Kit’s Stories – Sofia Pt. 02

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San Antonio, 7:30 AM, Thursday

Kit woke to a gentle tapping on his door and a feminine voice saying, “Senor Keet, Senor Keet, Senora Sofia says you get dressed for breakfast now. Senor Keet, can you hear me?” The tapping continued and the voice repeated itself.

“Yes, I hear you. I’m awake. I’ll be in when I get dressed. Thank you. Go away.” Kit rolled over in the rumpled sheets and remembered the night. He was as naked as when Sofia left him to return to her bed. Her sense of decorum would not allow her to stay the whole night, but the night of oral pleasure had been a wonderland of surprises.

First, Sofia had wrapped her magnificent tits around his dick and while he held the abundant flesh around his shaft, she sucked and licked the head to completion. After he showed her that his face was indeed a wondrous place for a horny woman to sit, he told her to turn around to face his feet for a 69 session.

Kit chortled again at the memory of their discovery of a fundamental problem. Sofia had gladly turned to face his cock. Her luscious ass hovered over Kit’s face as he reached to open her ass and begin a through tongue lashing of her lower parts from her crinkled asshole to the front of her pussy. Her round clit was hard again as she sought another release and her abundant fluids bathed his cheeks. After thoroughly wetting her anus with saliva, Kit had begun working it with his fingertips. First, just an index finger rubbing over the top as his tongue and mouth licked and nibbled her labia. When her clit was strummed, her ass began to pulsate in time with her thrusts as she began to hunch against Kit’s face. Through her thighs around his head, he heard Sofia’s voice.

“Kit, Kit, I can’t reach you.”

Kit had been so intent on satisfying Sofia that he had not really noticed that she had only used her hands on him. Kit knew that some women preferred that one of the partners remain passive and receive the ministrations of the active partner even though they remained in the classic yin/yang position. He has assumed that Sofia was waiting until after she was sated to begin work on him. He pushed up on her firm, mature ass so that he could see.

Between her thighs and through her thick pubic puff, he saw that Sofia had both hands wrapped around his pole and was stretching her neck to try to reach his cock. It was hard as a rock and red with lust. When Kit hunched toward Sofia’s face, her thick lips and hungry tongue gobbled him down until Kit’s spine straightened and pulled away from her..

Kit solved the problem by simply pushing on Sofia’s butt until she slid down his body to inhale him. As she began to work his dick deeper into her throat, Kit moved his right hand between her legs and slid his thumb as deep as it could go in her wet gash. His index finger curled around her clit and he began serious manipulation of her clit and g-spot. He pushed deeply into her with his thumb and then pulled back with his finger strumming her button. His left hand moved atop her hips and he began massaging her asshole with his thumb.


Sofia had received these attentions gratefully and her ass was beginning to tremble with the onset of her orgasm. She had completely swallowed Kit’s prick and her throat massaged his length as she went deep. When she pulled back, her tongue came into play and combined with her suction had Kit on the edge of exploding. When she reached down to slip a finger inside him to massage his prostate, the dam burst. She swallowed him deep and milked him into her pulsating throat.

Meanwhile Kit’s talented long fingers had brought her to a spastic shuddering climax. She widened her knees so that she could bash her cunt against Kit’s chest and his right hand beneath her. His left thumb slipped one knuckle deep into her ass and he sawed his two thumbs alternately into her hot holes. As Kit’s ejaculation slowed and stopped, Sofia pulled her face back and gasped, “AAAAHHHH! AAAAHHHH! More, Kit, More!”

Kit responded by pinching with his right thumb which was resting on Sofia’s g-spot and his index finger on her clit. Squeezing firmly, he roughly shook her trembling ass side to side. At the same time, he plunged his left thumb fully into Sofia’s rectum spreading her anus with the width of the base of his thumb.

Sofia keened loudly, “EEEEEEE! EEEEEEE!” and collapsed on Kit’s chest and belly. Her hand moved to grasp his flaccid cock and pull it into her mouth where she gently nursed like a baby on the breast.

The memory of their passion had reawakened Kit’s pecker, and he stretched and kicked off the covers as he smiled and reached down to gently stroke the old friend standing to greet him. The door to the bedroom swung open and Sofia marched in to stand by the bed.

“Doesn’t that thing ever get tired? I thought I should feed you breakfast to keep your strength up, but you seem to be holding up pretty well.” She smiled and nodded at his crotch.

