanted to grab. Unlike many women of a certain age, she had not cut her hair short, leaving it long, and her chestnut locks cascaded over her shoulders. Looking up at her from my vantage point in the pool, I could also see she had a full bush, since there was a nice crop of stray pubes sticking out from the leg bands. She looked down at me, now realizing I was indeed naked.

“You weren’t kidding about skinny dipping, were you?” she asked.

“Nope. Not at all.”

Through the years I had known her, Kim had always been something of a Bible thumper, and usually dressed conservatively, wearing skirts or dresses that came down past her knees, though her tops often yielded some cleavage, and I had frequently caught glimpses of her bra, and once in a while more when she would wear a bra top under her shirt. Yet, under all that, I had a sense she had a wilder side that wanted to come out. She had often said in her school days she was boy crazy. Now 50-some years later, I was hoping it was still true.

She got a mischievous look in her blue eyes. Looking directly at me, she pulled the strap of her suit off her left shoulder, then down over her elbow exposing her ample left breast. She then did the same on the right, and I was now looking at a pair of nicely shaped tits that had some hang to them, but no real sag. Her nipples stood up now that they were out in the open air. She pulled her suit down over her belly, rather round as I expected, but not fat, and finally over her thighs. I found I was right about her bush. It was full and dark, though I could see her outer labia just slightly parted through the thick curls.

“Still think you want me to go skinny dipping??” She asked, smiling.

“Hell, yeah!! I exclaimed. “You’re better looking naked than I ever imagined!!”

“You’ve thought of me naked??” she asked, feigning disbelief.

“Oh sure. I have a confession to make too.”

“Really. What’s that??” she asked.

“I’ve not only thought of you undressed many times, but I’ve had a crush on you for years.”

Kim climbed down the ladder into the pool and took my hands in hers. “I also have a confession. I’ve had thoughts about you too, always thought you were good looking. You may have noticed how a lot of times I wore tops that showed me off a little??” I said I had. “I knew I could never do anything as long as I was married, but I also knew you noticed me, and I wanted to give you a little treat, maybe get you excited.”

“Oh you did-I frequently imagined you riding me with those sweet tits resting on my chest. I’ll let you in on another secret. I’ve spilled a lot of come for you with that fantasy.”

Kim casino oyna smiled up at me. “Maybe it’s time we take things where we could not before. I’d hate to see you waste all that come you have for me.” She embraced me, resting her head on my chest. I kissed the top of her head, and she looked up at me. I leaned down and kissed her full on the lips. I could feel my hardening cock pushing into her belly. I knew she had to feel it too. She reached down and started stroking my now almost completely stiff penis, bringing me to full erection. Once I was hard, she stopped and held my cock for a moment.

“I have another confession,”

“Really?? What’s that??” I asked.

Kim looked up at me again. “I loved watching you in jeans. You look great from behind, but sometimes I’d see the bulge in front and wonder if it was meant for me.”

“It sure was. The way you looked in those tops, especially when you leaned over in front of me, and I could sometimes see your bra, would get me started. I frequently daydreamed about lifting your top off and playing with those sweet tits you were always teasing me with.” With that, I started fondling her right breast, rolling the nipple between my fingers. We kissed again, breaking it so I could take her hips and lift her up in the water.

I pulled her up so my cock was resting on Kim’s pussy, the head poking against her clit. I could see it peeking out from her dark bush. Slowly, I rubbed it on her clit stroking the shaft on her now open labia, her big lips wrapping around my cock. She looked up as I teased her. “Put it inside me,” she begged. “I want to feel you deep in me, like I imagined when I was watching you all those years.”

I pulled back, positioning the head at her opening, and slowly entered her. Kim closed her eyes, and I could see the look of pleasure as I spread her open. I stopped when I was about half way in to let her adjust to my cock filling her, pulled out a little, then pushed all the way in. She grimaced, and I could feel her get suddenly wet inside. She opened her eyes, smiling at me. “That was better than I ever thought it would be,” she said, wrapping her legs around me.

