Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 05

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Fucking Annabel had been a fantastic experience. Although younger than Laura she lacked nothing in the way of experience. The two women had spent the best part of a wonderful hour exploring every contour and curve of each other’s body.

Laura guessed what they said about women with small breasts being extra sensitive around the nipples as being somewhat true gauging the reaction she gained when caressing the young Reporter’s erect buds with her probing tongue. The warm wetness between Annabel’s legs had mirrored her own and Laura had taken great delight in exploring the fleshy confines of her partner’s pussy hole.

They had started screwing each other in the lift on the way back from the ballroom, their sexual desires too wild to hold back. As they had collapsed against the lift wall they were already stripping away layers of clothing. Laura had gasped with exhilaration as Annabel had ripped open the front of her dress to allow her large tits to bounce out and within seconds the red welts surrounding her extremely hard nipples were being caressed by a warm flicking tongue which sought to explore every inch of her exposed breasts. Laura’s body had been knocked back against the lift wall with enough force to cause the small room to shake as a spasm of almost orgasmic glory ran through her. Annabel had not waited instead seeking lower, questing for Laura’s waiting pussy lips and the short protuberance of the flesh of her extruding clit.

Annabel had tasted Laura’s piss as her tongue flicked through the mass of dark brown, curly pubic hairs that formed the tightly shaven triangle that lined the woman’s vagina. The very scent of it was enough to drive her wild, the memory of their dirty piss sessions over the bar room floor an extreme aphrodisiac to her already maxed out arousal. She could feel the fires burning in her own pussy as she quested for the joy of Laura’s womanhood and she remembered how desperately she needed be fucked by her lifetime idle.

Laura’s body was as firm and toned as she had always dreamt. Her incredible breasts in their hardened glory were an exquisite monument to female beauty. Pushing herself away from licking Laura’s vagina she allowed the other woman to take control. Within seconds Laura was seeking out her pussy lips and placing her warm and delicious tongue inside her body.

When the lift doors had finally opened onto the corridor leading to the penthouse suites, both women were panting, sweaty and practically naked. It had taken an extreme escort dikmen amount of focus on Laura’s behalf to remember the code to her door before it opened and the two women rushed inside. Then they were on the bed before the door had even closed. Their joint desires driving them wild with burning passion. Conscious thought was a memory, their every action driven by a wild desire to know the other’s body.

The smell, scent and taste of each other’s sweat crowded out every other emotion as they climaxed hard against each other, their soaked bodies collapsing against the silk sheets. The room was still spinning as Laura’s lips found Annabel’s as she rewarded the Reporter with a post climax kiss before falling backwards into the welcoming support of the firm mattress. It did not take the two women long to recover and after a slow sensual start, they were soon back in the act of love making.

It was now the middle of the night. The room was filled with twilight darkness. Soft outlines of furniture muted into the room’s shadows. From the outside the slightly open window drifted the distance sounds of light traffic moving around the city which never slept.

Laura was awake now and restless. Beside her, the soft form of Annabel’s body lay naked, face down in the pillows. Laura traced a finger down the other woman’s back hoping to discreetly wake her. Annabel stirred slightly but showed no sign of leaving her slumber. Disappointed Laura pulled back the sheets to expose the wonderful sight of the young woman’s supple body. Her wide and perfectly formed round bum cheeks were a wonderful sight in the soft light and Laura felt her excitement rising again. However there was a more pressing need in Laura’s bladder and she knew she needed to pee again. The only question now was where in the room to go for a deliciously naughty piss over the furniture.

Sitting upright in bed, the sheets spilling off her large naked breasts she tried to recall the room’s features when lit. She was sure there was a large ornamental vase lying around somewhere and it was just the right size for her to use as a chamber pot. She was just about to rise from the bed, her mind now fully made up to carry out the act of relieving her bladder in some location in the hotel bedroom when a superbly wonderful idea came to her. Rather than take a piss in a pot or over the furniture or even the carpeted floor, there was a much more desirable location she could use.