Kit smiled at the lovely sight casino oyna of Sofia Seguin Arredondo in tight red shorts and a red and white diagonally striped top. The top was tied over each shoulder with red cords and the elasticized top circled under her arms and above her breasts. Those mounds stood firmly out to hold the body of the blouse away from her stomach. The bottom of the blouse ended about her navel. She looked so good that his erection began to harden even more.

“What do you think, ladies, does he need to have his breakfast to stay strong?”

For the first time, Kit looked beyond Sofia to see the ladies of the house crowding outside the door and peeping in at him. He quickly grabbed the covers and hid his lower body. The giggles coming from the hall changed into full fledged shrieks of laughter. Sofia turned and waved them away, “Go on now, back to work; you all got your peek at Senor Morgan. We will come to breakfast shortly.”

Sofia laughed at Kit’s wild-eyed look of sleepy confused indignation. “Get out of the bed, lazybones. You need to take a shower and dress for the trip.” She flipped the cover off Kit to reveal that his proud erection had retreated in the face of overwhelming female observation. She grinned and motioned toward his cock, “Did all those women intimidate you?”

“Sofia…” Kit began.

“Most of those ladies grew up in small houses where modesty was impossible. They have been looking at their men folk all their lives. But now they will know that the Senora does not exaggerate about her young man. You just picked up several status points with that stiff thing. Now get up and shower.”

“Give me a kiss first,” Kit wheedled, reluctant to leave the soft bed.

Sofia crawled onto the bed to lean over for a quick peck on Kit’s lips. When his hand slipped under the bottom of her top to cup and caresses her breast, Sofia moved backward and began kissing down his chest all the way to his reawakening prick. With a quick kiss on its head, she backed off the bed.

“Now get up! No more for you until Galveston. We have hours on the road and I would like to get there in time to warm up for the scramble at five o’clock.”

“What scramble are you…?”

Sofia cut off Kit’s question, “Not now. We have 4 or 5 hours in the car for me to give you the itinerary. Up you go.” Sofia caught and pulled Kit’s hands and helped boost him out of bed. She pulled him into the bathroom and pushed him naked into the shower stall. “Don’t you come out until you smell less like sex,” she laughed as she went out the door.

Kit showered and shaved quickly and walked naked into the bedroom drying his hair to find Sofia watching Lydia fold Kit’s casual clothes and place them in a new Louis Vuitton suitcase. He quickly wrapped the towel around his waist and asked, “Where is my duffle bag?”

“That would never do for a rich lady’s toy boy. Here, get dressed in these clothes I have laid out for you.” Sofia motioned to a chair with one of the new pairs of shorts and one of his old t-shirts.

Kit held up a bright red pair of silk bikini briefs with one finger. “Where are my boxers?”

“Oh, they are all packed up, and anyway, Lydia and I think you will look really cute in those.” Sofia’s grin was accompanied by a snicker of the busy Lydia. Kit fell back upon his standard operating procedure when faced with any problem involving females. He caved.

“Yes, ma’am.” He picked up the clothes and started back to the bathroom to dress.

Sofia said, “Dress here, silly. It’s all steamy in there and anyway this is Lydia’s last chance to get a peek.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Kit turned his back and dropping the towel, climbed into the red briefs. His shrunken cock fit easily enough and the briefs were surprisingly comfortable though the silk brought memories of other silken knickers. He pulled on the shorts and the shirt loose over the shorts. Sofia appeared out of the bathroom with a brush and motioning him to bend over, brushed his hair into order. When she was satisfied with his looks, Sofia hooked a hand behind his head and gave him a soft lingering kiss. “I won’t be so bossy all weekend. Put on your huaraches and let’s eat.”

“I’m starving. What’s for breakfast/” Kit asked as Sofia led him back across the courtyard to the dining room.

“I had migas.” Sofia said, “But Josefina did not know if you liked them so there are also biscuits, gravy, ham, bacon, and toast on the sideboard. Fruit, coffee, and tea are on the table. Help yourself.”

“What are migas?” Kit asked.

“I guess you could say they are Tex-Mex scrambled eggs with tomatoes, onions, peppers, cheese, and fried tortillas mixed in. You can eat them with a fork or rolled in a flour tortilla.”