“I’m glad,” I said. “I’ve been dreaming of this for a long time too, and I’m enjoying it every bit as much as you are.”

“I can tell,” said Kim. “I’ve never felt so full.”

I held her by her hips and started slowly pumping in and out of her. The angle allowed me to watch as my cock slipped in and out of her, sliding between her meaty pussy lips, surrounded by that luxurious dark patch of pubic hair. I’ve always loved a woman with a full hairy muff, and Kim was a delight. We fucked slowly, savoring the feeling of our first time together. I would sometimes pull out of her, teasing her clit with my cockhead, which made her jump and giggle. We kept on for about 15 minutes, looking in each other’s eyes as we got closer to the finish. I was going all the way into her, the base of my dick hitting her clit, when she took my hands and pulled herself up. She kissed me hard and deep. As she did so, I felt her hips buck into me, and her pussy got wonderfully wet, soaking my cock with her juices. This triggered my orgasm, and my cock pulsed, then shot 8 or 9 long bursts of sperm deep into her, filling her til I could feel my come

filling in the tight spaces between my cock and her pussy walls, then overflowing her. Finally I stopped spewing, and a moment later our kiss ended. I held Kim’s head to my shoulder. I kissed her hair.

“Happy birthday, Kimberly Darlene.” I said.

“Mmmm…that’s the best present I’ve had in years,” she said quietly. She kissed me, and again laid her head on my chest. After about five minutes, my cock had softened up enough to slip out of her. She steadied herself, and took my hands in hers.

“Ready for that birthday dinner??” I asked.

“Sure,” she said, her blue eyes sparkling. “And maybe another dessert later!!”

Kim was first up the ladder out of the pool. As she went up, I could see my come clinging to her pussy and bush, and some on her thighs. She toweled off, and stepped into her button front denim skirt, then pulled her top on. I undid the bottom button on her skirt. “Hey!” she said, laughing. “You don’t want me showing off, now do you??”

“After all that time watching you show off your boobs, you don’t think I’m going to miss the chance to see your legs, do you??”

Kim looked up at me with as if surprised. “I didn’t bring any underwear,” she said. “I just put on my suit under my clothes. Didn’t think of after the pool.”

“That’s not a problem,” I said. “You and I will be the only ones who know. The pattern on your top will help make it less obvious you’re not wearing a bra, and unless you open your legs in front of someone, no one will be able to tell at all you have no panties on.” I was hoping she’d make the connection that I would not mind seeing that show. As it was, I was enjoying her in the thin top, seeing her nipples poke through. I knew if she leaned the right way, I’d get a look at her nicely sized tits and perky nipples. “Besides, after a while, you’ll get comfortable, and forget there’s nothing under that outfit but you.”

Kim looked slot oyna at me, thinking. “Maybe you’re right. I should go clean up before we go out though. You really left me a mess!!” She reached up, taking my face in her hand, and kissed me. Normally, I like it when my partner doesn’t clean up after I’ve come. I like the thought of her sitting across from me at dinner with her pussy still leaking and come on her thighs, or standing in line at Dairy Queen or the movies in a short skirt when she feels that trickle of semen rolling down her leg. That’s led to some interesting moments. This was our first time together, so I didn’t want to push it too far too soon. As it was, I had just talked her into going out with no bra or panties, something she had probably not done before. One step at a time.

