Lacy the Prostitute pt. 2- Slave to more than she could handle

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My sixth client wore a black mask and had my hands tied behind my back and put a vibrating dildo on my clit.

His fat white cock was out, wagging my face as he videotaped my body, my moaning, and my wet pussy.

“Okay whore, look into the camera and tell me what you want”
“I want your big cock in my mouth.” I said while looking into the camera then back up at him
“Call me master and tell me more”
“I want your fat white cock in my mouth master. I want to swallow your cum and lick your big balls” I said while moaning
“That’s a good little whore”

I reached for more dildos, the same size as him. He turned one on, and told me to bend forward. His cock was in my face, and I wanted it in my mouth so fucking bad… He put the dildo up my asshole and let me suck his cock.

I licked his cock while looking into the camera, moaning as my clit was being vibrated. His thick 7 inch cock was throbbing with his big bare balls. I began to deep throat it as I felt my climax coming. I finally orgasmed while moaning on his cock.

Once I got my pleasure, he took away the dildo at my clit and fucked my face. Two whole minutes of choking later, he blew his load all over my face.

Dripping down to my tits, he left me there for the next guy.

My seventh and eighth client came in. They took out the dildo, took me off of the chains and wiped off the cum with a rag.

“We have new for you whore, we’re not gonna fuck urla escort bayan you, but others will”
“I’m confused, how?”
“We’re taking you to the local strip club at night. A whole town of men will come to watch you and fuck you and other slaves publicly. When that’s over, the next morning you go home.”

They dressed me, and let me rest. I had no idea what time it was or how long more until “night” arrived.

I didn’t want to fuck more, I was exhausted and filled with cum. I was reluctant,

They left and I cleaned up more.
I’ve been waiting in the room for a while, when three of the men came in with a dog collar.

They brought me to the living room, and I sucked another cock until it was time to leave.
“Hold on guys, I just gotta drain my balls. Looking at this hot bitch makes me wanna fuck”

He held my head as I sucked his cock. All of the other guys were watching us. Jacking off and touching me. It helped out though, because my pussy was getting wet again. I didn’t want to be sucking more, because I knew I was gonna me fucked. I tried to get away from his cock, but he forced me head onto his cock and came.

I wore high heals, crop top, and short shorts. We arrived at the club at midnight. I could hear moaning in the other room. There was screaming, slapping, music, etc.

As I looked inside, there were girls taking cocks willingly and forced. Glory holes, gang escort urla bangs, torture, dancers etc.

They brought me to center stage, and made me strip to my heals. I saw girls tied up, and being touched. Girls who were being rapped, and girls taking cocks like pros.

I prayed that all I had to do was strip, but that wasn’t the plan.

I was lead to a table, and pushed down. I fought back for once in my career as a prostitute, and I was then gang raped.

All of my holes were filled with cock, and many hands were feeling my body. Videos and pictures were being taken. I nearly cried when they were fucking my holes, there was no mercy, and my holes were getting sore.

I had no control whatsoever. When they came in me, I was taken to another room.

I was with another girl who looked just as tired, used, and abused as I was. We were with other girls. But I shared a cock with this girl.

We were licking a 12 inch black cock. I knew that this must have been the coordinator of the event because he was in the VIP room. We licked his cock and took turns as his head.

“You with the collar, suck my balls.”

I went for his big black balls.. Then, he sat down on a couch. We went over on all fours for his long black cock. A man entered my pussy and one entered his.

We were moaning and sucking together.

“OHHHH fuck someone better get a shot of this”

The guy in me finally urla escort came, then the big black guy took me by the leash into a bed room.

He had me face a camera and fucked my asshole. He put his hands over my mouth and used to it his advantage to fuck me deeper. The camera had a little screen facing me. I watched and looked into the camera. I was screaming from his big black cock destroying my asshole. He pulled my hair and slapped my face often.
He just wouldn’t cum.

The cum and sweat from myself and other men was still all over me.

“I’m a whore, im a whore for anal” I said into the camera
“oh yes you are cunt, tell the camera you love black cock”
“I love big black up my ass”

He took out his cock from my ass and made me gag on his cock. Tasting my asshole came a flood of cum into my mouth. Dripping down.

Another girl on the other side of the room was tied by the legs, with her hands tied to the wall. They were lifted, so that there was easy access to her pussy. She was dripping; I could tell that she has been fucked by a lot of men. One after another used her hole.

I was taken back into the main room. My hair as pulled, and I was fucked down into the ground. My face was in the cold hard ground, and the stranger fucked me in the ass.

I was again screaming because at this point, I was too tired and too sore to enjoy any cock. And I passed out…….

I don’t know how many times I was passed around that day, but all I know was that I woke up in my old room.

The room above the strip club. My pimp let me rest and recover for one night.

I washed up, and slept for as long as I could.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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