Laura’s Fun

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It had been a long time. Much too long a time. The feeling was, well, pleasant, but at the same time sort of odd. She could feel changes happening inside her, the changes she knew were associated with her arousal. She swore she could sense her cervix relax and the opening widen. She could feel the walls of her vagina tighten and slowly elongate. The changes weren’t significant. They were miniscule. But she felt them nonetheless.

And then it started flowing. The stream crept along, sort of like thick pancake syrup, but she knew it was much more fluid and thin no matter what it felt like. She shifted her position to try to stem the flow. It kept seeping from deep within her. She liked the feeling and it had been a long time since she had felt it. A wet pussy meant that better things might be ahead, a type of women’s intuition that had physical manifestation. Better things. Like a long cock and good slow fuck, with orgasms shooting through her body every minute or so. Maybe that was too much to hope for. The thought brought a smile to her lips.

“Why are you smiling?” he asked. “Was it something I said?”

“Oh no, of course not,” she stammered. “Just a thought that flashed in my head.”

He was young, maybe twenty-two or so, and that made forty year old Laura feel proud of herself. He had a stately face with a long aquiline nose, green eyes, and auburn hair. His jaw was sort of rounded at the front and swept back in distinct lines to just below his ears. Thank god he didn’t have the wattle under his chin that some men develop early in life. He had a medium unibrow that moved occasionally for emphasis when he spoke. She thought his shoulders were about 44 inches wide under his golf shirt. His waist seemed a bit wide in proportion to his shoulders, but it didn’t detract from his looks at all.

She had jet-black shoulder length hair, blue eyes, a cute face, a 38-inch bust with a C cup, and a tight wasp-like waist. They made a good couple. Not outstanding. Nothing that would stop traffic. But they looked well together. At least she thought so.

She met him twenty-five minutes ago and knew immediately that she wanted him. Her intuition told her that it wouldn’t be difficult either. He had the look of a horny guy.

But it seemed he couldn’t shut up. Like most men, he talked about himself incessantly, as if his life would end unless he told her about whatever problem was buzzing through his cute little head. Jesus. What was he saying now?

“So, I don’t know,” he said with a sheepish grin, “maybe I should just find another place to work. I guess asshole bosses are everywhere though. You can’t seem to escape them.”

“Yes,” she said, trying to widen her eyes and engage his look. She cleared her throat gently.

“Why don’t we go over to my apartment? It’s close by. We can talk there and have a few drinks. What do you say?”

His voice was restrained, but his face had the look of a man who had won the Irish Sweepstakes.

“Sure. That’s a great idea.”

He paid the bar tab and they walked out the door. She couldn’t resist gently brushing her hand across his firm ass as she placed her arm around his waist.

“I’m sorry,” she blushed. “I didn’t mean to do that.”

“No problem,” he said and smiled. He then slipped his arm around her shoulders.

In the parking lot she gave him directions to her place and suggested he follow her. They drove off and in five minutes were at her door.

“Please come in,” she said.

The apartment was small, about 850 square feet overall. There was a couch and a coffee table at the far end by a picture window. Across from the couch was a television. An overstuffed recliner, with slumping foam from years of wear, was on the left along the wall. Some bookcases lined the wall opposite the chair, filled with books and bric-a-brac.

She walked into the kitchen and looked through the breezeway at him standing by the couch.

“What would you like to drink?” she asked.

“A beer. Whatever you’ve got,” he said with a smile. “Very nice place you have. Very tasteful. How long have you lived here?”

“About two years.”

“Oh,” he said as she walked out of the kitchen and handed him a lager.

She sat next to him and he started talking again. It was like he had a slot on top of his head and someone had dropped a quarter down it. The only thing missing was the rattle as it fell down the raceway to the collection box. She let him talk for about fifteen minutes, until he seemed to loosen up a bit. He hadn’t even reached for his beer. Then, while looking in his eyes, she inched a bit closer to him across the cushion. A few minutes later she did it again. When would he get the point?

Thankfully, he paused and took a sip from his glass.

“Would you like to kiss me?” she asked.

His eyes widened and he looked for a moment like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming diesel. Then he leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips. It was a good kiss, with a mix of passion and casino siteleri trepidation. Her lips parted slowly and she searched for him with her tongue. He responded and placed his arms around her and drew her to him. He slipped his tongue slowly across her lips and darted into her mouth.