Kit took a small portion of the dish and moved to the table where he added some fruit to his plate. After one bite of the spicy dish, he quickly got up and went back to the sideboard to heap his plate with the migas. He returned slot oyna to the table and began to apply himself seriously to his meal. The peppers mixed with the eggs caused Kit’s eyes to water and his nose to run. He wiped his eyes with his napkin and sniffed frequently, but his consumption did not slow.

“Kit, you seem to like Josefina’s migas. Do you want something to drink with them?”

“Yes, milk please. Sofia these are wonderful. Will you marry me so I can have them every morning?”

“No, I won’t marry you, you are far too young for me,” she laughed. “Josefina, bring Kit a glass of milk and come watch a man enjoy your cooking.”

“If you won’t marry me, will you adopt me? Maybe Josefina wants a young gringo for a husband. I’ll do anything to get these regularly.”

“If you ask, I am sure Josefina will show you how to make them for yourself. Here is your milk and the chef of your dreams.”

Kit stood to take the milk from the round grey-haired cook. He placed the glass on the table and taking both of her hands, he covered them with loud smacking kisses. The chubby woman giggled and said to Sofia. *”Maybe I will steal your pretty baby away, senora.”* Both women collapsed with laughter as Kit continued to hold Josefina’s hands and beam at her.

“Turn my cook loose, Kit, and finish your meal. We have to get on the road.”

“OK, I have to pack and we have to go by the country club to pick up our clubs.”

“That is all done. Lydia pressed and packed your clothes and Jose picked up both sets of our clubs. They are in your car so we can go straight to the course when we get to Galveston.”

“No time for a walk on the beach when we check into the hotel?”

“We will already be checked in when we leave the golf course. Maybe a walk on the beach in the moonlight after the first Calcutta.”

“First Calcutta? What are…”

“Don’t talk, just eat. I’ll explain in the car on the way.”

Kit quickly finished his second plate of the delicious Tex-Mex breakfast dish while Sofia and Josefina chatted in Spanish and smiled their approval. When he finished, he stood and walked to Josefina. Taking her hands again, he asked, “When I come back, will you be waiting for me?’

“Yes, of course, mi amore!” Josefina turned to Sofia, *”Senora, do not wear him out so there is nothing left for me.” * Both women collapsed again in laughter.

Kit followed Sofia out the hall past the still frowning Urbano to the driveway. Jose and Hortensia waited beside the cars. Sofia said, “Jose, you and Hortensia lead in Kit’s car since you probably know the roads best. We will follow in the Caddy. If you need to stop, just pull over and we will follow. If we need to stop, Kit can flash his lights at you. Any questions?”

Kit opened the passenger door for Sofia and hurried to the driver’s seat. After moving the seat back to give his long legs some room, he looked over the controls of the luxury car. Everything was automatic. Kit followed Joe out the driveway and south through downtown to the new interstate highway 10 that headed east to Houston. Once they were outside of town at cruising speed, Kit asked, “OK, now tell me what you meant about a scramble today and about a first calcutta.”

“The tournament unofficially begins today,” Sofia said. “It is a Guys and Dolls tournament, each team made up of a man and a woman, and there are always 18 teams. At five today, there will be a nine hole scramble with nine teams of four players each. Everyone puts in $10 and it is winner take all. In case of a tie, there is a closest to the hole chip off for the winner. After the scramble, everyone adjourns to the bar for a buffet and the first calcutta. The scramble gives everyone a chance to look the other players over for the calcutta.”

Kit said, “I know a calcutta is a way to gamble like an auction of the competing teams, but why is this the first? Is there a second?”

“This is one of the main ways we raise money for the foundation. Usually the calcutta pool is split three or four ways by percentage. Here the foundation automatically gets fifty percent of the calcutta pool and the rest is split 67% and 33% to the winning and second place teams. The foundation money is split half and half between scholarships and lobbying for political causes in Texas. Everything tonight is very informal, but tomorrow after the first day of the tournament, there will be a formal dinner and dance in the Galvez ballroom. There will be another calcutta and the bidding will be higher with the same splits as tonight.”

“Sofia, I don’t even know the format for the tournament.”

“That is unusual too, Kit. Tomorrow morning we will play the first nine holes better ball. That is the easiest format and lets everyone warm up. After lunch the teams will be resorted by scores and we will play nine more holes alternate shot, which is the hardest format. This can lead to some outrageous scores, but everyone has a maximum of nine canlı casino siteleri on any one hole.”