We rode into the next town, which has all the restaurants, etc. Kim is the coupon queen, and had one for one of the chain steak places, so that was our goal. We had a nice ride in, with pleasant conversation, and very much enjoying each other’s company. We’ve always been friendly, and this served to confirm our mutual affection-in fact, much of the 30 minute ride, Kim was leaning on my shoulder, her arms hugging my right arm.. We got to the restaurant, and were seated in a booth. It was fun watching her walk across the parking lot, her tits shaking under her thin top. We sat on the same side-she likes to share with her seat mate-but this also allowed me to put my hand on her leg as we sat. I rubbed her thigh occasionally during dinner, not especially high up, but occasionally far enough to feel the edge of her bush. Kim had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, not enough to make her tipsy, but enough to relax her, and she’d smile when I grazed her

bush. I’d lean over and kiss her when I did that; she must have been enjoying it, she returned my kiss every time. We enjoyed our steak dinner, and were getting ready to go. I excused myself to go to the mens room. When I came back, she did something I did not expect. As I was walking up, she got up to meet me, since we were leaving at that point. When she slid out of the booth, she smiled at me, and opened her legs to get up, giving me a full view of her furry twat. I took her by the hand as we walked out. Once in the parking lot, I said “You’re a very naughty girl!!”

She laughed. “Being with you today has brought out a wild side I have not let out in a very long time. I was boy crazy in school; I guess it hasn’t left me. It’s just been buried inside for a long time.”

She had mentioned about being boy crazy on several occasions. Now I was curious to see if that part of her was still there. We walked out to the car, which was parked around the side of the restaurant. I unlocked the doors, but before getting in, I leaned over and kissed her full on the lips. She met me equally, and soon we were practically swallowing each other’s tongues.

“Back seat,” said Kim, getting in. I started the car, so we’d have air conditioning, and got in with her.

We got in and started kissing like high school kids. I reached up under her top and fondled her unbound breasts, enjoying the way they felt in my hands. Kim wasted no time getting my jeans undone, freeing my now stiff cock.

“You playing with me in the restaurant has me so hot I don’t want to wait til we get home.”

I reached up her skirt to find her pussy was already open and ready for another round, and still quite slick from my earlier load. “You’re not just kidding!!” I said. I laughed. “This is like high school. We can’t wait to get our hands on each other.”

Kim looked at me, smiling. “I bet it’s been 25 years since I did this in the back of a car, and it does remind me of my school days,” she said with a wink.

I lifted her top off, massaging her breasts as we kissed, then unbuttoned all but the top two buttons of her skirt. I eased her down onto the seat, getting on top of her as she lay down. Her pussy was open and leaking come from our time in the pool. I entered her easily, going all the way in til my balls came to rest on her ass. She played in the hair on my chest and kissed me while I stroked in and out of her. It didn’t take me long to get close to coming, and I slowed my pace, pulling my cockhead all the way out and playing it on her pussy lips and clit, then pushing it all the way back in. Kim closed her eyes as I did it long and slow, then I felt her get really wet as she came.

“I wish my high school boyfriends had known how to do that for me!!” she said as she came down from her high.

Her orgasm had gotten me almost to the edge. I kept moving in and out of her slowly. “I bet they mostly came too quick and left you wanting,” I said.

“Mostly. One or two were pretty good about making it good for me too.”

I held my cock in deep, getting the full feel of her wetness. I was ready. “I’m almost there, Kim. I think this is where you would tell your boyfriend not to come inside you. Did any of them??”

“A couple of times, mostly they pulled out. I was lucky the times they did come in me, I never got pregnant.”

The thought of her lying in the back of a Chevy while some boyfriend blew his load into her was canlı casino siteleri too much. I pulled out of her slowly, watching my dick slip from her pussy. I held the head over her dark, wet, tangled pubic patch. “I won’t get you knocked up,” I said, as I started to come on her bush, big spurts that landed all over it, some dripping on her thighs.

“Mmm that brings back memories!!” Kim said, her eyes glued to my spewing cockhead. She reached up and stroked my cock, squeezing the last drops of come onto her curls. She looked up at me. “Thanks for making this a fun birthday. I never imagined I’d be getting laid in the backseat on my 70th.”

“I’m glad I could give you a good time. I just wish we could have done this sooner.”

