Lara’s Chair Tie

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Lara stood in front of the mirror. She loved to watch herself get ready for a bondage adventure and she had been planning today for a long time. She faced the mirror naked, her long straight red hair now in two pigtails. With having such a pale skin, she liked contrast and so her eye make was heavy and dark. The lipstick that covered her pouting lips was as black as the latex she planned to wear. The room temperature was just cool enough for her nipples to stand erect and towards the mirror. She could already feel herself getting aroused and her shaven cunt was aching.

Earlier she had placed the items that she needed, at the bottom of the bed, next to the wooden chair she was going to bind herself to. But first, she needed to dress. Lara picked up the first of the black latex stockings. She stretched open the end and pushed her foot into the already moistened entrance. Her toes reached the end and she smoothed the latex out across her leg. She did the same with her right foot into the other stocking. Both had been polished and made her legs look fantastic. It was a shame to hide her latex encased toes but she loved wearing her black ankle boots. She put each one on and fastened the laces. Standing tall, she had added another 4″ to her already 5’8″ frame.

Next she picked up the red latex basque top, which was fastened by black ribbon at the front. She took a sharp intake of breath as the cold latex was pulled across her body. She began to fasten the basque and taking a breath tied it off securely. The basque was tight around her middle and was cut in such a way that her pert breasts hung slightly over the top, not covered but exposed. To make sure they did not move, Lara attached the stockings to her basque, using the straps that hung from the front and back.

Lara knew what was to come next and prolonged over it. Looking in the mirror, she saw the usually dominant female stare back at her. Today she was submissive. She picked up the bottle of lube and bent over. She poured some lube on her fingers and quickly moved to her tight, puckered asshole. She was bent over now and able to see her fingers as they massaged the lube into her hole. The feelings were intense and she took her time, probing çıtır escort her hole and tickling the outer rim. She reapplied the lube a number of times until she could quite easily penetrate herself with three fingers. Then she picked up the black plug that was to fill her for the next few hours. It was only 5″ tall but quite thick. She flicked her tongue out at it and then pushed it first into her mouth. Pulling it out, she had covered the end with her own saliva. Quickly, she moved it to the edge of her asshole. Lara relaxed and still watching herself, pushed the plug straight in. It was completely buried inside when she let out a satisfied ‘mmmmmm’. The plug wasn’t going anywhere, it was lodged firmly. As she stood up, Lara felt it move inside, sending waves of pleasure through her core. She desperately wanted to rub her clit and bring herself to a climax but she knew she couldn’t.

Lara next took hold of the vibrating dildo. Again this was black and shiny like her stockings. It was 7″ tall and thicker than the cock she was used to. Her cunt was wet and she knew that she did not need any lube for this. She placed the dildo on the chair and straddled above it. Watching as she did so, Lara squatted down on the cock until it was deep inside. She screamed as her cunt reached the chair and the phallus had been pushed almost all inside her. It felt good and she could feel the two objects now inside her, rubbing together through her inner walls.

She then picked up the black latex pants. Carefully she stepped into these and pulled them over her stocking covered legs. As they reached her thighs she quickly stood up and pulled the pants into position. They were a size smaller than usual but Lara wanted them tight across her arse and even tighter to hold the dildo and plug secure. She could feel her stocking straps pressing even more into her arse and thighs.

Satisfied everything was in place, Lara stood up and revelled in the beauty she saw. She looked stunning and she felt incredibly sexy. She completed her outfit by sliding on the black latex gloves. Theses were long in style and passed over her elbow towards her shoulder. They were tight to the end of each of her fingers demetevler escort and she smoothed the latex over her hands and up her arms.

Picking up the chair, she turned it around so that the back faced the mirror. Lara had planned to secure herself to the chair, straddling it, opposite to the normal sitting position, which is exactly what she did. As she sat onto the chair, the plug and dildo moved against each other and the latex knickers pulled them tighter within. Lara grabbed hold of the two red cords she had and began to tie her ankles to the front chair legs. She wrapped the rope around and under her boot heels and secured both, tightly. Pulling her ankles out, she tried to break them free of the cords and was happy that she could not move them at all.

Picking up the third red chord, Lara tied it around her waist, ready to make a crotch tie. She pulled the ends underneath her latex briefs from behind, passing them over the ends of the dildo and plug. As they came out in front of her now very moist and hot crotch, she yanked them as tight as possible. She gasped as she felt the movement of the intrusions and keeping the cords as tight as possible, tied them off. She then picked up the handcuffs and threaded them through the rope that encircled her waist. The cuffs she slid behind her until they hung from the cord, down her shiny covered latex arse.

Lara loved to be gagged and smiled to herself as she picked up the full head harness gag. It was all black except for the bright red ball. Opening her mouth, she pushed the ball inside and behind her teeth. It pressed down on her tongue. She pulled her pigtails through the straps and secured the gag with the buckles. She tried to talk and then scream but the noises were muffled and she was happy with the result. Looking up into the mirror, the red ball looked great against the black lipstick. She knew that it wouldn’t be too long before she started drooling.

Lara looked down onto the edge of the bed and picked up the chained nipple clamps. These were spring loaded so the tension was pre set and she knew from previous sessions, the intense painful pleasure they would give her. With her right thumb dikmen escort and finger, she began to roll her left nipple around. It was already erect but she wanted it as firm as possible. She then opened up the clamp and let the rubber coated ends, pinch down onto her nipple. As it took hold, Lara moaned into her gag and her breathing became short. The other clamp rested on her thigh whilst she rolled her right nipple between her fingers. She then picked up the clamp and threaded it and the chain through the wooden slats of the back of the chair. She bit down onto the gag as she attached the clamp onto her protruding right nipple. The feeling was again intense. Both nipples burned under the pressure of the clamps. As she leaned back to pick up the blindfold, the chain pulled tight and the clamps bit into her. Her muffled scream would not be heard by anyone.

In keeping with her outfit, the blindfold was black latex, but with two cushioned eye pads that cut all light out. As she moved it to her face, she took one last look at herself in the mirror. She was pleased with her efforts and tried to smile. She placed the eye pads onto each eye, trying not to disturb the heavy black make up. The blindfold was held secure by a buckle that sat on the back of the gag harness, which she fastened tight. She could not see anything, not even any light coming through at the edge.

Lara reached behind her again and found the remote control for her dildo. It was programmed to vibrate at random speeds and random intervals, to help her towards orgasm and then possibly prevent it. No sooner had she flicked the switch, the dildo came to life and began to vibrate but to her frustration, only softly. She threw the control onto the bed and as she stretched, was reminded about the nipple clamps as both pulled against her. She could already feel drool running down her chin and jumped as a drop landed on her exposed upper thigh.

Only one thing left to do and that was to secure her hands into the cuffs. She didn’t need a release today, Mason would be here in an hour to find her and continue with her pleasure. She placed her left wrist into the cuff and clicked it shut with her right hand. Before she had any second thoughts, she put her right wrist into the other cuff and pressed the ring against her back. It locked without any problem.

She was now secure. Locked in and at the mercy of the vibrating dildo. She desperately wanted to orgasm and as the dildo vibrations increased, knew it wouldn’t be long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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