After a few minutes, his left hand found the buttons of her blouse and he slowly and clumsily undid them. He slid his left hand inside and she could feel a gentle caress on her right breast through her bra. His breathing deepened. She dropped her hand to his lap and felt his cock swelling beneath her palm. She moved her fingers slowly back and forth while keeping the heel of her hand on his thigh next to it and felt it grow harder and longer. She surrounded it and nursed it to a full erection. She placed her entire hand over it. It extended from just below her wrist to slightly past the end of her middle finger. She moved it back and forth at a slow pace. He sighed deeply and kissed her neck rapidly. His hands moved to her back and started to fumble with her bra clasp.

“Wait a moment,” she said. His hands dropped and he pulled back, looking into her eyes. The expression on his face made her think someone had just slapped him. Hard.

Would you like to try something?” she asked.

His breath seemed to rush out of him. “What?”

“Why don’t you go ahead and strip and I’ll be right back?”

He looked confused. “Strip? Here?”

“Yes,” she said gently and took his hand in hers. “You’re going to have the best sex you’ve ever had in your life. Just do what I ask and you won’t be disappointed. I’m going into the bedroom and I’ll be out in a minute.”

He had that wild animal caught on a country road at night look about him again. “Ok.” He looked at the floor and then at her. “Are you sure?”

“Oh yes, baby, I’m sure,” she said and kissed him gently.

About sixty seconds later he had all his clothes in a heap on the floor next to the couch. When she walked back into the living room, he was seated with his legs tight together and his forearms resting on his thighs, his hands clasped together on top of his knees. She had a bottle of skin cream in her hand and had not removed a stitch of clothing. His eyes widened.

“What’s next?”

“Well, I’ll tell you,” she said and sat down on the couch next to him. “Stand up for me.”

“Stand up?”

“Yes, honey. Stand up right here.” She gestured to a spot directly in front of where he was sitting.

He stood up and she removed the cap from the lotion.

“What are we doing here?” he asked.

She reached around and placed her left hand on the back of his right thigh. She massaged it and felt goose bumps rise under hand and saw them spread across his body. They were accompanied by a deep red flush on his face, neck, and chest.

“Baby, I want you to trust me. I am not going to hurt you. You are going to have the most marvelous, most wonderful sexual experience you have ever had. This will be better than your most wild fantasies.” She paused a moment and stood up, looking him in the eyes. “But you must trust me and do exactly what I say. Can you do that, sweetheart?”

He paused. “Yes, yes, I can do that I guess.”

“Good,” she said and sat back down. She opened a drawer on the coffee table and took out a red strip of cloth. It was about fifteen inches long and had holes drilled at regular intervals, with shiny nickel grommets encircling them. “Let’s put this on.” She stood up again.

“That’s a goddamn dog collar!” he said.

“Shhhh, hush now baby,” she reassured him. She quickly placed it around his neck and latched it. She placed three fingers under the collar next to his neck. “See, this doesn’t hurt. It’s very loose. Does it interfere with your breathing, honey?”

“Nnnoo,” he stammered. “It feels OK. Are you going to whip me or something?” he asked.

“Absolutely not, precious. You just relax now.” She reached back into the drawer and got out a matching red fabric leash about three feet long. She quickly and deftly clipped it onto the collar and threw its length over his right shoulder so that it hung down his back.

“What’s that for?,” he asked.

“Oh baby, honey, you sweet thing, it’s just a prop. It’s there for looks. You don’t mind if Momma has it on you, do you?” She looked at him and gently batted her eyes.

“I guess not. But you’re not going to have me crawling around on my knees like a dog. I won’t do that.” He looked indignant and just a bit angry.

She reached out and grasped his cock, moving her hand back and forth along it. “Everything I do is for your pleasure, baby. Everything. Momma wouldn’t hurt you, not one bit. Now relax and be a good daddy, OK? Is that OK?”

His eyes were suddenly half-closed as she increased the speed of her hand on his dick and rotated it with each stroke. “That’s right, baby. You enjoy everything I do for you. I am here to make you happy. That’s my good daddy.” She reached with her other hand and cupped his balls. slot oyna “Ohhh, does baby like that? Hmmm? Does that make Daddy feel good?”

