Kitten Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Kitten’s Shower

Kitten had been busy today, making sure that her beloved Mistress’s home was clean, and that her duties were taken care of. It had taken her some time, but she had finished all of her chores. When she looked at the clock, she saw that Mistress would be home soon. She decided to go take a shower so she’d be nice and clean for Mistress when she got home.

As Kitten moved through the house one last time to double check her work, her dark eyes roaming the many wonderful things her Mistress owned, she thought back to how she had ended up with her beloved Mistress, seven months earlier. Kitten had been alone then, wandering the streets with no home to call her own, having just found out she was pregnant. Then she had seen the woman who would become her Mistress.

Mistress Kessa had seen the submissive spirit that lay within Kittens heart, and knew what would happen to it out on the street. She had taken Kitten in, given her a home, a purpose, and most importantly, a future for her unborn child. There was no question that from that day forth, Kitten would be deeply devoted to her new Mistress.

Kitten loved the shower. It had a removable shower wand that she could use to rinse even the hard to reach spots. It also had a massage setting that helped her relax nicely and that felt really good when applied to certain areas. Kitten turned on the water to let it heat up, and then turned escort bahçelievler to light a few lavender scented candles. Kitten loved the scent of lavender because it helped her relax. She then went back to the shower, seeing that the water had gotten warm enough, and stepped inside.

Kitten purred as the warm water flowed over her smooth, pale skin. Little rivulets flowed down around her breasts, over the swell of her big, pregnant belly, and down further to her perfectly smooth shaven pussy, where it flowed off her clit in a stream, making her purrr even more. Kitten stroked her belly softly and cooed a gentle lullaby to her baby within, the precious little girl she had already named Sapphire.

Kitten then leaned her head back, to wet the long, raven locks that flowed down her back to just above the rounded cheeks of her ass. Then she quickly scrubbed her face, blinking her dark, haunting eyes to clear the water from them. Kitten then took a loofa and some liquid soap scented of strawberries and began to lather herself up.

Kitten’s hands gently worked the loofa over her breasts, taking her time with the rounded peaks, massaging them slowly. She had already begun to lactate so when she softly squeezed her breasts, little droplets of milk would form at the tips of her nipples. She would start using a breast pump soon, but not just yet. For now, her Mistress could drink what escort balgat she produced.

Kitten knew that Mistress Kessa loved to drink her milk, and once had asked why. Mistress had said that Kitten’s milk was another way to express how everything about her body, mind, and soul belonged to her Mistress. By drinking it, Mistress Kessa took a bit of Kittens physical essence into Herself, cementing her ownership.

As she thought of her Mistress’s lips on her nipples, Kitten began to tease them till they stood fully erect like a pair of large, ripe cherries. Her hands roamed lower with the loofa, lovingly washing her big belly, once more imagining that her Mistress was kissing and stroking it. Kitten purrrred and softly arched her back at the thought. She loved when her Mistress gave her tummy rubs. But there was one place Kitten liked to have rubbed even more and her hands brought the loofa there next.

The feel of the soft loofa on her pussy lips made Kitten squirm and moan gently. She spent much longer than needed rubbing the soap over her smooth folds, purring and moaning as she gave pleasure to herself. Then she took the shower wand down, quickly rinsing off the soap before turning on the massager, bringing it between her legs.

The pulses of warm water against her clit made Kitten moan louder and she had to hold onto the rail to keep from losing her balance as the pleasure built escort batıkent even higher. She stroked the massager over her sex, moaning deeply, feeling an orgasm building. She continued to tease her pussy with the massager, moaning even louder.

“Oh Mistress, Your kitten is so close, she feels so hot, so good. She’s going to cum soon. Mistress, your kitten wants to cum for you. She’s cumming, CUMMING! MISTRESS KESSA!! AAAH!!”

Crying out as her orgasm rocked her body, Kitten slowly slid down to the floor of the shower, unable to hold herself up anymore. Her breath came in short gasps as her body continued to shake with the aftershocks of her intense orgasm.

While Kitten was still catching her breath, she felt the shower wand being taken from her hand and the water being turned off. Blinking with surprise, Kitten looked up to see her Mistress above her, smiling. “Mistress, Kitten didn’t hear you come in.”

“Of course not, my precious kitten. You were to busy moaning to hear me. I wondered what you were up to, and I must say that I am very glad I came to see. You look so lovely when you cum.”

Mistress Kessa gazed lovingly into Kittens eyes as She spoke, letting Herself get lost in their dark depths. She loved how stormy they appeared after Kitten came, and She felt that she could catch glimpses of secret desires and lusts that She longed to explore.

Kitten blushed and smiled, carefully standing up. “Kitten wanted to be clean for you when you got home Mistress.”

“How very thoughtful of you, kitten. You don’t mind if I inspect you to make sure you didn’t miss anywhere, do you?”

“Of course not, Mistress. Kitten is yours to do with as you wish.”

To be continued…

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