“Annabel?” she whispered escort elvankent in the stillness of the room. There was no response. She tried again but the young woman was lost in her dreams. Laura smiled broadly to herself and slowly rose onto her knees. Annabel’s naked butt looked so simply delicious that Laura simply couldn’t resist. Moving across the sleeping form of her new lover, Laura settled into a low squat over the naked body below her. Staring down past the large expanse of her bare tits she admired the sight of her triangular mass of pussy hairs posed only inches away from Annabel’s round bum cheeks.

The first squirt of pee shooting out of her vagina splashed directly between the deep grooves of the sleeping woman’s curved bum, the sight of which drove Laura’s excitement even higher. Within seconds and she was in full flow, a thick squirting stream of hot piss squirting strongly from out of her open pee hole and flowing over the warm flesh of Annabel’s exposed buttocks.

Annabel stirred in her sleep but to Laura’s ongoing delight didn’t wake. Between Laura’s thighs her gushing pee shower continued to cascade downwards creating a running stream of piss over the curves of Annabel’s twin buttocks. The bed sheets were already soaked with Laura’s piss but she couldn’t care less as this was incredible fun. Suddenly it struck her that might even be more fun if Annabel was awake and a willing recipient for Laura’s flowing piss fountain. With this in mind Laura slowed and stopped her wee over the sleeping beauty. In her mind she now feared that Annabel upon waking might be repulsed by what had been done and flee the hotel room in disgust. Shaking her head to dispel this imagery Laura climbed off the bed. She was still full of pee and had no intention of using the bathroom.

Crossing to the dark form of the large sofa which occupied a central space in the large room, Laura went to stand directly behind it with her pussy lips only a small fraction of space away from the material. It was with a delicious relief when Laura once again resumed her wee. From her hairy vagina suddenly shot a new stream of hot piss which immediately started to play over the sofa fabric. Listening to the soft hiss of her pee stream squirting out of her pussy in the darkness was an exquisite sensation and Laura enjoyed several long seconds of wonderful pissing.

Closing her pee hole for several seconds she crossed the dark room to the corner by the widescreen Plasma escort emek TV. Squatting down over the carpet she pretended that she was back in her dorm at boarding school and started to carry out a naughty little shower by squirting her piss over the carpet between her parted thighs. Once again the quite of the room was disturbed by the gentle hiss and patter of Laura’s wee as it flowed from her vagina hole and desecrated the expensive carpet.

Nearing the end of her toilet Laura paused in her actions long enough to rise and pad stealthy across the room to the window. Lifting a curtain up to her pussy she had a quick wee into its folds before she used the soft material to wipe her muff dry. Taking a deep sigh of contentment she stared back at the bed. It was quite a tempting idea to cross back over to it and rejoin the sleeping and piss covered Annabel but Laura knew it was time for another course of action. The events in the day and her encounter with Jean-Paul Montier had left her with a burning desire for revenge. After she had triggered the fire alarm before sealing herself in her room, the hotel had been evacuated and her assailants had no doubt fled back to their lair. A few careful placed calls on Laura’s behalf had soon revealed Jean-Paul’s current abode and it was now time now to place a house call.

The darkness was no hindrance to Laura as she opened her specially sealed case from inside the wardrobe. Reaching inside and over the familiar contours of her twin hand guns she pulled at a soft leathery fabric, moving it quickly out of the case and onto the floor. It took no time to don the suit over her naked body and she was soon sliding home the zipper past the large roundness of her full breasts. The suit was a high grade military infiltration model designed to mask the wearer’s heat signature and present as small a profile as possible for a night mission. The leather hood encapsulating her long strands of brown hair finished off the affair, the outfit fitting smoothly like a second skin. A set of sneak shoes were next in line and the finishing touch was a set of night goggles which turned the room green as they slipped into place. Laura giggled at the result. The warm wet patches where she had just peed were extremely obvious in the enhanced lighting from the goggles and she crossed back to the piss stained sofa to run an appreciate hand down the still warm patch where her pee had landed.

Returning her focus to her mission Laura decided it was time for action. Ignoring her usual weapons she instead settled for a small calibre silenced hand gun which she slipped into place around her waist. Moving across to the large window she then pulled it further open before slipping out like a vengeful ghost into the waiting night.

To be continued………

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