“Uh-huh,” is all he could say through pursed lips.

She sat back down on the couch and released his unit. He stared as she slowly moved the fabric of her blouse off one shoulder and then the other. It slid off her back and fell behind her. She took both hands and cupped them underneath her bra and squeezed, so that her tits bulged out of the fabric and her nipples made peaks through the cloth. “Do you like these baby? Would you like to suck on these? Would you like to lick my big nipples?” She pushed her breasts together. “Would you like to slide your dick in and out of my cleavage? Would you?”

“YYYesssss,” he stammered. His right hand went to his throbbing cock and grasped it.

“No, no, baby.” She said in a soothing voice while moving his hand away. “I will take care of that. You keep your hands at your sides and let Momma work. I don’t want my darling to exert himself at all.”

She took his cock into her mouth and slid along its entire length three times. When she let it go it glistened with her saliva. She took the bottle of lotion in her left hand and squeezed a good portion into her right palm. “Do you know what I’m going to do with this, Honey?


She cupped her hand and rotated it along the entire length of his shaft until it was covered with lotion. Then she began to slide her hand along his dick so slowly that it made him moan with crazed pleasure.

“That’s what my baby likes, isn’t it? He said nothing. “You don’t like it?” His knees were starting to buckle slightly and she felt him tremble. “Well, if that’s not enough then Momma knows what to do.

She removed her hand and squeezed lotion into her left palm. Her right hand went back to work massaging and stroking his cock. Her left hand smeared lotion on his balls. She grasped them gently but firmly so that as soon as any pressure was applied, the slippery orbs popped through her hand. She continued working him like this for a few minutes.

“Oh Christ, Laura, Oh God. You are killing me. I have got to come. Please let me come,” he pleaded.

She moved her hand faster on his cock and he moaned and arched his back in response. Then she stopped and removed her hands.

“Would you like to come, honey?” she asked demurely.

“Oh Christ,” was all he could manage to say.

“What’s my name baby? You called me Laura. What’s my name?”

“Shit, I don’t know.” He paused for a moment. “Momma?” he asked.

“Yes, it’s momma,” she said and resumed massaging his dick. Her hand slid back and forth while she reached around and began to massage his ass. “Daddy has a nice firm butt, doesn’t he? It feels so good in my hand.”

She continued to slide her hand all around his ass. There was still some lotion left on it from his balls on her hand, and she suddenly dived into his crack. She found his asshole and gently inserted her finger. It moved in and out in rhythm with the hand on his dick.

He was sweating now and she could see the beads of perspiration pop on his forehead. He kept his hands at his side, but they trembled slightly. He moaned softly with each breath, opened his mouth suddenly, and licked his lips. His head hung forward and he looked as if he had lost all sense of where he was, who he was, and who she was. He was caught in the throes of ecstasy.

Laura stopped suddenly and his eyes opened and looked at her. She reached around and undid the clasp of her bra. She kept her shoulders back and let the straps slide slowly off her shoulders. Once they did, they cups started to drop revealing her gorgeous tits and large, dark nipples. Her hands rose up and slid back and forth along the sides of her breast. She mouthed the word ummmm and placed her teeth against her lower lip.

Her man stood there and watched, fascinated. She could tell he had never seen anything like this before. His cock bobbed up and down gently and slowly with his pulse. His hands were clenched and the right one rose up and grabbed his dick and started massaging it.

“Now, no, baby. Momma told you not to do that.” She said and brushed his hand away.

“Momma I have to come. I’m going out of my mind.” His voice was pleading and his face looked pained.

She grasped his dick firmly and stroked it faster than before. He moaned again and moved his feet father apart to have a more stable footing. She increased the tempo even more and he thrust his hips forward and bent his knees, trying to give her every inch of his ravaged cock to stroke. He moaned loudly and she could feel the pulsations starting deep within him through his shaft. His breathing quickened and sounds came from his lips in short bursts. “Uhh, uhh, uhhhhhh. Ohhh God,” he screamed. She quickly raised her other hand and caught his spurting jism.

His ass was bucking wildly now and she mercilessly stroked his shaft at a rapid pace. After eight or ten spurts, the come stopped canlı casino siteleri flowing from the head of his dick. He relaxed a little and sighed. He opened his eyes again and looked at her.