“Wow! That is neat and should lead to some wild fluctuations in scoring after the first day.” Kit grinned.

Sofia continued, “The last day, Sunday, is all four ball. Everyone plays the morning nine holes for score, but only the top four teams play Sunday afternoon in best ball match play. They play a nine hole semifinal and a nine hole final. This lets everyone watch the action or go home if they have had enough. The prize money is $2,000 to the winner and $1,000 to second. The other entry money goes to pay expenses and the foundation.”

“How much is the entry fee?”

“Two thousand for each team.”

“So if you win, you get your entry money back plus some calcutta money. Sofia, I am in over my head.”

“Don’t worry about it, I have paid everything; it is like a donation to the foundation for me. Plus everyone gets to have more fun than just writing out a check.”

“That brings me to my other question. What do you want of me this weekend? Yesterday, you said you wanted a golf partner and a co-conspirator in your revenge and perhaps a friend. After last night, what do you want of me? Do you want to win the golf tournament? Do you want to flaunt me at your ex? Do you want a lover? ”

Sofia fell silent as she considered Kit’s question. The heavy car glided on in the wake of Kit’s Camaro. Finally, she looked at the tall young man behind the wheel with new respect.

“Perhaps, I didn’t think this out as fully as I should. It seemed a good joke to play on Primo and his big blonde. I would be the cheerful divorcee having a light-hearted fling with someone as different from Primo as is possible. Last night was not part of a plan. I meant you no disrespect. I drank too much, and I have had no male companionship in almost two years. I found you interesting and fun and with the tequila I never found a place to stop. Perhaps today in the bright light of day and with a middle aged woman beside you, you wish I had found that stopping place.”

The silence grew as Sofia looked down at her hands twisting in her lap. She remembered the freedom and joy she felt last night in the hands of the tequila and Kit. She finally spoke again, “I guess I want to pretend that I am happily over the divorce. Winning the tournament is not important, but showing that we are having a great time is vital. I was so embarrassed and ashamed that Primo would show the world his puta with no regard for me or the children or my family. I want you to pretend to be besotted with me and I with you, not for my money, but for me, myself… Oh, God, that is so pitiful.”

Kit listened carefully and did not answer at once. Sofia began to think he was going to back out completely when he said, “I don’t like your plan. I don’t like to pretend. Here is my plan—from this moment we will stop pretending. Starting now we go on as friends and lovers out on a lark. We don’t worry about Primo or his blonde bombshell. We don’t worry about winning the tournament. We only worry about enjoying the city and the food and the company. Remember you promised me seafood and golf at the oldest course in Texas and I get to shave your pubes so that it doesn’t look like you are wearing a fur bikini.”

Sofia heart leaped as her emotions soared. She scooted across the leather bench seat to Kit and turned onto her knees facing him. With both arms around his neck, she rained kisses on his cheeks and neck.

“Yes, yes, friends. Kit, I am not sure that I have ever had a man friend; I may not know how to do that. I have had a father, and uncles, and brothers, and a husband, but maybe not a friend. We would just be friends out for a good time. Oh, Kit, I will get to take some time off from being poor Senora Arredondo, abandoned wife and mother sulking in her closet. I will be Sofia Seguin, as I would have wanted her to be twenty years ago, fun and adventurous.”

“Weren’t you those things, Sofia? Before you were married?”

“No, I was so serious. I hit golf balls hours at a time. I was the dutiful daughter, then the quiet, obedient wife, and then the responsible mother, There was always someone to tell me how I should behave.”

“OK, that’s my job now. The first thing I am going to tell you is to put on that last swimsuit that looks like tissue paper. I need to be inspired before I get my razor out.”

“Kit, I am not sure about your using a razor on my delicate lady parts.”

“You will be in good hands.” Kit practiced his Groucho Marx leer at Sofia complete with jumping eye brows. “I have every reason to be careful; I promise to be very cautious and very complete. Is this your town coming up?” The road sign said Next Exit, Seguin, Texas.

“Not my town, but named for my several times great grandfather, Juan Seguin, from the Texas Revolution. He fought against the Mexican government and Santa Anna to help establish a democratic republic in Texas.”

“He must have been a hero to have a town named for him.”

“At times he was thought so, but at other times he was regarded as a traitor and had to run back across the Rio Bravo to keep the Anglos off his butt.”

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