“Me too,” said Kim. “Too bad it just wasn’t possible. But we’re here now, and it’s really great,” she said with a big smile.

I looked at her lying on my back seat; half dressed, covered in come. I hoped this would be the start of a good summer. “I have an idea. Let’s go get you some fun summer clothes.” We got dressed, Kim leaving the last two buttons of her skirt undone.

“Ooh, shopping, my second favorite thing to do!! What did you have in mind??

“I’d love to get something summery, maybe a couple of sundresses. I think you’d look great in them, and they’ll be comfortable when the weather gets hot.” I also figured they would let me see more of her than I was used to seeing.

“There are a couple of places right down the road. We can start there,” said Kim.

“Sounds good, let’s head that way.”

We got dressed and left the parking lot, and headed for the stores. Once there, we found a rack of dresses, Kim pulled several out and went to try them on. A couple turned out to be winners, showing off her tits well, and came down to about 4 ” above her knee. They also showed off her thick but shapely legs well. We also got a couple of scoop neck outfits that would allow me a nice view of her tits when she leaned forward. Since she had already admitted showing them off for me, why not make the most of it??

We headed back toward the house, stopping at A&W for a float. We got our ice cream and headed for a table. Kim went to sit while I went to get some napkins and straws. As turned to head back to the table, Kim was just sitting down. She looked at me as she sat down, slid one leg into the booth, then the other. When she did this, her skirt rode up, giving me a clear view of her come spattered pussy. I could still see the streaks of come that were hanging up in her dark bush. We chatted and enjoyed our root beer floats, then headed back to my place for the night. It was now late, and we undressed and got into bed. I laughed when Kim took her skirt off and dropped it to the floor, commenting that she was still carrying a souvenir of our after dinner episode.

“Seems you woke something up in me,” she said, looking at her pubes in the full length mirror in the bedroom. “I would never have done something like this a couple of years ago.”

“I like it,” I said. “I love that you’re relaxed enough with me that you can let go and enjoy things you might not have in the past. I think it’s going to be a fun summer.”

We got into bed; she curled up to me, her back to my chest. I was soon hard again, my cock sticking in between her thighs and into her bush. I could feel the slick wetness of my come in her tangled pubes. We fell asleep together, my stiff penis between her thighs, my arm around her, draped over her tits. It was a nice way to end the day.

I awoke the next morning to find Kim still snuggled to my chest. I got up to go to the bathroom so I could get some relief and brush my teeth. I climbed back in bed with Kim and resumed my position, kissing her behind the ear. She groggily came around and kissed me. She then went to the bathroom, coming back and getting into bed, once again with her back to me. I started to get hard, feeling her next to me, and once again my cock poked between her thighs. This time, Kim shifted to meet me, taking the head between her still wet pussy lips. I slid in about halfway, enjoying the feel of her labia around me. I slowly pumped in and out of her, every so often pulling out and teasing her clit with my swelling cockhead. She started to breathe a little faster each time I did it, and I teased her more as she got more aroused. Finally I felt her hips shudder, and I pushed into her all the way, lifting up on the bed so I could get a good angle and push my

balls up against her clit. She sighed and came, a quiet but intense orgasm, and I felt her pussy get very wet around my now throbbing dick. I settled back down on the bed, my cock fully inside her, my balls resting on her clit. I slowly started pumping her again, this time pulling almost all the way out, then pushing back in til I was completely in her again. I could feel the tension building, but didn’t want to finish just yet. Sometimes I can reach a point where I’m stimulated enough to come, but not completely climax; when this happens, come will flow from my cock, but I’ll stay hard. I was reaching this point with my cock inside Kim. I slowly entered her all the way, and held still, then relaxed my butt cheeks, keeping the tension off my cock. I felt that familiar feeling of my come starting to ooze. I lay still as my sperm slowly filled her. I stayed still til I was back from the brink, then started slowly sliding in and out of her now come

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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