She lay back on the couch with her ass near the edge of the cushion, so that she was half-laying half-sitting. She lifted her skirt and exposed her panty-less, shaved labia. She was completely bald, with no hair anywhere around her pubis. She took some his come from her cupped hand and stroked one cunt lip with it. She took more and stroked the other. Her left hand spread her lips apart and she poured the jism onto her clitoris. She looked up at him.

“Have you ever tasted your come?” she asked.

“No,” he said, to spent to have much emotion in his voice. She stood up in front of him and smeared his semen on his lips. “Lick it off,” she said.

His tongue came out slowly and dragged across his lips. He did it three times. He looked like he liked it.

“Momma has something for you, “she said. She raised her hand, with the remaining semen in a pool on her palm. He licked furiously and cleaned it off.

His cock was softer now, still large, but sagging downward toward the floor. She took it back in her hand and squirted more lotion onto it. “We have to get you hard again, so you can have another orgasm,” she said.

“Oh my God,” is all he could manage to say. His eyes widened. And she could see his adam’s apple bob as he swallowed hard.

It didn’t take long for his dick to achieve tumescence. It was strong and firm under her fingers. She took his hand and placed it on his member. “You can play now,” she said.

He started stroking quickly. “Slow down, she said and placed her hand over his. “Not too fast. Momma wants daddy to last a long time.” His hand slowed and she leaned back again on the couch.

She undid the clasp and unzipped the short zipper that held up her skirt. She lifted her hips off the couch and slid it off.

Her hand reached down to the glob of his come that lay above her clit. She massaged it slowly in small circles with her left hand. Her right hand reached up and made lazy circles around her left nipple, then her right. She moved back and forth between her breasts with her eyes closed and her mouth open in a soft moan.

She looked at him above her. His eyes were wide and his mouth was open. He was still slowly massaging his cock, but he seemed totally engrossed in her ministrations. His free hand went down and found his scrotum. He began to massage it tenderly.

“That’s good,” she said in a whisper. “You make yourself hot. I want you hotter than you’ve ever been before so you can fuck me. Yes, Baby, rub your balls. Pull on the bag now.”

He complied and softly pulled down on the red flesh. His finger reached back to his perineum and he stroked it. He bent his knees and leaned slightly forward so that he could reach further back. It was obvious that he was enjoying himself, while she continued to rub her clit and tits.

Her finger started to move faster on her clitoris. She started to pull on her nipples and let them snap back. Her breasts were firm and her nipples hard. Her legs kept spreading farther and farther apart, until her left leg came to rest against his, standing before her. A moan escaped her mouth.

He was still rubbing himself slowly and massaging his balls. He seemed completely caught up in her, even though he was at a high level of arousal through his own actions. His nipples were hard too, and his breathing was deep and even. She increased the tempo on her clit. Her hips began to move, lifting off the couch slightly and falling back down on the soft cushion. Her breasts were flushed a deep ruby red and her aureolae stood out from the surrounding flesh. She was building herself higher and higher and began to lose touch with what was going on around her.

She rubbed her clit faster and harder. She started grunting and moaning. Her hips were up off the couch now, suspended above it. She was mashing her breasts with her other hand, trying to do everything possible to get more stimulation from them. Sweat ran in trickles from her forehead. Her breathing became hard and labored. Sounds spat from her mouth louder and louder.

Suddenly she came and screamed at the top of her voice. “Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh,” she yelled. Her hips thrust upward and she seemed frozen in air for a moment. She grasped her clit between her thumb and forefinger and shoved her ring finger up her cunt. She stayed frozen like that for thirty seconds or so and then started to relax.

He was still massaging his dick, while rubbing his balls and massaging the area behind them. He had a smile on his lips that grew to a wide grin. “That looked like fun,” he said.

She looked at him, but was too weak to say anything. She took her hands and placed them on her thighs as her arched back relaxed and her ass fell down onto the cushion. “That’s what it’s all about big boy,” she said finally.

She sat still for a full minute and watched him pleasure himself. It looked like he had plenty of practice. “Come with me,” she said and led him by the leash into her bedroom.

Laura pulled back the comforter and the sheets. She lay down and spread her legs wide.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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